The Return of God of War Chapter 1281

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1281

Truth be told, Jeong-seok’s every move was within Levi’s calculations.

He was originally unable to do anything about the situation.

But now that he had control of The Calamity, he had countless skilled men at his disposal.

Saving Zoey and the rest would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Zoey and the rest might appear to be at the mercy of Triple Group, but The Calamity had been closely surveying the entire situation.

At the sign of any real danger, The Calamity’s soldiers would move in.

Levi also stationed people to protect Abigail.

However, the news reached him too late, and by that time, Abigail and the rest had already been taken.

Despite this, there was always someone keeping an eye on the situation from the shadows. If Abigail or any of the other women were in actual trouble, experts from The Calamity would rush in.

Levi had everything under control.

This was something Triple Group could never have expected.

Initially, Levi had left the matter to his men in The Calamity.

That was why he was currently in L Nation, having just buried Hades in his hometown.

But after the call from Forlevia, he could not hold himself back any longer.

He decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We’re going back to Erudia now!” Levi barked, his expression tense.

Forlevia’s voice rang in his ears.

You’ve officially pissed me off, Triple Group!

I slew the military strategist of Raysonia without batting an eye!

Do you actually think you’re untouchable?

“Sir, Lee Jeong-seok had taken complete control of Morris Group! He’s even announced at a press conference that the company’s name will be changed to Castle Group!” West Sky Lord said softly.

“How dare they!” Levi roared.

Every move made by Jeong-seok aimed straight at one of Levi’s pressure points. He had successfully set off the volcano of Levi’s fury.

He’ll never expect that I’m still alive and kicking…

I’m back and stronger than ever!

I’ve never been more terrifyingly powerful in my life!

Soon, the sun disappeared below the horizon.

Zoey and Emma had been in a terror-stricken state the entire day.

Alas, they still came up empty.

There was no one they could turn to, no place they could escape to.

“Is this really how we’re destined to meet our end?” Zoey huffed in indignance.

I know that marrying Levi would prevent me from living a normal life.

Bur I can’t accept going down like this.

“Don’t worry, Mom and Grandma, I’m sure Daddy will come save us!”

Forlevia’s small fists were balled tightly, her expression one of earnest faith.

She was a naive child, after all.

It was natural for her to believe in every promise.

In fact, she believed every single promise that adults had made to her.

Since Levi had promised to come for her, she was certain that he would.

“Daddy is the God of War! He’s even better than superheroes!” Forlevia exclaimed.

Zoey did not have the heart to disillusion her and chose to keep her peace.

Shortly after, some people from Triple Group took Zoey away.

At a hall in North Hampton.

A private auction was taking place.

It was a full house.

Some were serious auctioneers while others were only here to watch.

Jeong-seok was sitting in the front row. Mr. Williams, sitting next to him, could barely contain his excitement.

Mr. Williams had already laid out his plan to torture the women in his mind.

All he needed were the people themselves.

“My goal is simple. I want to let the whole world see what happens when you cross the Daelee Group! Even the God of War can’t stand in our way!”

Jeong-seok’s aim was not only to exact revenge but also to send out waves of intimidation.

He wanted to announce to the world that he held the authority to make the God of War’s family do his bidding. This way, no one would dare oppose him.

“Bring them up here!”

The three women were brought up to the stage.

At the sight of them, Mr. Williams’ eyes lit up.

“Levi Garrison’s wife and mother are already the property of Mr. Williams. Next up, we have his daughter!”

“The bidding will start at a hundred million!”

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