The Return of God of War Chapter 1246

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1246

Levi’s gaze was dark.

Five years ago, he had come to Raysonia, all alone, for the sake of rescuing someone.

In that fight, he fought solo against thirty thousand enemy fighters from Raysonia and slaughtered a record number of eight thousand enemies.

It was a fight that shook up the entire country, and also the main reason as to why Raysonia remained hostile toward him.

The people of Raysonia were livid. Whatever that Levi had done was sacrilegious to the Raysonian Bushido, which they had put their faith in from a young age.

Some even felt that only death would quench their anger toward him.

Since then, Levi had not set foot in the country for a total of five years.

However, the Demon King had arrived once again.

It was time bring back the unrest and chaos!

Meanwhile, in Edojo – the capital city of Raysonia.

The most renowned building of Edojo was the Tower of the Sun. It was also the tallest infrastructure of the city, standing at six hundred meters in height.

A particular private manor in the city was seemed to be shrouded by an atmosphere of tension and suspense.

At that instant, thousands of mercenaries were hidden in every corner of the manor.

They donned traditional robes with longswords bound to their waists.

Their faces were covered by black masks, and one could only see their eyes, which were set to kill.

These mercenaries were the well-respected samurais of Edojo, as well as the surrounding islands.

They had stationed themselves at the Military Division voluntarily, upon hearing that the military strategist of the country was in danger.

Not only that, but there was also an elite samurai on his way there.

The recent turn of events had put their nerves on edge, but Watanabe Tenichi was their bottom line – he had to be protected at all costs!

Watanabe Tenichi was the most influential figure of Raysonia.

To the citizens, he was a man of extraordinary wisdom on par with a demon god – a rare gift to their country.

However, Tenichi was not actually at the Military Division. He had gone elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in a straw shed hidden within the deep bamboo forests in the rural area of Edojo.

A certain man was kneeling before the straw shed on that particular day, and that man happened to be Watanabe Tenichi.

It was a rather peculiar scene, seeing the great military strategist of Raysonia getting on his knees to beg.

The people of Raysonia would probably faint at such a sight.

How dare he make the great military strategist of Raysonia kneel before him?

Not to mention, Tenichi had been kneeling there for almost a day.

“Stop pestering me! I have already retired!” The raspy voice of an old man could be heard from within the shed.

“Demon Blade, I’m not just here for my own safety. I’m here because your help would be crucial in order for the Raysonian Bushido to rise again!” Tenichi pleaded.

“Five years ago, Levi Garrison intruded our lands, and single-handedly slaughtered eight thousands of our men! For him, it was his glorious battle to fame, but for us, a stain in our history forever! Not only that, but our very own brand of martial arts also took a huge blow from that fight. We fell from the high ranks amongst the others in Bayview, and have not recovered since. Our people feel nothing but shame about the Raysonian Bushido that they were once so proud of!”

Tenichi’s tear-streaked face was trembling. “I can’t help but fear the destruction that The Calamity would bring! We’ll never be able to recover from that! I simply don’t want our people to live with their heads low forever! Would you please consider?” He cried.

“We do have many ultimate class fighters around here, but your presence will ensure our victory! I know that you have retired for fifty years, but I cannot find another samurai as capable as you! Oh, Demon Blade, please! Please help us!” Tenichi had his head on the ground while begging.

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