The Return of God of War Chapter 1241

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1241

Levi had lost interest in Sampson’s disciple, Winsor.

He now felt that it was more challenging to defeat Winsor’s master.

“Hahaha…” Everyone laughed.

Has Levi gone mad?

At most, he is a little stronger than Winsor, how dare he challenge Sampson.

Sampson has been an Ultimate class warrior for more than twenty years.

His power now is simply terrifying.

To challenge him means certain death.

“Shouldn’t you defeat us first before you challenge our master?” The Four Warriors scoffed.

Sampson wasn’t the only famous Ultimate class warrior around.

Even the Four Warriors were Ultimate class warriors as well.

The Four Warriors were Sampson’s most outstanding disciples. They were all stronger than Winsor in terms of power and talent.

They were also the ones who interfered in Levi’s battle that day.

Hence, they had a good grasp of how strong Levi was.

Moreover, they assumed that he had just recovered from a grievous injury and was definitely no match for them.

After all, there were now a total of five Ultimate class warriors standing before him.

One Ultimate class warrior could take on a ten thousand strong army.

With five of them, they were simply invincible.

Levi’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. “In that case, I’ll kill the four of you first before I kill your master.”

“Such insolence!”

“Such impudence!”

“Only death awaits you!”

“I’ll have you kneel as atonement for your words!”

Amidst the mishmash of words, Sampson’s four disciples attacked.


The Four Warriors charged at Levi in furious rage.

In Erudia, a God class warrior was adept at using the Ancient Arts of Qi.

They would have massive strength and a boundless amount of energy.

Their bodies would be as tough as solid steel.

They were able to channel their energy in a way that increases their attacking power while elevating their defensive strength.

The biggest difference an Ultimate class warrior had was that they could send shockwaves out of their body to harm an enemy.

In layman terms, it was considered a release of energy.

Just like the shockwave caused by an exploding bomb, it was equally devastating in terms of its destructive power.

That was the reason why during the battle between Levi and Winsor, the Garrison clan residence was almost destroyed.

Before the four Ultimate class warriors came close, they already unleashed an invincible shockwave.

Its power was similar to that of a Tsunami.

The huge force caused a gale to blow through the hall and destroyed all the objects in it.

Crack! Crack!

The glass windows were blasted into smithereens.

In fact, the whole hall itself was shaking as if there was an earthquake.

It felt as if everything was going to collapse.

Olivia was dumbfounded.

Are these the young men of the Great Family of Frostford?

They are ridiculously powerful!

It’s simply unimaginable!

Olivia realized that despite being the top ancient family in Erudia, their exposure was still limited.

“Die, Levi!”

The four Ultimate class warriors surrounded Levi and attacked from all four directions.

Just when North Sky Lord wanted to join the fray, Levi shook his head.

This was something Levi had to deal with it himself.

That being said, Levi simply stood there and did nothing.

When Sampson saw Levi’s response, he was stunned.

In the next moment, however, he burst out laughing.

He can’t even deal with my disciples and yet he wants to challenge me?

The audacity!

“Levi, since you’re not dead yet, I’ll let my disciples kill you again.”

Sampson smiled triumphantly.

The next moment, the four Ultimate class warriors’ deadly attacks reached Levi.

They were confident that Levi would be torn into pieces by their attack.




The four attacks landed on Levi and made a thunderous sound.


However, in the next second, Levi unleashed an even greater shockwave.



The four Ultimate class warriors were sent flying backward by a powerful burst of energy. All of them spewed blood in mid-air before crashing onto the ground, dead.

The hall fell into a state of ghastly silence.

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