The Return of God of War Chapter 1221

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1221

“Greetings, Master!” a thousand cloaked men and women chorused, shaking every rock and ruffling every blade of grass around them.

“Please give your orders, Master! We will kill whoever dares to lay their hands on you!” the man who killed the Harbinger of Death said as he stepped forward.

They had known what Levi went through over the past few months, but they were just as helpless as he was.

Without Levi’s orders, they could not do anything but stay in the shadows.

“Your orders, Master!” the crowd roared.

These cloaked people were none other than Levi’s own secret troops.

They had no connections to Erudia whatsoever on the surface, for they have been hidden overseas ever since Levi established the organization, known as “The Calamity.”

The purpose of their existence was to provide aid in times of crisis and protect Erudia from any threats.

Thus, they spend most of their time in hiding, only emerging from the shadows when an emergency occurred.

By right, The Calamity belonged to the Erudian state and not Levi, but no one knew about that connection.

Only Levi and a certain other person knew the truth about The Calamity, and even someone like the Azure Dragon was ignorant about its existence.

Every member of The Calamity had one thing in common, and that was their lack of identity. While information about Levi remained top secret, the members of The Calamity did not exist in any kind of Erudian records.

In other words, it was almost like they never existed, to begin with.

In fact, it would have stayed that way if not for Levi.

Mobilizing The Calamity would be a massive chore, for it required two “keys.”

Levi was one, while another person held on to the other “key.” Both of them must give the green light before The Calamity could be mobilized.

However, with Levi missing in action and the other person nowhere to be found, the members of The Calamity had no choice but to stay hidden.

The only other way to mobilize them would be for Levi to seek them out personally, but everyone knew that that was nearly impossible to achieve.

Hades would not have been able to send Levi to Northgale by himself, and Levi was about to give up hope when the Harbinger of Death caught up to them.

That was where the brave souls from Erudia appeared and sacrificed their lives just to buy time for Hades and Levi.

“I won’t let any one of you die in vain!” Levi growled.

I must seek Mr. Finch out and slice them into pieces with my own two hands!

Suddenly, two other men and one woman stepped forward and kneeled before Levi.

“East Sky Lord, West Sky Lord, and South Sky Lord of The Calamity at your service, Master!” they chorused.

The man who had pounded the Harbinger of Death into a pile of mess earlier on had been the North Sky Lord.

The Master and the Four Lords were the highest forms of authority in The Calamity, while the rest of the members were split into factions led by the Four Lords.

The East Sky Lord was in charge of expanding their influence, and The Calamity had since taken over several organizations.

The West Sky Lord came up with plans for operations and had access to every source of information and intelligence networks.

Meanwhile, the South Sky Lord managed the finances, and The Calamity lived comfortably under the South Sky Lord’s careful planning.

Lastly, The North Sky Lord oversaw training operations, shaping The Calamity into an undefeatable force.

As a result, The Calamity had seen a massive development since its conception under the leadership of the Four Lords.

The Calamity had since grown into something even more powerful than the Blood King Palace.

“Shall we mobilize The Calamity, Master?” the Four Lords asked in unison.

“Yes!” Levi answered decisively with a blank expression on his face.

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