The Return of God of War Chapter 1227

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1227

“Master, how does it feel to witness your own funeral?” North Sky King asked with a smile.

The person next to him was none other than Levi Garrison.

In fact, Levi was standing. He looked relaxed, with his hands on his back.

He was in a healthy state as his body had recovered completely.

It would cause many jaw-drops if the others knew about it.

That was because the poison from the Blood King Palace he had in his body was cured by the Octa-Medic.

Surprisingly, his body had fully recovered despite the poison.

Outsiders aside, even the Four Lords of The Calamity were shocked to see Levi walking around after a month of recovery.

This is unbelievable…

It’s a miracle! It can only be a miracle! How could I have recovered so fast?

It reminded him of the incident when he was framed into prison eight years ago.

He was beaten up so severely until he was crippled and unable to move.

Due to his condition, he knew he had no chance of being selected by the special task force.

However, he had an opportunity during his time in prison that gave him a chance to live today.

And, of course, it was his biggest secret of all times. It was the key to his recovery this time around!

When his body was completely destroyed, he needed time to recover.

Yet, the situation was too dangerous in the past, so he didn’t have the time to heal.

Levi glanced at the funeral below and said plainly, “Perhaps dying could also be a way of relief? Yet, I cannot die. I have to stay alive! Erudia, Mother, Evie Zoey, and all my friends wouldn’t let me die! Besides, I have sworn to avenge my dead brothers as long as I live! They shall not die in vain!”

The Four Lords agreed, “If you fall, Master, the world would be in chaos!”

West Sky Lord responded, “Master, I have some news regarding the incident you wanted me to investigate! I believe there would be results very soon!”

“Excellent, I have to return to Erudia first. North Sky Lord, you’re with me!” Levi said.

Meanwhile, Azure Dragon and the rest were the ones who held the funeral, which had confirmed the news of Levi Garrison’s death.

From that day onwards, Levi Garrison had disappeared from the world.

Just like The Calamity.

They were like ghosts – every piece of information about them was wiped clean as if they never existed in the world.

On this day, the Eighteen-Nation Alliance was having a grand celebration.

After all, their biggest threat was dead.

Tenichi smiled, “We may start to take action anytime now!”

When Levi was alive, he was a hindrance to everyone’s plan. Hence, everyone wanted to eliminate him.

On the other hand, Winsor was ready to strike The Calamity. However, he had received orders from the Dragonites to stop whatever he was doing, saying that he could not attack The Calamity unless they had caused trouble that would threaten Erudia.

Although he was eager to prove himself, he had to abort his plans for now.

Meanwhile, the people of North Hampton had heard about the death of Levi.

However, Zoey and her family did not know how to react to the news.

At this moment, someone appeared at the manor, and it was Jerry.

For some reason, a smile was plastered across his face.

“Why’re you here?” Zoey asked in surprise.

“Huh? Ms. Lopez, have you completely forgotten about Mr. Garrison? I heard it’s his funeral today. I thought you would be very upset, but instead, you haven’t shed a tear!”

“Ms. Jones, too, she seems perfectly fine. Did you all think Levi was a traitor – who turned his back on Erudia? That’s why you’re ashamed of him?” Jerry joked.

It was true; both Zoey and Emma did not react any differently. It was as if Levi was still alive.

“But that’s probably for the better anyway. I’m willing to take care of you for the rest of my life, only if you agree, Ms. Lopez!” Jerry continued.

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