The Return of God of War Chapter 1258

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1258

As Kawasaki Zando said these words, there was no hint of arrogance in his flat tone.

He seemed to be expressing a simple fact. A mere slash of his blade was enough to end anyone who stood in his way.

His demeanor did not express self-confidence but a sense of familiarity in his abilities. This man was dangerous as an opponent, and clashing with him would be perilous.

Death was inevitable.

All he had to do was attack Levi Garrison with his blade, and it would mean the end of it.

Tenichi also believed his words without a doubt.

If Demon Blade were that strong fifty years ago, he’d be even stronger now.

“Oh, is that so?” sneered Levi.

Now that he had mastered the age-old martial arts techniques that he had sought to learn, Levi’s strength was not to be underestimated.

The first battle between the two began shortly.

Suddenly, Kawasaki Zando’s demeanor changed.

He may have looked the part of a grey-haired, miserable man, but his eyes shone with spirit.

Kawasaki Zando felt his blood surge like waves.

The momentum his body had generated was increasing very steadily.


A storm had indeed formed at the summit of the Tower. The already-darkened sky was accompanied by a loud chorus of thunder.

The ground surrounding the Tower was elevated, which also contributed to the increased airflow and the relentless howling wind.

Now, Kawasaki Zando’s momentum had increased even more. His body rumbled with the energy he amassed as he fused the currents of air generated by the wind.

Soon, an explosive burst of thunder was heard.

Tenichi, who’d been standing too close, was flung away from the site. Since he was an ordinary person, the impact was so great that he tasted his own blood.

All of Edojo could feel the tremors caused by the storm as if alluding to a heavy downpour.

Yet, the sky showed no signs of lightning. Only thunder was heard.

The phenomenon made everyone curious.

After all, how were they to know that this was not thunder in the first place?

This was the sheer might and energy exuded by Demon Blade, who stood atop the Tower of the Sun.

If he could generate such power, calling him the Ultimate Great Grandmaster was no surprise at all.

Tenichi shook himself out of his stupor and hurriedly took some medicines he had kept on hand. His condition was now stable, and he was no longer bleeding.

He also realized that Demon Blade was about to unleash his attack.

Tenichi waited with anticipation and glee. Levi Garrison would definitely perish.

Mere moments later, scarlet lightning struck the Tower of the Sun.

It was a very vivid, eye-catching sight to behold.

The lightning was a bright red, almost like the color of blood.

Another crack of thunder soon followed.

The people of Edojo looked up to the sky, clearly intrigued by the queer yet threatening display.

Yet, no one had ever guessed that that was not lightning at all but a blade!

Fifty years later, Kawasaki Zando’s yoto had made an appearance once again, at long last.

The blade had an ethereal quality that dazzled the onlookers. How was that blade able to create such strong tremors?

This display, alongside the ominous atmosphere, created a very shocking scene.

The moment Demon Blade unleashed his yoto, the dark sky lit up with an intensity that could rival daylight.

The crimson light had temporarily blinded Tenichi, and he intuitively averted his gaze.

Tenichi’s mind was racing. I’m among the first to truly witness the yoto in action. Levi will witness it too, of course, but he’ll dead meat soon.

It’s an honor!

Watanabe Tenichi smirked, gleefully imagining Levi’s decapitation.

The moment Kawasaki Zando summoned his blade, he stepped towards Levi in a flash.

The yoto in his hand glowed scarlet as he slashed at Levi, only to find that he missed.

Hmm. The little runt has some speed in him after all.

Levi was by far the fastest opponent Kawasaki Zando had met.

His past opponents had been unworthy of his status as a Great Grand Master!

Out of nowhere, a spatter of blood whizzed past.

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