The Return of God of War Chapter 1273

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1273

If Levi weren’t injured or crippled, he would have been the one standing at the top.

Zoey had always been proud of Levi.

Sadly, Levi was now a crippled man. If he weren’t, Winsor would have been no match for him.

She knew that he had been framed, but no one wanted to believe it.

Besides, they all thought he was dead, anyway.

All she could do was watch as Winsor gloated to everyone and anyone.

After Winsor defeated The Calamity, people started treating him like a God.

They saw him as a God who descended from the heavens, ready to save the people from earthly troubles.

They bowed to Winsor and never mentioned Levi again.

If they dared to bring Levi’s name up, they would be labeled as blasphemous.

For his part, Levi still thought the same way. He was willing to withstand this humiliation for Erudia’s sake.

As for Zoey, she had put all her attention into keeping Morris Group running smoothly even though the Lopez and Black families didn’t give her any pressure.

She was mostly worried that people would start trying to get them in trouble.

She was more than aware of the fact that Levi’s enemies would start coming for the company once the news of him getting injured got out.

The Triple Group, for example, had made a reappearance in Erudia.

Back then, it was Levi who had chased them out.

Now that Levi was gone, they grabbed the opportunity to make a comeback.

After all, it wasn’t possible for them to let go of such a promising market like Erudia.

Apparently, the main perpetrator of Triple Group’s reemergence in Erudia was Lee Jeong-seok of Daelee Group.

Daelee Group held an almost legendary presence in Keerea.

Most of the other young masters only held that title for the sake of it, but in Daelee Group, that title symbolized power.

Lee Jeong-seok was the representation of being rich and powerful.

In order to take over Erudia’s market again, Triple Group had sent him to take the lead, which showed just how serious they were in taking this venture.

Triple Group managed to set down its roots through connections and their vast amount of funding.

There was even talk of them collaborating with the Garrison clan.

Iris and the other council members immediately called for a meeting. “Triple Group will most likely come for us next. We have to be prepared!”

Zoey was beginning to worry as well.

Even though Morris Group had control over a vast part of the South, they were still no match for Triple Group.

At the end of the day, Triple Group beat the Garrison clan in terms of both money and power.

No matter how much the Garrison clan worked to expand, they were still just a family business.

However, Triple Group was an internationally powerful company.

If it weren’t for Levi, Triple Group would never have stepped down.

Now that Levi collapsed, they immediately leaped back out of the shadows, ready to take control once more.

After all, everyone knew how shameless Triple Group was.

This was basically how they do things normally.

“All we can do is stay prepared and be alert.”

On the other side of town, Tyrone was greeting his guests with the utmost solemnity.

His guest arrived in a procession of Rolls-Royce’s and their bodyguards were all Caucasian.

Every move he made was in an ostentatious manner, similar to how Damien presented himself when he was alive.

Still, the Garrison family knew that he was a much greater deal than Damien ever was.

His bodyguards consisted of quite a few Ultimate class warriors, after all.

In Bayview, only Lee Jeong-seok had the abilities and capabilities to have God class and Ultimate class warriors as part of his bodyguard lineup.

The Daelee Group was simply that rich.

Anything and anyone could be bought with enough money, and Ultimate class warriors were no exception.

The purpose Lee Jeong-seok was here that day was to talk about a collaboration with Tyrone and the rest of the Garrison family.

“Two years ago, Levi chased Triple Group out of Erudia and forbade us from ever stepping foot in it again. But now that he’s gone, we’ve returned and we’re back with a vengeance. None of Levi’s family members will be safe.”

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