The Return of God of War Chapter 1282

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1282

“A hundred and fifty million!”

Bids started flying in from below the stage.

“Two hundred million!”

The audience eyed Forlevia with the gazes of starved beasts.

Not only did they share this kink, but the fact that the one being auctioned off was Levi’s daughter made the auction all the more meaningful.

They were all screaming their bids at the top of their lungs.

“Three hundred million!”

“Five hundred million!”

“One billion!”

The wealthy elites outbid each other in a frenzy.

“Let me join in, too. One and a half billion!”

The latest bid came from Jaron, Jackson, and Lucas of the South Hampton Prince Gang

Their family used to be enslaved toLevi.

Jaron’s hand was also disabled.

They would carry their resentment with them for the rest of their lives.

“Let’s just go with two billion!”

No one would be able to fathom the true extent of Lucas’ rage.

“I want a piece of this, too. Three billion! Levi Garrison’s daughter is mine!”

That voice belonged to Kameda Ichiro.

He had been chased out of South Hampton by Levi. But he returned after getting wind of Levi’s accident.

He even obtained the support of the royal families of South Hampton.

Jeong-seok was in seventh heaven at the sight of the enthusiastic responses.

They were all foreigners who had been chased out by Levi. Now that he was gone, they were coming back one by one.

All of them returned with the same desire to punish Levi’s woman.

Jeong-seok could not have been more delighted.

The bidders were also enjoying themselves in the process.

Zoey looked around at the people before her. “Bstards! You’re all bstards!” she shrieked.

“Zoey, why don’t you take a shot at guessing what the final price for your daughter will be?” Jeong-seok laughed maliciously.

“Go to hell!”

Zoey was angry enough to commit murder.

“Aren’t you being a bit rude, Zoey? I didn’t even sell your daughter off in a cage. How dare you curse at me?”

Jeong-seok had initially intended to auction off Forlevia in a cage.

“Five billion!”

Mr. Williams was beside himself with excitement and could not contain his emotions any longer. He raised the paddle high in the air.

“Look, Zoey. Did you ever think that your daughter would be able to fetch such a high price?”

Jeong-seok guffawed merrily.

Zoey and Emma were close to crying tears of rage.

“Six billion!”

The bidding war had not ended.

The people present truly hated Levi from the bottom of their hearts.

“Seven billion!”

“Ten billion!”

This latest bid came from Mr. Williams.

He peered around him. No one was shouting a higher bid.

“Ten billion going once!”

“Ten billion going twice!”

“Ten billion going three times!”

“Levi Garrison’s daughter, Forlevia Lopez, is sold to Mr. Williams!”

“Congratulations Mr. Williams, you now own Levi Garrison’s mother, wife, daughter, sister, and sister-in-law!”

“Congrats Mr. Williams, go ahead and enjoy yourself tonight!”

The crowd congratulated Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams was flushed with joy. The thought of what would soon happen instantly stimulated his loins.

This is going to be a night I’ll never forget!

“Levi can only smile from hell. His entire family is now under Mr. Williams’ care! Don’t worry Levi, I’m sure he’ll be gentle with your women!” Jeong-seok let out a manic laugh.

Mr. Williams joined in and laughed diabolically.

The image of his mouth splitting his face apart was grotesque, to say the least.

“You’re all a bunch of beasts! How could you do this to a child? You’re all going to hell!”

Zoey hurled scathing words at the men.

But all she received in response were merciless taunts.

After all, everyone who had come to the auction to watch the plight of the women.

They could not be more overjoyed at seeing the state to which Levi’s family had been reduced.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Daddy will be here very soon!” Forlevia pointed at the front door.

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