The Return of God of War Chapter 1199

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1199

Levi topped the international hit list, and the bounty did not change at all.

Even though their target was a man in a vegetative state, the assassins would receive the same amount of bounty reward.

This drove all the assassins and fighters crazy, and they were all determined to kill off Levi.

On the other hand, this also showed how everyone was incredibly fearful of Levi.

Even though he was in a vegetative state, people still offered a large bounty for his life.

After Levi got into trouble, many people continued adding more insult to his injury.

The worst were the Garrisons and the Garcias who resumed their mockery.

Especially Conrad, who swore to take revenge.

However, they were all suppressed by the Lehman family. Otherwise, Levi would be in extreme danger.

The only person who did not change her attitude towards Levi was Tiffany.

Despite her family’s disapproval, she went to visit him.

Of course, Abigail appeared as well after she heard the news.

Even Iris came from afar.

They were considered the few who remained by Levi’s side after he was down and out.

Troubled, Tiffany said, “I heard that there are people targeting Mr. Garrison! There are many assassins who are on their way, as they are promised a huge bounty as long as they manage to kill him!”

Zoey knew about this and had experienced all of these before.

Her pictures from the last time were what triggered the incident later.

She understood the vicious hatred those overseas enemies harbored for Levi.

However, Levi was on his own solitary self-right now. No, he could not even wake up.

Who could possibly deal with the assassins?

The Lehman family?


The enemies were so much stronger than the Lehman family….

The only person who could solve this problem was Winsor.

However, nobody knew where he was.

She could not think of anyone else now…

Before this, Levi was in his heyday. Who would have thought that this was his ending?


Extreme despair!

“I’ll think of a way to secure Mr. Garrison’s safety!”

Finished speaking, Tiffany left the hospital.

She was their biggest hope now.

At the other side.

The Lopez and Black families who were far away in the South also received the news that Levi had fallen into a vegetative state at Oakland City after being attacked by the ‘Garrison clan’.

Even though they heard about this farce at the Garrisons’ residence, they didn’t know the exact details. It was kept confidential as it involved a battle for the position of the God of War.

Therefore, everyone had access only to all sorts of rumors and gossip.

Only very few of them knew about Levi’s previous identity.

What the Lopez and Black families heard was that Levi went to the Garrison family and was attacked, leading to his current vegetative state.

“Explanation? That’s an explanation?”

“Was there something wrong with his brain? How dare he challenge the Garrison clan?”

“Hahaha….serves him right now that he is a vegetable!”

The Lopez and Black families insulted him continuously.

When the South Hamptons families heard about it, they were extremely excited.

Finally, they did not need to be suppressed by Levi any longer.

After all, it was hardly comfortable to be constantly suppressed.

Very soon, innumerous elite fighters were lurking around the hospital Levi was in.

He was truly a threat to everyone!

Every single breath he took was a nightmare.

This was something that Winsor did not expect at all.

No matter what, Levi’s threat was larger than Winsor’s, despite the latter’s victory!

Before Zoey and Tiffany could come up with any countermeasures, the overseas elite fighters had already arrived.

Everyone was simply moving too quickly.

Some were not even from overseas. The ones that arrived the soonest were the elite fighters from Erudia itself.

There was someone here who did not want Levi to stay alive.

In the hospital’s ICU.

The nurses had just left after completing Levi’s intravenous infusion.

Zoey was due to return in five minutes.

At this moment, three figures slipped surreptitiously into the room.

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