The Return of God of War Chapter 1280

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1280

Jeong-seok chuckled. “What I want is simple. I want to own twenty-five percent of your petroleum production operations in the northwest of Senia.”

Mr. Williams hesitated.

He did not expect Jeong-seok to have such a voracious appetite.

But this way I’ll be able to snag not only the wife but also the daughter and mother of the God of War.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

“Fine, you got it!” Williams proclaimed.

Jeong-seok beamed.

Not only am I going to make Levi’s life terrible, but I also managed to clinch part ownership of petroleum production operations!

That’s killing two birds with one stone!

Both parties were in agreement.

Jeong-seok led Mr. Williams to the lodgings.

“Mr. Lee, do you think that tonight…”

Mr. Williams had come from a far-flung corner of the world and was ready to indulge in all of his hedonistic desires.

He did not want to wait a second longer.

Jeong-seok kept a smile hanging off his lips. “Please have patience, Mr. Williams. We can do whatever you want tomorrow when everyone will have arrived.”

Mr. Williams considered Jeong-seok’s words for a while before finally assenting to the latter’s suggestion.

We’re talking about the beloved women of the God of War!

The loved ones of that almighty man, with enough power to rival multiple countries, will be mine to do away with as I please.

This is amazing. I can’t wait!

Both men’s spirits were sky-high.

They had never been so elated in their lives.

Meanwhile, Zoey was still safe for the time being.

However, she could not seem to contact Iris or Abigail.

Emma dashed up to her in a panicked frenzy. “Zoey, something terrible happened! Mia has been kidnapped by Triple Group! They’re clearly issuing us a challenge. They even threatened to auction off Evie!”


Zoey’s rage spiked through the roof.

They want to auction off my child?

How could she tolerate it?

If only Triple Group wasn’t so powerful…

“Why don’t we just pack up and leave? We can’t stay here. We’re no match for Triple Group; they’re too strong!” Zoey suggested.

She had long been toying with the idea of going off the grid.

“We can’t. When I came back, I realized that we’re surrounded! There’s no way we’ll be able to leave!”

Emma’s face fell.

Triple Group had closed them in completely. No one could escape.

“Triple Group never had any intention of letting us go!”

Zoey had no choice but to plead with Dale for help.

“I desperately want to save you and Evie, too. Unfortunately, I can’t go against the Daelee Group. Even Tyrone is at their beck and call! For the sake of the family, I have no other option but to sacrifice you!”

Dale hung up.

The Daelee Group was no different from Frostford to him.

Getting on the wrong side of either one could potentially spell complete annihilation for him and his family.

Zoey was spiraling in the pits of despair.

Who can we turn to now?

“Are we just going to sit here and wait for our deaths?”

Zoey and Emma were despondent.

This time, it was Forlevia who made a call. She dialed a number. “Call Daddy! Daddy will save us!”

Despite her young age, she often talked to Levi on the phone.

She immediately called her father.

Levi’s voice was soon heard from the receiver, “Evie? Daddy’s here!”

Forlevia burst into tears. “Daddy, come quickly! Someone is bullying us! Come and save us!”

“Hold on, Evie. I’ll be there before you know it. Don’t cry. Wait for me!”

The call from his daughter turned Levi’s anxiety up to the maximum.

“Why are you calling your father, Evie?”

Zoey and Emma sighed.

There’s no point in telling Levi about this.

He can’t even move.

How will he save us?

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