The Return of God of War Chapter 1270

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1270

There was a big fighting ring in the middle of the combat club, and both parties were ready in stance.


The first to attack was Winsor Campbell.

He had superb control over his movements, and his fists were swift and strong.

That was also the case for North Sky Lord.

The impact from their clashes was shocking for everyone, and the crowd roared in excitement.

When their fists met, the impact was so enormous that the specially-prepared fighting ring blew apart.

At that moment, Winsor had made use of all of the battle techniques he learned previously.

However, after blocking and attacking for some time, his expression changed.

Just how strong is this guy?

He is on par with me.

But little did he know that North Sky Lord was giving him chances deliberately.

This made North Sky Lord feel frustrated because he couldn’t give it his all while fighting against his opponent.

When they clashed, he knew Winsor Campbell wouldn’t stand a chance against him, let alone fighting against Levi.

Why do I have to put up with him? I could’ve ended this match long ago.

But Master told me to hold back.

Before the fight, Levi instructed him to fight well, but he had to let Winsor win in the end.

And he asked me to do my best in acting… But why do we have to lose on purpose?

Maybe Master wants to protect Erudia’s image.

Winsor wasn’t an ordinary person without status and power, so everything he did would affect Erudia’s reputation, especially if he lost this fight.

The countries overseas would start to act as soon as they witnessed Erudia’s defeat.

It wasn’t a matter of Winsor’s safety; it was a matter of Erudia’s future and reputation.

Winsor’s lost would be a tremendous blow to Erudia.

The invincible status and reputation of Erudia, which were forged using the blood, sweat, and tears of countless people, would be tarnished if Winsor failed in this challenge.

Erudia would fall, and following that, no countries would respect the Erudians anymore.

The results would be so bad that it was unimaginable.

In short, Winsor was way too reckless in launching this challenge. He only had martial arts as his assets and didn’t step back to look at the big picture. Alas, he had succumbed to his impatience and desire to prove himself.

However, Levi didn’t want Erudia’s downfall to be caused by some minor challenge such as this, so he made The Calamity lose the fight to protect the image and reputation of Erudia.

Even if it was all an act, Winsor must win!

Of course, The Calamity belonged to Erudia, so there was no need to care about their image that much.

The battle grew more intense as Winsor unleashed his skills, and his attacks got faster and faster.

North Sky Lord felt his stamina running out… And Bam! He was sent flying out of the ring.

After struggling with all his might, he sprawled on the ground, not moving a muscle.

This signaled the end of the battle withThe Calamity

’s defeat.

Levi smiled wryly, witnessing the outcome.

I really gave North a hard time asking him to act.

But color me impressed. There wasn’t any flaw in his performance.

“Master, we won! We actually won!”

“Our Master is the strongest man in Erudia!”

“He is the only one who is qualified to be called the God of War.”

Zar, Bolgun, and Talon ran onto the stage happily and cheered for their master.

This honor belongs to us!


All three of them kneeled in front of Winsor and yelled in unison,

“Long live, the invincible Asura! Long live Erudia!”

At the same time, the spectators were on their feet while cheering on loudly.

Defeating The Calamity was such a glorious matter.

Other countries couldn’t stand against The Calamity, but Winsor took the invincible North Sky Lord down, alone, announcing his dominance over The Calamity.

Winsor howled out, celebrating his victory. “Levi Garrison, you can’t do anything to me! I’m stronger than you. To anyone who doesn’t acknowledge me, come at me!”

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