The Return of God of War Chapter 1207

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1207

Zar glanced at Levi, and hesitated when he saw Zoey and the others.

“It’s okay, they can hear whatever you have to say. What is it, Zar?” Levi said.

After everything that has happened, I’m sure Zoey should be able to handle anything that comes our way.

Zar had a stern look on his face as he spoke, “There are two reasons for my visit today, first being to retrieve the Paragon Seal of Honor which you should’ve handed over a long time ago.”

Zar glared at Levi coldly.

Winsor may be the new God of War, but the Paragon Seal of Honor is still in Levi’s possession. That seal is the symbol of the God of War, and only those who carry it are worthy of commanding the Iron Brigade!

Levi nodded. “No problem, I’ll hand the seal over later. Now, what’s the second reason?”

A huge wave of energy surged through Zar’s body, filling the entire room with his murderous intent.

“Levi Garrison, do you admit to your crimes?” Zar shouted, frightening Zoey and the others with his sudden outburst.

What’s going on here?

Levi narrowed his eyes and returned the cold stare. “And what crimes would I be admitting to?”

“Treason!” Zar yelled angrily.

“What? Treason?”

Zoey and Sylas were dumbfounded.

Knowing Levi, there’s no way he’d do such a thing! He would rather die than betray his country!

“That’s impossible…”

“Y-Yeah, that’s definitely impossible…”

Everyone began to panic, but Levi shushed them and signaled them to calm down.

“And how have I committed treason?” Levi looked at him curiously.

“You’ve wiped out the Blood King Palace completely five years ago, right? No surviving minions?”

Levi nodded, as he had indeed killed off every single one of them back then.

“Then how would you explain the sudden revival of the Blood King Palace last year?”

Zar kept his sharp gaze fixated on Levi.


Levi was unable to come up with an explanation as even he didn’t know the answer to that question.

The Blood King Palace had mysteriously returned, and they were much stronger than before.

“Oh, you don’t know? Well, we do! It’s all because of you! You’re in cahoots with the Blood King Palace, and you’ve been betraying Erudia this entire time! You didn’t wipe out the Blood King Palace back then, did you? You made everyone think that they were gone, but they’ve actually been secretly growing in power! That’s why they’re so much stronger now! We have solid evidence of your conspiracy with the Blood King Palace, Levi!”

Levi let out a chuckle when he heard what Zar said.

I knew they are gonna bring up the Blood King Palace… It’s the perfect crime to frame me for because I have no way of proving my innocence!

“I bet you wouldn’t even attack them if it weren’t for the Dragonites ordering the strike, huh?” Zar sneered. “Levi Garrison, your acts of treason by conspiring with the Blood King Palace have led to huge losses in many organizations. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Levi refused to say anything further as he knew it was a pointless struggle.

Someone had set him up, so accepting the punishment was his only option.

“What will my punishment be?” Levi asked with a smile.

“In view of your past contributions, you will be spared the death penalty. Instead, you are banished from Erudia from this moment on! You have three days to leave the country or you will be forcibly deported!” Zar said coldly.

Those words hit Zoey like a sledgehammer.

They framed Levi just so they could banish him from Erudia? How could they do such a cruel thing? This is simply unacceptable!

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