The Return of God of War Chapter 501-510

The Return of God of War Chapter 501

Getting out of her car, Zoey yelled furiously, “I’m not the one to blame here! You guys were the ones who were going in the opposite direction! How is that my fault?”

She was not the slightest bit afraid of them as she was certain that she was in the right.

After all, they had been driving in the opposite direction first. A fact that could be proven easily, since this entire stretch of road had multiple surveillance cameras.

Chang-wook sneered and replied, “Heh! I come from Keerea so I’m not familiar with the traffic laws in your country. All I know is that you’ve rammed into Mr. Park’s car, a Ferrari that costs more than forty million! Look how badly damaged it is! We expect you to take full responsibility for this!”

“You-!” Zoey was so mad that she could have screamed. She had never met such a shameless person in her many years of life!

You come from Keerea so you don’t know our traffic laws? What kind of logic is that?

“How could you talk in such a manner to such a beautiful woman?”

A powerful voice rang out before Park Hae-jin appeared.

Chang-wook moved aside quickly, to allow his boss a clear path towards Zoey.

Hae-jin swept a lecherous gaze across the woman’s body, desire and possessiveness gleaming in his eyes.

“I have long heard about how North Hampton is a city filled with all kinds of pretty women. Seems like the rumors are true! You’re a gorgeous woman indeed!” Hae-jin praised with a smile.

Zoey raised an eyebrow at him before asking coldly, “Were you the one driving just now?”

“Yeah. What’s wrong?”

“Why didn’t you obey the traffic laws? You’re just lucky that nothing serious had happened this time and that nobody was injured. Would you have been willing to bear responsibility if anything happened?” Her chest was heaving with the fury that was currently coursing through her body.

Hae-jin chuckled and replied arrogantly, “You probably don’t know this, but I’ve been in Erudia for a very long time now. I have never once bothered myself with traffic laws. The only laws I obey are my own! Is it so wrong for me to want to go a little faster when it’s so congested on the roads? My business deals are worth billions, or even tens of billions. Every second that I waste is a major loss of profits. Who will reimburse me for that? Besides, all those pesky rules and regulations are created for poor people. Why should I, a person who drives a car worth more than forty million, obey them?”

Hearing him spout such nonsense made her itch, wanting to slap some sense into him.

“Firstly, it doesn’t matter where you come from. As long as you’re here in Erudia, you’ll have to follow the rules. Secondly, everyone is equal here in this country. It doesn’t matter if you’re royalty or a commoner- The punishments are the same! Violating the law is violating the law. Nobody cares how much your car is worth!” she tried to reason with him while staring him down, straight in the eyes.

Her strong personality surprised Hae-jin as well, as he soon felt his intrigue grow.

Feisty and pretty. How rare!

Scoffing, he responded in a haughty tone, “I don’t care! I’ve always done things my way, following my own rules and no one else’s. You’ve damaged my car so you’ll have to pay me back for it! How about this? I’m feeling a little generous today. All you need to do is pay me back forty million, nothing more!”

Zoey was immediately astounded, as she had grown spitting mad at the audacity of the man.

The nerve of this man! This collision happened because of him, yet he dares to ask me for compensation? And forty million as well!

“Are you crazy? I’m going to call the police!”

She took her phone out and was just about to do that when a dozen men in black clothing surrounded her. One of them snatched her phone from her hands before she could stop him.

“Hey! Give me back my phone!” she yelled.

The crowd that had formed at the first sign of a traffic accident stirred slightly, but the presence of the burly men deterred them from actually doing anything to help.

Hae-jin toyed with Zoey’s phone, a smirk curling upon his lips. “Pay up if you want your phone back!”

“As if I would actually pay you forty million! Dream on!”

She would rather die than pay him any money!

Her response had his smirk widening, as he started to take on a perverted edge. He took two steps forward so he was closer to her. “You don’t want to pay me? Fine! Sleep with me for a week and you won’t need to give me anything else. That’s seven million a night. Quite profitable, wouldn’t you agree? I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing else you can do that will earn you that much in a single night.”

“Hehehe…” The rest of his men sniggered and leered at her.

The Return of God of War Chapter 502

Hae-jin was already being pretty polite and respectful by giving Zoey a choice. Previously, he would not have wasted so much time and effort on any woman that had caught his interest. He would have simply dragged the woman away without a care for her protests.

Of course, this was most likely because she truly was a beautiful woman.

“You’ll have to compensate me one way or the other. The choice is yours to make! You have one minute.”

Zoey was starting to panic at her current predicament. She was alone and she could not even use her phone to call for help. The serious expressions on the aggressive-looking men’s faces told her that they were not playing around.

“What’s going on here?”

Just then, a familiar and welcomed voice rang out.


She spun around and threw herself into his arms, crying out, “Darling, they’re bullying me!”

Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes as frustration and helplessness threatened to overwhelm her.

She had seen her fair share of unreasonable people, yet, this was the first time she had ever met someone so outrageous.

Thankfully, Levi had arranged for some people to keep an eye on his wife, from afar.

Those men had instantly informed him when they had received the first signs of trouble, whereupon he instantly told Iris to turn around and head back.

Iris was notorious for her short temper, which had come into play now. “You were driving in the wrong direction! Why should we have to pay you back? Shouldn’t it be the other way around!”

“That’s right! That man really was driving against the flow of traffic! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“That Ferrari driver is the one who’s at fault here! He did not obey the traffic laws!”

Finally getting an opportunity to speak, the crowd began to point their fingers at Hae-jin as they spoke up against the injustice happening.

“You felt that the road was too narrow to show off your shitty car, so you had to drive over into the opposite lane, is that it?” Levi sniped in a cold tone.

“I don’t care! I’m from Keerea; the traffic laws in your country don’t apply to me! Besides, I’ll do what I want! She collided with my car so she’ll either have to cough up forty million or she can choose to spend a week with me!” Hae-jin insisted cockily.

He had always done as he had pleased in South City and nobody had dared to do anything to stop him. As long as nothing incredibly serious happened, everyone would typically turn a blind eye to what he had done.

Here in North Hampton, he thought that he could do the same.

“What? So what if he’s a foreigner? That doesn’t give him the right to be so impudent! It’s not like that makes him smarter than us either!”

“You’re in Erudia now, not your own country. Either obey our laws or get the hell out of this country!”

“Yeah, exactly! Having money and status doesn’t give you the right to act so willfully!”

The crowd buzzed like a hive of angry bees at Hae-jin’s arrogance.

“Shut up, you commoners! You have no right to speak here! Do you have any idea who I am? My father is the regional manager of Triple Group in Erudia! Why else do you think that nobody has come to settle this matter yet? That’s because nobody dares to do so!” Hae-jin stated smugly.

It was only then that everybody realized that there was some truth to his words.

Indeed, it had been a while since the accident had happened, yet no one had appeared to handle the matter. The only explanation for that was that nobody wanted to offend him!

Even Levi had not foreseen that he would run into the son of the regional manager of Triple Group.

Grinning triumphantly, Hae-jin continued, “Now, which option will you choose? Pay me back the money or spend the week with me? Make your decision now or don’t even think about leaving!”

His men swiftly surrounded Levi and the others, their posture threatening.

Fear coursed through Iris and Zoey as they wondered how they would be getting out of this situation.

Levi did not appear to be afraid as he chuckled and answered, “We won’t leave. At least not without settling this issue first!”

Digging out his phone, he dialed a number. “Xavier, come here this instance, to handle this problem! I don’t care who he is or what connections he has! Either you deal with this, or I will!”

On the other side of the phone, the captain of the Patrol Squad paled dramatically.

A short while later, the loud wailing of sirens gradually grew louder.

A row of patrol cars came speeding towards Levi and the others, before screeching to a halt nearby. Xavier exited the lead vehicle, followed by the chief and deputy chief of the traffic police.

The Return of God of War Chapter 503

At this point, they had already checked the surveillance tapes and had a rough idea of what had happened.

Now, all they needed was to interrogate the crowd for their accounts of the event.

The arrival of Xavier seemed to dampen the spirits of Hae-jin and his men. Despite that, they still had an arrogant air around them and were not particularly respectful towards the policemen who had questioned them.

According to Hae-jin, Triple Group was an incredibly important company that would greatly aid the development of North Hampton in the future. Since he would be the successor someday, that meant that he was not someone whom they could touch.

In no time at all, Xavier had reached his verdict.

“After a thorough investigation, I hereby pronounce Park Hae-jin guilty of wrong-way driving! He is to bear full responsibility for the reparation costs of the accident, both for himself and for Ms. Zoey Lopez. At the same time, his driver’s license shall be revoked and he is not allowed to sit for the driver’s license test in Erudia, for the next five years. In addition to that, he is to be detained for the next fifteen days.”

After he was done with that announcement, he quickly snuck a glance at Levi.

Zoey nodded, “Captain Fields, there’s no need for Mr. Park to reimburse me. I’m already insured so I just need to talk to my insurance company. Thank you for serving me justice!”

The crowd cheered and applauded as well, evidently happy with his decision.

Xavier could feel his blood pounding in his ears as he flushed in pleasure.

Who knew that serving the people would feel so good? What a sense of accomplishment!

“What!” Hae-jin was stunned at what he was hearing.

Previously, he had done something even worse than this at South City, and yet, he had not even gotten a single demerit point.

Now, his driver’s license was being revoked and he had to be detained?

Infuriated, he yelled, “Do you know who I am? Retract your punishment immediately or you’ll be sorry!”

Xavier glared at him coldly and ordered his men, “Take him away! Arrest whoever dares to interfere too!”

With that, Hae-jin was dragged away by the policemen.

Chang-wook and the others wanted to stop his arrest, but unfortunately, they were too helpless to do anything. All they could do was stare, as their boss was shoved inside one of the police cars.

Before he entered, Hae-jin snarled at Levi, “Rest assured that I’ll be out soon enough. Just you wait!”

Completely ignoring the threat, Levi instructed the captain, “Set the bail money for… at least five million. Use that money on the development of North Hampton.”

“Okay, understood!” Xavier nodded. Respect and admiration shone in his eyes as he looked at Levi.

Even now, all he can think about is the future of North Hampton!

“Honey, I’ll drop you off at work first before getting you another car.”

Zoey and Iris were shooting Levi curious glances.

All it took was one phone call from him, and this entire matter was settled.

The two women exchanged glances, seeming to understand what the other was thinking.

The boss of Morris Group must have been the one to resolve this issue. There’s no way that it was Levi!

Meanwhile, inside the office of Triple Group in North Hampton.

“What! Mr. Hae-jin was arrested?” Horace’s tone was disbelieving, matching the shocked expression on his face.

He demanded, “Who has actually dared to do that? Don’t they know who he is?”

“It was Xavier Fields himself!”

Horace’s face fell before he uttered, “He personally arrested Mr. Hae-jin? Come with me, quickly! We have to bail Mr. Hae-jin out!”

It did not take him long to arrive at the police station.

Upon hearing that the bail was set at five million, he was taken aback.

“Mr. Waller, you have to understand that wrong-way driving is quite a serious crime.”

Horace did not hesitate in paying the bail. Regardless of whether it was ten million, or even one hundred million, it was not like he had any other choice but to pay.

Thus, Hae-jin was released from jail.

Gritting his teeth, he bit out, “I want you to conduct a background check on a few people for me. I won’t let them go for doing this to me!”

“No worries, Sir. I’ll see to it immediately!” Horace assured.

“Give me the car keys!” Hae-jin demanded with his hand held out.

“Ah, I can’t do that, Sir! Your driver’s license is still revoked, so you’re not allowed to drive in Erudia for the next five years!”

Disregarding the other man’s protests, Hae-jin snatched the keys from him. His lips pulled up into a sneer and he boasted, “So what if I’m driving without a license? As if anybody would have the guts to do anything about it!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 504

“It was just a stroke of bad luck that I was arrested this time. But who in the entire city of North Hampton would dare touch me a second time?”

Hae-jin was visibly enraged.

He had been in Erudia for many years, yet never once had he suffered such humiliation before.

With a loud roar, the car sped off into the distance.

Horace sighed in exasperation and annoyance, not knowing whether it was a good thing or not that he had allowed Hae-jin to drive off.

Just then, Park Cheon-shin called him. The moment he accepted the call, the furious voice of his boss blared out, through the speakers, “How useless can you be, you piece of trash? Why can’t you do anything right? Do you have no power in North Hampton?”

“N-no, that’s not it. Boss, I-”

Cheon-sin interrupted him, “I don’t want to hear any more excuses! This is the second mistake you’ve made. You know the consequences of a third!”

A cold sweat broke out across Horace’s body. He was well aware that Park Cheon-sin was not a man to be trifled with.

For all of that, Scott Yates was truly a terrifying man; he was still someone who had valued loyalty and righteousness.

Unfortunately, Park Cheon-shin was Keerean. He was ruthless, cruel, and he did not abide by any rules other than his own.

Anyone who had a brain would know why they had to be scared of him!

Horace hastily dialed a number. “Gather all the men that we have in North Hampton and protect Park Hae-jin at all costs! Nothing must happen to him!”

In an instant, all of the men that he had scattered across the city began to mobilize.

If anything happened to Hae-jin, thousands of men would be able to rush to his aid in less than ten minutes.

Back at Oriental Star Group, Zoey was saying, “Darling, leave the matter of my car to the insurance company, okay? They’ll know what to do to reimburse me. Don’t involve yourself in this anymore.”

Levi shook his head, insisting, “No way! Whoever ruined your car has to pay!”

“Huh? There’s no need for that, is there? He’s already been punished!” she mumbled with a small frown.

She was mainly worried that Levi would create more trouble than it was worth.

Grinning, he reassured her, “I never said that I would let him off the hook so easily! Relax. A new car will be waiting for you before you finish work for the day. Just you wait and see!”

Besides, that minor punishment was administered by Xavier, not him. He still needed to get his revenge on Hae-jin for what he had tried to do.

After he returned to Morris Group, he sent Phoenix off to locate Hae-jin.

“Sir, Park Hae-jin is at Ocean Villa!”

“Okay, I’ve got it.”

He headed downstairs and went looking for Seth.

“Seth, I need you to take me somewhere.”

“No problem, Mr. Garrison!”

Being an observant man, Seth could instantly tell that Levi was going out to handle a ‘problem.’ He smiled as he queried, “Shall I bring more men, Sir?”

“There’s no need for that. The two of us should be enough.”

At Ocean Villa.

Hae-jin was currently in the gym, venting out his frustration.

He was standing in an arena, dressed in only a singlet that had boasted his muscular figure.

Six men surrounded him in a loose circle, each bloodier than the last.

“C’mon then! Come at me, you useless trash!” he bellowed before bursting into motion.

He was a master at Taekwondo and he was one of the strongest fighters in the world.

The six men were soon sprawled on the floor, moaning in pain.

Yet, that was simply not enough to appease Hae-jin. In a few swift moves, he proceeded to break all of their limbs with several horrible cracking sounds.


The agonized cries of the crippled men reverberated in the gym, causing Hae-jin’s men to shiver.

Hae-jin was incredibly cruel and aggressive, a true psychopath. Anyone that had sparred with him had always ended up with some grievous injuries.

“Sir, I’ve found out the information that you’d wanted!” Chang-wook yelled as he dashed into the gym.

Wiping away the blood on his hands, Hae-jin snapped, “And?”

“The woman involved in the accident with you is the chairwoman of Oriental Star Group, Zoey Lopez. The man who’d helped her is her husband, Levi Garrison, while the other woman is the vice-president of Morris Group, Iris Anabelle,” his assistant reported.

Hae-jin’s eyes brightened at the information and he exclaimed gleefully, “Hahaha, what a coincidence! Those are exactly the people that I’m here to deal with!”

“What shall we do now, Sir?” Chang-wook questioned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 505

“There’s no way I’ll let them go free now.” A wicked smirk played upon Hae-jin’s lips.


The doors to the gym were kicked wide open, banging loudly as the two halves slammed into the wall.

“Where is Park Hae-jin?” A deep voice boomed out.

Everyone in the gym whipped their heads around in the direction of the noise, only to see Levi and Seth striding inside.

“Sir, isn’t that Levi Garrison?” Chang-wook pointed out.

Upon realizing that it was indeed Levi, Hae-jin smiled cruelly. “Shut the doors! Don’t let them escape!”

His men did as they were ordered before moving so that they had Levi and Seth completely trapped.

“You have some serious guts to deliver yourselves to my doorstep! Even better, now, I don’t have to go looking for you!” he thundered.

Levi lit a cigarette calmly as if he were not currently surrounded by more than a dozen enemies.

“Listen up, punk! The only way for me to let you off the hook is if you hand over your wife to me for some fun. Hahaha!” Hae-jin guffawed loudly, his men joining in soon after.

Through it all, Levi remained silent, as he merely stared at the chortling men.

The menacing look in his eyes caused fear to course through Hae-jin.

“W-what are you doing here?” Hae-jin found himself asking.

Levi’s voice was placid but there was an undercurrent of steel to it. ”You’d rammed into my wife’s car and ruined it, so now, you have to pay up!”

Once again, Hae-jin and his men roared with laughter.

The expressions on their faces clearly showed that they had thought that Levi was a fool.

To dare ask Park Hae-jin for compensation, he really must be an idiot!

“You want me to pay up?” Hae-jin asked for confirmation.

“That’s right! Her car costs at least two million, you know. Now, pay up!”

“Let me tell you a cold, hard fact: I have never reimbursed anyone for anything before! I never have and never will. You’ve said that you want my money? Only in your dreams!”

Taking a puff of his cigarette, Levi stated indifferently, “What if I insist on receiving compensation from you?”

Raucous laughter greeted his words.

Hae-jin had even thrown his head back, his stomach aching with the force of his chortling.

Being so bold while the police captain was around one matter.

It was another matter entirely to demand compensation from him while on his turf.

This guy must have a death wish!

“Hahaha… Oh, my aching sides…Urgh!”

Hae-jin’s mocking laughter was abruptly cut off when Levi suddenly stabbed his still burning cigarette into the other man’s open mouth.

“Argh!” Hae-jin screamed in agony.

His men were dumbfounded at what had just happened.

Levi had moved so fast that even Hae-jin had been unable to react in time.

A deathly silence descended upon them.

Nobody had expected Levi to attack so suddenly.

Even Seth was amazed at the speed of his movement.

“Is it really that funny?” Levi asked with a frown.

Face scrunched up and red with pain, Hae-jin roared, “Beat them up! I don’t want to see them standing after this or else!”

Acknowledging his orders, his men prepared to rush forward, at Levi.

“Are all you f***ers bored of living already? C’mon then, make a move! I dare you!”

Whipping out two batons, Seth stared the men down without a hint of fear on his face.

He was a retired military scout who had seen more than his fair share of wars. Facing down these normal men was nothing compared to what he had faced on the battlefields.

This was the reason that Levi had hired him on, as the head of security.

“Do you regret coming with me, Seth?” Levi wondered aloud.

“Hah, as if! Since you treat me as a brother, I’m more than happy to do the same!” came Seth’s proud reply.

Smiling, Levi answered, “That’s good to know.”

Enraged, Hae-jin snarled at his men, “What the hell are you guys still standing around for? Get them!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 506

“Charge!” Hae-jin’s men gave out a battle cry as they rushed at Levi and Seth.

Thud! Thud!

Armed with his batons, Seth showed that just because he was retired did not mean that he had lost his combat abilities. Nobody could get close to him at all as they were swatted down like flies.

Levi’s side of things was even scarier.


One punch from him would send his opponent flying back more than ten meters.


A short while later, all of Hae-jin’s men were collapsed on the ground, groaning and whimpering in pain.

Hae-jin and Chang-wook were utterly dumbstruck, as they stared at the other two men with wide-eyed disbelief.

How can they be so powerful?

Despite being a Taekwondo master, Hae-jin could tell he was no match for Seth, let alone Levi.


With a harsh smack from Seth’s baton, Chang-wook was soon sent sprawling to the ground.

Before Hae-jin could retaliate, the ex-military scout kicked him and he was swift, to crumple to the floor.

At long last, he was dragged forward and tossed at Levi’s feet.

“Well then. Are you going to pay up now?” Levi patted the defeated man’s cheek gently.

Hae-jin may have been domineering and arrogant, but he was no fool. He knew that it was better to back down now to lick his wounds. Revenge could come later.

With that thought in mind, he nodded. “Yes, I will as you want.”

“Great! Let’s go and select a brand new car, shall we?”

And that was how Levi came to choose a McLaren 720s for Zoey, a car that had cost more than four million.


Complete and utter humiliation!

Hae-jin’s face was flushed with shame as he seethed in impotent anger.

Not only had he been beaten up, rather, he was also being forced to pay compensation as well!

Before he left, Levi gave him one last parting warning, “Your driver’s license has been revoked, so don’t ever let me see you driving on the road again. Otherwise, I won’t have mercy on you, the next time around!”

“You-” Hae-jin was sorely tempted to retort that it was none of his business if he drove without a license. However, he knew that all that would bring him was another round of beating.

Gritting his teeth, he replied, “I-I… understand…”

When Zoey got off work and spotted the brand new McLaren waiting for her, she was stunned.

“T-this… W-where did you get this from?”

“It’s compensation!” was Levi’s cheerful reply.

“Huh? Compensation? Why would he buy me a car as compensation?”

“I convinced him with virtue and managed to make him see sense. Of course, he would make it up to you somehow.”

She shot him a suspicious look, certain that things were not as simple as he had made it out to be.

After Levi and Seth left, Hae-jin practically exploded with rage.

“Useless pieces of trash! I wasted millions on you and you can’t even defeat a single security guard!”

He did not hold back as he lashed out at his men, each blow breaking their skins and causing their blood to splatter to the ground.

His bodyguards bore their punishment silently, feeling as though they deserved it since they had lost to a security guard, even with their advantage in numbers.

Right then, Horace finally arrived at the scene.

Sweat dotted his forehead and dripped down his face.

Cheon-shin’s warning about making the third mistake echoed in his ears. How could he have known something would happen to Hae-jin yet again, even after all the efforts he had put in?

With a thump, he fell to his knees before Hae-jin.

“Sir, this is all my fault! I did not handle this matter properly. Please punish me!”


Hae-jin’s foot darted out in a hard kick, sending Horace flying back several meters.

“All of you are worthless!” the infuriated man bellowed.

Crawling back to Hae-jin, Horace pleaded, “Sir, please give me another chance! I promise that I’ll deal with this matter properly this time!”

“Where were you when I was getting beaten up? I thought you’d said that you had everything in control, here in North Hampton?” Hae-jin demanded.



Horace rolled on the ground in agony as the other man snapped his arm in two.

“S-sir, w-what would you have me do? I-I’ll do anything that you tell me to!” he wheezed through his pain.

The Return of God of War Chapter 507

Hae-jin took out his phone and dialed his father’s number. “Dad, I was beaten up by someone. I hope that you can send Lee Da-jong and Lee Da-yong over to aid me. Please!”

“Okay, no problem.”

A crazy smile spread across his face at his father’s easy agreement. “With the two of them by my side, I won’t have to be afraid of anyone in North Hampton!”

Lee Da-jong and Lee Da-yong were two of his father’s personal bodyguards. Together, they were on par with Typhoon, in terms of combat ability.

The two men, brothers, were two of Keerea’s best Taekwondo masters. In fact, they were the disciples of Lee Jae-shik, the chief coach of Keerea’s soldiers.

In Keerea, Lee Jae-shik was like a god to the people.

Having perfected his form over the years, his Taekwondo skills were second to none, in the entire world.

Not only that, but he had also trained Keerea’s Special Operations Regiment. All of the men that underwent his training were powerful individuals in their own right.

It was rumored that two of his beloved disciples had inherited fifty percent of his skills. They, too, used to be part of the Special Operations Regiment and had killed hundreds of enemies on the battlefield by themselves.

For the past few years, they had been by Park Cheon-shin’s side as he carved a territory for himself in Erudia.

The recent events had pushed Hae-jin over the edge and he had had no choice but to ask for their help.

With a cold laugh, Hae-jin exclaimed, “Someone had once told me that I would be unable to act out without a driver’s license. Well, I’m not entirely convinced about that!”

Knowing that Hae-jin was beyond reason now, all Horace could do was select two hundred of his best men to protect the other man.

That night, Azure Dragon brought news to Levi.

“Sir, South City is saying that they can’t do anything about Triple Group stealing those hundreds of billions from Scott Yates. Not unless they outrightly confront them about it. They are rather reluctant to do that, as Triple Group and South City are working together on a lot of projects.”

Levi snorted and replied, “Seeing as they’re so hesitant about this, I’ll handle this matter myself! I’ve already said that nobody is allowed to touch that money!”

If Triple Group had only been satisfied with confining themselves to South City, he would not have minded them. Yet, now they were getting greedy and extending their reach into North Hampton.

Levi was having none of that. This was just giving him more reason, to want to deal with them.

Meanwhile, Hae-jin was as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

The reason for his high spirits? Lee Da-yong and Lee Da-jong had arrived.

The two men stood there like tigers, waiting to pounce, muscles coiled and ready to strike. The menacing aura they had exuded sent shivers racing down Horace’s spine. Suddenly, he felt his body turn cold, all over.

“Who in North Hampton would dare to touch me now?” Hae-jin stated arrogantly with a mad cackle.

The next day, Hae-jin was still doing as he had pleased, racing down the roads in a luxury sports car.

Following closely behind him was a black sedan with the two brothers inside.

All around them were two hundred of Horace’s men, everybody dutifully following Hae-jin as he weaved and darted through the traffic.

He was completely ignoring any and all traffic laws.

Wrong-way driving was only a minor crime amongst the list of other rules that he was currently breaking.

When he saw a zebra crossing, he would accelerate, watching gleefully as the pedestrians threw themselves to the side, to avoid him.

One of the main roads of the city was even suffering from heavy congestion, due to his rampant driving. He had caused quite a few cases of traffic accidents at several intersections.

The strange happenings at that main road soon caught the attention of the staff at the Traffic Bureau.

Using the surveillance cameras, they were able to quickly locate the source of all the trouble- Hae-jin’s sports car.

“I thought that his license was revoked and I believe that he’s not allowed to sit for another test within the next five years? Why is he still driving on the roads?”

Shocked and puzzled, they quickly reported this incident to their superiors.

Hae-jin was feeling particularly satisfied, upon looking at what he had caused, at that main road.

“Yeah, I’m driving without a license! So what? Come and arrest me if you can!” he shouted at one of the surveillance cameras before pointing his middle finger towards it, in an obscene gesture.

The camera perfectly captured the smug and haughty expression on his face.

“Levi Garrison, I’m driving without a license! What are you going to do about it?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 508

The record of the list of laws that Hae-jin had flouted had swiftly found its way over to Xavier’s desk.

He did not immediately resolve the issue, instead, he decided to inform Levi about it.

“Sir, what do you think we should do?”

Xavier was trembling slightly from where he was standing in front of Levi. He could clearly sense that the other man was furious.

Hae-jin’s actions were not only a snub at the God of War himself, but rather, it was also directed to the laws of Erudia!

“I’ll see to this matter personally!” Levi bit out harshly.


In truth, Xavier was also incredibly pissed off at what Hae-jin had done. However, he was in a difficult bind, and so, he could only turn a blind eye to the situation. He knew that quite a few people were in the same boat as him. Thus, he was quite relieved that the God of War was going to handle this matter himself.

Finally, someone is going to teach that arrogant brat a lesson!

Levi stated, “I’ll head over there now.”

He was honestly surprised that such an egoistic person even existed in this day and age.

“Seth, I need you to drop me off somewhere.”

Once again, he headed to his destination with Seth as his only backup.

At that moment, Hae-jin had moved on to one of the coastal roads. He was driving in the opposite direction again, going against the flow of traffic.

The Traffic Bureau’s hotline was ringing incessantly as reports of his wrongdoings poured in endlessly.

Horace, who was observing everything from a distance, was extremely worried at the actions of the younger man.

He’s pissing off way too many people in one go! How stupid can he be? Provoking the government of North Hampton by driving without a license is a phenomenally dumb idea! At this rate, he’s going to doom Triple Group!

However, Horace knew that this was all part of Cheon-shin’s plan.

Cheon-shin was allowing his son to do this, even encouraging him!

The reason for that was simple- to exert pressure on North Hampton.

He wanted Jesse Nielsen, the governor of North Hampton, to understand Triple Group’s intentions. They were going to break into the North Hampton market, one way or the other.

Hae-jin abruptly stopped his car.

“Aw, c’mon! I’ve been doing this for so long yet not a single person dares to confront me about it? How boring!”


In the next second, an Audi screeched to a halt before him, as two men soon exited the car.

Hae-jin’s face darkened, the moment he had laid eyes on them. Soon enough, his blood began to boil in his veins.

It was his most hated enemy, the man who had humiliated him time and time again- Levi!

Upon getting out of the car, the first thing Levi did was lunge towards Hae-jin.

He grabbed Hae-jin by the collar before the other man could react.

“Didn’t I remind you not to drive without a license?” Levi growled in a chilly tone. There was a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

“I-I-I…” Fear had Hae-jin stuttering and he could not even finish his sentence.


A sedan charged towards them and stopped before two men stepped out of the car.

It was Da-yong and Da-jong.

The atmosphere changed at their appearance, becoming tense as the temperature seemed to drop, by several degrees.

Unease curled in Seth as he watched them warily.

What a terrifying aura!

The two men locked their gazes on him and Seth’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. It was like having a deadly viper targeting you.

Horace’s men arrived soon after, swiftly encircling Levi and Seth and blocking them from escaping.

Seth could feel himself tensing at how dangerous the situation was turning out to be.

Despite that, he was still not unafraid!

Levi paid no mind to the men around him, his attention focused on Hae-jin alone. “Well? Haven’t I warned you before?”

“Such insolence! Let go of Mr. Park!” Da-jong’s low voice warned.

Dismissing the man’s warning, Levi patted Hae-jin’s cheek condescendingly. “Still not willing to answer me? That’s just asking for a slap from me, you know.”

Da-jong thundered, “You dare?”

Scoffing, Levi raised his hand and gave Hae-jin a hard smack across the cheek.


“Hmm? What are you going to do about it?” he mocked with a grin.

Da-jong’s face purpled with rage at how the other man had blatantly ignored his warning and hit Hae-jin.

Damn you!

The Return of God of War Chapter 509

“You b*d, what did you do!” Da-yong cried out in shocked anger.

Levi smiled and uttered in an innocent tone, “Oh, you didn’t see? Okay, let me show you one more time!”


Another ringing slap landed on Hae-jin’s face.

Within seconds, his face swelled up badly, as Levi had not held back his strength when hitting him.

There was a loud intake of breath from everyone present before their jaws dropped open in astonishment.

The Lee brothers were utterly stupefied.

Someone had actually dared to hit Hae-jin right in front of them, in a deliberate act of provocation.

How humiliating!

How were they going to explain this to their boss, Cheon-shin?

No, they simply could not endure this anymore!

They could not stand by and keep still, as the situation had escalated!

Hae-jin was beyond furious as he shrieked, “Kill him! Kill them both!”

Da-jong sprang into action, pouncing forward in Levi’s direction.

In the blink of an eye, he had crossed the ten meters separating both him and Levi. He raised his leg up high, sweeping at the latter’s head.


The speed and force behind his kick caused it to whistle through the air.

A wave of hot air slammed into Seth and his face felt like it was burning.

What was even more terrifying was the killing intent, that was emanating from Da-jong. It was the kind of aura that could only be honed out on the raging battlefields, amongst a sea of corpses.

He’s strong. Incredibly strong!

The wave of pressurized air left behind in the wake of Da-jong’s kick was enough to force Seth back several steps, a fact that had worry for Levi springing up in him.

Levi will definitely die if this kick lands on his head!

However, it was too late for him to do anything about it now.

Right before Da-jong’s foot was about to connect with Levi’s head, the latter moved.

Da-jong’s eyes widened when his instincts screamed at him that danger was coming.

Levi’s leg snapped out, his speed a lot faster than Da-jong.


Like a sledgehammer, his kick landed on Da-jong’s abdomen and sent the man soaring back.


Da-jong crashed to the ground hard, his face pale and twisted with agony.

Nobody but him would know that Levi’s single kick had injured his internal organs badly.

Everyone was speechless upon witnessing what had just happened.

If even a skilled fighter like Da-jong was no match for Levi, then just how powerful could he be?

“Die!” Da-yong roared before disappearing from view.

He appeared behind Levi and there was a silvery glint, as something slid into his hand from his sleeve.


Brandishing the dagger in his hand, he stabbed it towards Levi’s neck.

He had done all of this in one fluid movement, not a single motion wasting any more energy than necessary. It was perfection, honed from hundreds of battles and kills!

As expected of the famous Lee Jae-shik’s disciples, one was a master at the art of Taekwondo, while the other had trained his body into the perfect weapon.

His move was simple and direct, yet incredibly fast, deadly and accurate.

Seth and Hae-jin, the two men standing closest to him other than Levi, could feel a coldness seeping into them. The hairs all over their bodies stood on end and they froze, unable to even twitch a muscle. It was almost as though they had been plunged into icy waters.

At that moment, it was like death itself was breathing down their necks.

Seth squeezed his eyes shut, unable to bring himself to see what would happen next.

Mr. Garrison has met his match this time. If he can’t dodge this attack, there’s no way he’ll survive!

Excitement overwhelmed the fear that Hae-jin was feeling.

This time, Levi Garrison is a dead man for sure!

The dagger neared Levi’s neck. The closer it got, the more exhilarated Da-yong felt.

Once it slides into his neck, he’s dead!

The Return of God of War Chapter 510

Within the next second, the smile on Da-yong’s face vanished.

Something black flashed in his vision and his dagger seemed to have stabbed into stone, unable to move forward at all.

When he realized what he was seeing, shock and horror crossed his face.

Levi had actually pinched the blade between two fingers, halting it in its tracks.

The force exerted on the weapon from those two fingers was tremendous.

Since when did North Hampton have such a terrifying man?


Da-yong’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

The blade was broken.

The blade was broken with two fingers.

What kind of a crazy psycho is he?

This dagger was part of the equipment given to him when he had been in the Special Operations Regiment. It was made from a special material that was said to be nearly indestructible. Even a bullet would not have dented the metal.

Now, someone had actually broken it with two fingers!


Before he could regain his senses, Levi lashed out with a vicious kick that sent him flying backward.

“Ahhh!” he howled in agony as he crashed to the floor.

More than a dozen of his bones were broken from that one kick.

Hae-jin was filled with utter shock, as he was suddenly feeling incredibly faint.

Who is Levi Garrison, truly? Even the Lee brothers aren’t his equals!

The remaining two hundred men were shaking in their shoes, absolutely terrified. No one dared to even take a step forward.

After all, they were not suicidal.

Levi locked his gaze on Hae-jin’s figure, repeating his earlier question, “Did I warn you about driving without a license?”

“Y-yes… You d-did…” Hae-jin nodded vigorously, his previous arrogance nowhere to be seen.

“Then why hadn’t you listened to me?”

“I-I…” was the stammered response. Hae-jin did not know what to say.

“Since you can’t seem to control yourself, I’ll help you!”

Wham! Crack!

Levi kicked at one of Hae-jin’s legs, breaking it immediately.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three more strikes from Levi and the rest of Hae-jin’s limbs were summarily broken as well.

The crippled man crumpled to the floor, rolling around as he screamed in pain.

A smug smirk tugged at the edges of Levi’s lips. “Okay! Now you won’t be able to leave your house and drive around without a license! Every time I see you behind the wheel, I’ll snap your limbs all over again!”

“You monster! You devil!”

This was the first time that Hae-jin had come to meet someone even crazier than he!

Despite being on the same side as Levi, Seth was rather fearful as well.

What a vicious man!

When Levi moved, two hundred pairs of eyes were fixed on him, with terror shining in them. They parted like the Red Sea before Moses, allowing him to walk away unhindered.

By the time Horace arrived and saw the scene before him, he knew that he was doomed.

Hae-jin had been beaten up and had become crippled on his territory, so this would be his responsibility.

“What the hell were you guys doing! You f***ing useless pieces of trash!”

Slap! Slap!

The enraged man began to slap his underlings.

“Sir, it’s not our fault! That guy was simply too powerful! Look, even Lee Da-yong and Lee Da-jong were no match for him!” they cried out pitifully.

“Then what are you still waiting around for? Send them to the hospital!”

Just then, Hae-jin spoke up in a weak voice, refusing, “No! Take us back to South City!”

Horace could do little else but obey.

He called Cheon-shin and reported to him about everything that had happened.

“Mr. Park, please punish me! I would be willing to die for my crimes!”

Horace was already steeling himself for his inevitable death.

The hard tone of Cheon-shin answered, “I understand that what had happened this time had nothing to do with you. This matter is not something that you’ll be able to resolve. I’m personally coming to North Hampton!”

Horace’s heart skipped a beat at his boss’ words.

Things were about to get serious.

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