The Return of God of War Chapter 1231

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1231

It was only a matter of time for the secret room to be discovered albeit being quite hidden.

As expected, the professional assassins located the secret room effortlessly within seconds.


Suddenly, the footage from the surveillance camera turned blurry.

That means they’ve found the hidden cameras too.

With that, it defeats the purpose of having a secret room.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Hearing the noises coming from above, Zoey and the rest had ants in their pants.

We’re all doomed once they get in here.

“We’ve found it! All that’s left is to force it open.”

The assassins were all geared up to intrude into the place by force.


Out of the blue, someone tapped the shoulder of an assassin.

The assassin turned around and saw two men staring back at him coldly.


Before he could say anything, a harsh slap landed on his face and he died on the spot.

The other assassins snapped their bodies around and asked, “Who are you?”

“Levi Garrison.”

“What? Levi Garrison? You… you’re still alive? This is impossible! You’re supposed to be dead!” The assassins were stunned.

“North.” Levi called out softly.

“Yes!” North Sky Lord acknowledged.

“Kill them!” ordered Levi.

North Sky Lord struck everyone dead within moments.

He was too terrifying, simply a league above them all.

After cleaning up, they left.

Meanwhile, Zoey had been waiting in the secret room for ages, yet nobody came.

In the end, Sylas was sent to check on the situation outside of the room.

The assassins are gone and everything seems as normal as it can be.

“What.. What is going on here?”

They were flummoxed by the scene before them.

“Could it be Levi who did this?” Everyone suspected him at once.

But, isn’t he abroad right now? Not to mention he’s a cripple now…

How could he possibly be here to save us?

So, if it’s not him, who could it be then?

On their way out, Levi commanded, “We must find out who’s the mastermind behind all these.”

He wanted to find out who gave the assassination order.

North Sky King nodded in response.

“Master, I’ve received news that Jerry from Oakland City defrauded Zoey’s company.”

“Is that so?” Levi’s expression changed.

He quickly sought confirmation from the West Sky Lord and was furious to know that Jerry had indeed snatched away all of Zoey’s top-notch staff.

How could such a despicable person exist?

After reading Jerry’s published remarks on the matter, Levi blew a fuse.

“Jerry Gott must die!” He spat as a murderous glint flashed through his eyes.

Meanwhile, Jerry organized a grand banquet at the Lafite Manor in Oakland City.

The successful appropriation of Morris Group had elevated his family status and made them first among the imperial families.

As a consequence, he also emerged first in the Oakland City’s Heir Leaderboard.

Giddy with delight, he organized a special banquet to celebrate his proud achievements.

“Mr. Gott, we were shocked to the bone when we thought that you would really marry Zoey Lopez!”

“Turns out you’ve got some amazing tricks up your sleeve.”

“Hahaha…” Everyone cheered.

A satisfied sneer settled upon Jerry’s face. “I’m not foolish enough to marry the woman of Erudia’s greatest traitor and keep a surviving minion under my name. How preposterous would that be!”

“Haha, that’s right. They aren’t worthy to even lick your boots.”

Everyone chimed in and echoed their agreements.

Someone asked, “Mr. Gott, people have the perception that you’ve deceived Zoey and taken away all of her possessions. What would you say about that?”

“I would say that’s bulls! Have you ever considered the reputational damage and loss incurred to me because of that bh and the bastard? Morris Group was simply compensation. It’s supposed to be mine in the first place!” Jerry proclaimed brazenly.

Just then, a commanding voice yelled, “A despicable rat like you should die!”

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