The Return of God of War Chapter 1215

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1215

Another eighty men thus drew their last breaths on a foreign battlefield.

Tears finally trickled down Levi’s face.

Exemplary men of Erudia!

You are a true hero! Every one of you!

More guilt and hatred seized his entire self.

Why did it have to become like this?

Protected at the cost of multiple lives while not being able to do anything himself?

He was increasingly tormented at the awareness that he was incapable to fight.

He didn’t want more lives to be lost.

Warriors from both the West and the East had fallen.

At long last, an opening had become more visible across the street.

The sacrifice of the fallen warriors had paid off.

Not a single one of them died without a smile on his face.


“Avenge our brothers from the East and the West!”

The Dragon Warriors of the South and the Heavenly Guardians of the North dashed forward. They continued to breach into the enemies’ turf and expand the passage opened up by the fallen heroes.

The tables had begun to turn. It’s as if the deaths of the warriors were a sacred sacrifice that had been received by the gods above. Levi’s men started to gain the upper hand. Perhaps the gods’ blessings had descended on them. Little by little, the remaining killers from Northgale Prison were forced backward as they pushed on.

In a split second, the fleet had advanced another hundred meters.

The sudden commotion had caught the attention of the Harbinger of Death once again.

“Bunch of trash!” He berated in anger.

He continued gnawing and chewing on the piece of raw meat brutishly.

Meanwhile, the bloody war continued on the street.

The Northgale Prisoners were taken aback at the sudden reversal of the situation.

What happened to these measly peasants? Weren’t they already on the losing end since the beginning?

They were throwing their lives away like crazy beasts!

Such frightening zeal!

The prisoners were still in shock and amazement.

Why’re they doing this?

All for a cripple?

A traitor?

All for a now useless Levi Garrison?

Was he really worth it?

They could never understand the men’s devotion to their leader and their beloved nation.

This was something outcasts and murderers like them could never comprehend.


“Kill them all! We’ll soon make it through!”

Jonah continued waving and slashing his blade. His eyes were bloodshot.

The Tang Sect kept the enemies busy as they launched their strikes in all forms – secret weapons, poisoned ammunition, and explosive firearms.

The Northrush Clan were equally unrelenting. Their blows and kicks cascaded down on their foes in a swift, continuous stream, like a raging torrent.

The Three Musketeers and the Dual-Serrated Monks too, were unfaltering.

They all knew how great their loss had been.

The numbers of those who had fallen kept rising.

There were constantly fellow men who were severely injured.

In spite of those, they had finally gained the advantage. They wouldn’t let themselves back down or waver at any moment.




The rampage continued. More blood was shed.

Jonah had over ten slash wounds across his body. The vivid red that had covered him along with dust and debris, had made his aged white crown appear even brighter.

All nineteen men from the Tang Sect were just as wounded if no less, albeit there wasn’t a single death amongst them.

One of them had both his arms broken while another lost a leg. Neither of them moaned; each continued to fight with maximum strength.

This was the first time Levi could only observe the battlefield as a complete spectator. He quietly swore to never forget this sight – the dead and the critically wounded, all who had fallen on the earth for his sake.

These people were the pride of Erudia!

Men who fought with relentless honor.

Brave warriors with iron blood.

Their sacrifices were not in vain. The enemies’ forces were diminishing.

Dead bodies from both sides littered all over the ground.

The Northgale Prisoners had only been treating this battle like a game of eagles hunting chicks.

But who would’ve known that these “hunted chicks” turned out to be such a fearful force? Even their fellow God-class prisoners were killed!

“Come on! Come at us if you dare!” Jonah roared at the enemies, waving his blade at them.

His physical strength was about to give away. He staggered for a second and nearly stumbled.

Nonetheless, his will to fight was unyielding.

“I will kill every single one of you who comes!”

Not far from him stood Johnny and Yadriel of the Four Kings, with a few others. Their bloodshot eyes fumed with rage.

Their spear guns and blades were drenched in red. The blood of those who were killed at the tip of their weapons continued to drip and trickle.

“Ahhh! Run!”

Fear began to consume the remaining dozens of prisoners. They staggered backward and prepared to turn and run.

A scene like this was unimaginable.

Who would’ve believed if this news were to spread out?

Who would’ve believed if they were told that thousands of murderous criminals from the Northgale Prison were scared away by regular men?

“Utter trash! You’re all useless!” A raging demonic voice roared from behind them.

The Harbinger of Death appeared just as they started running away.


Just as one of the prisoners ran past him, he landed a slap on his head.

The prisoner’s skull burst into a flurry of flesh and bones in that instant.


“Arrghh!” Another slap followed and one more skull exploded.

One after another, the Harbinger of Death dealt a fatal blow to every prisoner who tried to escape.

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