The Return of God of War Chapter 1214

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1214

“Sigh… Levi Garrison, why should I waste my time on you now that you’ve become a piece of trash?”

The Harbinger of Death lost interest as soon as he spotted the crippled Levi sheltered in the car.

Like Winsor Campbell, he too had wanted to kill the God of War in his prime sovereignty.

But the person he saw now was a weak, defenseless Levi. Anyone could’ve finished him off at his fingertips.

He was no longer a worthy opponent.

The Harbinger of Death withdrew his attention from the battlefield.

He tore another bite off the meat with his sharp teeth. More blood trickled and dripped onto the ground as he feasted.

In the center of the town, sparks and explosions filled the air.

The prisoners had frightening strength. Like a disoriented pack of wild beasts released from captivity, their ecstatic craze of being freed earlier had elevated their brutal power.

Levi’s group of escorts were no less potent.

Each side fought for a different goal. The enemies sought to murder and destroy; the Erudians aimed to protect their pride and virtue.

Tears swirled in his eyes as Levi watched Jonah charge into the midst of the enemies with a blade in one hand.

That man was someone who had one foot in the grave. Yet he was there, fiercely fighting on for his sake along with the others.

Most of the men didn’t even know each other.

But all of them united and fought valiantly.

If they were to forsake their own lives in return, so be it.

It would be a worthy sacrifice for the justice they shared.

For the land of Erudia they shared!

Levi’s face twitched in despair.

I hate this!

He despised his current self who wasn’t able to lift his blade and protect the people of Erudia.

“Charge! Kill them!”

Jonah was leading on the front line. The Tang Sect elites followed closely as they attacked, like a pack of ferocious tigers.

The Four Kings soon charged forward in a split second. Drakon and the trio followed suit in tacit understanding. They wouldn’t let the pride of the Northrush Clan crumble without a fight alongside the other warriors. They quickly invaded the enemies’ horde and took down a mass.

All the other men too, fought to the best of their abilities.

Whatever it took, they wouldn’t let a single enemy move a step closer to the car where Levi was inside.

Hades kept on driving forward as much as he could. As a handful of men dragged and rolled the dead bodies aside, the car inched forward slowly.

Every single fighter had his hands full with making an opening for the car and defending against the enemies’ onslaught at the same time.




Before long, bodies were flung into the air one by one. Each landed with a heavy thud as they dropped dead on the bloodstained ground.

Those were the elites from the Preston family!



Blood spilled and splattered in all directions. More bodies collapsed as time went on.

Both sides suffered a huge loss as the wild battle raged on.

The mountain of dead civilian bodies that had clogged up the street earlier had been cleared apart. Nevertheless, the car transporting Levi had only managed to advance over a mere ten meters.

Hundreds of killers still stood in the way ahead of them.

There was no other option to leave this town unharmed. Bloodshed was inevitable.

“Let’s go, brothers!”

It was the Forty Brothers of the East. They roared as they rushed towards the barrier of enemies.

The forty men were soon overwhelmed as arrows rained down from the sky. One by one, they fell…

Within a minute, no one was left standing.

How tragic!

Yet how gallant they were!

Their sacrifice had made an opening for the rest.

“It’s our turn now! Charge!”

This time it was the Anonymous Eighty of the West.

The league comprised men from various walks of life. Among them were retired military officers, hunters, martial art coaches, and members of other professions.

To put it simply, they were but a group of commoners.

Regular civilians who established a combat guild in order to aid Levi.

They charged into the swarm of enemies.

“Kill them!”

“Fight! We’re not going down until we pave a way for the God of War!”

They were eighty commoners, yet they were as valiant as eighty fearless beasts.




More blood were spilled. More bodies were strewn.

They braved the battle with wounded bodies. No one was wasting the opportunity that the Forty Brothers had set up for them at the cost of their lives.

The enemies were surprised.

Their opponents clearly lacked in fighting strategies and combat skills. Despite that, they stubbornly clawed and tore at their defense like ravenous animals. As if they weren’t afflicted by their wounds and injuries at all!

This was unimaginable!

What’s wrong with these commoners?

These men were crazier than themselves!




“Get the God of War out of here!”

The difference in strength proved far too large after all. In the end, the Anonymous Eighty of the West was completely defeated and laid lifeless in a pool of blood.

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