The Return of God of War Chapter 1244

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1244

Olivia sobbed as she watched Levi bash Sampson into the ground, punch by punch.

To her terror, Sampson’s body slowly sank into the earth below, like a nail being hammered into a wall.


Horror was all that she could feel at that moment.

That’s not just any man!

That’s a man who has been a powerful ultimate class warrior for twenty years!

A fighter who took on a hundred thousand enemies himself on the battlefields!

Gone just like that?

Just how powerful is Levi?

And how on earth did he even become this powerful?

Could it be… A rebirth?

Heck… He’s even stronger than before!

Upon watching the gruesome scene unfold before her, Olivia became hysterical. Her sobbing gradually turned into a creaky howl.

“Don’t come near me! Don’t… don’t come near me…”

Meeting Levi’s gaze was the last straw for her.

She had completely lost it.

North Sky Lord snorted, “The five Ultimate class warriors? How weak!”

Hmph. And what’s with Levi Garrison? I must be even more wary of this guy from now on.

Looking into the distance, Levi bellowed, “Do you see this, my brothers? This despicable man is dead! And don’t you worry! From now on, I’ll hunt the rest down to avenge your deaths.”

With that, Levi left with the North Sky Lord.


The entire manor collapsed, crumbling into pieces.

With only a dozen punches, Levi had destroyed the foundation of the manor building.

With the five Ultimate class warriors, dead, and the wife of the patriarch of the first ancient family gone mad – it was a stormy, treacherous night indeed.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Not getting a response, Tyrone asked again, “Hey, what’s wrong? You’re scaring me.”

When he found Olivia, she seemed to be in a mentally unstable state.

“A ghost… a ghost… A ghost!” Olivia’s pupils dilated as she pointed a shaky finger forward.

“Someone get the doctor! Forget it – get an exorcist!”

Dumbfounded, Tyrone began suspecting that Olivia had gotten possessed.

Still, no one knew about the demise of the five Ultimate class warriors.

Nobody even knew about the fact that someone was reborn within the Great Family of Frostford.

All that the public was aware of was the disappearance of Jerry Gott, which caused a huge commotion in Oakland City.

Right at that instant, one could almost smell the impending danger; the air and the streets were filled with it.

It felt as if a storm was coming.

Furthermore, the recent turn of events had been rather bizarre.

The assassination order on Forlevia was lifted all of a sudden, with the assassination organizations being disbanded.

Yet, nobody had a clue of what was going on.

For some, including Dale Lehman, they guessed that the Great Family of Frostford had been pressured to do so because they were the ones who gave the assassination order in the first place.

It would be likely that people like the Dragonites had put pressure on the Great Family of Frostford in memory of the good that Levi Garrison had done in the past.

They were not even considering the possibility that the five Ultimate class warriors had been defeated. If news of their downfall were to spread, the city would be in pandemonium.

After all, people had absolute faith in the Ultimate class warriors.

In smaller countries, one would hear rumors that it would only take one Ultimate class warrior to safeguard an entire country.

Or as they would say, an Ultimate class warrior could control the fate of millions of people!

In Erudia, though the stories told were less exaggerated, the Ultimate class warriors were still regarded as figures on the same level as Asura.

Unbeknownst to them, the five Ultimate class warriors had already been defeated by Levi, and the power that he held was unimaginable.

Meanwhile, back at the training base.

“I wonder why Master left. Something feels off!” Winsor furrowed his brows.

Zar shook his head, saying, “There haven’t been any new updates related to that.”

“Well, I’d better start training again then. Master showed me some new fighting techniques before he left,” Winsor said with a sigh.

“Something just tells me that Levi is still alive, you know? If he is, I shall show him that I’m the fighter that he’ll never be able to defeat!”

The others chuckled, “Well, we feel the same too! If Levi really is alive, it’ll be a chance for you, the great Asura, to defeat him again!”

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