The Return of God of War Chapter 1248

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1248

“Where is the man who sullied our lands fifty years ago?” Demon Blade asked.

Tenichi quickly replied, “Sir, he goes by the name Levi Garrison. He’s known as the God of War of Erudia, but don’t you worry, sir, he is already dead.”

“Dead? That’s good to hear,” Demon Blade sighed.

“I’ll have to thank the Great Family of Frostford for that!” Tenichi said, smiling.

“The… what? The Great Family of Frostford?” Upon hearing Tenichi’s words, Demon Blade’s face turned outcast, as if he had recalled something horrid.

“Sir, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” Tenichi asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. I have heard about the Great Family of Frostford before. Word has it that the fighters in the family are the best of the best! Not to mention the other three of the Four Great Families!” Demon Blade said, coming to his senses.

Tenichi and the others quickly assured him, “No matter how strong they say they are, they can’t even compare to you, sir!”

Demon Blade shook his head and got Tenichi to tell him all about their current situation.

“Where are the other two?” He asked, referring to Yamamoto Yuta and Mitsui Ichiro.

Those two were also involved in the scheme to kill Levi under Tenichi’s command.

Tenichi’s gaze darkened upon hearing these two names. “The two of them turned a deaf ear to my words. I don’t think they even realize the severity of the situation.”

Yet, Demon Blade was not particularly surprised about it. “Well, for those two, as descendants of the Ancient Warrior Families, it is to be expected that they stay confident and steadfast no matter what enemies come in their ways,” he said.

“Yes, let them think whatever they want,” Tenichi said coldly.

Hmph. I’ll be safe without them anyways.

In a rather remote, quiet part of Edojo, there was a long-established residence that had retained its traditional architectural style, known as the General’s Residence.

It was once the residence for a military general but now transformed into the residence for the Ancient Warrior Families.

They practiced the Bushido, which was respected by all.

Needless to say, there were countless skilled fighters within the families.

Currently, Yamamoto Yuta was the patriarch of the families and was an ultimate class warrior.

Another ultimate class warrior, who belonged to the Ancient Warrior Families, was Mitsui Ichiro.

The two of them, together with Watanabe Tenichi, became the guardians of Raysonia.

Two warriors, and one strategist.

However, the recent turn of events had brought about cracks in their alliance.

“Tenichi is too cautious and indecisive about everything. While I do think that he has the wits to be a good strategist, we’ve missed out on so many opportunities because of him!”

“Hah… You’re right. It’s impossible to succeed without taking risks!” The two of them bantered.

“The Calamity? Hmph. If they dare step foot on Raysonia, they might as well die here!” Yamamoto Yuta smirked, his longsword in hand as he sat on his futon.

A group of samurai in black stood behind him.

On the other hand, a group of samurai in white stood behind Mitsui Ichiro.

Unlike Tenichi, they were not searching high and low for warriors to protect themselves.

They were actually waiting for The Calamity to come to their doors; they were ready to fight.

That was how a true samurai of Raysonia would conduct himself.

While Raysonia was not known to be the country with the most combative people like Wheldrake, the samurais of Raysonia were recognized as the most determined fighters of them all.

“The Calamity is definitely after us two. All that’s on my mind right now is how they would come to us,” Ichiro said while furrowing his brows.

They had delegated a robust force of samurais to station themselves throughout the entire residence.

“I can’t care less about that. I won’t even blink if they decide to plunge down from the heavens!” Yuta scoffed.

Meanwhile, an aircraft belonging to The Calamity hovered over the skies above Edojo, Raysonia.

“Master, Yamamoto Yuta’s residence is located directly below us!”

“Open up the gate. I’m jumping down from here!”

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