The Return of God of War Chapter 1181

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1181

One of the younger Garrisons, Marco, bellowed, “Such arrogance! How dare you show such insolence here at the Garrison clan ancestral compound!”

He was ranked tenth among the top ten strongest fighters in the younger generation.

He charged straight at Levi without a moment’s hesitation.


With one harsh slap from Levi, Marco was sent flying back.

“Go to hell!”

Ranked eighth among the top ten strongest fighters in the younger generation, Allan threw himself at Levi.


A punch threw Allan back.



Ranked sixth, David lost as well.

Number three and four, Ruben and Clayton, were both defeated too.

Beginning to get impatient, Levi demanded, “All of you come at me!”

Thud! Wham! Thump!

One by one, each of the younger generation Garrisons stepped forward to challenge Levi.

Yet the results were all the same.

They all lost.

In no time at all, Levi had managed to defeat every single one of the younger generation Garrisons.

It did not matter how powerful they were, they were all beaten within one blow! None of them even got a chance to strike a second time!

He’s so unbelievably strong!

Everyone was rendered speechless at Levi’s display of power.

They stared at him, their eyes wide with disbelief.

Zoey’s eyes were rounded in shock as well while her mouth hung open slightly. Her heart felt like it was about to leap out of her throat.

So not only is he a great businessman, but his combat skills are also through the roof!

“Wow! Daddy’s so awesome!” Forlevia cheered while clapping her hands delightedly.

The Garrison clan members were stunned.

Disregarding everything else, they should be taking him in as one of their own just based on his combat skills alone!

With the combined might of Levi and Damien, they would be unstoppable! None of the other families would even dare think badly of them!

Tyrone and his council members were feeling rather numb from their shock and regret.

They felt like they had made a grave mistake in not allowing Levi to join the clan initially. If only they had known how powerful he was back then, they would have accepted him in an instant!

“So this is my son? Hahaha! As expected of someone who has my blood flowing through his veins! He’s a Garrison indeed! Not bad! Not bad at all!” Tyrone exclaimed gleefully. He then shouted, “Everyone, hold on a moment!”

Turning to Levi, he said, “Levi, I was wrong to have blamed you previously. As long as you agree now, I’ll allow you to join the Garrison clan. I can guarantee your status will be the same as Damien’s. In fact, you might be entitled to even more resources than him!”

“That’s right! I agree on letting Levi Garrison join the clan!”

“Me too!”

One by one, each of the Garrison clan council members voiced their agreement.

They would have been crazy to kill off a genius like Levi!

Emma was close to tears with joy and pride at hearing this. Her son was finally making a name for himself! He had managed to obtain the Garrison clan’s approval through his own abilities!

Zoey was feeling much the same as Emma.

That was her husband! He had proven himself to the most powerful ancient family in Erudia and they were impressed!

Rubbing his goatee, Dale chuckled and commented, “Hmm, not bad. Now, this is a man that’s worthy of my goddaughter!”

Everyone was certain that Levi would say yes to the Garrison clan’s offer. After all, he would be able to enjoy the same privileges as Damien.

Imagine their surprise when Levi merely sneered and replied, “You want me to join the Garrison clan? There’s no way in hell I’ll do that! You’re not worth my time!”

He then leveled a scornful look on Tyrone. “You want to be my father? Do you even have the right? The Garrison clan is about as insignificant as ants in my eyes!”

Levi’s words served to anger the Garrison clan.

“We’re just appreciative of your talents! Do you seriously think we can’t do anything about you if we really tried?” Tyrone thundered.

In reply, Levi challenged coldly, “C’mon then! Who’s next!”


A voice called out loudly.

Damien stepped forward from the crowd.

Earlier, Levi had defeated all of the younger generation Garrisons except Damien, who ranked first among them.

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