The Return of God of War Chapter 1233

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1233

Levi laughed. “That’s a good idea. Why don’t you inform Winsor right this moment? Tell him that I have returned to Erudia in defiance of my exile. Get him to come here and kick me out.”

Levi’s confident demeanor shocked Jerry.

Isn’t he afraid?

“Levi, I have no idea why you’re still alive and why your body has fully recovered. But once Winsor finds out about this, you will be in a world of trouble. After all, he was the one that gave the order to banish you and to forbid you from ever returning to Erudia. The moment you return, you are in open defiance of Winsor and his orders,” Jerry cleared his throat and declared.

In response, Levi simply chuckled.

Why would I be afraid of Winsor? This is getting interesting.

“Levi, you are someone that has lost to Winsor, he’s your bane and you know it! If he can beat you once, he can definitely beat you again.”

“Once you are arrested by him for causing trouble in Erudia, do you think he will let you live?” Jerry sneered.

The exact same thought crossed everyone’s minds.

After all, many in Oakland City had seen with their own eyes how Winsor defeated Levi.

In their minds, Winsor was stronger than Levi and Levi’s appearance was considered an open provocation towards him.

Once Windsor found out Levi was here, the consequences would be dire.

“So get out of here now! I’ll let you off this one time,” Jerry scoffed.

“Beat him up.” Levi ordered.


North Sky Lord approached and slapped Jerry forcefully, causing the latter’s flesh to split and blood to gush out.

“Argh!” Jerry screamed in agony.


North Sky Lord slapped him again and his face turned into a bloody mess.

Screams of anguish reverberated through the hall as if a pig were being slaughtered inside.


He was slapped again.

By now, Jerry was cringing on the ground in utter pain, his face an unrecognizable mess.

North Sky Lord pulled him up and rained punches down upon him.

The impact was so great that bloody holes appeared on Jerry’s body.

In the end, Jerry died from the overwhelming pain.

“How dare you bully my family? Hmph, for that you deserve death!”

Levi’s eyes flashed with anger.

When everyone heard his words, they held their breath in fear and broke into a cold sweat.

It was a terrifying sight.

No one expected that Levi would return in such a manner.

It was as if he had come back from hell itself.

The next day.

Zoey was filled with questions as Morris Group was once again back in her hands.

What wrong with Jerry? Has he gone nuts?

He just returned the company to me after spending so much effort in taking over it?

“It doesn’t make sense! Someone must have interfered.”

At North Hampton, everything was safe for the moment.

However, there was an uproar within The Dark World when they realized the assassins sent to kill Forlevia had all disappeared.

They were puzzled as to where the assassins could have gone.

After further investigations, they reconfirmed that there was no one at Zoey’s side to protect her.

How is it that the assassins disappeared? Is someone protecting her? But that’s impossible!

Soon, The Dark World sent out another assassination order with an increased reward from the original one billion to ten billion.

The tenfold reward increase was done in order to attract even more powerful assassins.

Just as expected, an ancient assassin organization emerged in response to the assassination order.

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round.

The handsome reward was enough to attract an ancient assassin organization that had been in hiding for decades to reemerged.

Also, it demonstrated the resolve of the employer to have Forlevia killed. They wanted to make sure Levi’s child was dead.

“Another assassination order has been issued. Check the source! I want to know who issued it.”

Levi, who had been watching from the shadows finally found his opportunity.

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