The Return of God of War Chapter 471-480

The Return of God of War Chapter 471

“To war with North Hampton! To war with North Hampton! To war with North Hampton!” Over ten thousand men chanted fervidly. Every one of them filled with anger and itching to vent their fury.

Equipped with swords, they each also had a white flower pinned on their chests and a white band tied around their heads.

And they were all ready to march.

The Suarez family, the Lopez family, and all the other famous families knew that Scott was going all out this time.

However, it would not achieve anything other than Scott’s death.

Before it came to that, Scott may have flattened North Hampton and taken revenge on the Morris Group.

“Split into ten groups and head for North Hampton! Men, carry the coffins of my brothers and my sons! And don’t forget the one that he sent us. Let’s march!” Scott commanded.

Ten thousand men spread out into ten groups and marched zealously towards North Hampton.

Scott and Typhoon personally led a group. Together with Theo and Garfield, they formed the vanguard.

Five coffins followed them with another three thousand men behind.

They were all marching towards North Hampton.

The scene was a magnificent yet terrifying one. They were prepared to kill anyone who stood in their way.

It would be wise for anyone who ran into them to hide.

Even South City didn’t dare stand in their way despite being aware of their plans.

Simply because this was a group of fanatics, and there was no stopping them.

Whoever that tried would have to pay a heavy price.

Furthermore, they didn’t receive any communications from North Hampton. Hence, it would be unwise to take any action on their own.

The other nine groups went in vehicles, forming a large convoy towards North Hampton.

Their mission was simple. Before Scott arrived, they would need to take North Hampton.

Ideally, that would include defeating the Morris Group and presenting Scott with the head of their leader.

Everyone in Quebec was aware of Scott’s massive action.

All the powerful families in South City began to hide, afraid of being dragged into the fight.

There were thirteen thousand men, and the situation was extremely chaotic.

The other cities in Quebec trembled in fear, anxious that war would spread to their territories.

No one knew how it was going to turn out.

Everyone prayed for the safety of North Hampton as it would soon become hell on earth.

This group of madmen would unleash maximum bloodshed.

Whoever that was related to the Morris Group would not escape their clutches.

By now, North Hampton had heard the news.

Nueve, Trey, and the others were terrified.

Compared to what Scott had, they were defenseless.

Scott is being ruthless!

Is he really going all out?

When Jesse heard the news, he quickly checked with Percy to see if they needed to take any countermeasures.

Yet, Percy’s answer was simple. As long as that person was around, they should just do whatever was required.

Only then was Jesse’s mind put at ease.

Or else they wouldn’t even be able to have the meeting.

If the matter escalated, there was no way he could hide.

As Scott led his troops through the narrow roads, the three thousand men in the funeral garb scared everyone they passed by.

No one spoke the whole journey there.

Even when they traversed through the hills, the troop maintained its formation.

After all, they were Scott’s elite soldiers.

“Sir, we are an hour away from North Hampton,” Theo reported.

“Alright, press on!” Scott coldly commanded.

After marching some time, Typhoon noticed something immediately.

Stopping in his tracks, he scouted ahead.

There was an SUV parked not far from where they were.

A man was sitting inside.

“Scott, I have been waiting for you a long time!” the man declared with a smile.

It was Levi!

The Return of God of War Chapter 472

Beside him stood three men – Kirin, Azure Dragon, and White Tiger.

White Tiger looked at the three thousand men in front of him in anticipation.

Seeing them, Scott waved for his troop to stop.

“Have you been waiting for me?” Scott asked.

“That’s right,” Levi replied, puffing his cigarette.

“Are you the leader of the Morris Group?”

“Of course.”

Scott was shocked to see how young Levi was.

“This is unexpected. I thought you would be a lot older,” Scott lamented.

When Levi caught a glimpse of the coffin they were carrying, he laughed. “It appears you are well aware of the current situation. You even brought your own coffin to prepare for your death.”

“Hmph, I prepared it for you!” Scott snorted.

Levi chuckled. “I’m sorry, I’m still young. Unlike you, it’s going to be a long time before I became dust.”


Scott was no match for Levi when it came to taunting opponents.

The next moment, he changed the subject. As his eyes sparkled, he exclaimed, “Who is the one who killed my brothers and godson? Step out now!”

White Tiger acknowledged with a smile, “It’s me, but you don’t deserve to know my name!”

White Tiger was right.

Despite how high Scott’s position was, White Tiger only cared about actual fighting strength. Therefore, Scott had no right to know who he was.

“Very well, do the four of you plan to stand against three thousands of us?” Scott sneered.

White Tiger chuckled in reply, “I’m sorry, it will only be me alone.”

“How dare you!”


Suddenly, Garfield and his ten best men charged forward in unison.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Eleven swords glistened in the sun as they were thrust at White Tiger’s vital organs.

Meanwhile, White Tiger calmly tore off a piece of clothing and covered his mouth.

He wanted to protect his mouth from the blood that was going to be splattered.

“Enough of your tricks!”

With a quick dash, Garfield thrust his sword towards White Tiger’s throat.


However, White Tiger’s reflexes were as fast as lightning. He grabbed Garfield’s wrist and turned the sword in Garfield’s direction.


In a blink of an eye, the sword pierced through Garfield’s body.

He collapsed to the ground with disbelief written all over his face.

The next moment, the ten elite warriors attacked simultaneously.

But White Tiger managed to use his clothes to bind all ten blades together.

Jumping into the air, he kicked four to five of them away while finishing the rest with a single punch each.

Blood splattered everywhere.

In less than ten seconds, all ten men had fallen.

It was a spectacular sight!

Scott was impressed by what he saw.

This man is really strong!

Everyone knew the reason Garfield was the top dog at Edge City was due to his unrivaled strength. Even his ten subordinates were equally invincible.

However, no one expected them to be disposed of in mere seconds.

Scott and Theo now understood why Bones and Golem died.

They were no match for their enemy.

“No matter how strong you are, can you withstand the force of the three thousand men behind me?” Scott scowled.

Typhoon stopped him and declared, “Let me have a go at him first!”

They were shocked to see Typhoon’s expression.

He looked like a beast that had not seen any victims in a long time. Both his eyes gleamed in a terrifying manner as if he were eyeing his prey.


Just then, Typhoon emitted a frightening burst of energy that blasted the dust and leaves around him away.

At that moment, everyone noticed the stench of blood that permeated the air.

They knew the butcher within Typhoon was back, who enjoyed killing for pleasure and sport.

Despite retiring for thirty years, his strength continued to grow.

Licking his lips, Typhoon glared at White Tiger as if he was his prey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 473

He began to approach White Tiger slowly.

Despite his slow steps, every stride covered tens of meters in distance.

He managed to close the distance of over a hundred meters in a blink of an eye.

“My brothers-in-arms! Listen to me! Tear the other three men limb by limb!” Scott commanded.


At that moment, the howl of wolves broke the silence of the forest.

Everyone looked around in shock as they saw wolves emerge from both sides of the forest.

Their bodies were much bigger than that of ordinary wolves.

There were nine on the left and another nine on the right.

What made the sight more terrifying was that each wolf had a man riding on top. They were dressed in black with a mask covering their faces. All that could be seen were their bloodthirsty eyes.

These eighteen men had crossbows and guns slung behind their backs. In their hands, were grenades, military blades, daggers, and other types of advanced weaponry.

They formed the Cavalry Regiment of the God of War and were the nightmare of enemies on the battlefield.

Every single one of them could defeat a thousand men.

At the sight of all eighteen men, the morale of the three thousand men was sapped.

Confusion started to reign among them as they looked towards their sides.

Since when do men ride on wolves? We have never heard of it before.

“What are you panicking for? Attack!” Scott bellowed.

“Remember, kill everyone who stands in your way!”

Scott’s encouragement managed to set alight the flames of his men’s fighting spirit.

With three thousand men, there’s no need for them to be afraid.

Could this eighteen men really stop them?


At that moment, all the wolves let out a long howl before commencing their attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As all eighteen wolves charged down the hills, the ground rumbled with a thunderous roar.

Smashing into the three thousand troops, the wolves easily mowed down many of them, throwing the troops into disarray.

“Argh!” Cries of agony were heard throughout.

Meanwhile, the other nine groups of Scott’s men were fast approaching North Hampton.


Suddenly, the lead car jammed its brakes and caused the whole convoy to stop.

There was a group of men standing right in front, they were all dressed in the same uniform.

They wore military green tank tops, similarly colored pants, and black battle boots.

However, they were all unarmed and were obviously the Dragon Legion under Alfie’s command.

They, too, were split into nine battalions to stop the enemy.

Alfie’s orders to them were simple – it was to complete the mission with their bare hands.

It caused the beast-like group to cheer fervently as they had not battled in months.

Despite seeing Alfie’s troops, Scott’s men were not deterred.

“How dare they block our way unarmed. Brother-in-arms, let’s kill them all!”

As Scott’s men drew their swords, they marched towards Alfie and his troops.

From their perspective, it didn’t matter how well Alfie’s men could fight. Bare fists could never beat cold steel.

Today, they were about to be chopped into minced meat. It would be the same for all the other eight groups.

As all of Alfie’s men attacked, both sides quickly clashed.

Soon, cries of anguish filled the air.

Meanwhile, Typhoon had reached within five meters of White Tiger.


Suddenly, Typhoon picked up speed and charged forward, generating a blast of air behind him.

The leaves on the ground were blown back while two deep-set footprints could be seen where he just stood.


Coming out of nowhere, a black and gold dagger emerged in his hands.


The moment the dagger appeared, it set off a strong gale. The wind would sting anyone it came into contact with, as it could cut like a blade.

Typhoon’s form was perfect in terms of its angle, power, and speed when he thrust his dagger forward.

He resolutely wanted his strike to draw blood.

The Return of God of War Chapter 474

Meanwhile, White Tiger’s blood boiled with excitement when he saw how fearsome his enemy’s attack was.

He didn’t expect the underworld to have someone so powerful left.

The attack came in a flash.

White Tiger bent backward so much that he almost touched the ground. With that, he was able to avoid the strike.



Typhoon’s knife missed and pierced the tree trunk behind him that was as thick as a man’s waist.

Suddenly, the tree cracked from the top to the bottom before exploding into smithereens, sending pieces of tree bark flying everywhere.

It was an extremely terrifying sight!

No wonder he was known as the greatest warrior in Quebec!

However, White Tiger only responded with a smile. “That’s pretty impressive. Now it’s my turn!”

With that, he lunged forward with a single punch.

At the same moment, Typhoon countered with his dagger.


Somehow, White Tiger caught the dagger between his fingers and smashed his fist into Typhoon’s body.


Upon impact, Typhoon was sent flying backward and crashed into a large tree.

Before he could pick himself up, White Tiger was upon him.


He smashed another punch into Typhoon’s face.


Blood started to ooze out of Typhoon’s mouth.

He tried to counter but was held down by White Tiger, who gave him no room to maneuver.


With Typhoon pinned, White Tiger pounded his fists repeatedly, just like a piledriver.

After more than twenty consecutive punches, Typhoon was covered in blood and no longer breathing.

It was a gruesome sight.

Scott and Theo’s eyes widened so wide as if they could pop out anytime.

Was the gap in strength so big that Typhoon had no chance to defend himself?

Typhoon was the best warrior in Quebec. What sort of madness is this?

It simply didn’t make any sense!

They were now aware of why the Morris Group acted with such impudence.

With so many formidable characters among them, they definitely deserved to behave that way.

If only Scott had as many powerful subordinates as possible under his command, all the surrounding territories would be his. He wouldn’t just be ruling over Quebec.

When they turned to check on the battle behind them, Scott and Theo gaped.

They had expected an easy victory given the overwhelming odds of three thousand men against eighteen.

However, they were not prepared for what they saw. The ground was strewn with their men.

The three thousand men were slaughtered into disarray by the eighteen wolf riders, who were unstoppable.

All their men were fleeing, as no one had any courage left to fight.

The Cavalry Regiment’s attack was so devastating that it felt like the Gods were punishing man.

No ordinary man was able to withstand God’s judgment.

The Cavalry Regiment was the equivalent of nuclear weapons on the battlefield.

Against such a weak enemy, they seemed to be in excessive use of power.

Three thousand men were simply too few to provide a challenge. Thirty thousand men would have stood a better chance.

Back to the other nine groups.

When Scott’s subordinates clashed with Alfie’s men, they realized they had misjudged the enemy.

These people are mad! They’re too strong for us!

In their twenty years of fighting, they had never met such a formidable foe.

In a blink of an eye, the formations of the other nine groups were broken up. All of Scott’s subordinates collapsed on the ground while grimacing in pain.

All it took was two minutes to finish them off.

Thirteen thousand men were routed in a very short duration.

No one had expected such an outcome.

In their eyes, Scott was invincible. However, in the face of true strength, they couldn’t even last more than three minutes.

At that moment, Scott was dumbfounded when he realized Typhoon was dead and all three thousand of his elite troops had been routed.

What else did he have left? Nothing at all.

“Sir, the other nine groups have reported that they have been defeated! We’re finished. Everything is lost!” Even Theo was almost in tears.

The Return of God of War Chapter 475

Scott closed his eyes in despair.

It’s all gone!

They had not expected such a swift ending.

The coffin they carried was indeed meant for him.

“Your biggest mistake was to attack North Hampton, or else you would still be able to live.”

Scott was jolted when he heard Levi’s voice.

Opening his eyes, he asked Levi, “Before I die, can you tell me your identity?”

Suddenly, Theo interrupted with a trembling voice, “Sir… I know who they are!”

“What?” Scott asked.

“It’s North Hampton! Who can’t we afford to offend in North Hampton?” Theo reminded.

When Scott saw the wolf riders, he exclaimed, “Are those the infamous Cavalry Regiment? Does that mean he’s… the God of War!”

Scott caught his breath as he mentioned the name of the supreme warrior.

He had not expected it at all.

It was no wonder that the head of the Morris Group was a mystery, and no information could be found about him.

The only rumor they heard was that no one knew where he was from.

It didn’t matter, since he was the legend himself.

Instantly, Scott was filled with regret.

He despised the fact that Sebastian had provoked him to lead his army out.

Finally, the incident that had caused so much panic dissipated just like that, and no one was the wiser.

There were many rumors that perceived the incident as a fabrication. Scott had never gathered ten thousand men in the first place.

No such thing ever happened.

Nevertheless, one rumor was absolutely true. Scott had disappeared.

Overnight, Quebec’s underworld was wiped out.

Something that couldn’t be done over more than ten years was accomplished within one night.

The masses were cheering in joy.

After all, Scott and his men were like parasites, and they had continuously terrorized the populace.

When Levi had men investigate Scott’s assets, it came up to over a hundred billion.

He ordered all the money to be used for charity. Whoever dared to abuse it, he would personally hold them accountable.

With that, the populace cheered the decision.

Such a popular decision would certainly increase the cohesion within the city’s residents.

Now, the Morris Group’s objective was to continue developing North Hampton and spend the funds for the benefit of the populace.

Meanwhile, Jesse asked Levi if he was interested to go to South City and develop Quebec.

However, Levi rejected him for the time being as he still wanted to stay by Zoey’s side.

He had told his wife that he wished to give her the future she wanted.

Therefore, he would only move to South City if that were what Zoey longed for.

After the battle, South City and all the other cities’ family-run industries operated in peace.

Everyone was aware that North Hampton was untouchable, and therefore no one dared to attack it.

If they did go there, it would be to develop North Hampton first while profits were secondary.

Hence, the development of North Hampton accelerated very quickly.

One day, Azure Dragon went to see Levi.

“Do you still remember Scott’s hundred billion worth in assets?” Azure Dragon asked.

“I do. What about it? Did someone abuse the funds?” Levi frowned as he asked.

Azure Dragon shook his head, “It’s actually worse. Someone discreetly acquired the company’s assets. The eighty billion that was meant to be invested in public charities are all gone!”

“What? How did that happen? Did someone secretly siphon the money out?” Levi exclaimed in shock.

How could the funds I had specifically earmarked encounter such a problem?

“Have you investigated it thoroughly?” Levi inquired.

“More or less. The one responsible is the largest company in Quebec, the Triple Group from Keerea. They acquired the company and accessed the eighty billion!” Azure Dragon explained.

The Return of God of War Chapter 476

“How dare they do something like that right under my nose? Are they looking for trouble?” Levi fumed.

Levi realized that these foreigners were accorded many special benefits in Erudia.

Meanwhile, his own countrymen didn’t get any special privileges.

“It’s not going to be easy. The Triple Group contributes a significant portion of Quebec’s GDP and creates a lot of job opportunities. Therefore, they are allowed to act with impunity as the local government turns a blind eye to their actions. In fact, the government is going to introduce many policies that favor their business.” Azure Dragon explained.

“What does South City have to say about it?” Levi inquired.

“South City is not keen on pursuing the matter and has agreed with their actions. They said that the Triple Group has promised to increase their contributions towards public welfare and charity.” Azure Dragon sighed.


Suddenly, Levi slammed the table forcefully.

“This is unacceptable! How can the great Erudia be manipulated by a foreign company? Why do we allow them to dictate what we do?” Levi thundered.

Azure Dragon was caught by surprise at how angry Levi was.

“Tell South City to deal with this immediately!” Levi barked.

“Alright, I understand.”

Levi was aware that Scott’s assets were very valuable, and many parties had their eye on it ever since Scott’s demise.

The Suarez family and the Lopez family knew the truth about what happened, so they stayed away.

However, the Triple Group didn’t and did whatever they wanted due to their powerful position as a foreign company.

They used about a billion to acquire an asset worth a hundred billion.

That came up to a profit of eighty billion!

Perhaps South City could tolerate the issue, but it was unacceptable to Levi.

The funds were supposed to be used for good; hence, whoever dared touch it would feel his wrath.

With that, Azure Dragon was sent to South City to deal with the problem.

Meanwhile, Levi arrived at Oriental Star Group to meet with Zoey and was told that Zoey was in the midst of discussing a collaboration.

Outside the meeting room, Gerry related to Levi in delight, “Mr. Garrison, the stars, which we have groomed – Helena and Maurice, are now wildly popular. The Triple Group invites us to form a collaboration today. They want Helena to be their product spokesperson, and I heard her fee would go up to a billion! Also, this is only the beginning. There are plans for a series of projects later on.”

The more Gerry shared, the more excited he became.

When Levi heard that the Triple Group was involved, he frowned.

“Did you mean the Triple Group from South City?” He asked.

“That’s right!”

After a short while, the negotiations for the partnership were complete.

The groundwork for the collaboration had been laid. What came next was the discussion on price and the signing of the contract.

Zoey was all smiles.

Ever since their two blockbuster movies, the number of companies who wanted Helena to be their spokesperson or attend their commercial events increased significantly.

Even the contract with the Triple Group was worth more than a hundred million.

The Oriental group had opened the door for them to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Helena and the other stars’ value jumped many-fold.

“Ms. Lopez, If there aren’t any unforeseen issues, we will sign the contract tomorrow. I have run this through our big boss, and he has agreed to all your conditions.” Horace confirmed with a smile.

Horace from Triple Group was responsible for the negotiations.

“Alright, no problem!” Zoey nodded in agreement.

When she returned to her office, Levi asked, “Are they signing a spokeswoman to showcase their electronic products?”

Everyone knew that the Triple Group’s electronic products were top-notch.

Zoey shook her head. “No, the electronic products will come later. They are signing Helena now for a charity event.”

“What? A charity event?” Levi furrowed his eyebrows and could feel something wasn’t right.

The Return of God of War Chapter 477

“That’s right. The Triple Group plans to organize a charity event in South City. They have invited many celebrities and prominent figures to the event. In fact, if Helena participates in it, she will receive a handsome appearance fee.”

“The Triple Group is being very generous this time. I hear that they will be donating ten billion to charity, and it’s an impressive amount of money. It’s rare to find companies that do good now.” Zoey couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s all a sham! How shameless can they be!” Levi fumed as soon as he understood what was going on.

Zoey was shocked at his reaction.

The Triple Group was devious. They took away eight hundred billion initially earmarked for charity and only used about ten billion from it to placate South City by organizing a charity event.

What was even more infuriating was the fact that they organized it under the Triple Group’s name and invited A-list celebrities to further bolster their reputation.

They were just promoting the Triple Group’s brand under the pretext of charity.

The benefits they stood to gain were worth more than ten billion.

It was simply despicable.

“Honey, don’t sign the contract tomorrow!” Levi demanded.

Zoey was puzzled. “Huh? Why?”

“Honey, do you know why Triple Group wants to donate to charity?” Levi asked.

“To elevate their image in society as a caring organization?” Zoey replied.

“No! The Triple Group needs to fulfill the requirement that South City has set for them. Before this, they had gained access to a hundred billion worth of charity funds…” Levi related the whole incident to Zoey.

“Why don’t you get it back instead?” Zoey questioned.

Levi smiled wryly. “Firstly, the Triple Group acted swiftly. Even though the funds were earmarked for public welfare, they managed to acquire the company discreetly. Secondly, South City turns a blind eye to their actions as long as they continue expanding there.”

“They’re really despicable. These bloodsuckers pretend to be a company that cares despite having stolen the hard-earned money from the poor. It’s just a charade, damn them!”

“In that case, I won’t sign the contract. I don’t want their dirty money!” Zoey raged.

Although she usually tolerated common business practices, this was something too big for her to ignore. Therefore, she was firm in her decision.

“Mm, that’s my wife for you!” Levi complimented Zoey with a thumbs-up.

On his way out of the company, Levi bumped into Helena and the others.

They were polite with Levi as they acknowledged him as their benefactor.

Without him, they would still be making two to three thousand a month and living in a dark basement.

They would definitely not have the opportunity to live a life that allowed them to sign a contract worth tens of millions.

However, Maurice’s attitude seemed to have changed. He reminded Levi, “Mr. Garrison, now that the four of us are famous, I hope that you won’t share with others the fact that we used to work in sales. To us, that was a shameful part of our lives.”

Meanwhile, Helena tried to push him away, but Maurice was adamant. He added, “We will definitely give you an incentive fee. Why don’t you tell us how much you want, and I’ll get someone to pay you? After that, we will pretend that we don’t know one another. If you let our secret out, I will definitely make you pay!”

It was common knowledge in the company that Maurice was full of himself ever since he became successful. He did not respect anyone else anymore.

“Incentive fee? Fine, give me ten billion then!” Levi replied.

The Return of God of War Chapter 478

Everyone was stunned to hear Levi’s demands.

Maurice looked at Levi in disbelief. “You’re really greedy! I’m warning you not to go overboard!”

Levi ignored him and left.

“Why is he like that?” Maurice fumed.

Helena admonished him, “Maurice, how can you speak to him so rudely? Mr. Garrison is our benefactor!”

“Hmph, I admit we do owe him. But the reason I’m popular now is because of my own efforts and acting skills. He probably contributed about ten percent of our success. That’s why I wanted to give him some money to repay his kindness. Instead, he wanted to take advantage of me!” Maurice sneered.

Helena glared at him before she left, fuming.

In life, there were many people who became famous or rich overnight.

It was hard to stay grounded as most people couldn’t help but let success get to their heads.

After Maurice became famous overnight, his attitude changed significantly.

He didn’t care for his old friends and broke up with his girlfriend of seven years.

In the office, he would always put on airs. Other than Zoey, he would not treat anyone else with respect.

To the extent that he accepted private jobs for additional income.

Rumor had it that his personal life was also in a mess.

Zoey was now aware of his behavior.

“Are you not going to do something about him?” Levi asked.

“Given that the two movies are doing very well. We can only turn a blind eye for now,” Zoey replied with a helpless expression.

Suddenly, her tone changed. “However, he has gone overboard. He and Helena were supposed to be paid a few hundred thousand for acting in the films. But, when he saw how popular the movie became, he demanded a bonus of at least ten million. Or a salary of at least twenty million for his next film.”

“To be honest, he really is very popular and well worth the money. By the way, what about Helena?” Levi asked.

Zoey responded with a smile. “Helena and the rest are really grateful and have left all the decisions to the company. Their attitude hasn’t changed much despite their success.”

“That’s very good!” Levi laughed.

The next day, Triple Group’s representative, Horace, came to continue the negotiations.

Maurice and Helena were also present.

Being the spokesperson, Maurice was feeling excited. Once the contract was signed, he would receive over ten million as spokesperson fees.

He had planned to buy a mansion and luxury car with the money.

Everyone waited in the meeting room until Zoey arrived.

“Ms. Lopez, if you don’t have any issues, please sign the contract,” Horace suggested with a smile.

Smiling back at him knowingly, Zoey replied, “I’m sorry Mr. Waller, I won’t be signing it today.”


Zoey’s decision was as shocking as being struck by lightning. Everyone in the room was stunned as they looked at her in disbelief.

Didn’t everything go well yesterday?

The Triple Group is being very generous with a hundred million worth of spokesperson fees.

Why did she change her mind?

Before Gerry and the others could respond, Maurice couldn’t sit still anymore.

“Ms. Lopez, why? Where else can we find a collaboration like that? Of all the recent offers we received from other companies, the Triple Group has given us the best terms.” Maurice stared at Zoey in disbelief.

Levi, who was sitting beside, sneered, “The management has decided not to sign it. Are you doubting the management’s decision?”

“You… I…”

Maurice was dumbfounded at Levi’s challenge.

No matter how arrogant he got, he realized that he was still dependent on Zoey.

“Why don’t you keep quiet as Ms. Lopez has her reasons!” Helena and her colleagues held Maurice back.

The Return of God of War Chapter 479

Maurice was now becoming increasingly arrogant. During the management meeting, he insisted on interrupting.

He was upset but forced himself to suppress his anger.

Meanwhile, Gerry questioned, “Ms. Lopez, what happened? We didn’t hold a meeting to discuss this, so why are we rejecting the contract now?”

All the other members of management were puzzled.

Horace too inquired with a smile, “Ms. Lopez, may I know what the problem is? Weren’t we clearly on the same page yesterday? Why are you going back on your word today?”

Just then, Maurice couldn’t help but interrupt, “That’s right. Ms. Lopez, your decision shows that you are untrustworthy. You can’t let your personal agenda affect how you run the company. As actors, credibility is important to us too. Even if you are the boss, you can’t diss us like that!”

“Know your place!” Zoey bellowed suddenly, shocking everyone present.

“The company management is having a meeting. Since when do you have the right to speak? You are becoming increasingly presumptuous!” Zoey snarled as she couldn’t tolerate Maurice’s behavior anymore.

Meanwhile, Levi was secretly gloating.

Despite his wife’s gentle demeanor, she would snap back when cornered.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Lopez.” Maurice apologized and hung his head in silence.

He was utterly embarrassed after being admonished by Zoey in front of everyone.

As it was the most humiliating moment of his life, all he felt was anger.

Clenching both his fists tightly, he promised himself, “Zoey and Levi, just you wait. I’ll have my revenge!”

Zoey explained to Horace, “Mr. Waller, I did some research last night and realized that your company is not being honest. The charity gala you are organizing is a sham!”

Hearing that, Horace’s expression darkened.

Does Zoey know the truth?

“Therefore, I won’t participate in an event that goes against my conscience. I also won’t allow my employees to do the same too. Hence, I won’t sign the contract because I’m worried such a despicable matter would negatively impact Oriental’s reputation!” Zoey scoffed.

Horace sniggered, “Very well, it’s just a bunch of celebrities. It’s a joke that you think I can’t find them elsewhere. Next time, don’t expect to ever work with the Triple Group again!”

Fuming, Horace prepared to leave.

“I would like to give your company some advice. If you keep taking advantage of other people, karma will come for you! Especially when it involves a hundred billion. Do you know how many people that hard-earned money belongs to?” Zoey warned.


Further infuriated, Horace slammed the door as he left.

Meanwhile, there was silence in the meeting room.

Everyone looked at Zoey with a puzzled expression.

“Alright, all those who are the management, please stay back. The rest, you are dismissed.” Zoey instructed.

She wanted to explain to the rest of the management the reason she didn’t sign the contract.

Since it involved the secrets of the Triple Group, she didn’t want too many people to know as it might put their lives in danger.

Maurice then left with dissatisfaction written all over his face.

Once outside, Helena asked in a low voice, “What do you think the reason was for Ms. Lopez to reject the contract?”

“I’m sure she has her reasons. I think it’s a good idea we didn’t sign it,” someone remarked.

“Haha, I know the reason why Zoey doesn’t want to sign the contract!” Maurice exclaimed.

“What is it then?” Everyone looked at him curiously.

“It’s because I offended her husband! She wants to make things difficult for me on purpose. Didn’t you see how she singled me out during the meeting? My guess is that she doesn’t want me to sign any spokesperson contracts or take any advertisements. She plans to blacklist me instead!” Maurice declared viciously.

“Maurice, your imagination is running wild. Ms. Lopez isn’t someone like that.” Helena defended.

“Hmph! I’m sure about it. She’s definitely biased against me!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 480

In the meeting room, the management board agreed with Zoey’s decision after she explained herself.

“These bloodsuckers are despicable for using the public’s money to do charity work!”

“That’s right. If the Oriental Star Group is involved with them, it would be devastating for our reputation when the truth is discovered.” Gerry and the other members of management were outraged.

“I’m worried that the Triple Group would seek revenge against us. In terms of both financial capability and influence, aren’t we weaker compared to them?” someone asked.

“Definitely. The Triple Group’s financial prowess is the strongest among all, and no one can stand in their way!”

Zoey laughed in response. “Let them take their revenge. Don’t forget we still have the Morris Group supporting us.”

Meanwhile, Horace didn’t leave North Hampton. Instead, he went to look for a different entertainment company, given that North Hampton had the most developed entertainment industry within the region.

There were many good drama schools there that naturally led to better entertainment companies.

At night.

Horace was inside a five-star hotel.

Standing in front of him was Maurice, Helena, and other new stars from Oriental Star Group’s stable.

Horace didn’t want to give up on them as their new film had been a blockbuster recently.

Hence, they were too popular to be ignored.

Smoking a cigar, Horace grinned. “I’m sure all of you know why I have asked you to come.”

Helena and the others felt uneasy.

However, Maurice was direct. “Do you plan to sign us as spokespersons?”

“That’s right, you’re a smart one!” Horace laughed.

Helena interjected, “But we can’t do this, Mr. Waller. You have to go through our company first. Furthermore, Ms. Lopez has rejected you earlier in the day.”

Taking a puff from his cigar, Horace beamed. “I’ve seen the contract you signed with Oriental. The restrictions they placed on you are rather lax.”

Everyone including Helena was aware of that.

Zoey valued freedom, so she didn’t impose upon them the draconian terms that would limit their options.

Their contracts allowed them to take on freelance work.

Other entertainment companies would impose rigid contracts upon their artistes to tie them down to the company.

The terms would be so draconian that the company would even determine what food they ate.

Horace continued, “Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accepting freelance work. The company has no legal basis to take action against you.”

With a wave of his hand, Horace’s assistant brought out a set of contracts.

“You will get fifteen million each. After that, our company will sign you on as spokespersons for our electronic products. We will offer you a salary of at least eighty million annually.” Horace declared.

At that moment, Maurice’s eyes sparkled as he replied, “Fantastic! I’ll sign it. The money isn’t important as long as I can have the opportunity to work with a company as big as the Triple Group!”

“Wonderful! You do know what’s good for you, I’m impressed!” Horace remarked.

Maurice signed the contract in front of Helena and the others.


In less than ten minutes, fifteen million arrived in his account. Maurice was ecstatic.

After slogging through two movies for Oriental, all he received was five hundred thousand.

Now, he received fifteen million just for participating in a charity event.

A mansion? Luxury car? Beautiful women? He was able to buy anything he wanted now.

Everyone else looked on in envy as no one could deny the temptation of fifteen million.

“Helena, what are you still waiting for? Sign it! It’s fifteen million! You don’t have to feel bad for the company as their contract doesn’t restrict us from carrying out freelance work.” Maurice persuaded the others.

“So what if they find out? We should do whatever we want!”

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