The Return of God of War Chapter 1254

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1254

“Try me!” Demon Blade bellowed.

His voice was deafening like thunder, echoing throughout the room.

How dare a young brat like that threaten me!

Nobody would have dared offend me the slightest fifty years ago, not even the ultimate class warriors!

Demon Blade finally lost his calm, as uncontrollable anger began to consume him.

You said that you’ll kill him right in front of my eyes?

How preposterous!

You’re the one who’s dying today!

Demon Blade stood up. At that time, his eyes were sparkling like a lion that had been woken up from its slumber.

“Levi Garrison! I admit that you are no ordinary man. Indeed, you have come back from the dead and killed Sampson Finch, who had been an ultimate class warrior for twenty years,” Tenichi said.

Upon hearing that, Demon Blade raised an eyebrow, his interest in his opponent growing.

It was common knowledge that the more years of experience that an ultimate class warrior had, the more powerful he would be.

That young brat defeated someone who had been an ultimate class warrior for twenty years?

And he’s the fighter who single-handedly tarnished Raysonia’s reputation? How interesting.

“However, the Raysonian Bushido has evolved exponentially over the last five years, and unlike last time, the great warrior, Demon Blade, is now fighting with us. Don’t you dare underestimate our strengths now!” Tenichi continued.

He was feeling rather confident. In his head, Levi was definitely not making it out of Raysonia alive.

“Yes, that’s right! Demon Blade has been an ultimate class fighter for almost a hundred years!” A samurai said.

“You can’t win!”

Kawasaki Zando was actually older than Teneb Garrison, the Grandmaster of the Garrison clan.

Having been an ultimate class warrior for almost a hundred years, his strength was unimaginable.

In his eyes, the likes of Sampson Finch were no more than ordinary warriors.

“Hah… You’re so going to die!” Levi was unmoved.

He was determined to take Tenichi’s head no matter what.

“You want my head? Then come to me, at the peak of the Tower of the Sun,” Tenichi said, laughing.

“I wish you all the best!” He taunted.

With that, he dashed towards the doors, along with Demon Blade and a few others.

“Don’t you dare!”


Before Levi could go after them, samurais began crowding up around him, swinging their swords.

“You’ll have to get past us first!” They yelled.

“We won’t let you leave!”

The samurais were not backing down.

Soon, Tenichi and his men arrived at the peak of the Tower of the Sun.

Standing at a height of six hundred meters above the ground, the howling winds was all that they could hear.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The chilly winds felt like small blades, cutting across their faces and leaving a burning pain.

“Why did you choose to come here?” Kawasaki Zando asked.

“Don’t you think that it’ll be far more meaningful to end his life here? A victory on the highest peak of our country, which would signify Raysonia rising to power!” Tenichi replied.

“Secondly, him knowing that I’m here waiting for him would be a huge distraction which would affect his performance in battle. And lastly, this is my strategy to spot his weaknesses before we finally come face-to-face with him,” he continued.

Simply put, it was a strategy to ensure that Levi Garrison would die – a strategy to end his life at all costs!

Undoubtedly, Tenichi was a military strategist, not a warrior. Thus, he could not care less about playing it fair on the battlefields.

On the other hand, Kawasaki Zando was not bothered about Tenichi’s strategy at all.

All that he had in mind was manslaughter.

“I hope that he does come here.”

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