The Return of God of War Chapter 371-380

The Return of God of War Chapter 371
Zoey was just too kind for her own good.

“Are you actually feeling sorry for them? Don’t you know what the Lopez family meant by kicking you out of the family? They wanted you out of their sight!” Levi chided.

Zoey slowly nodded.

That was not false…

“Hey, Seth? Why is he still standing? Tell him to kneel!”

Levi was visibly annoyed while Zoey began to panic.

“W-what are you doing? He’s my Grandpa! How can you tell him to do that?”

Zoey’s breaths quickened as her heart was gripped by horror.

“He has never thought of you as a granddaughter, has he? Don’t get yourself involved. Leave it to me!”

There was a tone of finality in Levi’s voice.

Meanwhile, on the plaza, Seth approached Harry slowly.

“Can they see me?” Harry asked.

“Of course! Why aren’t you kneeling? Get down now!” Seth demanded.


Harry shot him a look of confusion.

He had not expected to be forced to kneel as well.

He had thought that getting Fabian to kneel before Zoey was already sincere enough.

Why are they after me now? He thought.

Are the two of them crazy?

Do they even care about their seniors?

Such unfilial children!

“Hey! Did you hear me? Stop acting like you’re so special! You’re here to plead someone to do your bidding, for goodness’ sake!”

Seth was visibly enraged.

Harry began to tremble uncontrollably. “A-are you telling us to get on our knees?”

“Obviously! Kneel now or scram!”

Seth glared at Harry impatiently.


As the Lopez family looked on in horror, Harry fell to his knees in front of Seth.

The pride of the Lopez family fell with him.

What a shame!

Levi Garrison! We’re going to kill you!

That was the thought coursing through every Lopez family member’s minds.

Even Harry felt utterly humiliated when he knelt in front of Seth.

He had admitted defeat to Levi Garrison!

Harry could feel his self-confidence crumbling into the ground when he noticed the passersby’s curious looks.

He wished he could bang his head against a wall and kill himself.

However, he had to stay strong for the sake of the Lopez family.

Zoey, who had been sitting in her office, was shocked by the sight before her.

Harry Lopez was on his knees!

She began to feel guilty but could not help but look at Levi curiously.

This man seems different after coming out of jail… She thought.

He had become a literal fortune teller.

He had predicted the fall of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.

He had speculated Harry Lopez to show up, kneel before them, and plead for their help.

Is he God?

Is he a prophet?

She started to wonder if the whole thing had been orchestrated by Levi and the entire Lopez family.

However, that seemed almost impossible.

“What are we going to do now?” Zoey asked.

“Leave them there.”

By the end of the workday, Harry and company had been kneeling outside the office for a good three hours.

Levi told Zoey to get in Iris’ car and leave the scene.

Meanwhile, he waltzed out of the entrance to the office.

Everyone in the Lopez family grinned from ear to ear when they saw him.

Their last lifeline had arrived!

Levi headed straight for Harry and smiled at him. “Well, old man, you’re an obedient one, aren’t you?”

“Weren’t you and Zoey the ones who told us to kneel here? Where is she? Has she agreed to our requests?” Harry hurriedly asked.

“That’s right! We’re still waiting for her to come back and deal with the situation!”

The others began to panic as well.

Levi simply smiled. “I’m sorry, but I think you’ve misunderstood us. This has nothing to do with Zoey.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 372

“What? Are you saying she doesn’t know a thing about this?”

Harry was dumbfounded.

“That’s right. What requests did you have, by the way?” Levi asked.

The entire Lopez family froze for a moment.

Indeed, they had been kneeling for three hours without mentioning their requests.

“Are you messing with us right now?”

Harry glared at Levi, disbelief evident in his eyes.

The members of the Lopez family felt as though they could go crazy any moment.

“What? No, of course not! It’s not like you told me anything before you kneeled!” Levi sneered.

The Lopez family looked like they were about to burst into tears at any moment.

“Alright then. If there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave,” Levi declared, before turning around to walk away.

“Wait! Where’s Zoey!” Shaun yelled after him, rushing forward to stop him.

“Why should I tell you? Go away!”

“I’m not letting you leave until you spit it out!” Shaun yelled.

“Get out! Are you tired of living?”

Seth and his army of security guards soon rushed to the scene.

Within seconds, Shaun and his subordinates were lying face-down on the floor with their hands behind their backs.

That was the third beating he had received that day.

The Lopez family could only watch in despair as Levi left the scene.

The people of Morris Group had been overworked recently, the lights in their office staying on even in the wee hours of the morning.

That was because the market was no longer saturated after the collapse of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.

Morris Group needed to expand as quickly as possible to snatch the newly-available market shares.

Recently, companies from South City and Quebec have flocked to North Hampton in an attempt to get a slice of the cake.

At that moment, Levi received a call from Aidan Wright, his former subordinate.

“Mr. Garrison, I’ve just come across a promising company that might be of interest to Ms. Lopez.”

“Tell me about it,” Levi said.

“It’s the Oriental Star. Its biggest shareholder used to be the Gonzales family, and it has several different projects under its management, including its recent ventures into the entertainment industry. The collapse of the Gonzales family has left it with close to no sponsors. They’ll be auctioning off the company tomorrow at the suburb resorts. Do you need me to buy it over?” Aidan asked.

“No need. I’ll go there myself,” Levi answered, smiling.

He wanted to take Zoey on a vacation to escape from her unreasonable family members anyway.

Zoey was still fretting over the matter when she got home.

“Pack your things!” Levi exclaimed suddenly.

“What? Why?” Zoey asked, widening her eyes in surprise.

“We’re going on a vacation!”

“Why are we going now?” Zoey questioned doubtfully.

She was worried about her job, her future and her family.

Going on vacation was the last thing on her mind.

Even so, Levi insisted on taking her along to the Clear Sky Resort, where the auction would take place.

She was still in the dark about his true intentions.

By the time they arrived at the resort, it was already late at night.

Even so, the parking space outside the resort was packed with luxury cars, making even Zoey’s Audi RS7 look cheap.

“Wow! Isn’t that Cloudscape’s chairperson? Why is he here too?”

“That’s Fortune Source’s CEO…”

Zoey looked excited to see so many tycoons gathered in one place.

At the same time, she could not help but wonder why they were all there.

She finally got the answers to her questions after the registration.

Oriental Star Group was going to hold an auction at that venue the next day.

Those tycoons were there to compete for its ownership.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated the number of conglomerates that fell with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family!” Zoey sighed.

The Return of God of War Chapter 373
“What do you think of the Oriental Star Group?” Levi asked.

“It’s an extraordinary corporation! I’m just amazed at how they managed to break into both the property and the entertainment industry. Look at how well their artistes were doing!” Zoey exclaimed happily.

Levi stroked her head lightly. “Alright then, it will belong to you tomorrow!”

“Hahaha!” Zoey laughed loudly.

“Stop joking! It’ll cost you at least two billion to even stand a chance!”

Levi had indeed promised to help her rise to the top, but buying the entire Oriental Star would be impossible.

She figured he was just trying to comfort her.

“Let’s just treat the auction as a learning opportunity, shall we?” She smiled.

Just as the two of them were about to take the lift to their hotel room, a voice rang from behind them. “Are you Zoey?”

They turned around to see a young man dressed impeccably in a suit. Despite looking like he was in his thirties, he gave off the aura of a business veteran.

“Hm? Terence Gibson?”

Zoey recognized him immediately.

He was the son of one of Aaron’s classmates.

Aaron’s classmate had once tried to matchmake Terence with Zoey, but she had rejected him outright.

“It’s really you! I thought I might have gotten the wrong person.”

Terence smiled and glanced at Levi scornfully.

“Are you working here, Terence?” Zoey asked.

Terence stood upright and put on a proud expression. “That’s right! I’m the general manager of the Clear Sky Resort. Here’s my name card.”

He proceeded to hand over a copy of his name card to both Zoey and Levi.

“Wow, Terence! You seem to be doing great!” Zoey said politely.

“A few million a year, perhaps? I can’t compare with you,” Terence said arrogantly.

“Oh, that reminds me. I heard your company has been taken over by the Lopez family a few days ago, and that your name has been crossed out from the genealogy book. My sincere condolences!”

He glanced at Levi once again and continued, “Besides, your husband is pretty useless this whole time. Didn’t he just come out of prison?”

Seeing that both of them were silent, Terence continued his speech, “Bro, aren’t you embarrassed that you’re living off a woman’s salary? Just divorce her already. You’re dragging her down!”

“What makes you think you’re a better husband than me?” Levi retorted.

Perfect! Terence thought.

It looks like he knows he doesn’t deserve her…

Terence’s gaze was deep as he looked at Zoey with starry eyes. “Zoey, I’m thirty-two this year but I’m still single. I’ve been waiting for you this whole time! If you’re willing to marry me, I can take you back to one of my mansions immediately. I have all the money you will ever need, and a Porsche at home!”

Zoey felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

In Terence’s eyes, her flushed cheeks were a sign that she was moved by his show of wealth. He began to fantasize about their future adventures in bed.

“You can take over Clear Sky Resort once you marry me! I’ll establish another resort for myself,” Terence promised, smiling.

He was sure Zoey would not be able to resist such a lucrative offer.

“How much is this resort worth?” Levi asked while smiling.

“Two hundred million!” Terence answered proudly.

Levi took out his phone and dialed a number. “Hello? It’s me, Levi Garrison. We’re buying Clear Sky Resort!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 374

Levi’s straightforward words came as a shock to Zoey and Terence.

However, Terence started to chuckle after a few moments.

“Bro, have you been watching too many movies? Are you sure you can afford to buy my resort?” Terence scoffed.

Hahaha! What a maniac! Who does he think he is? A millionaire or something? He’s just an attention-seeking jerk!”

The group of resort employees standing nearby began to poke fun at Levi.

He’s being ridiculous! Zoey thought.

She did not care about her own dignity in front of Terence, but Levi just had to make a massive joke out of the two of them…

“We’re heading to our room, Terence! See you around!”

At that moment, Zoey wanted nothing more but to escape from the hellhole she was in.

She dragged Levi away by the arm.

“Zoey! Keep my name card on you! Come and look for me if you need anything. I’ll be keeping my promises!” Terence yelled after them.

Afterwards, he turned around and told his employees, “Find out which room they’re in and give me a spare room card.”

A lewd smile appeared on Terence’s face.

That was not the first time he had fantasized about getting intimate with her.

The chance had come, and he was not going to miss it.

“Hmph! Just you wait, Zoey!” He snickered inwardly as the flame of desire inside of him began to burn unbearably bright.

Meanwhile, Levi and Zoey had arrived at their room.

Levi received a call from someone just moments later.

“Hello? Is it done? Alright, send me the contract tomorrow. I’ll deal with it then,” He said into the phone.

Zoey rolled her eyes. “There’s no one here but me. Can you stop with your acts?”

She was still convinced Levi was making things up.

However, what she did not know was that the Rogers family had already done Levi’s bidding. They had purchased the entire Clear Sky Resort on his behalf.

Afterwards, they went to a restaurant to have dinner.

The employees that had been stalking the two of them ran back to report their movements to Terence.

This is my chance! He thought gleefully.

He walked into the kitchen.

“Where are the orders from Table 8?” He asked casually.

“They’re here!” the chef answered, pointing to a tray of food sitting on the table by the side.

Terence took out a packet of powder and emptied it into a couple of dishes discreetly.

That was from his stash of sleeping drugs.

He had used it several times over the years.

Every time a pretty girl came to his resort, he would spike her food with that drug and sneak into her room at night.

None of them would remember anything the next day.

Terence walked over to Table 8 with one of the waiters.

“Zoey, here’s a gift from me to you. Enjoy!”

“Thank you!” Zoey said.

Levi was still skeptical of Terence.

He bent down to take a whiff of the food and the wine, and lo and behold, both the food and the wine had been spiked.

However, he did not say anything about it.

He dug in with Zoey as though nothing had happened.

Terence watched everything unfold before his eyes from the other end of the restaurant.

Time to have some fun tonight! He thought.

The sleeping drug would take effect in about an hour, and Zoey would be his in no time.

Still ignorant of her precarious situation, Zoey poked Levi’s arm and gestured for him to look to the side.

After Levi took one look at the table next to them, he almost spit his food out.

There were three men sitting by the neighboring table.

The three of them were tall and muscular, but their faces were caked with makeup.

To Levi’s bewilderment, the men sounded and acted like women.

They would even kiss each other from time to time…

They’re gay!

That was the only thing Levi could think of as he watched those men go about their business.

The Return of God of War Chapter 375

Not only were the young, handsome guys coming out as gay, but even the most manly-looking men might also surprise everyone with their sexual identity.

The contrast between their appearance and their demeanor was astonishing.

The more Levi looked at the three men flirting with one another, the more uneasy he felt.

Zoey could feel goosebumps appearing on her arm.

“Let’s finish our food and leave, darling!” Zoey whispered.

“Alright,” Levi answered.

They stuffed the rest of their food into their mouths and left afterwards.

Zoey began to feel drowsy soon after the meal, and she collapsed onto the bed in their room as soon as they returned.

The sleeping drug had, without a doubt, taken effect.

However, Levi seemed immune to its effects, and he decided to sit on the sofa to wait for his prey.

Meanwhile, Terence was getting jittery as he sat waiting in his office.

He had waited for an additional half an hour to make sure that the drug had taken effect.

Walking on his tiptoes, he slowly made his way to Levi and Zoey’s room.

He pressed the doorbell a couple of times, only to receive no reply.

He proceeded to bang on the door loudly – still no response.

Relieved, he took out his spare keycard and let himself in.

He turned on the lights to see Zoey lying on the bed, fast asleep.

Lustful thoughts overtook his mind, but not before he noticed Levi’s absence.

“Wait…where’s Levi?”

He began to search for the man.


Suddenly, someone popped out from behind his back and smacked a heavy object onto his head, knocking him out cold.

Levi stood behind his limp body, taking his own sweet time to smoke a cigarette.

Afterwards, he dragged Terence by the arm to the door of another room.

He pressed the doorbell lightly.

That room had belonged to the three gay men they had encountered earlier.

The door flew open in seconds.

To the three men’s surprise, there was no one outside, except for a young man stripped to his birthday suit.

It was none other than Terence, still out cold from the blow that Levi gave him.

The three men exchanged dirty grins.

In a flash, they picked Terence up and disappeared into their room.

For the rest of the night, everyone in the vicinity could hear terrified screams coming from the three men’s room.

The other guests assumed they had been watching horror movies and decided to ignore them.

Meanwhile, the employees of the resort were huddled together in a gossip circle. “Is Mr. Gibson up to something again?” One of them asked.

“Yeah! Haven’t you heard? It’s his dad’s classmate’s daughter this time around! She’s gorgeous!”

“I bet he’s having a whale of a time right now. I saw him slip into her room just moments ago!”

However, the reality was far from what they had thought. Rather than bliss, Terence was in a state of confusion.

He could not tell if he had been dreaming or not.

He vaguely registered getting manhandled by three muscular men.

His entire body was throbbing in pain.

The next morning, he woke up to white-hot streaks of pain coming from his backside. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself lying on a large bed.

Did I succeed last night?

Terence was overcome by joy for just a second.

Did I finally get to spend a night with my goddess?

I don’t seem to remember anything about it though…

Terence rubbed his throbbing head.

Afterwards, a wave of fatigue washed over him like a tsunami.

He could feel stabs of pain from every part of his body; his lips, his neck, his arm, and even his backside. He felt as though he had been torn open from the inside.

What even happened last night?

Was Zoey crazier than I thought?

Terence could not figure out why he was feeling that way.

He blinked to clear his vision before reaching out to check if there was anyone next to him.

The flesh his fingers came into contact with was as hard as a rock.

He froze when he realized who had been sharing a bed with him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 376


Terence let out a piercing scream that could almost tear the roof of the building.

He began to wonder how he had gotten himself into that situation.

Where did my clothes go?

What happened here?

Who can tell me what’s going on?

Terence felt like breaking down there and then.

His scream jolted the three men awake.

They looked at him flirtatiously and cooed, “Oh, baby, you’re awake?”


Terence almost puked his dinner out when he heard those words.


Terence stumbled off the bed and glared at the three men warily. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

“Baby, you came here yourself! You were completely naked!”

“Are you running away after enjoying yourself? Ew! What a jerk!”

Terence could feel his sanity slipping away as he stared at the three men.

What in the world happened between us?

He knew he had to get out of there.

Terence wrapped a blanket around himself and made a run for the door, but before he could get there, the three men formed a line and blocked his way.

“Did we say you could go, baby?”

“What the hell are you doing? I’m going to kick the three of you out later on!” Terence threatened as bolts of pain continued to shoot through his flesh.

“Why don’t you take a look at what happened last night yourself, baby?”

One of them handed a camera over to Terence.

The more he watched the sinful action unfold, the more he wanted to wither into the ground.

He had indeed been manhandled by the three men!

“Argh! I can’t stand it anymore!

He was going crazy from anger.

“Levi Garrison! He must have tricked me! I’m going to kill him!” He yelled the moment he put two and two together.

I have to leave this place!

Terence knew he had to get out no matter what.

“Baby, don’t leave! If you leave, we’ll put this video online!” The three men threatened.

Terence was scared out of his wits when he heard them.

If that video ended up online, he might just be left with no choice but to disappear from the face of the earth.

His parents would die of embarrassment!


Just like that, the three men threw Terence onto their bed again and resumed their roughhousing.

Terence gripped the sheets tightly as angry tears flowed down his cheeks.

It was the most shameful moment of his life.

No man would be able to stand being humiliated like that!

When Terence was finally released from that prison, he could not even walk straight. He had no clothes to wear, so he ended up borrowing one of the men’s clothes before he could go out.

His tears never stopped flowing, and he felt numb all over.

He wished he could just end it all.

How could this happen to me? He thought sorrowfully.

“Hm? Terence? Why are you limping around? Are you crying?”

Zoey’s voice rang down the hallway all of a sudden.

Terence looked up, only to jump in shock as Zoey and Levi appeared before him.

Levi piped up as well. “Yeah, bro! Why are you crying? What happened?”

“Why are your lips bleeding? And what’s with the hickeys, lipstick marks and perfume…” Levi asked, frowning.

Every word of Levi’s was like a grain of salt on Terence’s wounds, reminding him of the suffering he had gone through.

All those markings were remnants of the three men’s crimes towards him!

“Where were you last night? Are these clothes even yours?”

More tears spilled out of Terence’s eyes when he heard that.

His chagrin grew when he noticed Zoey’s revolted expression.

This is it.

This is the end!

She’s going to hate me forever!

Levi suddenly leaned forward and sniffed Terence’s body before turning to Zoey, saying, “Honey, can you smell that? Doesn’t he smell like those three gay men we saw yesterday?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 377


Terence could feel his head exploding.

Levi, you’re going too far!

Why are you rubbing salt on my wounds?

If anyone hears about the tragedy he had gone through, death might just be the only option left for him.

In particular, his dignity would be reduced to naught if Zoey found out.

Zoey breathed in deeply and said, “Yeah! It smells familiar! I remember that scent!”

“Oh dear, bro! Don’t tell me you slept with those three men last night? Gosh, I didn’t know you had such a kink. No wonder you aren’t married yet!”

Levi’s exaggerated tone attracted the attention of everyone around them.

“Yeah! I remember those clothes as well. It belongs to one of them! Don’t tell me you’re…”

Zoey looked at Terence quizzically.

Terence’s dignity was in shambles; he decided to make a run for it.

Pitter patter…

He scampered down the hallway with his head down.

Tears of despair ran down his cheeks as he ran off.

“Ew! I didn’t know he was interested in that! Hubby, I don’t want to see him ever again,” Zoey snarled.

“I know, right? I almost puked my guts out when I saw him!” Levi chuckled while smiling.

Terence ran back to his room and burnt the clothes on his body.

He dived into the shower room and used up a whole bottle of body wash to scrub every inch of his skin down after that.

He finally got out of the shower after a long, long time.

He had been trying to wash the marks of humiliation the men had imprinted on his skin.

He put on a fresh set of clothes and showered himself in perfume in an attempt to mask the scent of those three men.

“It must have been you, Levi Garrison!” He snarled to himself.

His mind was clearer than it had ever been.

From Levi’s reaction just moments ago, Terence could tell that he had been the mastermind behind all this.

After all, he had passed out just moments after entering Levi and Zoey’s room.

It must have been him!

He ran over to the security room and pulled out the CCTV footage from last night.

When he saw Levi dragging his limp body to the three men’s room, he banged his fist on the table in a fit of anger.

“I’m going to kill you, Levi Garrison!” He growled loudly.

He could almost explode on the spot.

He deleted the footage immediately afterwards.

The security guards in charge of the CCTV footage began to snicker amongst themselves. “Boss, how was last night? Why don’t you tell us about her? We heard she’s as pretty as a goddess!” One of them quipped.


“Shut up!”

Terence slapped the person who had just spoken across the face.

He had just been violated by three men!

There was no way he was going to tell them about such a thing!

Afterwards, Terence rushed to Levi and Zoey’s room with a group of security guards behind him.

“Zoey Lopez! Your husband is a thief! We caught him stealing the belongings of other customers on camera!” Terence bellowed.

He did not care about his image anymore.

All he wanted to do was to beat Levi into a pulp.

Even so, he needed an excuse to do so.

“Huh? That’s impossible. He was with me all along!” Zoey argued.

“Move aside! Take Levi Garrison away!” Terence yelled.

The guards rushed forward to tackle Levi.

“Terence! What are you doing?”

A loud voice boomed down the hallway, followed by hurried footsteps.

“Hm? Mr. Zielger? Why are you here?”

Terence turned around, utterly confused.

The boss of the resort strode down the hallway and stopped in front of him.

“Someone has bought over the resort. I’m here to settle the paperwork,” Mr. Ziegler said.

The Return of God of War Chapter 378

“What? Someone bought the resort?”

Terence froze in his tracks.

Zoey was shocked as well.

Could this be a coincidence?

Did Levi actually buy the resort last night with that phone call?

“That’s right. The paperwork was done last night, but he only requested to see it today.”

Mr. Ziegler’s words hit Zoey like a train.

She tossed Levi a quizzical look. Was it you? She questioned with her eyes.

“M-Mr. Ziegler, w-who bought the resort?”

Terence began to stammer as the scary truth dawned upon him.

“He’s right in front of you!” Mr. Ziegler said, smiling.

Mr. Ziegler took one step forward and bowed low to Levi. “Mr. Garrison, the ownership of the Clear Sky Resort has now been transferred to you. Here is the contract for your reference.”


It was as though a meteorite had landed upon Terence when Mr. Ziegler spoke those words.

He felt as though he had been cracked open from the head down.

It was him all along!

He actually bought the resort last night!

He had thrown out two hundred million in exchange for the resort with just one phone call!

Terence was utterly dumbfounded.

Wasn’t he just an imbecile who leeches off his wife’s fortune?

Even Zoey could not believe her ears.

Did he actually buy the resort?

She stared at Levi, absolutely stupefied.

Levi simply smiled. “Never mind with the paperwork. The resort belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”

“That’s right!”

“They answer to me now, right?” Levi asked, pointing at the group of security guards behind Terence.

“Of course!”

Levi suddenly raised his voice and hollered, “Well then, why don’t you tell me what valuables were lost last night?”

The security guards and Terence felt as if they could suffocate on the spot.

The security guards exchanged looks before glancing at Levi and Terence.

Noticing something was amiss, Mr. Ziegler began to grow agitated. “Say something! Spill the truth!”

The leader of the security team was the first to speak up. “Nothing of such sort happened Sir! Terence told us to use this as an excuse to beat you up, Sir!”


Terence collapsed onto the ground.

“I’m sorry! Mr. Garrison, Zoey, please forgive me! I won’t do it ever again!” Terence cried.

Levi smirked. “Can someone send him to room 1409 for me?”

Terence began to panic the moment he heard the room number.

His eyes were swollen as his body began to tremble like a leaf.

“No…no, no! No!”

“Please! Let me go!”

“Send him there now!” Levi snarled.


Terence turned around to run away, but his unstable gait made it difficult for him to do so.

Within seconds, he was tackled onto the floor by the security guards.

That room was hell to him.

As he struggled against his restraints, the security guards dragged him to room 1409 and threw him inside.

“Um…what’s with room 1409?” Zoey asked curiously.

“Remember the three men? That’s their room!” Levi whispered.


Zoey decided not to ask any further.

Levi’s eyes held a dangerous glint.

That was the least he could do to punish Terence for drugging his wife.

Soon, the time came for the auction of the Oriental Star Group.

The participants filed into the venue as soon as the doors opened.

Zoey and Levi headed in as well.

Just as they had expected, the room was filled with the tycoons of the city.

Not only were the prominent businessmen of the local economy present, but Zoey also caught sight of several foreign investors in the crowd.

The Oriental Star Group was a lucrative business that anyone would long to have a piece of.

“Hey, beautiful! Care to be my friend?”

Suddenly, a group of people rushed towards Levi and Zoey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 379

The man leading the group smiled brightly at Zoey while completely ignoring Levi.

Zoey returned a smile. “Apologies. I’m already married.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other! I’m Zayn Suarez of the South City Suarez family!”

The man handed Zoey a copy of his name card.

Everyone was shocked to hear his name.

“What? Zayn Suarez? The third Young Master of the South City Suarez family? Why is he here? They’re just as affluent as the Rogers family! Were they after the Oriental Star as well?”

“What’s the point of competing with them? We should just give up.”

The tycoons around them looked defeated.

They knew that many tycoons from South City have come to North Hampton to snatch a portion of the Oriental’s shares.

However, they had not expected to meet someone from the Suarez family in person.

Zayn seemed satisfied with this reaction.

The prominent families of South City were treated like royalty in North Hampton. It was as though they were visiting monarchs from faraway kingdoms.

“Do you think I’m good enough for you?” Zayn asked proudly.

The young masters of South City have long been looking forward to paying a visit to North Hampton, where there was a large population of beautiful women.

Zayn had fallen for Zoey the moment he saw her.

She was prettier than any movie star he had ever seen!

He did not care if she was married or not, as he just wanted a taste of her sweetness.


Levi spat a single word of rejection into Zayn’s face and pulled Zoey over to their designated seats.

Zayn watched them leave with an evil grin on his face. “Fine then, wait till the auction’s over! You can’t escape from me, woman!”

Soon, the seats were filled, and the Oriental Star Group representatives filed into the room.

After a brief introduction of the Oriental Star Group, the auction officially began.

“The starting bid is one and a half billion. Bidding starts now!” The auctioneer announced.

“1.53 billion!” The Cloudscape chairperson yelled, raising his paddle.

“1.55 billion!” The Fortune Source CEO hollered, raising his paddle as well.

Soon, the bid rose to 1.7 billion.

Everyone raised their bids tentatively, each bid only a little higher than the previous one.

“Is this a joke? Why are they increasing their bids by only ten million at a time?” Levi growled, visibly annoyed.

Zoey grinned. “We’re just here on a learning journey. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

After that, she glanced in the direction of Zayn and his party. “Besides, I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to win the auction in the end!”

“Oh, really?” Levi said, smirking.

“Two billion!”

Zayn, who had been silent the whole time, raised his paddle and shouted his bid without warning.

The sudden addition of three hundred million shook everyone to the core.

More than half of the participants could no longer afford to go any higher.

Zayn glanced at the crowd, warning them to stay back with his piercing gaze.

“2.1 billion!” Someone yelled, refusing to back down.

“2.2 billion!”

The tycoons decided to give up if the price went over two and a half billion.

“Three billion!”

Zayn yelled out an astronomical sum yet again.

The crowd roared, and everyone turned to stare at Zayn in shock.

“The Suarez family really is scary!”

“I knew we wouldn’t be able to win the moment I saw him!”

The crowd chattered amongst themselves fearfully.

Even the Oriental Star Group representatives were getting excited.

They had not expected the bid to go so high.

Zoey smiled bitterly and looked at Levi. “I knew it. They’re going to win.”

However, her face fell the very next second.

Levi had raised his paddle!

Is he going to bid?

The Return of God of War Chapter 380

Zoey had wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Everyone’s eyes were trained on him the moment he raised his paddle.

“Three billion, one!”

The entire crowd froze for a moment when they heard that.

By the time Zayn had given his three billion bid, most of the tycoons had already given up.

They were ready to accept the reality that the Oriental Star Group was going to belong to Zayn.

To their surprise, however, someone was still going!

He had increased the bid by just one!

It was obviously a move to provoke Zayn Suarez.

The Oriental Star Group representatives began to panic.

Who even does that?

Besides, there was an unspoken agreement amongst the bidders to increase the price by ten million with each bid.

Everyone from Zayn’s party stared at Levi in anguish.

How dare they provoke us?

Zayn, however, merely kept his evil grin on his face.

You dare threaten me?

You’re asking for trouble!

“3.1 billion!”

Zayn raised the bid by another hundred million and glared at Levi.

Let’s see how long you can keep up!

“3.1 billion, one!”

Levi did not give up.


Zayn was about to explode from anger.

This man is definitely messing around with me!

Everyone else could only stare at Levi in shock.

Where did he get the guts to mess around with the Young Master of the Suarez family?

He’s dead meat for sure…

Zoey was concerned as well.

She knew exactly how powerful the Suarez family was, and she did not want to get into their bad books.

Levi was playing with fire!

However, it was too late for her to stop him.

“3.2 billion!”

Zayn continued to increase the bid.

His family had budgeted for a three million bid, but Levi’s appearance had forced him to scrap their plan.

He had no choice but to add another two hundred million.

I’m going to kill you and sleep with your wife once this is over! He snarled inwardly.

Levi remained unfazed. “3.2 billion, one!”

“You…you b*d!”

Zayn stomped his foot on the floor while the rest of his party fumed in silence.

Hasn’t he had enough?

Meanwhile, everyone else in the crowd looked on with frowns on their faces.

This boy is doing it to the extreme!

“Fine then. Let’s see if you can take this!”

Zayn raised his paddle again and yelled, “3.5 billion!”


The crowd drew in a collective gasp when he announced his bid.

The Oriental Star Group representatives were ecstatic.

That was way more than they had expected!

Zayn glared at Levi again arrogantly.

3.5 billion was the most he could afford as there were other expenses the Suarez family had to take care of.

All he wanted to see was if Levi had the guts to increase the bid any further. If he did not, Zayn would get the Oriental Star Group like he was supposed to.

If Levi were stupid enough to bid any higher, Zayn would step aside and watch his desperate attempts to produce 3.5 billion worth of cash.

All eyes were trained on Levi at that moment.

Zoey held her breath anxiously.

To everyone’s surprise, Levi raised his paddle slowly and yelled, “Four billion!”


“Four billion?”

The room went deathly silent after Levi announced his bid.

Everyone had been expecting him to increase the bid by just one.

Who knew he would add another five hundred million instead?


Zayn and his party could only gawk at Levi.

Looks like he had not been messing around after all…

Zoey, on the other hand, began to panic.

Is he crazy?

Four billion?

Where is going to get the money from?

Is he joking?

“Going once…going twice…sold! Oriental Star Group has been purchased by Mr. Levi Garrison for 4 billion!”

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