The Return of God of War Chapter 1194

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1194

“Did you really think you hide so well that no one has seen you?”

Suddenly, the spies heard a frosty voice next to them.

Specters appeared all around them.

It was the Specter Army!



Immediately, the spies were all killed.

There was no longer anyone doing secret sabotage.

Levi could now fight fair and square with Winsor.

“Alright, you have finally revealed your true powers!”

Winsor shouted with glee.

His powers were being elevated continuously as well.

The Garrison clan ancestral compound was submerged by an overwhelming force of strength.

Everyone could feel the great pressure exuded from the battle.

“Come on, fight!!!”

Levi’s eyes turned red.

The Iron Brigade’s motto was to charge, even to the point of death!

The two of them battled once again.

Their movements were so swift, no one could see anything clearly.

With their combined detrimental strength, their aura assaulted the surroundings again and again.

The Garrison compound was no longer as it was, and all of the buildings were already destroyed.

“Is this power of the Ultimate class warrior? Absolutely frightful!”

Everyone held their breaths.

“The end!”

Enduring the spread of the toxins, Levi gathered all of his strength and delivered a powerful blow.

Asura would probably be defeated by this strike even if he had ultimate powers.

However, at this very moment, the strangest thing happened.

Levi actually failed right when he was close to fully recharge his powers.

It was so close as he was just one step away.


Asura landed a deafening punch on Levi.


Levi’s body was sent flying.

He was hurled one hundred meters away and crashed violently onto the ground.

After landing, Levi was in utter disbelief.

Was there someone secretly targeting him?

When he was battling with Asura, he could feel invisible energy forces pressurizing him from all directions.

It was at this very moment that Asura was able to defeat Levi with the most fatal strike of them all!

Seems like somebody does not want me to be the God of War…

It could not be from overseas…

It is too difficult for an elite fighter from overseas to burrow their way in here without being spotted almost immediately.

Therefore, it has to be someone from Erudia!

There is someone here at Erudia who does not want me to continue being the God of War!

Who is that?

Who could that be?

It could not be Asura.

Even though this guy is ruthless and cruel, he will definitely not use cheap tricks like these.

If he knew I was poisoned, he would definitely not fight with me.

He would want to win me fair and square.

Levi’s mind spun madly and he quickly came to the conclusion that the person that had just attacked him must be from Erudia.

In fact, that person might be lying in ambush amidst the Oakland City’s families.


All these years, he had always been battling at the borders and had never offended anyone at Erudia.

Does somebody see me as a threat?

So much that they want to kill me and get me off the position as God of War?

At this moment, Levi stood up once again.

Not noticing that something was off, Asura continued fighting him.


Soon, Levi was flung across the air again.


He got up again only to be sent flying once again.


After a few more times, Levi lay motionless on the ground.

Fresh blood kept flowing nonstop from his mouth.

Finally, he could no longer suppress the poison.

The toxins had spread and had begun to encroach his body.

On top of the injuries from Asura and the secret fighter, he could not take it anymore.

By now, a little child with a knife could finish him off, let alone Asura.

“Y-you…you won…”

Levi felt that his head was becoming heavier.


His head slammed against the floor forcefully and he lost all movement.

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