The Return of God of War Chapter 1211

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1211

A large group of people came into view from the distance.

Amidst a flurry of dust and ashes, Hades could sense a dominating presence as the group approached them at a steady pace.

Anxiety filled him immediately. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what!” He exclaimed.

Levi smiled and replied calmly, “It’s probably not what you’re thinking.”

They had just left the borders of Erudia.

It would be too early for the enemy to make a move.

Soon, the group of numerous men marched close enough that each of their faces could be seen clearly. They halted and stood a few arm’s lengths away in front of the car.

Levi smiled at the sight of these familiar faces.

“Jonah Garrison, at your service! These nineteen men with me are from the Tang Sect. We’re here to escort the God of War on his journey!”

Jonah declared in a loud voice as he and the Tang Sect fighters knelt before them.

“Four Kings of the Southern Union and the Six Slaves, at your service!”

One by one, each man introduced themselves in a similar manner as they too fell onto their knees. There were Johnny Lawrence, Jael Ellison, Yadriel Larson, Connor Hill, and the Six Slaves of Grover Cooke.

“Osborn St-Jacques of South Hampton and The Three Musketeers, at your service!”

“The Dual-Serrated Monks, at your service!”

These were the people Levi had known.

There were some new faces among the group as well.

“Drakon, Boreas, Tigris and Leon from the Northrush Clan, at your service!”

“Forty Brothers of the East, at your service!”

“Anonymous Eighty of the West, at your service!”

“Heavenly Guardians of the North, at your service!”

“Dragon Warriors of the South, at your service!”

“Twenty-eight members of the Stuart family, on our Master’s orders, at your service!”

“Thirty of us from the Meyers family, on our Lady’s orders, at your service!”

“Nineteen members of the Preston family, on our Young Master’s orders, at your service!”

“We have heard about the enemy’s attempt to overthrow your position. The God of War has been the great savior and guardian of Erudia! We offer ourselves as a shield for you on this perilous journey!”

“We’re just a handful of rough men. Ruffians like us aren’t good with our words, but we’ve always had the utmost regards for you!”

“Our country wouldn’t have been as safe and prosperous as it is today without you! You are the only true God of War in our hearts!”

The men cried out one by one.

Amused and somewhat relieved, Levi smiled.

Who could’ve predicted the way things had turned out? In the end, these “rough men” were the ones who had really come to escort and protect him.

“You should know that the journey ahead is extremely dangerous. It’s highly possible that none of us may survive.” He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

“We came on our own accord. None of us are afraid of death!”

“We have faith that the God of War will one day regain his health and reclaim his throne! The evil ones shall not prevail! Long live Erudia!”

The men roared with their fists held high in the air.

“Very well, then. You have my gratitude!” Levi was pleased with their courageous pledge.

He gazed upon the group which had gathered before him. “Arise, men! I’ll be fine once I reach the arranged destination.”

His voice rang with authority.

“We shall escort the God of War to safety at all costs!”

A unison cry erupted from the group of fighters as they threw their fists towards the sky. Their voices beamed with full spirit.

The cheer went on for a while. As it died down, Jonah Garrison spoke, “Sir, do you think it’ll be too eye-catching if all of us were to set out together?”

Levi shook his head. “No. It’s pointless to break into smaller groups or change our route now. Our enemies would’ve already set their eyes on every one of us from the very start.”

“Alright then. Let’s fight them head-on when they come at us! We pledge our lives to the God of War until our very last breaths!”

Jonah proclaimed loudly as shouts of agreement rose from the crowd.

Levi’s speculation was right.

Tenichi had been observing every move they made.

One way or another, confrontation from the enemy would be inevitable.

They would have no choice but to face Tenichi upfront when the time comes.

Meanwhile, a tense discussion ensued in the enemy’s camp.

“Well… Looks like Levi Garrison has finally departed!” Tenichi announced. His face turned grim as he continued, “Everyone gets ready! It’s time to let that person out and do his thing.”

Everyone present drew a sharp breath. All of them stifled at the mention of ‘that person’.

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