The Return of God of War Chapter 1182

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1182

Tyrone snorted and gloated, “Levi, I admit that you’re quite strong. However, I think you’re severely overestimating yourself! You’ll never be able to beat Damien!”

His belief in his son was almost borderline fanatical.

Damien was like the symbol of the Garrison clan’s prowess, not to mention he was the strongest man among the younger generations of all of Erudia.

In all the ways that counted, he was the best!

Nobody could beat him!

Even if Levi had defeated all the younger generation members of the Garrison clan, he was still no match for Damien!

After all, Damien could easily do what Levi had done as well.

As Damien emerged from the crowd to stand opposite Levi, everyone gasped.

He was like some sort of celestial dragon coming down to Earth to grace the commoners with his presence.

He was the greatest pride and joy of Tyrone Garrison and Olivia Garcia!

Olivia had a haughty smile on her face as she spoke to Emma, “Your son might be slightly talented, but he’ll never be able to beat my son! You can stop dreaming about that!”

Her precious son, her pride, could not lose!

The pride of the Garrison clan could not lose!

When Damien was facing Levi, Levi grinned and stated, “You see that coffin and gravestone? I brought it back here specifically for you!”

“You dare show me such disrespect? Die!” Damien roared.

With that, he released his energy. A wave of power exploded from his body, forcefully pushing everyone back several meters like an invisible hand.

It was absolutely terrifying!

“He’s a God class fighter?” someone cried.

“Damien Garrison is actually a God class warrior!”

There was a strict ranking system when it came to fighters in this world. They were split into these ranks according to their fighting prowess.

Generally speaking, they could be separated into four classes. Commoner, King, God and Ultimate.

Commoner class usually referred to those that had not been training for long.

King class warriors were powerful fighters that were usually in various positions of authority in the military and led armies.

In terms of power, God class warriors were several times that of a King class. They were the true masters of fighting, being able to take on an entire army alone.

Back then, Levi was pronounced to be a God class due to having singlehandedly defeated the Eighteen-Nation Alliance of God class fighters!

God class warriors were very rare, a fact that could be seen when it had taken all members of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance to scrounge up even a hundred fighters.

Damien achieving this rank at such a young age proved how talented he was at martial arts.

No wonder he was considered a true genius!

If he were to ever consider joining the military, it would definitely not take him long to make his way onto the Saber Leaderboard.

The next instant, Damien moved.


His fist snapped out powerfully, sending out a loud roar as the air was pressurized by the force.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As he dashed toward Levi, his footsteps compressed the air, causing little explosions of sound like a firecracker.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground split open beneath each footfall.

Damien leaped into the air to come flying down at Levi, his fist aiming straight for him.

The force behind that punch was akin to a thunderbolt from Heaven.

Yet Levi’s face was blank as he stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. It was almost like he was frozen to the spot in fear.


Damien’s fist slammed into Levi’s shoulder and a loud rumbling sound echoed in the air.


What was even scarier was that the floor actually shattered beneath Levi’s feet. A spiderweb of cracks spread out for at least one hundred meters while some parts of the ground actually crumbled into a deep hole.

The strong gust of wind from that punch kicked up a cloud of dust, blotting out the skies. A lot of people cried out in pain as grit flew into their eyes. They could not see anything.

It almost felt like a bomb had gone off there.

It was utterly terrifying!

As expected from a God class fighter!

Tyrone and Olivia cheered, “Hahaha! My son won!”

After a moment, the smoke gradually cleared so everyone could finally see the battlefield.

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