The Return of God of War Chapter 1298

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1298

They were decked in black armor and wearing masks with both an angel and a devil.

They embody righteousness and wickedness.

Indeed, they were the protectors of Erudia and were walking national weapons.

They were also wicked in that they had killed millions of people.




Their ancient daggers glittered and looked absolutely deadly.

Whoever the dagger touched would immediately die.

Tyrone and his gang were surrounded with such weapons pointed at them!

“What?” exclaimed Levi in astonishment as he looked at the familiar figures in front of him.

“Is this… Is this The Calamity?” Tyrone asked as his mouth widened in shock.

Although the Calamity had been oppressed by Winsor Campbell, the Garrison family was still no match for the group.

All the Garrisons were trembling in fear.

“Indeed! We are The Calamity!” Levi roared loudly.

An even more shocking scene then appeared.

Levi carried Evie and stood up from the wheelchair.

Tyrone and his gang gaped at Levi.

“What…What is going on?” Tyrone asked in disbelief.

Isn’t Levi a cripple?

How could he stand up on his own?

And even walk around like a normal person?

And what is The Calamity doing here?

Endless questions were running through Tyrone’s head.

Levi isn’t injured at all!

He must be the master of The Calamity!

Furthermore, Olivia has been acting weirdly…

He suddenly thought of Olivia’s past actions as well as the disappearances of Sampson and Jerry.

All of those must be related to Levi!

What the f*ck?

I can’t believe it!

This is terrifying!


Tyrone immediately broke out in cold sweat as those thoughts ran through his mind.

“Did you really think that I will spare the Garrison clan?” Levi asked Tyrone icily.

All the Garrisons shook in terror.

Tyrone started to tremble and stared at Levi. “That means you’ve been fine all along! You were just pretending to be injured to fool all of us!” Tyrone yelped.

“You are indeed smart. Too bad you figured it out so late,” boomed Levi.

Levi would no longer put up with the Garrisons’ threats and the hurt they had caused his family.

I can’t and won’t forgive them!

They have put my family through too much!

It is time for me to retaliate!

“Do you really think I wouldn’t kill you?” Levi asked as his eyes blazed with murderous intent.




Members of The Calamity echoed as they pumped their fists in the air.



Everyone in the Garrison family immediately got on their knees in fear.

Tyrone, also terrified, did the same thing.

He had only realized at this moment how scary Levi was.

Even Winsor Campbell was lied to!

He must be acting this way because there is a mission he has to complete.

He seems to be waiting for someone?

No wonder he warned me that I was not the person he was waiting for.

I’m so stupid to have sent myself into this trap.

“Do you admit to everything you have done?” Levi questioned Tyrone.

“Yes!” Tyrone immediately replied.

“Do you admit your mistake?” Levi continued asking.

“Yes!” Tyrone answered.

“You are here to kill me, aren’t you?” asked Levi.

“I…” stuttered Tyrone, who turned speechless.

That was indeed his goal!

I should have thought of it earlier…

The strange things that Olivia has been doing…

The uncanny happenings in Oakland City and the death of Jeong-seok all point to Levi.

However, like everyone, he was fooled into thinking that Levi was now a cripple and was incapable of doing anything.

“My daughter is here and I don’t want to kill in front of her, so I have thought of another punishment for you.” Levi said coldly.

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