The Return of God of War Chapter 1228

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1228

The only reason Jerry had approached Zoey was simple.

He desired the business empire that Zoey had owned as well as the power of the Lehman family.

Unfortunately, Jerry could no longer count on the Lehman family anymore.

He had received news that The Dark World had sent out an assassination order to eliminate Levi Garrison’s child – Forlevia Lopez.

After all, Levi was dead. So, his offspring couldn’t live either, and Zoey would be in danger next.

Because of that, Dale Lehman was forced to give up his god-daughter, Zoey.

It was no surprise that he took the approach of giving up Zoey to protect the Lehman family. Ultimately, he knew the enemies were extremely powerful, and the Lehmans wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

However, Zoey would have to face huge challenges ahead of her.

The business empire she had built on her own would be divided sooner or later. Hence, Jerry took the initiative to get to it first.

In reality, Jerry was nothing like a gentleman. He was a scheming man who would do whatever it takes to achieve his motives.

He merely put on a gentleman act to fool others.

“I initially thought you’d be drowning in sadness because of Levi Garrison’s death. It’s great to know that it doesn’t seem to bother you at all!” Jerry grinned.

Upon hearing that, Zoey glared at him fiercely, “It’s none of your business whether if we shed tears or not! Besides, I can take care of myself! I don’t need you!”

Yet, Jerry’s smile remained on his face as he said, “Zoey, you’ll need someone to take care of you eventually. Think about it from different aspects; it’s better to have a man to take care of you.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. So please excuse yourself!” Zoey said.

However, instead of leaving, Jerry sat on the sofa.

“Ms. Lopez, in case you don’t understand your situation, your child is being targeted as a remnant of a traitor! Even Mr. Lehman has decided to cut ties with you because of this!” Jerry mocked.

“What? How could that be true?” Zoey was surprised.

As she said those words, she received a call from Dale Lehman himself.

Zoey’s expression instantly dropped.

Dale had told her that he was forced to cut ties with her to protect the Lehman family. He also warned her to be careful and protect the child.

With that, he hung up.

Zoey paled immediately and dropped her phone to the ground when she heard about The Dark World and its assassination order against her daughter.

For all this while, her godfather was a man who hates evil and does not fear power.

In other words, he feared nothing.

Yet, he gave in this time…

He gave up on her to protect his family.

It could only mean that whoever was trying to eliminate Evie had incredible powers.

To the point that Dale didn’t dare to get involved…

If even Dale was afraid of this force, it could mean terrible things were up against them.

“How could they? She’s just a child!” Emma said anxiously.

“Of course, how could they let a traitor’s child live? What if this child grows up to avenge her father? Don’t think of her like a powerless child just because she’s a girl. For all we know, she could be a goddess of war! Who could stop her if that happens?” Jerry joked.

Zoey and Emma locked eyes as they exchanged panicked looks.

An idea suddenly hit Zoey as she asked, “Perhaps you have a way out of this mess?”

“Of course I do, or else I wouldn’t have come!” Jerry smirked.

“You? Even my godfather avoided getting involved!” Zoey asked questioningly.

However, Jerry flashed her a mysterious smile, “Like I said, I have my ways!”

The truth was, he did not have any ideas to help them. He only wanted to con Zoey’s business empire into becoming his own.

“Ms. Lopez, I hope you can make your decision as soon as possible! The assassination order has been issued, which means that the child is now in danger…”

The sole purpose that Jerry had said those words was to break through both Zoey and Emma’s psychological barriers.

Although they were aware that Levi was still alive, they knew that he was crippled, and he was definitely not in Erudia.

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