The Return of God of War Chapter 1294

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1294

“Okay. There’s nothing to worry about. I’ve checked with the doctors just now. He’s very healthy and his kidneys are in top condition. Lady Luck is on Logan’s side this time.”

After hearing the test result, everyone felt relieved and smiled.

If Levi’s kidney is healthy, Logan will recover earlier.

With that, Russell made a call to Zoey.

He could do nothing to stop the family, but he thought he could at least inform her.

Zoey was aghast after hearing the news.

They took Levi away without saying a word!

Immediately, she called Meredith’s cellphone but the latter did not pick up the call.

After a few attempts, Meredith answered.

“Grandma, what is the meaning of this? How could you force Levi to donate a kidney to Logan? Did you even get his permission?” Zoey roared furiously.

“We asked him. He agreed and inked his fingerprint on the organ donor card.”

Zoey trembled violently in anger. “How is that possible? Did you force him to do it? Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“I’m telling you now. What can you do? That’s right, we forced him to donate a kidney to save Logan.”

Meredith admitted the truth indifferently.

“You have so many people over there! Why didn’t one of you donate instead?” Zoey burst into tears from rage.

“The answer is simple. All of us are healthy and complete, but he is a disabled man. What use does he have for those kidneys? Can he stand even with his organs intact? Can he make a living like everyone else?” A volley of questions came out of Meredith like a three-round burst from a service rifle.

Zoey yelled angrily, “But did you know that he is recovering? He will be fully recovered soon. You’re doing him harm by procuring a kidney from him! Now he can never hope to stand up again, and you are the cause!”

Meredith snorted, “So what if he can stand? He still has to rely on you to survive, anyway. What’s the difference if he stands or is wheelchair-bound? What’s the difference if he has a pair of kidneys or just one?”

“Y-you are talking nonsense! Just you wait, I’m coming to South City now! No one can touch my husband!” Zoey shouted like a madwoman.

“Come on, we’re waiting. The fastest you can make it here is one hour. By the way, Levi was pushed into the operation theater just a while ago. By the time you arrive, his kidney will be transplanted into Logan’s body already,” Meredith sneered.

“How heartless can you be? He is the father of Forlevia, for crying out loud!” Zoey shrieked.

“Hmph! This is all he is worth! What’s so bad about helping Logan to recover? If the operation is successful, we will never try to separate you two anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice?” Meredith chuckled.

Everyone at the scene looked indifferent.

After the call ended, Zoey could not focus on anything else but rushed to the hospital in South City at once.

Following that, Meredith glared at the crowd. “Who informed Zoey about this?”

At her question, Russell had no choice but to step forward.


Meredith gave him a hard slap on his cheek.

“You are becoming increasingly disobedient nowadays! If you repeat such traitorous behavior one more time, I’ll banish you from our family!” Meredith hissed.

Russell stood at a corner and did not dare to make a sound.

“Grandma, is Zoey coming over?” Jennie asked.

“Yeah. She’s on her way here,” Meredith nodded.

“Well, too bad for her. By the time she arrives, Levi’s kidney will have been harvested already.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Everything went by smoothly in the operation theater. It was the sign that things were proceeding.

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