The Return of God of War Chapter 151-160

The Return of God of War Chapter 151


Extremely shocking!

This was definitely the most unforgettable thing ever experienced by the thousand people present at the scene!

Monica, Yelda, Zak, and the others did not think that they would bump into Levi here, let alone come to find out that he was a king among peasants.

Kirin continued to say, “God of War, please follow me to the first row. It is the only place befitting of your status!”

Levi nodded his head, “Mm.”

The audience was slowly recovering from their shock.

Kirin turned around slowly and looked at the Rogers family. He said, “Glenn, didn’t you ask me who my master is? Let me tell you, my master is none other than the commander-in-chief of the Nine Great War Zone, Erudia’s only 5 Star God of War!”

“Oh yes, his name is Levi!”

Upon hearing Kirin’s declaration, Glenn could not suppress the congested blood in his mouth and coughed it out violently.

Anthony’s face darkened. He staggered and collapsed on the ground.

Leo’s blood pressure spiked, and he fainted under the sudden pressure.

Each member of the Rogers family was at the verge of a breakdown.

Levi is actually the God of War!

This was what the Rogers family was most unwilling to accept!


A major disaster was approaching the Rogers family!

The Rogers family was on its way to destruction, starting from the moment Kirin stood beside Levi!

No one was able to rescue the Rogers family!

“What? Levi is the God of War? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe this!” Yoyo was unwilling to accept the fact.

Yoyo had felt carefree after Levi had been ridiculed. The chain of events had allowed her to make a quick comparison between Levi and Luke, and Luke had come above.

She thought that Levi would never be able to match up to Luke in this lifetime!

However, in the blink of an eye, Levi transformed into Erudia’s God of War!

Before him, Luke was a nobody!

Yoyo could see a world of difference between them, but she was unwilling to accept the truth.

Leon Watson and the others were shocked to realize that the boy they used to bully had turned out to be someone extremely outstanding!

He is the only 5-Star God of War!

Levi did not retaliate when they insulted him just now, not because he was fearful, but because he could not be bothered with them.

They were insignificant to Levi, so there was no point crushing them under his feet!

May stared in disbelief.

Like everyone, she also thought that Levi had fallen from the peak of his success.

She also tried to step on him in order to derive some sort of pleasure!

However, who would have thought that he could grow significantly stronger and more powerful in a span of six years?

Abigail broke into a cold sweat and looked at Levi in fear.

Levi touched her head and smiled, “Silly girl, why are you so anxious? Regardless of my identity, I am still your brother-in-law.”

“Oh.” Abigail trailed after Levi.

With everyone looking at them, Kirin took the lead while Levi and Abigail followed behind. They walked slowly towards the front.

When they saw Levi inching closer towards them, May and Yoyo felt as though their hearts were about to fly out of their throats.

At this moment, their hearts felt as though they were about to explode.

Levi then stopped at their row all of a sudden.

At that instant, May, Yoyo, and the others felt like dying.

They felt numb all over as though an electric current had passed through their bodies, electrocuting them.

A gust of cold air rushed up from the soles of their feet, instantly making their blood freeze.

Levi barked, “Get out of the way!”

At his command, the people in the row excused themselves from both ends, leaving only May and the others behind.

The Return of God of War Chapter 152

When May saw Levi’s gaze settle on her, her breathing quickened, and she struggled to breathe.




Leon, Bryce, and others could not withstand such immense pressure. They fainted and collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud.

May and Yoyo were extremely nervous.

With his status, Levi had the authority to sentence them to death!

Levi looked at the two women and laughed, “Just now, didn’t you ask me if I regretted rejecting both of you last time?”

May and Yoyo did not dare to look into Levi’s eyes.

“Let me tell you this now. I have never regretted it! No matter when or what happens, I will only choose Zoey! Whether she is poor or rich, young or old, I will still choose her!” Levi said.

At this moment, May and Yoyo envied Zoey so much.

Six years ago, they had been green with jealousy when Levi and Zoey got together.

They were even more jealous of them now!

Levi was at the pinnacle of the military regime of Erudia. He was invincible and possessed all the power in his hands.

Even if that was the case, he would not forsake or abandon his wife.

This is deep, profound love!

Many people were extremely touched.

Not taking Levi’s identity into account, their love and affection towards each other was a subject of envy.

One will not leave, and the other will not be abandoned.

Abigail was the most envious of them.

Finally, Levi said to the two of them, “Like what Abigail said, her brother-in-law was at his peak six years ago, and now, her brother-in-law is still at his peak!”


Upon hearing Levi’s words, Yoyo and May could not take it and fell onto the ground.

They were drenched in cold sweat.

Levi and Kirin arrived at the front row and sat down.

He had Kirin and Abigail beside him. Steven Shaw was there too!

The moment Levi appeared, people no longer had the word ‘master’ in mind!

At this moment, everyone understood why Kirin had worn his military uniform.

He was not here to attend the celebration.

He was here on a mission!

Levi waved his hand.

Kirin understood immediately.

Kirin commanded the mass of people, “Except for the Rogers family, everyone else, please leave quickly! Please keep this matter confidential. You will be asking for trouble if you dare to reveal this!”

With this in mind, everyone made their way out, dying to escape from the scene as quickly as possible.

Leo Watson and the others were carried away.

May and Yoyo crawled out.

The venue was cleared very soon. Levi said to Abigail, “Abigail, please wait for me in the living room. I need to settle some matters.”

Abigail also left obediently.

After that, everyone from the Rogers family knelt in front of Levi.

They kowtowed before him, begging for mercy.

“Where is Levi Group?” Levi asked.

“Please take it back! Levi Group has always been yours!”

“How about the Garrison family’s properties?” Levi questioned further.

“They are also yours!”

Levi continued, “Rogers family?”

At this moment, everyone in the Rogers family hesitated.

However, Glenn responded immediately and said, “Also yours!”

Levi lit a cigarette and smiled, “Alright, then let’s start discussing more important matters.”

“Back then, you framed me, killed my friend, and even seized everything from the Levi Group. Why did you do that?” Levi questioned.

“God of War, it was you who dabbled in the pharmaceutical and technology markets back then, and the Rogers family coveted your core technologies!” The Rogers family answered honestly.

Levi took a deep breath before continuing, “Give me the names of the others who were involved in this matter back then!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 155


After hearing this, Aaron and Caitlyn roared in laughter.

“What are you talking about? The Rogers family will come here to apologize? Are you drunk?”

“The Rogers family is one of the most highly regarded aristocratic families in North Hampton. They have assets worth tens of billions. Why would they come to apologize to you?” “

“Do you honestly think you are such an important figure? Beating up Oswald and even getting them to bring him here to make an apology?”

Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi.

They simply could not believe it!

Zoey was not going to believe him either!

Even the Levi who was at his peak six years ago would not have such a capability!

Abigail saw that they did not believe him and smiled in secret.

As she was reminded of what happened at the celebration, she shot a look of envy towards Zoey. In Abigail’s eyes, Zoey was the most fortunate woman on earth.

However, Abigail felt that she had an advantage over her cousin because she knew about Levi’s real identity.

Abigail felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart when she thought about it.

Zoey looked at Abigail and asked, “Abigail, is that so?”

Abigail shook her head, “I don’t know!”

She was in the living room at that time, so it was true that she did not know the details.

Levi said, “I spoke privately with the Rogers family. Abigail was not around.”


“Who do you think you are? What right do you have to talk privately with the Rogers family?”

Aaron and Caitlyn laughed.

Zoey also thought that Levi was bragging, so she did not take it to heart.

Aaron and Caitlyn did not leave that night. They continued to stay in Bayview Garden.

There was a knock on the door the next morning.

Zoey opened the door and got a shock.

Glenn, Anthony, and the others were here. They even brought Oswald, who came in a wheelchair.

“Why are you here…”

Zoey appeared confused.

Aaron and Caitlyn were extremely puzzled.

“Ms. Lopez, the Rogers family is here to make an apology to you! On behalf of Oswald’s foolish behavior, we would like to sincerely apologize to you!”

Glenn, Anthony, and the others bowed.


At the same time, Glenn kicked the wheelchair, and it tipped over.

Oswald, who was handicapped, toppled to the floor. His voice trembled, “Ms. Lopez, I-I am in the wrong, I will n-never dare to do it again… Please forgive me!”

At this moment, Zoey and her parents were in total shock. Their minds went blank.

They never expected that the Rogers family would come over to make an apology!

Levi was right!

“In order to express our sincerity, we would like to compensate Ms. Zoey Lopez with a 100 million for any psychological harm caused! The sum of money has been wired into Imperial Meadows Limited’s bank account,” Glenn said.

Zoey’s phone rang. It was a message from the finance department. There was indeed a transfer of 100 million.

“Get up quickly!”

Seeing all these rich aristocrats standing in front of her, Zoey’s heart could not stop racing.

Aaron and Caitlyn were also frightened.

Glenn asked, “Ms. Lopez, can you please forgive us?”

“Yes!” Zoey exclaimed.

“That’s great! Goodbye, Ms. Lopez!”

The Rogers family left quickly, dragging Oswald away.

At this moment, Levi sauntered over, drinking a cup of warm milk, “Have they apologized?”

“Levi, how did you do it? Oh my god! Glenn from the aristocratic Rogers family actually came to make an apology!” Aaron and Caitlyn looked at Levi curiously.

Zoey thought that it was miraculous.

“Very simple! I made things clear to the Rogers family. Besides, they are also quite understanding and reasonable!” Levi said plainly.

Indeed, I reasoned things out with them last night. With guns pointing at their faces, how could they not understand and be reasonable?

The Return of God of War Chapter 156
Aaron said immediately, “Actually, the more powerful they are, the more likely they are willing to make peace. They also pay more attention to morality and etiquette. If not, would they be able to remain in their current positions?”

Caitlyn also nodded her head, “Yes, that’s right. These important figures are reasonable and easy to talk to!”

Zoey felt that something was fishy, but she could not put a finger on it.

She knew that Levi could not compare to the Rogers family in terms of status and ranking.

“Next, let’s prepare ourselves to attend your grandmother’s birthday party. We need to choose some exquisite gifts for her! Let’s brainstorm for a suitable gift and buy it on another day!” Caitlyn emphasized the importance of her mother’s birthday party.

Aaron thought the same. As the son-in-law of the Black family, it would be great if he could shine at the birthday party.

Aaron and Caitlyn were very confident after receiving the huge sum from the Rogers family.

Everything was back to normal. Zoey’s project was starting to take flight again.

There were numerous companies who requested for a collaboration.

After all, with the development of the Ecological Park, there would be markets for the catering of food and beverages, accommodation, and the like.

Companies that were fast and efficient could take advantage of the opportunities available.

“Oh yes, Levi, I will have to attend a meeting to discuss the collaboration in the afternoon. A foreign catering company intends to work with us on western cuisine! Would you like to go?” Zoey asked in the morning.

“Go ahead with the collaboration. I have other things to attend to.”

It was because Levi really had some serious matters to deal with.

Azure Dragon and the others informed him about it.

He arrived at the manor where Azure Dragon and the others lived.

Phoenix approached him with a document.

“Reporting to you, God of War! The Dragon legion of the Iron Brigade has successfully completed its mission and evacuated the frontline. According to the protocol, we will now retreat to the neighboring province of the South War Zone to rest and reorganize! Please give us your orders!” Phoenix reported to Levi.

Levi glanced at the document and nodded, “Alright, let Dragon legion rest and reorganize. Wait for my next orders!”

As the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Zone, Levi had the responsibility and the power to mobilize the guards.

However, the guards he usually deployed to the frontier battlefields were from the Iron Brigade. He had personally trained them.

The Iron Brigade was divided into several teams. Dragon legion’s combat skills were top-notch. They were the most powerful!

Dragon legion had been fighting at the border for two years in a row, so it was high time for them to rest and reorganize themselves.

“This is quite timely. I will be heading to South City to attend Zoey’s grandmother’s birthday party soon. I will head to South War Zone then!” Levi said.

“That is really good news! The guards from the Dragon legion would like to meet you!” Phoenix beamed.

After returning home that night, Zoey told Levi that the collaboration went well and was successful.

Fick Group sealed the collaboration after putting in a deposit of 30 million.

This was the first sum of money Zoey received for the project.

She gave Levi a card.

“What are you doing?” Levi was stunned.

“Didn’t you borrow 5 million last time? Return the money quickly!”

It turned out that Zoey always had this in mind.

“Alright then, I will keep it.”

Levi kept the card. He then started to look at Fick Group’s contract.

He found out that it was a member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a company owned by foreigners. They are given such preferential treatment in terms of the area and policy! The conditions are much better than the domestic companies!” Levi sighed.

It seemed that this area attracted foreigners to come and develop, with policies giving them great access and preferential treatment.

There were even times when they had direct access to certain areas.

Zoey laughed, “Do you only know about this now? It has always been like this! These foreigners always have special privileges when they set up businesses in our country. It cannot be helped!”

Levi grew serious, “Are they so superior? What a joke!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 157

Zoey shook her head, “It cannot be helped. It is true that they are superior! Everyone is in silent agreement!”

Levi frowned, “We are in mighty Erudia. Since when did they become more superior than us?”

“It cannot be helped! Foreigners are welcomed everywhere! Those international students are treated so well in terms of welfare benefits! Moreover, many girls like meeting these international students. When they see foreigners around, they get so excited to hang out with them!”

“This is a common phenomenon, so even if you find it unfair, it cannot be helped.”

Zoey shrugged her shoulders.

It was a recent phenomenon.

In some cases, when people participated in biddings, they focused on the fact that the companies were owned by foreigners instead of looking at the strength and future prospects of the companies.

A coldness shone in Levi’s eyes.

“Oh yes, I plan to buy a house for Dad with this money. However, the old house is under his name. He also wants to put the old house under Mum’s name tomorrow at the Housing Authority. What do you think?” Zoey asked.

“It’s your own money, so you can decide what you want to do with it.”

Aaron arrived at the Housing Authority the next morning.

There was a long queue at the entrance of the Housing Authority.

He queued for almost an hour before it was his turn.

When Aaron entered with the document in his hands, two people rushed in front of him and jumped the queue.

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? You are jumping the queue!” Aaron yelled.

The two tall men in front turned around to look at him. They were foreigners.

With a sneer, they flipped him off.

“Stay away from us!”

Aaron was momentarily stunned.

He had queued for almost an hour. Not only was his turn skipped, but he was also yelled at and insulted!

This is pure bullying!

Aaron was not the only one who was unhappy.

The people behind him were also upset.

What right do they have to jump queue?

Everyone was patiently waiting for their turn, so what gave them the right to jump the queue?

It was the peak period. There were at least 70 to 80 people behind Aaron.

The two people had jumped the queue as soon as they arrived. They even had the audacity to cut to the front of the line, angering many people in the queue!

“Queue from the back! Don’t cut the queue!”

“Go to the back right now!”

“Regardless of your background, go and join the end of the queue!”

Everyone yelled and shouted at the two foreigners.

It caused a public outrage.

However, the two foreigners were unbothered and did not even bother to turn around.

Seeing that many people were also upset and on his side, Aaron grew more courageous and went forward to shove the men.

The two of them turned around.

One of them said, expressing his displeasure, “What do you want?”

“You cannot just cut in as you please! Walk to the back and join the queue from there! Do you not see all the people in the queue?” Aaron spoke coldly.

The others chimed in, “Yes, go to the back of the line! You have no special privileges! You are just like us!”

The two foreigners sneered, “Hmph! We have never joined any queues since we arrived in Erudia, alright? We have special privileges and are given priority in whatever we do! Besides, our matters are more important than all of yours!”

“What do you mean by priority? Who said that? You need to queue up no matter where you go! What is so important? Quickly, join the queue at the back!” Everyone shouted.

“It’s my turn next! The two of you, go to the back!”

Aaron stepped forward with his document, prepared to enter the Housing Authority.

However, he was stopped by the two foreigners.

One of them snatched Aaron’s document away from him and mercilessly tore it into strips.

The Return of God of War Chapter 158


Aaron was stunned.

The others too.

They did not expect the two foreigners to be so daring.

They actually tore up someone’s document!

“Lowlife! Scram! Get out of our way!”

The two foreigners pointed their middle fingers at Aaron again. They cursed and insulted him, and even shoved him around.

Aaron was furious. “I will fight you till the end!”

Aaron was certainly not their opponent. They were about 1.9-meters tall. Soon, he had two slap marks on his face.

A huge commotion erupted.

The staff from the Housing Authority appeared.

A middle-aged man said angrily, “I am Neville, the director on duty today. If there is anything, please let me know!”

Everyone shouted, “They jumped the queue! They even tore up someone’s application document and hit the man!”

Aaron too cried and complained about what had happened to him.

Despite their complaints, the director immediately sent the two foreigners into the hall.

“Gentlemen, please come with me. You have more important business matters to attend to.”

Neville actually did such a thing with so many pairs of eyes looking at him.

Such an action naturally made everyone angry, and they reacted strongly to the situation.

“Why? Why are they allowed to enter?”

“Yes, why can they jump the queue? Do foreigners have special privileges?”

Neville signaled everyone to calm down and keep quiet.

“Let me explain why! Some people have special privileges! They’ve come to our country to help us develop and generate as much income as possible to spur our economy. Compared to most of you, their affairs are more important! So what if they jumped the queue? They did not really affect you, did they?” Neville made an attempt to explain.


“What do you mean but? If you don’t wish to proceed, then please leave!” Neville was harsh.

Everyone got back in line and did not protest anymore.

Aaron was furious. He lashed out, “How about what happened to me? Give me an explanation! My document was torn!”

Neville looked at the pieces of paper on the floor and said coldly, “Your document is torn? Then make another application!”

“Then how about them laying their hands on me?” Aaron pointed at his face.

Neville laughed, “My staff said that you were the one who started it first!”

“You…” Aaron was exploding with rage.

Just then, an employee ran out and whispered in Neville’s ear.

Neville’s expression changed as he glowered at Aaron, “Do you still wish to continue with your application?”

Aaron was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“The two gentlemen are really angry with your behavior just now! They want you to kneel down and apologize to them before they can forgive you!” Neville said.

Aaron could not believe his ears, “What? They were the ones who jumped the queue and ruined my document. Why should I kneel down and apologize? What kind of law is that?”

“You are obviously in the wrong!” Neville said in a serious tone.

Aaron was shocked at his response, “My fault?”

“Did you know? The two gentlemen are important figures! Their business enterprises generate a lot of revenue and have provided many jobs. This benefits all of you in North Hampton! Their time is precious, so what’s wrong with them jumping queue?”

“You actually wasted their time, so isn’t that your fault?”

Aaron was shocked at the warped reasoning, “What do you even mean? Me?”

“You? What about you? Do you still want to carry on with the paperwork? I have made myself clear. If you are not going to apologize to them, then you can forget about settling your paperwork! Trust me, I can blacklist you forever!”

Neville was obviously threatening him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 159
Aaron was flummoxed.

He did not expect such a thing to happen.

He did not even think that Neville could be so cruel and harsh to him in favor of those two foreigners!

The onlookers also did not dare to say a word.

Neville was not going to deal with administrative matters if they had something to say.

Everyone could only turn a blind eye to Aaron’s predicament.

“What do you think? Spit it out!” Neville commanded in a harsh tone.

“I choose to apologize and redo the paperwork!” Aaron lowered his head at the end of the day.

In order to have a new house to stay in, he bit the bullet and chose to apologize. It was the only way he could ensure the necessary documentation was done.

“Alright, the two gentlemen happen to have time today. They want you to queue at the back! When you get to the front again, you can then apologize to them! Once they are satisfied with your performance, I will proceed with your application and paperwork!” Neville patted Aaron’s face after saying so.

Aaron was about to explode from rage.

The two gentlemen said earlier that their time was precious, but when it came to ridiculing him, they actually had the time to wait for him to rejoin the queue.

“Alright, I agree to that!”

Aaron endured once again. He proceeded to join the back of the queue.

The two gentlemen laughed out loud after witnessing what had happened.

They even flashed their middle fingers at Aaron, still cursing him.

Neville grinned at the two foreigners while serving them coffee and snacks.

Aaron stood at the back, fuming.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt.

He could not let them walk all over him!

“Maybe I should ask Levi for help!”

When Levi received Zoey’s call informing him that Aaron was in trouble, he dashed directly to the Housing Authority.

He found out that there was a long, snaking queue at the Housing Authority!

Aaron was standing right at the end of the line, his expression clouded over. There were two slap marks on his face.

Levi walked over to him and asked, “Dad, what happened to you?”

“Levi, I was hit…”

Aaron acted like Levi was his savior and told him everything that had happened.

Levi grew furious after listening to Aaron.

He had discussed this problem with Zoey last night, but he did not expect it to happen to his father-in-law today.

Levi walked to the front of the line with Aaron in tow.

“Come, Dad, I will demand an explanation for you! How can we just forget all about this and brush this aside?” Levi said angrily.

Once again, Aaron felt a sudden surge of courage and confidence and rushed to the front with Levi.

“Who hit him? Come out now!” Levi stood at the entrance and questioned in a demanding voice.

Neville walked out with several employees in tow.

When Neville saw that it was Aaron, he shot back angrily, “What do you want? Didn’t I ask you to queue at the back?”

“Let me ask again. Who hit him?” Levi asked coldly.

“Are you yelling now? Did you get someone to come to your rescue? Let me tell you this, you can forget about settling this paperwork from now on. I will stop you from doing so forever!” Neville flew into a rage.

Aaron was shocked by his tirade.

Levi glanced at his name tag and sneered, “Your name is Neville, right?”

“Yes, so what? Are you going to write me up?” Neville pointed at Levi’s nose and yelled at him.

Levi could not be bothered with him. He whipped out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, is this Jesse? Please get the Captain of the Housing Authority to make a trip down! Ask him if he knows someone by the name of Neville!” Levi ordered.

Jesse wiped the perspiration on his forehead upon picking up the call.

The First Secretary, Cedric, asked, “What happened?”

“Quickly inform Mark from the Housing Authority to make a trip down there. Someone named Neville has offended God of War!” Jesse instructed.

After seeing Levi hand up, Neville snorted, “Why? Are you done with the call? Do you want to get me into trouble or do you want to fire me?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 160

Levi pushed him away and walked towards the hall. His gaze landed on the two foreigners. “Were you the ones who hit him?”

At the sight of Levi, both of them stood up and walked towards him.

“Yes, we were the ones who hit him! Why? Do you want to seek revenge for him?”

The two of them spoke choppy English while looking disdainfully at Levi.

“Apologize! Since you’ve hit him, then you should have the guts to apologize!” Levi ordered.

“Apologize? Impossible! Why should we apologize to you critters?”

Both men looked extremely smug.

Levi and Aaron were considered lowlifes in their eyes.

The two foreigners refused to pay them any attention at all.

“Apologize! You have to apologize for hitting him!”

Levi was very determined. He shot a cold glare at them.

The two foreigners were unhappy with the way Levi was staring at them. As they were much taller than Levi, they looked down at him condescendingly.

One man extended an arm to push him.


However, Levi reacted as quickly as lightning and kicked his knee.

The man groaned when his foot made contact and collapsed onto the ground in agony.


It was the same for the other foreigner. He kneeled down on the ground and screamed in pain.

The both of them struggled to get up, but Levi stepped on their shoulders. They looked deflated and could no longer get up.

They could only kneel down obediently!

“Dad, do what they did to you! Since they slapped you, you will return them the favor!” Levi told Aaron.

Aaron hesitated for a while before walking towards them.

Slap. Slap. Slap…

He gave them few continuous slaps. The clear, crisp sound filled the room.

Aaron let out a breath that he had been holding in all this while.


“This is great! I feel so good!”

Everyone outside clapped and cheered for them.

Who is able to endure the sight of our own being bullied in our own territory?

This is so good!

“Remember, you are in Erudia. You have to cooperate with us at the very least. This is not where you can throw your weight around because of your special privileges!” Levi chastised.

The two foreigners continued to stare at Levi in disdain. “Such a lowlife! Let’s wait and see what will happen to you!”

Neville continued, “Yes, you are doomed! Do you know what you have just done?”

“I asked them for an apology. Was that so wrong?” Levi replied.

He kicked the two foreigners and commanded, “Apologize!”

“First, apologize for jumping the queue!”

“Second, apologize for tearing up the application document!”

“Third, apologize for hitting people!”

At this moment, Aaron thought that his son-in-law was a domineering person.

How is he a useless piece of trash?

Aaron too exclaimed, “Yes! Apologize!”

“Hey! Do you know what on earth you are doing? You are in deep trouble!” Neville shouted.

Levi did not care about what Neville had to say. He stared furiously at the two foreigners and laughed, “You don’t wish to apologize, right? Alright! I have a way to make you obey. Also, you will be deported and kicked out of Erudia.”

“Do you even know what you are doing? Are you crazy? You are finished!” Neville warned.

Levi laughed, ‘Why? Are you unhappy seeing your foreign masters kneel on the ground? I heard that you were the one who gave them such privileges! I would like to ask you – What right do they have to be granted these privileges? Our fellow countrymen have been waiting in queue for 1 to 2 hours, and yet you let these foreigners jump the queue as they like! Are you going to keep this up?”

“Let me tell you this! I will not settle your paperwork for you from now on!” Neville threatened them.

“Haha… then let’s wait and see!”

At this moment, a white luxury car stopped outside.

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