The Return of God of War Chapter 1236

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1236

Winsor’s master was none other than the man that Levi was looking for – Mr. Finch.

His full name was Sampson Finch.

He was the one responsible for plotting to kill Levi.

He had Tenichi use the Blood King Palace to tempt Levi away and poisoned him.

He was also the one who ordered the assassination of Forlevia twice.

Everything was put in place by him from behind the scenes.

When Damien was fighting against Levi, the Garrison family cheated so that Damien wouldn’t lose.

However, what they did was nothing compared to Sampson.

To ensure Winsor’s victory, Sampson put in place many traps and even had the Four Warriors help him from the shadows.

They had to cheat in order to defeat Levi.

Sampson’s objective was simple. He felt that Levi didn’t deserve to be Erudia’s God of War and wanted his own disciple to take on the title.

The moment Levi was awarded the title of God of War, he was already in Winsor’s way.

Ever since Winsor was young, Sampson groomed him for the title only to have Levi stole it from them.

Therefore, it was a development that they hated to see.

The place where Winsor was born was extremely secluded. It wasn’t accessible for members of high society let alone ordinary folk.

It was considered home to a legendary great family.

A family that was a hundred years old was considered a prominent family while one that was a thousand years old an ancient family.

However, a great family had a longer and more illustrious history.

It wasn’t just comprised of a particular race or clan but a combination of very old groups.

A great family had usually existed for two to three thousand years and stood the test of time.

Therefore, they were more powerful than anyone could imagine.

For example, God class warriors were so rare that the Eighteen-Nation Alliance could only gather a hundred of them.

Ultimate class warriors were even harder to come by. The Harbinger of Death alone could defeat everyone before him.

However, a great family was filled with God class and Ultimate class warriors.

That was how much their skills differed.

Just by comparing strength alone, a great family within Erudia is more powerful than a single nation overseas.

Sampson and his companions had their own circle and their own rules.

They were above it all as if they were Gods themselves.

To them, the ordinary folk in the mundane world were just insects crawling about their daily lives.

They considered the life of an ordinary person the lowest of classes and view them with disdain.

Even the weakest member of a great family was someone extremely influential in the mundane world.

Winsor was the only one of Sampson’s disciples who stepped into the mundane world.

When he first arrived, he was like a wolf being unleashed on unsuspecting sheep.

He overwhelmed everyone else both in terms of power and fame.

The reason he was sent out into the world was that they wanted the world to fear them for being all-powerful.

Winsor was so terrifying that he single-handedly built the Asura Army and had the support of Zar and three other disciples.

His aim was to win the title of God of War but he didn’t expect Levi to beat him to it after coming out of nowhere.

Therefore, Sampson and Winsor resented the fact.

Winsor was a descendant of a great family, so he would never accept that he had lost to a nobody.

Ever since then, they had been looking for an opportunity but Levi had never lost a battle over the last few years.

It wasn’t until Levi left the army that the opportunity finally presented itself.

Just as how Damien couldn’t lose to Levi, it was the same for them as it was a matter of pride.

If a reclusive great family such as theirs was defeated, they would surely become a laughing stock.

Therefore, they had to do whatever it takes to guarantee Winsor’s victory over Levi.

Only then can they take over the title of God of War.

After putting in so much effort, they finally did it.

They even managed to kill Levi off in the process. And now, they wanted to kill Forlevia too just to prevent any eventualities.

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