The Return of God of War Chapter 1247

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1247

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Tenichi slammed his forehead onto the ground frantically, with blood oozing out of it.

He had a rather maniacal side to him, where he would resort to every last measure for the sake of Raysonia and the Raysonian Bushido.

In his head, he was ready to fight Levi Garrison to death.

As a matter of fact, he was even willing to shoulder all the blame and backlash from it.

While some might not agree with what he had done, or his way of doing things, it was not really a matter of right or wrong; it was simply a clash interests from different perspectives.

Of course, Tenichi also had his personal motives.

He wanted to live.

The bloodshed caused by The Calamity gave him a clear warning – that having ultimate class warriors around him was not enough.

Plenty of those who died were protected by ultimate class warriors.

Tenichi could tell that his enemies were very much overpowered, to the extent that they were unafraid of the ultimate class warriors.

That was why he needed to use all the cards that he owned just to survive this ordeal.

Tenichi also saw the addition of Demon Blade as a chance for the dignity and honor of the Raysonian Bushido to be restored.

This was a plan that would enable him to kill two birds with one stone.

“I beg you, Demon Blade, to come and fight alongside us for the sake of Raysonia’s martial arts!” Tenichi pleaded once again, along with hundreds of people kneeling behind him.

Their voices resounded through the woods, echoing like the howling winds during a thunderstorm.

As for the man referred to as Demon Blade, he was the Great Grandmaster of Raysonia, the strongest warrior of the country.

Demon Blade was just his title, and his real name was Kawasaki Zando.

Sixty years ago, he swept the entirety of Bayview by storm. There was not a single fighter who could rival him.

Even when faced with a master of the same class as him, he made instant kills.

No one could describe how strong he really was because every fighter who had gone up against him had died.

Kawasaki Zando had even paid a visit to Erudia before, giving the practitioners of the martial arts in Erudia nothing but humiliation.

As one might say, he was the ruler of that era, standing above all forms of martial arts in Bayview.

People saw him as the pride of Raysonia, an undefeatable god.

However, for reasons unknown to the masses, Demon Blade went into retirement out of the blue and lived his life hidden from the rest of the world.

Fifty years had passed since then, and still not a single sign of his return.

“Alright then. For the sake of Raysonia, I shall wield my blade once more!” Demon Blade finally made his decision.

“Hah… Yes! What an honor!” Watanabe Tenichi cried out in laughter.

Who would dare come after me now? With Demon Blade on my side?

Who would dare humiliate the Raysonian Bushido?

Along with six other ultimate class warriors, Tenichi now had seven ultimate class warriors fighting for him.

They would be seen as a formidable group of warriors not to be reckoned with anywhere in Bayview.

God class warriors were already a rarity, not to even mention the ultimate class warriors.

A group of seven ultimate class warriors was something that no one had ever seen before.

After all, none of the countries wanted to reveal their trump cards too early.

Hence, assembling such a group of fighters together would be done as a last resort.

While the various forces seemed to be teaming up against Levi Garrison at the moment, they knew well enough they might become rivals in the future.

Therefore, showing the entire world the number of ultimate class warriors that they had would be suicide.

Thud. Thud.

An elderly man emerged from the straw shed right then.

His footsteps were a little wobbly, and his body was thin as a stick.

In spite of that, the aura around him was unmistakable. Everyone held their breaths, as they watched him walk toward them.

Demon Blade!

A god-like warrior!

He was a man feared by all fifty years ago.

And it seemed like he still had it in him.

“Welcome! Oh, the great Demon Blade!” Tenichi hollered, gesturing for the rest to follow.

I’ll be safe now.

The Raysonian Bushido shall prosper.

And so shall Raysonia.

“Let us fight The Calamity!” Tenichi was wholly confident about their upcoming battle.

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