The Return of God of War Chapter 1235

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1235

North Sky Lord had always considered himself to be extremely knowledgeable.

For example, members of The Calamity were not known to exist in the world.

However, he was still surprised to hear about Levi’s master.

A whole clan labeled as criminals the moment they are born?

Even those that come into contact with them are punished?

What did they do to deserve such a harsh punishment?

“I have not told anyone about my secret in the prison. Thinking about it now, it seems my master has saved me twice already,” Levi lamented.

The world is still a beautiful place, where the good outnumbers the bad.

There are still many who are good to me including those that I hardly know.

For the sake of all those people, I have to live and get to the bottom of this.

“Don’t you plan on visiting him?” North Sky Lord asked.

“When I was drafted, he declared that our relationship ended there and then. Going forward, we were no longer supposed to know each other.”

Levi felt a sense of remorse over the matter. “That’s why I can only greet him ‘Master’ in my heart.”

“How strong are you now?” North Sky Lord inquired.

“In my current condition, the poison from the Blood King Palace will no longer affect me.”


North Sky Lord sucked in a breath.

The Blood King Palace poison was the culmination of decades of hard work and massive resources.

To think that it’s ineffective against Levi now…

How strong is Levi now, really?

Even Winsor may not be able to touch a hair on him, let alone defeat him.

It’s amusing how Winsor still thinks he is stronger and wants to fight Levi again.

The Levi of the past was already stronger than you, let alone Levi in his current state.

Do you even stand a chance?

Meanwhile, Winsor wasn’t resting on his laurels either as he had focused his attention on The Calamity.

Even though the Dragonites warned him to stay away from The Calamity, Winsor’s curiosity got the better of him.

He was fanatical about martial arts and was obsessed with looking for someone to fight. He would seek out the best warriors wherever he could find them.

When he heard that The Calamity had an invincible warrior in the form of North Sky Lord, he set his eyes on him.

“I want to defeat him and make him submit to me.”

Just then, Zar reported, “Asura, there’s a middle-aged man outside that wants to see you.”

“Alright, follow me.”

Winsor headed out immediately.

Outside, there was a middle-aged man in a white robe, he had exquisite features and exuded an elegant vibe.

In fact, he gave others a sense of otherworldliness.


When Winsor saw him, he stood at attention out of respect.

The middle-aged man patted Winsor on his back. “Congratulations, you’ve finally taken over the God of War’s position.”

“I hope I made you proud, Master,” Winsor remarked as he bowed.

His master nodded. “You did. You’ve done a good job, Winsor. Levi is a lowborn, how can he compare to someone as noble as you? If you had lost, you would have humiliated all the great families.”

“People say that a poor family has a better chance of producing a successful son, while noble families produce failures. However, I want to show them that there’s no way a humble family can produce anyone capable. A lowborn can never beat one who is born from a noble family,” his master declared haughtily as if he wanted to prove a point to the world.

“Therefore I was furious when the position of Erudia’s God of War was taken away by a lowborn. I had wanted you to challenge him many times and we finally got our opportunity.”

Winsor smiled, “That’s right. Everyone thinks that Levi was borne of Erudia’s top ancient family. But they didn’t know that an ancient family is nothing to us.”

The middle-aged man smiled smugly.

The most important detail of all was that his surname was Finch.

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