The Return of God of War Chapter 1277

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1277

Jeong-seok was too cocky for his own good.

It was as if there was a giant bulls-eye on his face, just waiting for someone to shoot a bullet through it.

The Lee family is nothing but despicable!

Zoey and Iris could only stare in disgust.

Why didn’t they come when Levi was still crowned as the God of War?

They were obviously scared!

They were only able to be this cocky because Levi’s no longer here.

Jeong-seok continued chuckling. “Well, he hasn’t shown up after all this while. I guess he must be fuming in hell, huh?”

The crowd burst into laughter.

“Since you’re here, let’s have a chat. What will it take for you to let Morris Group off?” Zoey asked directly.

The council members of Morris Group started to get nervous.

It was time to decide their fate.

Jeong-seok looked at Zoey. “It’s simple, hand over your position as chairman.”

That one sentence struck them like a bolt of lightning, leaving them speechless.

They hadn’t expected for Jeong-seok to be this daring.

“So, you want Ms. Lopez to step down so you can gobble the company up? No way!” Iris said defiantly.

Jeong-seok shook his head. “No, you got me wrong. I don’t care about Morris Group. I just want Zoey to step down. Whoever wants to be chairman next can take it.”

The council members of the Morris Group sighed in relief upon hearing that.

Jeong-seok stared at Zoey with a chilly grin on his face. “Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your staff?”

Some of the council members started to speak up, “Ms. Lopez, we don’t like this outcome too, but you have to think about the greater good!”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Lopez, we’ll take good care of the company!”

They were basically trying to chase Zoey off as soon as possible so that they would be free of this mess.

Zoey glanced at the crowd and hesitated before saying, “Okay, I’ll step down as long as you agree to stop attacking Morris Group.”

“Of course! In fact, I’m willing to sign a contract so that you can freely expose me if I ever go against my word,” Jeong-seok said with a chuckle.

What he said was the truth, he was not interested in Morris Group.

After all, he had already achieved his goal of obtaining Erudia’s market.

Now, all that was left to do was to torture Zoey and the others.

“Alright, I’ll sign it!”

Zoey signed the contract without any hesitation and stepped down from her position as chairman and everything else concerned with it.

She would no longer be associated with Morris Group from then on.

“You, you, and you!” Jeong-seok pointed at Iris, Elena, and some other council members.

He wanted to get rid of their positions as well.

He had to be merciless and ruthless so that he could cut off any likelihood of retaliation.

That was just how Triple Group operates.

“Are you happy now? We’ve done everything you asked us to!” Zoey asked.

Jeong-seok thought for a moment and piped up, “One more thing! Levi probably named this company “Morris Group” after his best friend, right? Well, I want to change the name!”

“No!” Zoey declined instantly.

Iris and the others shook their heads as well.

This wasn’t just Levi’s hard work, it was theirs, too.

They would never agree to change the name just like that.

Jeong-seok glared at them and said, “It’s not your place to say ‘no’. All of you no longer have anything to do with Morris Group! Also, all of you should leave since you don’t belong here anymore.”

With that, Zoey and the other few ex-council members were chased out.

They stared at the office building, their gaze full of despair.

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