The Return of God of War Chapter 1259

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1259

A sharp, slicing sound was heard, followed by a loud crash.

A spatter of blood escaped the fray, and landed on Tenichi’s face.

The warm blood immediately brought Tenichi to his senses again.


He laughed and gingerly touched the blood on his face.

Levi Garrison was dead, at long last!

He had seen it with his own eyes. There was no way Levi could’ve survived that blow.

The blood that he felt had to be from Levi’s decapitated head.

True to its word, the yoto definitely lived up to its name. Any opponent in its path would meet their end.

Tenichi’s joy, alas, was short-lived. A glance at the scene was enough to wipe the grin off his face.

Not only did Levi Garrison appear to be unharmed, but even his head remained intact.

Instead, Kawasaki Zando stood there with his blade broken in half. He looked utterly defeated, with blood trickling down the side of his mouth.

Where’s the other half of the blade? A chill went down his spine. It wasn’t long until he noticed a faint, scarlet glimmer in Kawasaki Zando’s chest.

He was bleeding profusely from the stab wound.

Levi Garrison had not only lived to tell the tale of the yoto. He had managed to shatter it and stab Kawasaki with his own weapon.

Only Kawasaki Zando understood the depth of Levi’s strength.

The power of Demon Blade was something inherited by the wielder deemed most worthy. Somehow, a power that had lasted thousands of years was defeated by just a punch?

This is incredible! He is so young but he possesses such strength!

There was no doubt that this was Erudia’s one and only God of War.

Erudia must’ve been such a wondrous place, having produced someone like this.

Is it possible that he’s from there?

Kawasaki Zando couldn’t take it anymore as he thought of this.

He fell to the ground with a groan and lay there, motionless.

This Ultimate Great Grandmaster, who was nearly a century old, had failed in his mission to restore Raysonia’s glory.

He could not even protect their military strategist!

Today, Raysonian Bushido was completely defeated.

Five years ago, Levi Garrison had humiliated them, only for them to suffer an even bigger humiliation five years later.

How could they regain their pride after this crushing defeat?

At around this time, North Sky Lord had just finished his battle with the Six Great Grandmaster and made his way up to the Tower’s summit.

With a cursory glance, he said, “Well, you handled this a lot faster than I thought!”

The only man left standing was Watanabe Tenichi.

He looked dumbfoundedly at the pair, not knowing how to react.

Tenichi was not by any means stupid. He was a strategist whose resourcefulness was almost godlike.

Every single strategy had been planned; every possibility was calculated and taken into consideration.

The only factor he failed to take into consideration was Levi’s strength.

Levi took a deep breath and said coldly, “Are you witnessing all this, comrades? Here is the mastermind. I will avenge you all!”

Deep down, Levi was relieved. He fulfilled the promise he made to his brothers-in-arms.

Every single person who had been involved in this mess had been dealt with.

“Wait!” Tenichi shouted hastily. “I admit defeat!”

“But before I die, there are some doubts I want to clear.”

“Hm. Why not, I guess. What do you want to know?” asked Levi in a very cold tone.

Tenichi’s questions were simple. He wanted to know how Levi survived the attack, how he recovered, and what became one of The Calamity.

True to his word, Levi answered all his questions.

After hearing all of the explanations, Watanabe Tenichi smiled contentedly.

“Don’t forget, Levi Garrison. You may have given us a humiliating defeat today, but there will be a reckoning in the future!”

Levi smirked. “A reckoning from who, pray tell? You’re out of Ultimate class warriors, to my knowledge.

“Raysonia’s strength lies in our unyielding will!” roared Tenichi. “The spirit of Bushido will still live on! Mark my words, one day, there will be a samurai strong enough to challenge and defeat you!”

Levi snickered. “Until then, I’ll wait. But before you die, I have a question of my own.”

“How did the Blood King Palace manage to return? Were they not wiped out?” queried Levi.

Watanabe Tenichi gave Levi a smug smile. “Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. Tell me.”

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