The Return of God of War Chapter 171-180

The Return of God of War Chapter 171

Levi could not care less about the few lowly men surrounding him.

He continued to stare at Suzie. “Is that so? But I saw with my own eyes how drunk you were.”

“Impossible! I wasn’t drunk! I attended a dinner banquet with Ms. Lopez yesterday. Then, you came in and beat those people up. You even tortured them and warned me not to tell anyone!” Suzie summoned her courage and placed the blame on Levi unwaveringly.

“Oh really?” Levi demanded.

Suzie was not afraid because she had her muscular friends’ support. She shrieked angrily. “Don’t you dare pull any tricks on me, Levi Garrison! I’m telling you, you cannot escape the charges pressed against you!”

“You’re an ungrateful human being. Those foreigners would’ve raped you if I did not rescue you last night,” Levi responded.

Fear crept into Suzie’s heart when she was reminded of the frightening scene from yesterday.

But she braced herself and said, “Hmph! That’s not possible. Mr. Dickens is a well-known gentleman. He’s polite toward all ladies. Don’t go judging him with your despicable standards!”

She’s good at telling lies. Levi took out his phone and pulled up his gallery. He then waved his phone in Suzie’s face. “This is the video of you in a drunken state that I took last night. I wonder who is the person touching you in this video? Oops! I believe these hands belong to Mr. Dickens!”

Suzie was dumbfounded when she saw the video. He took a video of me. This video is proof that I falsified my statements! I’ll face time in jail if I’m exposed.

Suzie’s face turned to the shade of chalk instantaneously.

“Delete that video right now!” She made a fruitless attempt to snatch Levi’s phone. Levi nimble avoided her and got up to leave.

Suzie hurriedly stood up as well. She yelled furiously, “Give me the phone!”

“Why should I give you this phone?” Levi asked.

“Give her the phone immediately!” Suzie’s friends blocked Levi’s path and ordered him in an unfriendly manner.

“Oh please. This is my phone,” Levi said.

One of the men, Clement Marrow, demanded harshly, “I order you to hand the phone over right now! Truth be told, the person in charge of this bar is my brother, Chopper. I guarantee you will not walk out of this place unscathed if you do not give me the phone.”

Her friends’ presence boosted Suzie’s courage. “You’ll suffer greatly tonight if you do not delete the video, Levi Garrison!”

Levi ignored them. Clement reached out to snatch the phone just as Levi continued to walk ahead.


Azure Dragon appeared out of nowhere and punched Clement’s face. Blood splattered everywhere.


Another man fell to the floor.

In a matter of seconds, Suzie’s friends were all lying on the ground.

“Who the hell dares to cause trouble on my turf?” A loud voice pierced the atmosphere inside the bar.

A dozen men rushed toward the scene. They were thugs in charge of the security in that bar.

The bar’s manager had informed them about the fight, so they came in a hurry.

Levi thought that voice was a little familiar. That’s Chopper, who works on the construction site as a helper. He’s one of Nueve’s men.

Chopper’s face turned pale when he recognized Levi’s face. “So, you are the bastards causing trouble on my turf?” Chopper strode past Levi and Azure Dragon and came to a halt in front of Clement and his friends.


Chopper slapped Clement forcefully across his face as the latter spat out a mouthful of blood and a few of his teeth.

The Return of God of War Chapter 172


Chopper slapped another person’s face.

The few thugs following Chopper beat up Clement and his friends mercilessly.

The manager was astounded. Why is he beating up our VIP customers tonight? How did they end up becoming the troublemakers?

“I am certain that they stirred up trouble in this bar!” Chopper interrupted the manager before he could explain.

Unexpectedly, Chopper shuffled toward Levi and said to him politely. “I’m sorry to have bothered you with this inconvenience. I’ve dealt with those idiotic punks, Mr. Garrison.”

“Well done.” Chopper was elated to receive a compliment from Levi.

Suzie and her friends were puzzled. That’s the complete opposite of what happened.

Levi waved his phone at Suzie. “I’ll be taking my leave, then.”

Levi left with Azure Dragon afterward.

Suzie chased after them immediately because Levi still possessed the video that could ruin her life.

But by the time she arrived at the door, Levi and Azure Dragon had disappeared without a trace.

“Boo hoo…” Suzie knelt on the floor as she cried her eyes out. I’ll be doomed if I cannot find Levi Garrison! I’ll have no way to escape imprisonment if he turns in the video.

Suzie was overwhelmed by fear and regret. I cannot go to jail now. I just graduated from university, and I have a bright future ahead of me. Oh! How I wish I can turn back time. I lost sight of everything because of that 1 million offer.

Meanwhile, Phoenix had completed his tasks. He tracked down all the transaction histories and call logs of the waiters that witnessed the event. The waiters were cowering in tears before Phoenix.

Inside a luxurious villa in North Hampton, Arnold Botts was puffing on a cigar while a sexy lady lay on his bed.

He eyed the woman on the bed and sneered, “The next person to fill that position on the bed will be you, Zoey Lopez!”

Many of her ex-classmates had always coveted Zoey because of her beauty, especially those who were now successful and accomplished in life.

Arnold was determined to get his way because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to sleep with Zoey. I’ll have a taste of the woman who rejected me in the past!

At that moment, someone pressed on his doorbell.

Arnold put on a bathrobe and went to open the door after he cursed that person who disrupted his train of thoughts.

It was Levi who was standing on the other side of the door.

“Oh my! Look at that! Levi Garrison, the man who used to be a powerful figure in North Hampton. Welcome!” Arnold invited Levi into his villa instead of chasing him away.

“Are you here because of your lawsuit?” Arnold asked.

“You’re right. You are the owner of Botts & Ellis LLP, after all. You are the only person I can come to at a time like this.” Levi smiled.

“What’s going on?” Arnold feigned ignorance.

“I am here because no lawyer in the city would represent us in this lawsuit. I was hoping if you could enlighten me on the situation,” Levi answered.

“Haha! Frankly speaking, I arranged for all this to happen. No one in this field will have the guts to accept your case now,” Arnold blurted out the truth because he was not afraid of Levi. In his opinion, Levi was there to beg him for mercy.

“Oh no! It’s you?” Levi pretended to be in disbelief.

“That’s right! I want to drive you and Zoey into a corner. I want both of you to be caught in a helpless and desperate situation. And here you are, coming all the way to my villa to beg me!” Arnold beamed at Levi.

“That means you planned everything with Alaric Taylor’s help?” Levi questioned him.

“Yes! I bribed those witnesses too. My arrangements are flawless! You will have to face death if you do not beg me right now, Levi Garrison!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 173

Arnold Botts laughed wickedly. You’re completely under my control, Levi Garrison! You’re doomed!

“So, it is you who have been manipulating every turn of events!” Levi acted as if he was furious.

“That’s right! I agreed to accept the case without any hesitation when the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce contacted me previously. I pursued Zoey in the past, but she rejected me mercilessly and even told me that I do not deserve her. But times have changed – I am the person who can alter your fates now!”

Arnold Botts could never let go of the humiliation he experienced in his younger days. But he finally had the opportunity to toy with Zoey. I will play with her to my heart’s content!

“You…” Levi put up a scared front.

Arnold moved closer to Levi and jeered at him, “I am your master now, Levi Garrison. You will lose if you fight me in this lawsuit. I will see your face again behind bars.”

“But that wasn’t my fault. They tried to take advantage of Zoey and threatened me too. I was only defending myself,” Levi uttered the words desperately.

“Hehe. I am aware of that, naturally. Charles and his friends are a bunch of sex fiends. They have toyed with plenty of women over the years. They wanted to defile Zoey on purpose as a form of revenge against you. It was also their intention to tie you up and let you witness the entire process. But what can you do even if you know all about the truth now? You don’t have any evidence against us!” Arnold challenged Levi smugly.

“Then what should I do, old friend? Can you please help me?” Levi faked a plea.

Arnold put on a cunning smile. “That’s very simple. Pay me 200 million and leave Zoey under my care for 1 week. This is not too much to ask, am I right? 200 million should not be a problem now that someone has invested in her company. I’m offering you a fair deal now. Let your wife please me for 1 week in exchange for your safety.” Arnold patted Levi’s shoulder. “Think wisely, Levi. You’re doomed if you cannot fulfill these two conditions. I guarantee you will be sentenced to life imprisonment. You can never escape that place for the rest of your life!”

Levi laughed after Arnold was done threatening him. He sat on the sofa and crossed his legs while puffing on a special cigarette from the army.

His demeanor had changed completely from when he was begging Arnold Botts moments ago.

Arnold stared at Levi incredulously. He’s supposed to be begging me. Why is he acting like the boss now?

“What are you doing, Levi Garrison? Are you tired of living?” Arnold screamed.

Footsteps reverberated inside the room all of a sudden.

Arnold assumed the sound was made by the woman he slept with earlier, so he said harshly. “Didn’t I tell you not to come out here?”

“I’m not allowed to come out here?” Arnold turned his head around immediately when he heard the voice of a man instead. Then, he saw Azure Dragon walking slowly in his direction with a camera in his hand.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Azure Dragon strode up to Levi while disregarding Arnold. “I’ve captured the whole process, Sir!”

Arnold tensed up when he saw the camera. He asked frightfully, “You recorded the whole conversation earlier?”

Clarity washed over Arnold instantaneously. Levi put up a pretense by begging me for mercy. He set a trap for me to spill the truth on my own accord. I did not expect him to do this. Levi Garrison is just a nobody, in my opinion. Perhaps I’ve underestimated him.

Levi checked the footage and said with a smile, “You’re right. I wanted to record just the voices with a recorder. But on second thought, filming the entire process will be more convincing.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 174

Levi’s confidence unsettled Arnold. I’ll be a goner if this footage is exposed to the public. My law firm will collapse, so will my life!

Arnold was drenched in a cold sweat at that moment. His anxiety was much more intense than Suzie’s. Suzie’s concern was merely the fear of imprisonment while Arnold would lose everything, including his wealth, career, and life.

Arnold stared at Levi hatefully, unwilling to give up without a fight. “Hand me the footage now. Then, we can discuss the terms like civilized people. Otherwise, you will suffer miserably.”

“Are you threatening me?” Levi grinned at him.

Arnold grasped the situation in a heartbeat. Levi Garrison is a formidable man. He would not think of doing this if he’s just an Average Joe as I thought. Threatening him is futile.

Arnold suppressed his undulating emotions. He tried to negotiate with Levi, “Just tell me what you want.”

Levi shook his head. “I don’t want anything.”

“No, wait! I will assist you in this lawsuit if you give me the footage. I can guarantee your victory, and you will receive a handsome amount of compensation too!” Arnold suggested. Levi’s only wish at this moment should be to win this lawsuit and free himself from all the charges pressed against him.

Levi’s lips curled into a pensive smile. “Why would I need a rubbish like you to help me with the lawsuit?”

Levi got up to leave after he spoke.

“You can’t leave now! Let’s discuss the terms as you wish.” Arnold blocked Levi from moving forward. “I can promise you anything as long as you delete the video!” Arnold was on the verge of tears.

Azure Dragon lifted Arnold and tossed him on the sofa.

Arnold wailed and shrieked, but he could not do a thing as Levi slowly disappeared from his vision.

Outside the villa, Phoenix met up with Levi. He handed him some documents. “Here’s the transaction history and call log between Arnold Botts and Alaric Taylor, Sir!”

“Well done. We’ve gathered all the evidence we need. Place this on Xavier Fields’s working desk, Phoenix. He will go through these documents tomorrow.”

Levi puffed on his cigarette and disappeared into the night.

That was destined to be a long and unbearable night for Zoey and Aaron because their fates would be determined at sunrise.

That night was not pleasant for the few waiters who committed perjury too.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, a series of police sirens were heard as police cars surrounded the Grand Imperial Hotel.

A dozen policemen got out of the car and rushed into the hotel. Then, they swiftly brought the waiters away.

Inside her apartment, Suzie was distressed by the unexpected turn of events.

“Don’t worry, Suzie. You have the support of Arnold Botts and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. Levi Garrison will not escape the terrible fate waiting for him with these impressive forces going against him. Don’t concern yourself with the video. You only have to stick firmly with your statement that Levi edited the video,” Her friends comforted her.

Suzie felt a little better after listening to her friends. That’s right. Levi is nothing compared to the people supporting me!

However, with that thought in her mind, the sound of sirens reverberated through the entire apartment.

Suzie and her friends ran to the windows to check out the situation. They saw a police car parked below the apartment.

Suzie passed out in fear. But she was taken away by the policemen anyway.

On the other end, Arnold went to Alaric Taylor’s Alaric Group early in the morning. He was actually Alaric’s godson as well.

Inside the chairman’s office, Arnold was begging Alaric to help him.

“You must save me, godfather! Levi Garrison has the evidence that could ruin my life.” Arnold’s face was paper-white.

Alaric chided while smoking his cigar, “How can you introduce yourself to others as a lawyer when you are such a coward?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 175

Arnold’s body shuddered as he explained, “That’s not it, godfather. Levi is a capable man. Not only did he trick me into revealing all the truth, but he also filmed the entire conversation. I just received news of the few waiters and Zoey’s secretary’s arrests for committing perjury! I will be his next target. You have to save me, please!” Arnold begged Alaric.

Alaric stood before the French windows overlooking the city of North Hampton. He said after taking a puff of his cigar, “Who has the guts to harm my godson? Don’t worry about this, Arnold. Nothing will happen to you. The vice-captain of the patrol squad needs to pay his respects to me as well. Do you know how much I have contributed to the city’s advancement every year?”

Alaric was unfazed. Not only am I one of the council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, but I am also the owner of Alaric Group, a business worth up to 8 billion. What do I have to fear?

But the next second, a series of police sirens blared in front of the Alaric Group’s building.

The sound filled every corner of the skyscraper.

The color drained from Alaric’s face when he saw the police cars parked near the entrance of the building.

Arnold was already shivering in terror. They are here to capture me!

Alaric continued to puff on his cigar. His brows were knitted together tightly, but he reassured his godson, “Don’t worry, Arnold. No one will dare lay a finger on you as long as I am here.”

A few policemen barged into Alaric’s office.

They displayed Arnold’s arrest warrant immediately.

Arnold was so frightened, he was soaked in a cold sweat.

Alaric raised his voice, “Try and take him away if you have the courage to do so!”

“He’s not the only person we are taking away. You are following us as well.” A voice was heard suddenly. Xavier Fields showed himself a split second later. In his hands was another arrest warrant to detain Alaric.

“Captain Fields?” Alaric was surprised to see Xavier Fields.

Xavier Fields knew Alaric was a tricky man to handle, so he had to deal with him in person. “Alaric Taylor and Arnold Botts, we have solid evidence to prove your crimes. Please cooperate with us to undergo the investigation. Otherwise, we will take you by force.”

Four policemen stepped forward and arrested them after Xavier waved his hand.

Alaric did not expect himself to be targeted. I am the council member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

Everyone else shared Alaric’s sentiment because no one foresaw the arrest of a council member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The evidence against them was indeed irrefutable, but both Alaric and Arnold were astounded to see the transaction histories and call logs. We purposefully encrypted this information! So why is it here?

Arnold knew the precautionary measures he had to take as he was a lawyer. The police and investigators shouldn’t have been able to crack the security encryption. But they did not know Phoenix was one of the best hackers in the world. He dealt with the issue effortlessly.

With that, Alaric Taylor and Arnold Botts were captured. Charges were pressed against Charles and his friends who were staying inside the hospital. All of them would either be placed behind bars or deported upon their recovery.

This news spread like wildfire throughout North Hampton. Justice had prevailed. However, Alaric Taylor’s arrest shocked the public the most.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce were astounded by that matter. However, they had no other choice but to concede because Xavier Fields was the man to take Alaric into custody.

Inside Zoey’s office, two people were wrapped in a tight embrace. “So, you’ve predicted these to happen. You’re so smart to deliberately leave evidence at the scene! No wonder you were so calm the whole time!” Zoey’s eyes shone as she spoke to Levi.

Levi smiled. They are too young to be competing with me.

The Return of God of War Chapter 176

Levi Group contacted Zoey’s company after the crisis was resolved. They wanted to contribute an additional 200 million investment to expand Zoey’s business.

Zoey accepted the offer without a second thought.

In the afternoon, Zoey made another announcement. “Any employee who weathered the crisis with us will receive a higher salary and more benefits from now on!”

She even promoted a few of her employees because the majority of the workers had quitted.

The announcement made a huge impact on the business world in North Hampton.

Imperial Meadows was also hiring a large number of new employees as they needed to expand their business.

A massive crowd of applicants gathered in front of the company’s entrance.

At the recruitment venue, a middle-aged obese man in a suit tossed his resume on the table. “I was the head of the legal department in Imperial Meadows, Elmer Reid. Register my name immediately because I’m coming back to work now.”

But the recruiter sneered. “Elmer Reid, you say? You’re on the Imperial Meadows’s recruitment blacklist. You will never be employed by this company again for the rest of your life!”

“Who are you? How dare you reject my application? Bring the head of the HR department here right now!” Elmer roared.

He was not pleased to be stopped by a few lowly employees at the entrance of the company.

“He’s right! We used to be Imperial Meadows’s employees. So why aren’t you letting us in?”

“We worked in this company for years. Imperial Meadows cannot operate without us!”

“Not only do we want to rejoin the company, we demand to receive the extra benefits too!”

The crowd yelled and screamed at the recruiters, following Elmer Reid’s lead.

They were the employees who resigned amidst Imperial Meadows’s crisis. They returned to the company after they heard about Zoey’s announcement. But all of them were infuriated after they learned that their names were registered on the blacklist.

Elmer Reid said angrily, “Give us a proper explanation. We can sue you for inflicting psychological trauma on us and demand compensation!”

Zoey appeared at that moment. “I warned you of the consequences of leaving the company previously. All of you are on Imperial Meadows’s blacklist now!”

The ex-employees cowered when they saw Zoey.

Elmer said with a smile, “We have reflected on our mistakes now, Ms. Lopez. Please give us another chance.”

“That’s right. We are terribly sorry. Please give us another opportunity!” The others pleaded as well.

“I already gave you a chance,” Zoey responded unmercifully.

The employees who stayed with Imperial Meadows before were grateful for their decisions. We would be facing the same situation as them if we followed them previously.

Zoey was adamant. “Anyone who’s on the blacklist will never be accepted in Imperial Meadows!”

“Fine! Do not blame us in that case, Zoey Lopez! We’ll stay here to protest until you return the jobs to us!” Elmer Reid retorted.

All the other ex-employees did as Elmer said. They blocked the company’s entrance to prevent anyone from entering.

“Let’s see who has got more time to waste now!” Elmer added. “I will also sue you for creating this unreasonable rule and infringing our basic human right to apply for a job. I will demand a large amount of compensation due to this horrible psychological trauma you have inflicted on us!”

Elmer Reid is adept at manipulating the law to his advantage. More importantly, we cannot operate as usual if they continue to protest here. Zoey saw Levi just as she was troubled by the predicament.

A large group of scary men followed behind Levi.

“Who dares to stir up trouble in front of the Imperial Meadows’s building?” Levi shouted.

The Return of God of War Chapter 177
“That’s me. Do you have a problem with that?” Elmer accepted the challenge.

Chopper and his men surged forward with a wave of Levi’s hand.

They quickly surrounded Elmer. Chopper patted Elmer’s cheek tauntingly. “What’s going on? Are you causing a ruckus?” Chopper asked with a grin.

Elmer was scared out of his wits when he saw the menacing appearance of the thugs. The scars and tattoos covering Chopper’s skin did not help ease his anxiety.

Chopper’s subordinates took care of the other employees who followed Elmer’s lead.

But Elmer summoned his courage and confronted Zoey, “How dare you hire these thugs to threaten me. I will sue you! You’re dead!”

Zoey jeered at him, “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know them.”

Chopper agreed with her. “That’s right! We don’t know one another. I am here to settle this dispute because I do not like the way you are causing trouble here! Do you have a problem with that?”

Everyone supported Chopper, “That’s right. We don’t like how you’re bullying the others. We will interfere in this matter regardless of what you say!”

“You…” I know they are acquainted with each other, but I do not have any proof. ”What do you want? I am a lawyer, so I am not afraid of you!” Elmer spoke with an unconvincing tone.

Chopper patted his face again. “We don’t want anything. Though I do know your daughter is a student at North Hampton Primary School, and your wife is working at Sunshine Hypermarket…”

“What?” Elmer was taken aback by Chopper’s words. He’s blatantly threatening me. But I can’t say or do anything because of how he phrased his sentence!

“This is my bad! I will not repeat my mistake in the future!” Elmer surrendered.

“Don’t you know that you should apologize after you make a mistake?” Chopper sneered.

Elmer stood in front of Zoey and apologized, “We are terribly sorry, Ms. Lopez. We will not cause you any more trouble!”

Everyone admitted their mistakes as well. They regretted their decisions. We could’ve enjoyed these benefits if we did not submit our resignation letters in the past.

Members of the Lopez family were filled with regrets as well.

“What? Levi Group invested a total of 600 million? Imperial Meadows will be expanding its business?” Harry Lopez was astonished.

Fabian nodded. “Yes. They have sufficient capital to expand their business after setting aside the money needed for the West City Ecological Park project. Imperial Meadows will be on par with Lopez Group soon!”

“What?” Harry Lopez was in utter disbelief. I thought I was so smart to take away that 100 million, but the tables have turned. We’ve messed up our relationship with Zoey at this point! ”Perhaps it is time we try to reconcile with Zoey.”

Levi was fully occupied by the matters related to Levi Group in the past few days. He decided to rename the company as Morris Group to pay respect to Morris Atkinson as well as to announce his rivalry with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Zoey’s grandmother’s birthday banquet was around the corner.

Aaron and Caitlyn were putting a lot of effort into preparing the birthday presents.

Caitlyn purchased a jade statue for her mother because her mother was a collector of those antiques. Aaron, on the other hand, spent 300 thousand on a famous painting.

Zoey bought a set of expensive supplements for her grandmother.

Aaron was satisfied with the presents they had prepared for Caitlyn’s mother. He reminded Levi, “You should come up with something too, Levi. This will be your first time meeting with your grandmother-in-law. Remember to buy an expensive gift. Get the money from Zoey if you have to.”

Caitlyn glared at Aaron before turning to look at Levi. “The price is not the priority. It is more important for you to put thought into the gift.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 178
“You’re right! The Black family is almost as influential as the Garrison family. They might even think of the expensive gifts as cheap objects,” Aaron said.

I should prepare a thoughtful present since this woman is Zoey’s grandmother. ”Father, mother, does grandmother have any special hobbies or quirks?” Levi asked.

“I’m not sure about her hobbies, but she does have a bad habit,” Caitlyn answered. “She likes to drink and smoke. My mother never listens to our advice.”

Levi smiled. “Then I will prepare alcohol and cigarettes for her.”

“What? Don’t mess around, Levi! My siblings will scold me if you prepare those items as my mother’s birthday present. Moreover, with my mother’s status, she’s not the type of person to just indulge in any alcohol and cigarettes. So you can erase that thought from your mind,” Caitlyn warned him.

“It’s better for you to go empty-handed than adding to the trouble,” Aaron added.

“Alright then.” But I will prepare a present for her. And this will be something grandmother has never seen because no one can buy this with money.

The next day, everyone departed for the Black family house.

Abigail tagged along with Levi and the others.

Although Zoey was rich, the money was placed inside the company’s account. Aaron did not have sufficient time to purchase a luxurious car either. Hence, they took the train to their destination. It was, after all, only a 40-minute ride.

Aaron and Caitlyn were reassured after they saw Levi leaving the house without a present. They were afraid of Levi’s unpredictability and his tendency to worsen every situation.

Forty minutes later, they arrived at the South City train station.

Aaron and Caitlyn walked in front with excitement, followed by Zoey and Abigail. Levi trailed behind them, carrying all their belongings.

South City was hosting a National Economy Forum at that time, so the city council had enhanced the security in every train station and airport.

A security check was placed at every train station exit.

Beep beep beep…

The security alarm was triggered when Levi passed through the gates.

Chaos broke out at the exit immediately. Everyone scrambled to hide in the corners. The security guards were invigorated as the piercing sound of the alarm had startled them.

The security teams assigned nearby the train station hurried over upon sensing the commotion.

Levi stood at the exit, not knowing what he should do as the alarm would not stop beeping.

Everyone stared at Levi apprehensively. Aaron and his family were dumbfounded as well.

“Don’t move! Raise your hands!” The guards loaded their guns and aimed the weapons at Levi.

Levi was not carrying anything because all their belongings had to pass through the security check. As a result, everyone was under the impression that Levi had hidden a dangerous object on his body.

The security team was especially tense due to the ongoing event in the city.

“Please evacuate immediately!” Everyone left the scene under the security team’s arrangements, including Zoey and her family.

Levi was left alone at the security gate after a short while.

“What are you hiding? Reveal the objects immediately!” The security guard shouted nervously.

Levi smiled. “I’m not carrying anything else on me.”

“That’s not possible! Why else was the alarm triggered? We can show you leniency if you hand over the object on your own accord right now!” The guard persuaded Levi.

“There’s nothing to hand over, honestly,” Levi answered carefreely.

He walked through the security gate calmly while reaching into his pockets slowly.

“Do not move! Stand up straight and raise your hands!”

“We will shoot you if you do not comply!”

Everyone yelled frantically as they did not know what Levi was planning to do.

But Levi did not heed their warning. He continued to do as he pleased.

The Return of God of War Chapter 179

The security guards were drenched in sweat under the stressful environment. Everyone could feel their hearts pounding heavily against their chest as that was the most challenging situation they had ever faced.

They stared at Levi unblinkingly while tightening the grip on their guns with trembling hands.

They had orders to shoot Levi on the spot if he took out anything deemed to be dangerous from his pockets.


Levi removed the item from his pocket at that crucial moment.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the object. It’s just a cigarette.

Levi placed the cigarette between his lips and said with a smile. “What’s with the tensed atmosphere? I am not carrying anything dangerous on me. Can I borrow a lighter, bro?”

The leader of the security team, Perry Chapman, strode up to Levi and lit his cigarette. At the same time, he searched Levi’s body and discovered nothing.

Perry waved his hand. Two other female guards shuffled forward and searched Levi’s body again. The result was the same.

Then, one of the female guards scanned Levi’s body with a handheld metal detector.

Beep beep beep…

The alarm on the metal detector rang again.

Perry immediately pointed his gun at Levi. The other guards behaved similarly. The atmosphere turned as heavy as before.

The female guard continued to scan Levi’s body. The metal detector was triggered when it hovered over his abdomen, chest, back, waist, knees, and other parts of his body.

She ordered Levi with a frown. “Please remove your coat, sir!”

Levi complied because that was the standard procedure.

Nothing was wrong with Levi’s coat after the female guard scanned his outerwear.

But the metal detector beeped again when she scanned Levi’s body.

“Please remove your shirt, sir!”

The same thing happened.

“Remove your singlet now!”

Everyone was flabbergasted after Levi took off his singlet.

They were horrified by the numerous scars covering his body. The scars were left behind after sustaining cuts, bullet wounds, burns, and all other kinds of injuries.

What kind of person could he be to receive all these scars? There are more of these scars than we can see, judging from how the wounds overlap with one another. Is he a soldier? The thought flashed across Perry’s mind.

“Bring this mister to undergo a full-body imaging,” Perry commanded.

The security guard subjected Levi to a scan using the equipment available inside the imaging room.

Levi’s X-ray was displayed on the screen shortly after.

Everyone nearly passed out after examining the X-ray. There were 13 bullets embedded in his body. Three of the bullets were inches away from his brain, heart, and lungs. The bullet wound would’ve been fatal if the bullet’s trajectory swayed a little.

The rest of the bullets were lodged elsewhere in his body. Luckily, the bullets did not hit his vital organs, so Levi was not affected by the metal pieces inside his body.

At that moment, Perry and the other guards were suddenly regarding Levi with the utmost respect. This man is a soldier who fought for our country. He sacrificed himself to protect our nation! He’s not flinching a little, even with all these scars and bullets embedded in his body. Men like him are the reason we can carry on with our lives in peace!

“Sir, these are the identifications we took from him!”

The security guard handed Perry Levi’s identification card and military card.

Perry’s legs wobbled, and he nearly slumped onto the floor after glancing at his military card.

“God… God of War? He’s the God of War?” Perry had never been so afraid in his life. We’ve heard of the God of War’s recent arrival at North Hampton.

The Return of God of War Chapter 180
I did not expect God of War to be here in South City.

At that moment, countless tanks arrived at the South City train station.

Heavily armed soldiers sealed off the entire area with swift motions.

The two soldiers leading the troop were evidently high-ranking officers in the army.

Perry shivered fearfully at the sight of the two people who rushed into the office. He had predicted this to happen.

“Are you Mr. Chapman? Let me introduce myself. I am Mortimer Lambert from the South Warzone.”

Perry was familiar with Mortimer Lambert’s existence. He’s one of the captains in the South Warzone.

Perry shook hands with Mortimer immediately. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Captain Lambert!”

“This is one of the captains serving under the God of War himself, Captain Alfie Steele. His troop recently returned from the battlefield,” Mortimer introduced the other soldier next to him.

Perry saluted at once. “Captain Steele, thank you for your services!”

Perry was aware that Alfie Steele and his men were actively protecting Erudia on the battlefield.

Alfie returned the salute. “Thank you for your hard work too, Mr. Chapman.” Then Alfie added, “I heard you took the God of War into custody?”


Perry was stunned by that question. I’m doomed. More importantly, I cannot explain myself under this circumstance. The God of War is a high and mighty person, yet I subjected him to a security check and even searched his body! I must have offended him!

“That’s alright. All of you did the right thing.” Levi walked out of the imaging room after putting on his clothes.

“Sir!” Alfie, Mortimer, and their subordinates saluted Levi immediately.

Perry and his security team members said helplessly, “We are terribly sorry to have wronged you, Sir. Please punish us!”

“Punish? Nonsense! You did the right thing! We should stay vigilant and tighten the security at a crucial time like this. It is a must for everyone to undergo the security check, regardless of their status,” Levi responded.

Tears brimmed in Perry’s eyes. The God of War is such a gracious person. It must be an honor to serve him. I can clearly distinguish the unique pride in Captain Alfie and his men. Other soldiers do not give off an aura like this.

“What are you doing here with all your men, Alfie? Did you come here to wage war?” Levi looked at Alfie sternly.

Alfie answered swiftly, “I did not plan to come here initially, Sir! But I hurried over when I heard you were detained.”

Levi chuckled humorlessly after he kept his identifications. “Do you think something bad will happen to me? This is just a normal security check! Ask all your men to retreat right now.”

“Yes, Sir!” Alfie quickly relayed the commands.

“Don’t worry. I will visit the battlefield once I have the time.” Levi dragged Alfie aside and provided the latter with a few instructions.

“Please rest assured, Sir. We have plenty of those things. I’ll send the items over on time tomorrow,” Alfie smiled.

Levi patted Perry’s shoulder before he took his leave. “Keep up the good work! The internal security of this nation is resting on your shoulders.”

“I will fulfill my responsibilities and duties, Chief!” Perry saluted with a burning passion.

“Oh, by the way, you guys should retreat after I leave this place.”

Levi left first to prevent attracting any attention to himself.

Zoey and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Levi exiting the train station unscathed.

Abigail blurted uncontrollably when she saw Levi. “Did they discover your identity, Levi?”

“Identity?” Zoey and her parents gazed at Abigail simultaneously.

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