The Return of God of War Chapter 1197

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1197

Dale and Edwin tested for Levi’s breathing, and the former had to tell Zoey the truth that she was forced to accept…

“Child, he is no longer here!”


That moment, Zoey felt like her head was about to explode.

She could not find it within herself to accept it!

Right before this, Levi had given her the perfect explanation.

He had let her know that her man lorded over the entire world.

The next moment, something like this happened.


The Garrisons were overjoyed.

Olivia laughed out loud, “Retribution, this is retribution!”

“Emma, my son is dead, and your son can forget about living too!”

Both the Garrisons and the Garcias were cheering.

Earlier, Levi had even punished them into kneeling for three days and nights. Who would have thought that he would cease to exist the very next moment?

“There is retribution and the heaven is watching!”

Kenny laughed out loud.

Zed too, sneered, “Levi, your end awfully, didn’t you? After you lost, not only did you lose your position as the God of War, but all of your henchmen also left and you even died! Hahaha…”

Pondering, everyone lost in thought. Indeed, Levi ended tragically.

Now, even the smaller families were bullying him.

More frighteningly, Winsor had sent Azure Dragon and the rest to the borders to defend the nation. They were not allowed to return to Erudia within the next ten years.

This was how Winsor cut off their ties with Levi.

However, this was an order and everyone had to accept it.

On top of that, Winsor had also instructed that Fredrick was not allowed to attend to Levi’s injuries.

The military doctor was stuck as well.

This was how Winsor denied Levi any chance of survival.

His motto was that losers had to die.

To Zoey and the few of them, it had been an emotional roller coaster of a day.

If not for the Lehman family protecting her, she would have to suffer as well.

“Is Levi really dead?”

Someone asked.

“It’s not possible for him to be alive! There is not enough time to save him right now!”

However, Zoey refused to believe it and still insisted on sending Levi to the hospital.

In the meantime, nobody noticed several people slipping away quietly.

They did not attract anyone’s attention with their existence nor departures.

It was as if they were specters…

Clearly, they were the ones lying in ambush!

They waited long enough to confirm Levi’s death.

The news that Winsor was now the God of War flew through Erudia and swiftly spread across the entire world.

It was as if the world had experienced a huge explosion.

What happened to the God of War?

He actually lost?

That’s the one and only God of War!

However, this just showed that Winsor was stronger!

Only the most invincible one was worthy of this title.

After Zoey sent Levi to the hospital, Benny immediately made his way there to treat him upon receiving the news.

Outside the emergency room.

Zoey and the rest were waiting anxiously.

“Zoey, Levi had no more breath left in him. It is impossible for him to still be alive!”

“Even if Benny Quinton himself comes to heal him, there is no way he could live!”

Dale said cruelly.

After all, both Levi and Winsor were no ordinary men. Their battle was beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Levi was practically dead earlier.

There was no way that he could still be alive!

“No, as long as there is hope, I will continue to wait!”

Zoey looked determined.

Time passed and soon, it had been over a dozen of hours.

The red light outside the emergency room was still on.

Desperation filled Zoey.

“No, no, no…”

She kept muttering.


The door to the emergency room suddenly swung open.

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