The Return of God of War Chapter 291-300

The Return of God of War Chapter 291
And so he left the company.

Iris had gathered her employees for a meeting again, and the theme was simple—change nothing and minimize the damage as much as possible.

She also made it a point to tell her employees to keep this matter from Neil, as she didn’t want the big boss to find out. It would only reflect badly on her as an incompetent leader.

Azure Dragon had arrived to pick Levi up after he left the company.

“Did you manage to reach out to Benny Quinton?” Levi asked Azure Dragon, who had come to pick him up from the company.

Azure Dragon nodded. “Yes, Sir. Mr. Quinton was so happy to hear from you. He would love to meet you too.”

Levi smiled, “Tell Mr. Quinton to come to North Hampton three days later. Just tell him that Levi Garrison needs a favor from him.”

Azure Dragon guffawed, “That is wonderful! You, Sir, are the nation’s God of War, and Mr. Quinton is the nation’s greatest doctor! You both are the nation’s greatest treasures!”

One must be living under rock if they didn’t know who Benny was.

Benny Quinton was a legend, the star of the medical field who had saved more than a million people over the past few decades with his godly hands.

He would always be on the front lines before a great disaster, leading hundreds of thousands of doctors in defeating the ‘enemy’.

He was a god in the hearts of thousands of people.

Coincidentally, Levi had saved Benny once before and ever since then they were as thick as thieves.

They were both defenders of the country who had greatly contributed to their respective fields.

There was no telling how many countries were envious of Erudia for having two great defenders of the country.

“And tell the Rogers family to bring me all the celebrities that they had invited to their last celebration,” Levi said.

“Roger that!”

That night when Levi returned home, Zoey had been giving him the cold shoulder.

“It’s just a small matter, honey. Is this really necessary?” Levi asked in a relaxed manner.

“Small matter? I thought it was just a small matter as well, but I didn’t expect it to snowball like that! The entire Morris Group is affected because of you, do you know that?!”

“I don’t understand. Is it so hard for you to get on your knees and apologize?”

Levi’s expression changed. “Why should I bow down to such lowlifes when I’ve never bowed down to any gods?”

“I know you’re a man of moral fiber! And I know that you’re right! But can’t you just put yourself down this once for the greater good of the company?” Zoey snapped.

Levi shook his head. “No! I will never! I will never apologize for something that I didn’t do wrong!”

“Then go away! I don’t want to see you for a while.”

In the end, Levi was kicked out of the house.

Walking in the courtyard, Levi had wanted to scrounge a free meal off Iris, but her door was tightly shut.

He had no choice but to go home and grabbed a few steamed buns before he hit the streets.

Coincidentally, Una had just finished a meeting and was on her way home when she suddenly saw a familiar figure by the road.

“Jamie, look. Is that Levi Garrison?” Una asked.

“Yeah, it is!” Jamie, Una’s assistant, replied.

“I can’t believe he’s actually eating steamed buns on the streets,” Una said in surprise. “Seems like he got kicked out.”

“Boy, I thought he had it in him! Come on, let’s go over there,” Una said.

Levi was still nibbling on a steamed bun when a Rolls-Royce Cullinan suddenly stopped beside him, honking.

“Eating steamed buns, eh?” Una snickered as she came down from the car.

The Return of God of War Chapter 292
“Is that any of your business?” Levi looked up, a grim smile on his lips.

“No, I mean, I thought you’re doing well. How did you wind up eating steamed buns on the street?”

Una felt an irresistible urge to laugh.

In her heart, Levi was nothing but a rotten person and it felt good to see him in a wretched state.

“Did your wife kick you out of the house, Mr. Garrison?” Jamie asked.


Una burst out laughing. “I supposed you can survive with your salary right now if you’re still single, but you have a family to feed. Your wife is so brilliant, don’t you think you’re too far behind?”

“It’s none of your business. Get out of the way!”

Levi looked irritated.

Next second, Una took out a stack of cash from her purse and threw them at Levi. “Dinner’s on me then!”

And she left with her assistant shortly after.

Levi couldn’t believe his eyes when the stack of cash fell in front of him.

Did this woman just hit me in the face with money? This is absolutely insulting!

A god shall never be crossed!

“The Gonzales family, was it? You people have been testing my patience! Your glory days are over!”

There was a cold glint in Levi’s eyes.

The Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce are finished! They must have a death wish for screwing with me!

Una couldn’t be any happier after insulting Levi.

“Did you see his face when you hit him with the money, Ms. Gonzales?” Jamie laughed.


Una was rolling in the aisles.

As soon as she returned home, she recounted the story of meeting Levi to the Gonzales family, who all applauded, including Winston. “Well done!”

“Okay, enough about this,” Clint, the Gonzales family’s second son, interrupted. “Dad, I was just informed that the Great Doctor, Benny Quinton, would be coming to North Hampton in three days!”

“Mr. Quinton is actually coming to North Hampton? That is huge!” Winston gasped, jolting to his feet.

Winston’s health had been going downhill. He had invited Benny to North Hampton many times but was rejected nevertheless.

Regardless of how much he had offered, whether it was a billion or more, Benny was unbending.

Everyone knew that Benny was a man who did not care for social norms. He was the symbol of rectitude in Erudia who despised the bigwigs the most.

No matter how much he was offered to treat a patient, his answer was always a firm no.

He could treat them, however, on the condition that they registered themselves at the hospital that he worked at like any other ordinary patient.

In his eyes, patients were just patients, and they were all to be treated equally.

Benny had been residing in Vermond and had never left the city for decades.

Hence, it was a great shock to Winston when he found out that the Great Doctor was actually coming to North Hampton.

“Did someone invite Mr. Quinton over?” Winston asked.

“Beats me. I can’t imagine who in North Hampton or even the whole of Erudia could make Mr. Quinton come out of his shell. He’s the God of Erudia!” Clint remarked in surprise.

Winston’s eyes flickered and instructed, “Clint, invite Mr. Quinton over when the time comes. I want to host his stay in North Hampton!”

“Got it!”

“How exciting! I can’t believe I’m going to meet both the God of War and the Great Doctor of Erudia!”

Winston was already looking forward to it.

Not only the Gonzales family, but the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had been informed of Benny’s arrival in North Hampton three days later as well.

The four noble families of North Hampton were naturally excited to meet this Great Doctor.

“Haha, let’s go pick him up at the airport three days later!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 293
“I can’t believe we get to meet the two great gods of Erudia!”

“Benny Quinton has unparalleled medical skills. I want him to see what’s wrong with me!”

In particular, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce accounted for a large proportion of the pharmaceutical business in North Hampton.

It would guarantee the reputation of their pharmaceutical business if they had an acquaintance in Benny.

With the many benefits that they could stand to reap, their plan was simple—they must invite Mr. Quinton for tea at the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The next day, the news that the Great Doctor, Benny Quinton, was coming to North Hampton had spread across the entire North Hampton.

Only God knew who spread the word.

Everyone respected Benny as God, and they couldn’t wait to meet him.

This only went on to prove the reputable status of Benny Quinton!

Everyone in Morris Group was also discussing this matter today.

After all, a Great Doctor like Benny was looked up to by many.

However, they weren’t as excited as the public as it was the first day of the promotion of their products.

And it was an absolute disaster!

In addition to the news of Benny Quinton’s arrival, all resources had been monopolized. Morris Group couldn’t achieve the result that they wanted at all.

Iris was about to sink into the depths of hopelessness.

With such poor results on the first day, the second day was predictable—it would only get worse.

Iris had considered various ways, but to no avail.

Knowing that Benny would be arriving in North Hampton real soon, every publicity channel and media were reluctant to accept any other advertisements.

Iris braced herself for the worst.

If they couldn’t sell their products in the first phase, they would lose at least 1.8 billion!

How Iris wished to jump off a cliff.

She had come all the way back from overseas to further her career, but only to be faced with such a gruesome reality right after she had started to see results.

How was she going to face Mr. Atkinson and the mysterious boss?

Thankfully, Levi hadn’t come to the office for two days. Otherwise, he would be adding fuel to the fire.

It had been two days since Iris last saw Levi as well.

But she had no intention of seeing him again unless he apologized and got himself together.

The much anticipated third day soon arrived.

Yet, it was a cruel and unbearable day for Morris Group because there were still no results on the third day.

Iris was still mourning in her chair for the few million that went down the drain when Levi unexpectedly showed up.

“Send me a car. I need to pick up someone at the airport,” Levi said.

“Huh? Who are you picking up?”

“How dare you come back, Levi?”

Iris and the others made no effort to repress their fury.

“Just send us the best car you got, Ms. Anabelle. Mr. Garrison and I will go together,” Isaiah smiled.

Unable to turn him down, Iris proceeded to arrange for the company’s Lincoln limousine to send them to the airport.

“Levi’s a nuisance! Who the f**k is he picking up at the airport, anyway?”

The upper management raged.

Naturally, the person Levi was going to pick up was Benny.

Although Benny’s status was incomparable to Levi’s, he was an old-timer whom Levi admired.

And since Levi had a favor to ask of him, it was only polite for him to pick up the Great Doctor in person.

When they arrived at the airport, they were shocked at the crowd.

There were just too many people.

Besides the public, the Gonzales family, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, and many other wealthy families had all gathered at the airport.

Even Winston was waiting with anticipation among the crowd.

When Morris Group’s car arrived, a clamor broke out.

“Hahaha, even Morris Group is here to invite Mr. Quinton? No way!” Eric sneered.

The Return of God of War Chapter 294
Everyone was dismissive of Morris Group’s arrival, as too many influential people were present.

In their opinion, no one else was qualified to pick up Benny, but the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the richest man, Winston Gonzales.

But there again, who else had the power to invite Benny to North Hampton all the way from Vermond?

Una was waiting at the side with Winston when she caught sight of Levi and Isaiah.

“Hmm? Grandpa, look! Isn’t that Levi Garrison?”

The Gonzales family looked over.

“What is he doing here? Is he trying to pick up Mr. Quinton too?” Winston wondered.

“Dad,” Clint said. “Levi’s a man of no scruples when it comes to achieving his goals. He must be trying to take advantage of Mr. Quinton.”

Winston snorted, “I’m standing here. He’ll never get this chance.”

No one is more qualified than me!

“True that. He probably came along for the ride,” Una said.

At that moment, she saw Levi walking towards them.

The Gonzales family were puzzled, wondering what he was up to.

“Is he trying to blackmail us for having saved Sir before this?” the housekeeper suggested.

Una stared at Levi repulsively. “If that is true, Levi sure is rotten to the core!”

Seeing Levi, Winston greeted with a smile, “How may I help you, Levi?”

Levi looked intensely at Una instead and said coldly, “I will not pursue this matter if you bring your grandfather and your father to come and apologize to me within half a month. Otherwise, I swear the Gonzales family will have to pack their bags and to never step foot in North Hampton ever again!”

Levi’s statement was mind-blowing, so much so that the room fell silent in astonishment.

What just happened?

Am I hearing things?

Did someone just provoke the Gonzales family?

And right in front of Winston Gonzales at that?

Even the heads of the four noble families of North Hampton who were standing at the side were flabbergasted.

Who the f**k has the nerve to mess with Winston Gonzales?

Even Jesse Nielsen wouldn’t dare to say that!

Winston’s influence is second to none in North Hampton, be it wealth or political power.

Messing with him is akin to messing with the foundation of North Hampton!

But some insolent brat actually dared to do it!

And that person was no other than Levi Garrison, who had recently got out of jail!


Winston was howling with laughter.

“I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to destroy the Gonzales family in my life! You’re the first to ask for me for an apology on my knees!”

“I’m warning you just this once. It’s up to you whether you choose to listen or not,” Levi said.

“Who the hell are you, Levi?” Una snarled. “So what if I hit you with money? I’m just being charitable! You’re asking me to apologize to a poor brat like you? In your dreams!”

Levi simply ignored her, and the room fell into silence again.

The Return of God of War Chapter 295
The crowd knew that if it weren’t for Benny’s arrival today, Levi would be dead for sure.

At this time, a large group of media reporters had arrived, holding cameras while waiting in silence.

The arrival of the media reporters made it clear to everyone that Benny would be landing soon.

Levi took out his phone and made a call. “Azure Dragon, bring your men over!”

In the conference room of Everest Entertainment, Noah McCormick, the president of the company, was having a meeting with Lil Lacey, Amelia and a few others.

“How’s it going with Morris Group?” he asked.

“Sir, Morris Group’s new products are listed on the market today and there are zero sales so far,” his assistant replied.

Noah, Lil Lacey and a few other celebrities wore a surprised look on their faces.

“Zero sales?” Lil Lacey asked.

“It can’t be! Despite the impact, isn’t zero sales a little too much?” Amelia questioned.

The president’s assistant smiled, “Word has it that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had imposed pressure on them as well. That’s why Morris Group’s new products had zero sales.”

At that, Lil Lacey put on a proud face. “Morris Group? Hah! That is what you get for messing with me, Levi Garrison! I swear the entire Morris Group will down with you!”

“Who would dare to buy their products without Everest Entertainment’s publicity and support?” Noah sniggered. “Barely anyone will know about them.”

“I know, right? With all their publicity channels cut off, the outside world wouldn’t know about their products.”

“Besides, the news of Mr. Quinton’s arrival have taken up most of the headlines in the media recently. Morris Group doesn’t stand a chance,” Amelia said.

“Yeah, Morris Group is going to lose nearly two billion!” Noah said, his voice cracking with glee.

“Now, we shall wait for Morris Group to come and beg us,” Lil Lacey said haughtily, crossing her arms. “I’d like to wait and see if Levi will apologize to us or not!”

“He definitely will! That’s two billion lost there!”

Amelia and the others were confident that Levi would grovel at their feet.

Meanwhile, everyone at Morris Group became taciturn at their depressing sales after the products went online for two hours.

For some reason, a few clients who had agreed to purchase their products had suddenly changed their minds at the very last minute.

Iris collapsed into a heap on her chair, her face pale.

What a failure! Zero sales? What do we do now? How should I explain this to the big boss?

“Our competitors must have taken the advantage to attack us, Ms. Anabelle. Besides, with the news of Mr. Quinton’s arrival dominating all media forums, no one will pay attention to our products,” Georgia, her assistant, said.

“Actually, there is another way,” Justine, the head of the marketing department, piped up. “Why don’t we invite Mr. Quinton to help us with the promotion? Not only can we minimize the loss, but our products will definitely sell like hotcakes!”

“That’s a good idea, but it’s not practical. Even North Hampton’s richest man, Winston Gonzales, has gone to the airport to reach out to Mr. Quinton. Do you think we can still stand a chance?”

Despair washed over everyone at that realization.

“Ms. Anabelle, what we have to do now is to minimize our losses as much as possible. There is no other way.”

“Yeah, I suggest we bring Levi to Everest Entertainment to apologize. That’s our last resort,” a few senior executives proposed.

“Alright,” Iris sighed helplessly. “I’ll go and get him. He has to apologize to them no matter what!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 296
Thousands of people had gathered outside the private passageway of North Hampton International Airport, and the numbers were still increasing.

Right then, the insiders of the airport sent news that the private jet Benny was on had landed and he would be coming out shortly.

The Gonzales family was so shaken that their eyes never left the private passageway.

Levi, on the other hand, had lit up a cigarette and was smoking, as if he could care less about the Great Doctor’s arrival.

A few minutes later, accompanied by noisy footsteps, Benny and the cabin crew came out from the VIP passageway.

Benny Quinton might be in his eighties, but he was still hale and hearty and going strong.

Not only was he the leading figure in the medical field, but he was also athletic. He was skilled in basketball, swimming, sprinting and other sports.

He was an all-rounder, and the healthier he was, the greater the blessings for Erudia.

Benny was extremely down-to-earth. He was only wearing casual clothes and had only brought along an assistant with him.

Most importantly, he was carrying his own bag and pulling his own luggage.

Could this be compared to those conceited celebrities? No.

He was a national treasure!

The whole nation looked up to this guy!

The crowd couldn’t help but stand in awe at the sight of Benny.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Quinton. I’m Winston Gonzales, a local of North Hampton, also known as the richest man of North Hampton. I’ve been learning to uphold your spirit, Mr. Quinton and I would like to invite you today to my humble abode for a get-together. I’m thinking of contributing to the medical community and I would like to ask for your advice.”

Eric and the others’ jaws dropped at Winston’s speech.

How smart is he to invite Mr. Quinton on the pretext of contributing to the medical community?

“Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Gonzales,” Benny smiled. “But I’m here this time just to catch up with an old friend.”

Benny rejected his invitation!

Benny actually rejected the richest man in North Hampton!

“Hello, Mr. Quinton. We’re from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and we would like to invite you for a get-together with us.” Eric took the opportunity to introduce themselves. “Half of the business of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is related to medicine, and we’re the ones who produced all the medical equipment of major hospitals in Vermond. We would love to listen to your advice, Mr. Quinton.”

“Thank you for your contribution to the medical community in Erudia,” Benny replied brusquely and walked past the four of them.

The next ten or so influential figures had come forward to invite Benny as well, but they were all rejected.

The Gonzales family was astonished.

Then who in the world invited Mr. Quinton to North Hampton?

Who is this old friend that he spoke of?

The mass exchanged mystified glances, wondering who would be the one to pick him up.

At this moment, a large group of media reporters had encircled Benny and were bombarding him with questions.

“Are you here in North Hampton on a mission, Mr. Quinton?”

“Mr. Quinton, who is this old friend that you were referring to?”

“Are you here on a private trip or for some other purposes, Mr. Quinton?”

Benny’s scalp tingled in frustration and his brows bumped together in a scowl, but the reporters had no intentions of letting him leave unless he answered their questions.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

At that exact moment, the neat and unified sound of footsteps was heard with a troop of soldiers came rushing in.

“Get out of the way!”

The troop swiftly split the reporters apart and stood in two rows, guarding Benny at the center.

“Welcome, Mr. Quinton!” the soldiers saluted.

Benny was psyched, as that was the most respectful greeting one could ever receive.

Then a war officer appeared from behind them.

He had a large gold star embroidered on his shoulder, which evinced that he was a King of War!

The Gonzales family’s eyes widened.

Because he was none other than Azure Dragon!

The Return of God of War Chapter 297
Azure Dragon came before Benny and gave a military salute. “Welcome to North Hampton, Mr. Quinton!”

Benny’s knitted brows became smooth again as he smiled, “Sorry for the trouble, Azure Dragon.”

“No worries, Mr. Quinton,” Azure Dragon smiled. “Even if it’s not on the God of War’s orders, I would have come to pick you up myself. You’re one of the people I respect.”

“Hahaha, that’s my honor then!” Benny gave a chortle.

It was at the moment that everyone realized it was the God of War who had invited Benny to North Hampton, and that the old friend that he spoke of must be the God of War himself.

Upon hearing that, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Aside from the God of War, who else in North Hampton had the right to invite Mr. Quinton?

They were both Erudia’s national treasures!

“Mr. Quinton,” said Azure Dragon, suddenly remembering something. “The God of War has asked you to stay for a few more days, as he would like to invite you to attend the North Hampton Warzone commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony. The new commander-in-chief is one of the God of War’s men.”

“Hahaha, I can’t believe I could have this opportunity! Sure, I’ll be there!”

Winston, Eric and the others were excited to hear that.

Does that mean we could meet the two greatest gods of Erudia at the appointment ceremony?

Right then, Azure Dragon gave Benny a wink, who then looked in a certain direction and immediately understood his meaning.

“I’ll catch up with you later, Azure Dragon. There’s someplace I need to be. I don’t want to keep them waiting,” Benny said.

Everyone’s curiosity piqued.

Why isn’t he leaving with Azure Dragon?

Where is he going?

“Alright, Mr. Quinton. I’ll see you soon,” Azure Dragon said, then turned toward the media reporters, warning, “You can shoot all the pictures you want and report about this, but don’t let it affect Mr. Quinton or you’ll be sorry for this!”

Azure Dragon’s words made the reporters’ blood run cold.

Thank goodness he didn’t chase us away.

We can still report something newsworthy.

Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, Benny slowly walked to the back.

Everyone was eager to know who was picking him up.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

At that moment, the sound of an engine roaring filled the air.

A Porsche sports car screeched to a halt.

Iris got down from the car and stormed toward Levi. “Levi Garrison, what the hell are you doing here? Come with me now to Everest Entertainment to apologize! The company is about to be ruined because of you!”

“For what? Can’t you see I’m waiting to pick up someone?” Levi said irritably.

“Is there even anyone for you to pick up? Come with me now! There are zero sales on our new products, do you know that? We’re going to lose a lot of money! At least 1.8 billion!”

“It’s all for your fault! We wouldn’t have lost so much if it weren’t for you!”

At that, Iris grabbed Levi’s arm and was about to leave.

She had her back facing the crowd, so she didn’t know what was going on and that Benny and his assistant were walking toward them.

Levi tried to contain his rage. “Just leave! The person I’m picking up is coming soon!”

“No way! Unless I die today, Levi, you are coming with me to Everest Entertainment!”

Iris was unyielding as she tried to pull Levi away.

“Are you here to pick me up, miss?” a voice suddenly rang out from behind Iris.

When Iris looked back, her heart did a somersault.

The Return of God of War Chapter 298
“A-Are… you M-Mr. Benny Quinton?” she stammered, her body trembling.

As his popularity was known to all in Erudia, Iris could recognize him at one glance.

“Yes, I am,” Benny smiled. “Are you here to pick me up?”

Iris noticed that there were many people looking at her and that many reporters were filming.

She faltered, “You’re mistaken, Mr. Quinton. I-I’m not here to pick you up.”

In fact, Iris wished she could just send him back to Morris Group.

He could have solved their crisis with just his presence alone.

But how was she going to do that when she had nothing to do with Benny at all?

“Aren’t you from Morris Group, miss?” Benny asked.

“Huh? Um…” What does he mean? Is he going to Morris Group?

Levi shot a look at her, then said, “Yes, we’re here to pick you up, Mr. Quinton! Let’s get going.”

Benny gave Levi a knowing smile. At Levi and Isaiah’s invitation, he got into the Lincoln limousine.

Iris watched with rounded eyes as Benny, who was a heartbeat away, got into the car.

Is Benny Quinton the person Levi came to pick up?

Oh, my God!

The rest of the crowd was just as shocked as Iris was.

Who would have thought that Morris Group would be the one to pick up the Great Doctor?

“We gotta get going to Morris Group, quick!”

“Hurry up and publish the news that Mr. Quinton’s purpose of coming to North Hampton is to meet the God of War and visit Morris Group!”

The media had gone crazy as they rushed toward Morris Group.

Every newspaper publisher, media, website and forum lost no time in reporting this groundbreaking news.

The eyes of the world were now on Morris Group.

Such intangible publicity effect couldn’t be bought with tens of billions!

It wasn’t only until the media reporters had all left that Iris regained her composure.

Yes, I need to get going to Morris Group now!

Iris drove off at a furious pace in her sports car.

But she couldn’t help but wonder. How did Levi manage to invite Mr. Quinton?


It’s the big boss!

Isaiah was there with Levi, and he’s basically the big boss’s right-hand man.

Levi wasn’t fooling around when he said that our marketing efforts were not practical during the meeting.

He had known that the big boss would be inviting Mr. Quinton over and that’s why he was so reckless in offending Lil Lacey and wouldn’t apologize to them!

So that was the reason…

How exceptional is this mysterious big boss to invite Mr. Quinton to North Hampton!

We’re selling medical equipment, and Mr. Quinton is the best ambassador and spokesperson!

Besides, our products are of the highest quality! It wouldn’t tarnish Mr. Quinton’s reputation!

Iris quickly informed the company to get ready.

In the Lincoln limousine, Levi had a good talk with Benny.

It was only then that it struck Isaiah that his boss was Benny’s old friend.

“You seem stronger by the day, Mr. Quinton,” Levi chuckled.

“All thanks to you, God of War, for teaching me the unique approach to wellness. I feel younger every day! Hahaha…” Benny laughed.

The Return of God of War Chapter 299
“Just call me Levi. It’s actually for my own selfish reasons that I called you here, Mr. Quinton. I want you to advocate for my company’s products,” Levi stated directly.

“No, don’t say that!” Benny waved his hands frantically.

“I’ve studied your company’s products with my students in the past few days. They are by far the best on the market in Erudia and are even comparable to those from overseas!

They can stop the foreigners from monopolizing our market and most of all, the price is not even a third of theirs! This is a great thing for the country and the people, and I’m honored to be your ambassador.”

Levi was a little moved.

As expected of the national treasure…

He thinks about the country and the people all the time!

“I’m ashamed of myself, Mr. Quinton,” Levi tittered. “I have selfish motives in manufacturing these products. I want to overthrow the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“Of course, I’m aware of this. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has completely plagiarized your core technology and monopolized certain products, selling them at sky-high prices. I’d even talked about this with some experts. But there was nothing we could do. Only the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has such product technologies. But it’s all good now since you’re back. The products are much better than theirs and the prices are much lower.”

“Levi, you’re the one who is putting the country and the people first,” Benny praised.

As they were chatting, they had arrived at Morris Group.

The employees of Morris Group had prepared a welcome ceremony. Even the media reporters had been waiting.

As soon as Benny got down from the car, the reporters surrounded him again, eager to interview him.

He wasn’t angry this time as he faced the camera instead.

“Could you tell us why are you here at Morris Group, Mr. Quinton?” one reporter questioned.

Benny smiled, “Okay, I’ll take this opportunity to announce that I will be the ambassador of Morris Group’s medical product. This batch of Morris Group’s new product is on the market today! I, Benny Quinton, guarantee with my reputation that these products are the best on the market in Erudia! And the prices are only a third of the same models in the market!”

The atmosphere was a seething cauldron of emotion at Benny’s announcement.

Everyone at Morris Group was reeling from the shock of having the nation’s Greatest Doctor as their ambassador after losing Lil Lacey.

The media got the news out as fast as they could. Breaking news! A leading figure in the medical field is endorsing Morris Group!

Morris Group’s medical equipment beat that of their competitors’ hands down and even surpassed that of overseas products!

With just the cost price, Morris Group’s medical products cost only one-third of their competitors’!

North Hampton erupted at once as all eyes zeroed in on Morris Group’s product.

Morris Group had hit the jackpot!

Meanwhile, at Everest Entertainment, Lil Lacey was getting impatient from waiting.

“Why is he not here yet?”

“Just be patient,” Amelia said. “He’s going to kneel before us in just a bit.”

Noah, who was looking at the market dynamics, smirked when he saw that sales of Morris Group were still at zero.

“Morris Group can go nowhere without the artistes from my company!”

But just then, a few secretaries came running in a panic, shouting, “Bad news! Bad news!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you guys panicking?” Lil Lacey grumbled.

“Look at your phones, quick!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 300

Noah, Lil Lacey and the others quickly turned on their phones and were petrified when they saw the news.

The Great Doctor has become the spokesperson of Morris Group’s products?


Noah blanched, Lil Lacey’s blood froze, and Amelia’s jaw dropped.

It was then that the market dynamics on Noah’s laptop suddenly changed, showing that the first batch of Morris Group’s new products was sold out!

That was a one billion order!

“Mr. Quinton, Ms. Anabelle, nice to meet you,” a stout man greeted. “I’m Teddy Fords, the owner of Stardust Medical Equipment Corporation, and I’ve just purchased all of the first batch of Morris Group’s products”

Iris was taken aback. Did he just buy a billion worth of products in one breath?

Benny nodded. “Thank you for your support! I can guarantee with my reputation that these are the best products you can ever get.”

“Haha, don’t worry, Mr. Quinton. I will definitely contribute to the medical community. I’m planning to donate some of the products to hospitals in the rural areas,” Teddy said.

Levi and Benny looked at each other.

That was the outcome that they wanted to see.

At this point, Iris and Morris Group’s phones were exploding with calls after calls.

“Hello, Ms. Anabelle. I’m from Sphinx Bio-Pharmaceutical. I want to place an order for five hundred million.”

“Hello, is this Morris Group? I’m from Olympus Hospital Holding Company from South City. We would like to make an eight hundred million order.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m calling from the Ministry of Health from South City. We would like to order two batches of your company’s products!”

Iris was scared out of her mind.

In just a short while, they had received over a hundred orders from almost every part of Erudia.

This was about seventy to eighty times more than the number of products they had planned to manufacture.

So much so that the orders of many companies had to be scheduled for the next year, and some companies had even paid the deposit.

No one had seen this coming at all!

It was mainly the effect of Benny’s reputation, and various other factors such as product quality and price, that contributed to such a result.

Iris and the senior executives were lost for words.

The calls were still coming in one after another, with more and more orders being made.

At this rate, ten production plants wouldn’t suffice!

Right then, the deans and leaders of various major hospitals in North Hampton had arrived.

While they were here to meet the Great Doctor in person, they also wanted to order a batch of medical equipment that they could use clinically.

Iris could only shake her head helplessly as Teddy had bought all their products.

“Hmm? Sure, you can!” Levi spoke up. “Morris Group has long prepared a batch of products for major hospitals in North Hampton for clinical use.”

Iris looked dazed.

When did this happen?

Why didn’t I know anything about this?

Isaiah stepped forward and explained, “The boss had asked me to produce more. He foresaw that these products wouldn’t be enough.”

“…” Who on earth is this boss? Is he a prophet?

Looking at Levi, who was standing next to Benny, Iris suddenly had a suspicion that Levi was the mysterious boss.

What am I thinking? How could Levi be the mysterious boss?

She shook her head and blocked the thought out of her mind.

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