The Return of God of War Chapter 541-550

The Return of God of War Chapter 541

“For your marriage, I must make a grand entrance and treat it with utmost importance. You must be happy, okay?”

With that, Levi spun around and left.

“No… No… I’m not going to marry anymore.”

Suddenly, Lauren sprinted towards him like she had gone mad.

With the sound of fabric tearing, she ripped apart the outer layer of her wedding gown and tossed her hair accessories away.

Running towards Levi, she wrapped her arms tightly around him.


The bouquet in Lee Jung-jin’s hands fell onto the ground.

He, and everyone else present, were dumbfounded.

She’s not marrying anymore?

No one expected this outcome.

In such a circumstance, however, no one dared to stop her or say anything.

“I’m not going to marry! I’m not going to marry!” cried Lauren, sounding like she was choking up.

Levi was about to break free from her sudden embrace when Lauren whispered, “Can I just hug you for a while? Just a while!”

Levi nodded.

Lauren pressed closely against Levi’s back, enjoying this moment.

She understood that Levi would only belong to her for this brief moment.

Afterward, he would have nothing to do with her anymore.

Hence, all she cared about was this exact moment.

At the very least, she could feel like she had Levi to herself for the briefest moment…

Everyone stared at both of them silently.

After a minute, Lauren released her arms reluctantly as tears gushed out of her eyes again.

She was about to miss the love of her life.

“I don’t want you to abandon the wedding for my sake,” said Levi with his back facing her.

“No! I figured it out earlier. I don’t want a marriage like this, marrying a person whom I don’t even like! If I were to marry, I want to do so for love. Pure love without anything else corrupting it!” exclaimed Lauren.

Then, she looked at Lee Jung-jin. “I’m sorry, but I never liked you. I only married you for my self-interest.”

“I… respect your decision. We’ll call off this wedding.”

With much difficulty, Lee Jung-jin reached a decision, too.

Yet another commotion immediately broke out amongst the crowd.

This wedding, which has been publicized as the wedding of the century, is being called off?

But Levi’s appearance made everyone realize that the wedding had indeed been derailed.

It was the right choice to call it off!

“Okay. As long as it’s your own choice.”

With that, Levi left the venue.

Looking at Levi walking away into the distance, Lauren suddenly yelled, “Other than you, I’ll never marry anyone else!”


After shouting her heart out, Lauren collapsed onto the floor.

She had decided that she would not marry for life.

Now that things had progressed to this stage, it was clear that the Fletchers were doomed.

Everyone left gradually.

Before the Garrisons took their leave, they scoffed coldly, “We told you to be mentally prepared, but you ignored our advice!”

“We’re leaving, too!”

Lee Jae-shik, Park Cheon-shin and their group left in fear.

They only wanted to return to South City as soon as possible!

If they knew what was going to happen, they would not have come to North Hampton.

Suddenly, they remembered the warning Seth gave them when they got off the train.

“Oh no! Today’s the deadline!”

Cold sweat dotted Park Cheon-shin’s forehead.

However, the most terrified person was still Lee Jae-shik.

After all, the God of War was their ultimate enemy. How could they not be frightened?

Members of the Triple Group scurried away in their cars.

When they had just left the road outside the villa, their path was blocked by an olive green SUV.

Levi was sitting on the top of the car with the Kings of War all standing beside him. They all stared coldly at the cars in front of them.

“Why are you so eager to leave? Well, it’s simple to enter North Hampton, but not so easy to leave,” drawled Levi with a smirk.

The Return of God of War Chapter 542

Park Cheon-shin, Lee Jae-shik and the rest stepped out of their car and shuffled towards Levi. Their heads drooped downward, making them look like children who had done something wrong.

Levi scanned them, his gaze landing on Lee Jae-shik.

“You escaped to Erudia?” asked Levi.


Lee Jae-shik froze in fear.

He actually knows me?

“I know you. The losers from Keerea are your students, right? You’re the chief coach of the millions of Keerea’s soldiers. Instead of staying in your country, why did you come to Erudia?”

Levi suddenly raised his voice, causing Lee Jae-shik to feel so scared that his knees gave way.

“I’m wrong, God of War! I’m wrong! I shouldn’t have entered Erudia! It’s my mistake…”

Kneeling on the floor, Lee Jae-shik groveled at Levi’s feet.

His clothes were drenched in cold sweat, which dripped down his hair.

It was not because the weather was hot, but because he was utterly terrified.

The other members of Triple Group were astounded.

No one expected the nation’s ultimate Taekwondo master to be so fearful!

White Tiger licked his lips. Sounding interested, he said, “I heard that he is the best Taekwondo master. I want to have a match with him!”

“King of War, White Tiger?”

Lee Jae-shik’s face turned pale as he immediately identified the speaker correctly.

“I wouldn’t dare! I wouldn’t dare! I don’t dare to do anything in Erudia…”

Lee Jae-shik was overcome with regret.

Oh, how I regret it!

Knowing the God of War is in Erudia, why did I still come?

“That’s not going to happen! You shouldn’t have come to Erudia. If you want to leave, you’ll have to accept my punch!”

White Tiger strode towards him.

“Remember, you can only leave if you remain standing after receiving my punch,” added White Tiger.

Lee Jae-shik understood that because of his identity, death was certain once he set foot in Erudia.

If he wanted to leave the country alive, he must accept this punch and put in his best effort.

“Come at me!” yelled Lee Jae-shik furiously as he stomped on the ground with a booming thud.

As expected of a master, his moves were extremely powerful.

He stood there motionlessly like an unmovable mountain.

As White Tiger came close, he suddenly accelerated and threw a punch at Lee Jae-shik.

Lee Jae-shik’s eyes sparkled. He moved as quickly as lightning.


With a sweeping kick, the most classic move in Taekwondo, he attacked White Tiger.

Although it was an ordinary move, it was fatal when deployed by Lee Jae-shik.

The kick was so powerful that it felt like a hurricane that was demolishing everything in its path!


A ferocious wind blew across the surroundings, causing tree branches and pebbles to fly into the sky. Everyone around them was forced to stagger a few meters backward.



The dozens of trees around them exploded!

Compared to this kick, White Tiger’s punch looked extremely ordinary.

A deafening bang sounded when the kick and punch collided.

Lee Jae-shik was instantly sent flying backward for ten meters. After crashing into a large tree with a huge thud and splitting it into halves, he did not stand up anymore.

White Tiger stroked his bloodied fist and smiled in satisfaction. “I’ve finally met someone who can take up a fight!”

As Lee Jae-shik did not survive this punch, he could never leave Erudia anymore.

When everyone saw how easily the Taekwondo master was defeated, they froze in fear.

Even Park Cheon-shin pissed his pants…

“You’re Park Cheon-shin, right? Did you hear my three warnings?” asked Levi as he turned his gaze to him.

“Yes! I completely understood them and will carry them out instantly!” promised Park Cheon-shin.

“It’s too late. Crawl out of Erudia! I’ll give you one day. If I still see anything related to Triple Group in Erudia, I’ll go looking for you.”

Levi sounded assertive, leaving absolutely no room for negotiation.

The Return of God of War Chapter 543

Park Cheon-shin fainted in fear.

I’m doomed!

It’s all over!

The Triple Group’s ambitious plan to dominate the Erudia market has been ruined.

“We’ll leave right away, God of War!” said Lee Jung-jin, quivering.

“I said, crawl out of Erudia!”

Levi’s gaze was sharp and ruthless.

Alarmingly, the high-ranking officials of Triple Group were then seen sprawling across the ground as they slowly crawled out of North Hampton.

It would be an understatement to describe the crawling men as “pathetic”.

After a few hours, Triple Group suddenly announced that they would return the donations worth eighty billion.

After another hour, Triple Group organized a press conference. They apologized to Erudia for the crimes they had committed, promised to return the money they had scammed and laundered, and made a promise to compensate the victims.

Everyone following the event online erupted into cheers.

The Triple Group headquarters then declared the company would withdraw from the Erudia market: they would remove all of their products in Erudia within a day.

This was breaking news!

Everyone was astounded.

The Triple Group, which has been climbing up the ranks, is suddenly leaving Erudia?

What’s going on?

On the other hand, the companies and individuals who had been oppressed by Triple Group cheered in delight.

The Triple Group was like a cancerous tumor in the business world.

They did all sorts of evil things and exploited countless people.

Yet, many of the victims did not dare to expose the company and merely hope the company would fail.

Now that their wish was fulfilled, they were so overjoyed that they wanted to hold a big celebration!

As Triple Group mainly sold electronic products and there were many similar companies in the market, its departure did not create a huge impact.

That day, Levi told Iris, the person in charge of Morris Group, to add another basket of goods to the company’s portfolio: electronic products.

They would strive to create the most cost-effective electronic products to crush other immoral companies!

By creating products that could benefit the masses, they could promote healthy market development while doing good to the people.

This was what the Morris Group had always done.

Whether it was medical apparatus or other products, they always strived to sell the best quality products at the cheapest prices.

Their motto was to promote the city’s development and wellbeing of the people.

Hence, the employees of Morris Group all gave their work their best effort.

Aside from being able to reap the financial benefits, they would feel honored, too!

The young people in North Hampton were proud of working at Morris Group.

Morris Group had already been manufacturing electronic products. Now, they were simply increasing the scale of their production.

As Triple Group left the market, other companies were able to tap into its market share.

Iris even gave a part of the electronics business to the Oriental Star Group.

Zoey was very capable, too. Within a short period of time, the Oriental Star Group’s profits skyrocketed under her management, a role she had gladly accepted.

When she reached home, she asked, “Darling, how did the wedding go?”

Levi smiled helplessly. “Well, I made up for my regret and she made the choice she wanted.”

“That’s good, then! But it’s a pity how her wedding went. The Triple Group withdrew so unexpectedly just as she became the general manager of their Erudia branch.

She sighed. “The wedding is only memorable because of the regrets it left.”

Levi knew that Zoey was thinking about their wedding six years ago.

It was not a fruitful wedding, and it became his and Zoey’s regret.

“Honey, I’ve decided to re-organize a wedding for you! By then, I’ll tell you some things.”

Levi decided to organize another wedding for Zoey.

At that time, he would reveal his true identity to her.

The Return of God of War Chapter 544

Zoey’s eyes curved into tiny crescents as she smiled. “Okay! I’ll wait for you to give me a fruitful wedding!”

“Alright. Let’s pick a suitable date!”

Levi nodded.

Zoey thought that Levi was joking. She was not expecting him to be serious.

That wedding was later named the grandest wedding of the century.

Of course, all these were in retrospect!

Life would return to normal afterward.

Sitting in his office, Levi smoked and had some alcohol.

He then received a call from Azure Dragon, saying chaos had broken out in South City.

After the fall of the Triple Group and Scott’s faction, the other prominent families started to frantically claim control of the available territories.

Even some external forces became involved.

In short, the entire South City had descended into chaos.

Levi did not expect this to happen.

Initially, he thought that after eliminating Scott and Triple Group, Quebec would become peaceful again and that everyone would behave properly.

Yet, instead of warning them, his actions caused these people to descend into madness.

To them, after the collapse of the two major forces, they now had more territory and businesses to seize!

“It’s hard to control South City…” said Azure Dragon hesitantly.

“Okay, I’ll personally make a trip to South City. As all these happened because of me, I need to set things straight.”

A cold glint appeared in Levi’s eyes.

At night, he told Zoey that he was going to South City.

Zoey’s eyes lit up. “That’s just right! Abigail was telling me that she wants to return to South City as something urgent has happened in the family. The Black family did not say what exactly was so urgent, so my parents are very worried. Go back with Abigail and see what happened to the Black family.”

“Sure, no problem,” agreed Levi.

The next day arrived.

After Abigail entered the car, she instantly wrapped her arms around Levi’s neck.

“Levi, you’re so cruel. Why didn’t you visit me for such a long time?”

A resentful look appeared in Abigail’s eyes as if she was his wife.

Levi pushed her aside quickly.

“Just speak normally. Don’t touch me!”

Abigail glared at him and said, “Are you seeing someone recently?”

Levi frowned. “Huh?”

“I heard that you attended your childhood friend’s wedding and flirted with girls. Even my sister’s best friend started liking you. Helena, the new celebrity in my sister’s company, is obsessed with you, too! Am I right?” complained Abigail as she pouted.

“What are you talking about?”

Levi frowned.

“Let me tell you this. I’ll only like your sister. The other women are none of my business! Even if I’m involved with them, it’s because of your sister. You’re one of them…”

When Abigail heard his words, her expression fell immediately.

Tears of indignance brimmed in her eyes as she tried to hold them back.

So Levi is only nice to me because of Zoey!

“What’s wrong, Abigail? Why are you crying?”

Levi suddenly realized that Abigail had burst into tears.

“It’s nothing…”

She wiped her tears away and stayed silent for the entire ride.

Levi had no clue how he offended Abigail, so he remained quiet, too.

Soon, they reached South City.

When they entered the city, Levi called Alfie from the Dragon Legion.

“Tell the South City leaders that I’ve arrived,” instructed Levi.

When he attended the Black family’s birthday banquet, he had promised he would definitely inform the city management the next time he arrived.

“Understood, Sir!” replied Alfie instantly.

Alfie then contacted the commander-in-chief of the South Warzone and the major leaders of the city.

The Return of God of War Chapter 545

Instantly, the entire of South City was in a frenzy.

The God of the War is coming.

The fact that no one knows why he’s coming is even more terrifying!

When the Triple Group committed their outrageous acts, the God of War didn’t even come.

Yet, he’s coming now?

This means that something major has happened!

After exiting the highway, Levi drove to the Black family home.

His car zoomed along the roads when suddenly he caught sight of two luxurious cars from the rearview mirror.

One was a Lamborghini, while the other was a Ferrari 458.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The two luxurious cars sped past Levi’s Mercedes, deliberately cutting his path.

There were two people sitting in each of the cars.

They were the wealthy bachelors of South City.

The most famous of them was Derek, who came from the wealthy Davies family.

Recently, the Davies family had been flourishing, having snatched control of multiple territories and reaped a lot of benefits.

“She’s Abigail, right? I recognized her with just a single glance!” exclaimed Derek with a grin.

“Yeah, she’s Abigail,” agreed the rest.

When they were at the intersection earlier, they noticed Abigail sitting in the car. Hence, they instantly chased after her to confirm.

“I heard that the Black family arranged a marriage for Abigail, right?” Derek asked his underling, Zachary.

“Yeah, but I want to tease Abigail today. She’s so pretty. I’ve actually been lusting after her for a long time. Haha…”

When Derek thought of Abigail, he could not hold himself back anymore.

Initially, as the Black family was much more powerful than the Davies family, he did not dare to do anything.

However, in the recent shakeup of territories, the Black family had chosen to keep a distance while the Davies family participated aggressively.

Now, the Davies family was in a much more powerful position than the Blacks.

Naturally, Derek became braver and wanted to toy around with Abigail.

After cutting in front of the Mercedes, the two cars slowed down gradually.

In the end, they were only driving at a slow speed of 20km/h.

It was obvious that they were doing it on purpose!

Fury appeared in Abigail’s eyes.

“Levi, they’re doing this on purpose! Hmph!”

However, Levi did not respond.

Suddenly, he spun the steering wheel to the right and accelerated.

At the speed of lightning, he surpassed the two luxurious cars instantly and sped off.


When Derek and the rest saw the car zooming past them, they were stunned.

What the heck is this?

It’s driving so quickly that I can’t even react in time!

“Quick! Chase after that car!” yelled Derek.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini accelerated, speeding up so quickly that they looked like two streaks of lightning on the road.

A Mercedes could never accelerate faster than sports cars on a straight road.

Soon, Levi realized that the two cars were about to reach them.

However, instead of being flustered, he continued accelerating.

Although there was a sharp curve in front, Levi ignored it and kept increasing the speed.

“Huh? Levi, slow down!”

Abigail was so scared that she almost closed her eyes.

However, a calm expression remained on Levi’s face while the car continued speeding up.

When Derek and the rest saw that, they were so shocked that cold sweat started to dot their foreheads.

“Damn it! Is this guy crazy? There’s such a sharp curve ahead with a few slopes. Yet, he still dares to accelerate?” exclaimed Derek in surprise.

“Yeah! Curves like these are the most accident-prone. Does he still dare to accelerate? He must be a madman!”

“It might be safer if a sports car zoomed across the curve. But a mere sedan? That’s crazy!”

The Lamborghini and Ferrari started to slow down, wanting to drive past the curve steadily.

However, the Mercedes in front dashed onto the curved road as it accelerated.

“They’re doomed! The car will be destroyed and the passengers will definitely die.”

“Poor Abigail. She’s so pretty!”

Even Derek closed his eyes in despair.

The Return of God of War Chapter 546


However, everyone seemed to be in hysterics in the next second.

The Audi drifted in a controlled arc as it swept along the sharp bend in the road with a screech.


“How’s that impossible?”

Everyone’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets.

In the Audi.

Levi smirked. “You can open your eyes now, Abigail.”

After Abigail opened her eyes, she found that the car was advancing steadily along a straight road.

We’ve passed that deadly turn already?

Abigail had a look of shock on her face.

There were many sharp bends along this road, but Levi did not slow down at all.

No matter how good the performance of an Audi was, on a straight road, its speed could not compare to that of the other two sports cars.

Despite that disadvantage, Levi managed to overtake the other two sports cars very quickly because he did not slow down at any of the sharp bends along the road.

They tried to catch up, but it was to no avail; the Audi had already completely disappeared from their sight.

“Holy f***!”

Derek was completely floored.

He had joined many well-known racing clubs before, but he had never once seen such a skilled racer.

“Bring him to me! I want him found this instance!” Derek bellowed.

Soon after that, Levi and Abigail quickly arrived at the Black family’s residence.

As soon as the Blacks saw Abigail, they were elated.

However, their expressions changed the moment they laid eyes on Levi.

Both Robert and Meredith acknowledged Levi only because of the special cigarettes and liquors he had gifted them previously.

“Mr. and Mrs. Black, do you still have enough of the special cigarettes and liquors?” Levi asked with a smile.

“Yes! It can probably last us a few years!” Robert replied.

Meanwhile, Bailey and the others were glaring at Levi.

Pamela, on the other hand, scoffed and went so far as to say, “Do you think Russell would’ve brought us anything less than he did?”

“Yeah. Russell was the one who brought it for us. What does it have to do with you?”

The others sneered at him.

Upon seeing this, Abigail quickly changed the subject. “Grandpa, Grandma, why did you call me back so suddenly? I was scared out of my mind when you said something serious happened.”

Hearing that, Levi perked up his ears as well.

After all, Zoey had tasked him with this job.

He would only feel relieved after making sure the Black family was safe and well.

At that moment, Bailey and Pamela exchanged an excited glance.

Robert also had a similar look on his face.

“I’ll do the honors! Someone has come forward with a marriage proposal!” Meredith announced.

Abigail was taken aback and pointed to herself in surprise. “Huh? To me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Your Grandpa’s chief and I will personally accompany his grandson to come here tomorrow for the official proposal. He’s taken a fancy to you!”

“Your Grandpa and I approve of this marriage! We have met that boy, and he’s very outstanding!” Meredith beamed.

Robert nodded as well. “Yes, I completely agree! That boy is probably the most outstanding person I’ve ever seen!”

“I refuse!”

Abigail rejected it without even thinking it over.

“What are you talking about, Abby? How can you reject the proposal just like that? You haven’t even met him yet,” Pamela countered unhappily.

Bailey backed her up as well. “Do you know who he is? He’s Timothy Caesar, the heir of the Caesar family from South Hampton! The Caesar family is practically royalty!”

When wealthy families from all over Erudia transcended a certain level of influence, they weren’t only judged by their economical standing but more often than so by their physical might and the presence of a martial arts master in the family.

Those kinds of families weren’t addressed the usual way.

In the event of surpassing the Gonzales family from North Hampton as well as other influential families such as the Robinsons, the status of royalty would be bestowed.

Families regarded as royalty were by no means built from scratch just a couple of decades ago.

Most of the royalties had a history of more than a century and were prominent families passed down from generation to generation.

The Return of God of War Chapter 547

These families could be traced back to a couple of centuries.

In simpler terms, the royal family was established by the hard work of several generations over the span of centuries!

It wasn’t a level a normal person could single-handedly reach in just a few decades.

This was the difference between a wealthy family and a royal family!

There were only a handful of families in Erudia who were of royal status.

South Hampton, for instance, was the economic center of Erudia.

That was where a true royal family resided.

Quebec, on the other hand, never had the privilege of having a royal family.

And the man arranged to be Abigail’s betrothed, Timothy Caesar, was from a quasi-royal clan.

A quasi-royal clan was slightly more powerful than a regular wealthy family but a few decades away from becoming true royals.

Despite that, the Caesar family managed to crush all the families in Quebec!

Even Scott Yates and his family were no match for them!

Timothy’s grandfather, Richard Caesar, was a formidable general in the army when he was young, and no one dared to underestimate his family.

Thus, when Richard suggested a marriage proposal to the Black family, Robert and Meredith were so excited that they didn’t get a wink of sleep.

If Abigail were to marry Timothy, firstly, the Blacks would be able to fortify their standing.

Secondly, Abigail would want for nothing.

Meredith spoke up, “Abigail, aren’t you going to change your mind? Marrying into the Caesar family will help the Blacks reach unimaginable heights! Luck has chosen you, so cherish it!”

Robert nodded in agreement. “Your grandmother’s right! We are nothing but an ant beneath their boot! Do you have any idea how lucky you’d be if you marry into the Caesar family, Abigail?”

“What are you waiting for? Quickly thank your Grandpa and Grandma for giving you such a good opportunity!” Bailey and Pamela prompted Abigail.

“That’s right! Not only are the Caesars powerful, but Timothy Caesar is a fine young man too. He was trained to become the head of the Caesar family from a young age, so he’s definitely the best of the best! Marrying him would be the smartest choice you ever made in your life, Abigail!”

Keane and Quintus both chimed in, “Yeah. You’d be the lady of the Caesar household from then on. With such a prominent title, the whole of South City would envy you!”

“Exactly! Now that mayhem has descended upon South City, all the influential families are fighting for rulership, and they’re all searching for strong backers! Even though we’re currently staying out of it, we would inevitably be affected; it’s only a matter of when. But if you marry into the Caesar family, no one would dare to touch our family!”

Everyone listed out the benefits of this arranged marriage, one by one.

More than anything, they wanted to overcome the obstacle looming over them.

With all hell broke loose on South City, the Black family was too weak to fend for themselves.

Their entire family could be crushed if they didn’t find a backer soon!

Fortunately for them, it just so happened that the Caesar family proposed a union by marriage.

And the Blacks accepted their proposal right off the bat.

Abigail felt helpless.

She originally thought that she could escape the fate of marrying into a powerful family against her will.

But alas, it turned out that her fate was sealed from the very beginning.

“No! I refuse to! I don’t care how outstanding he is; I’m just not interested!”

Abigail was on the verge of tears, and she sent Levi a pleading gaze.

“What do you mean by you refuse to? You should at least meet the boy first, don’t you think so?” Robert urged.

Abigail shook her head vigorously. “No. I don’t want to!”

“Insolence!” Meredith bellowed all of a sudden.

Her loud roar of anger startled everyone.

“You’re getting more disobedient nowadays, Abigail! I’ve pampered you all these years, but here you are, rebelling against me!” Meredith yelled angrily.

“But I don’t want to, Grandma…”

Tears were rolling down Abigail’s cheeks.

“Tomorrow, the Caesar family will be coming to make the marriage proposal, and you will join us, whether you like it or not.”

Meredith was so tyrannical that no one dared to refute her.

And Abigail fell into despair.

“You can’t force Abigail to do anything. Not on my watch.” A commanding voice abruptly broke through the silence.

Everyone turned to stare at Levi with wide-eyed disbelief.

The Return of God of War Chapter 548

Levi’s authoritative statement immediately brought Abigail back to her senses.

That’s right!

So what if they’re from a powerful background?

Can they be more powerful than my brother-in-law?

Abigail instantly sidled closer to Levi. “I’ll only listen to you, Levi!”


As one, all of the Blacks transferred their gazes back to Levi again.

“Excuse me, but who do you think you are? What gives you the right to speak here?” Jonathan was visibly enraged.

At the same time, Leonard pushed his glasses higher up his nose bridge, seemingly irked as well. “Exactly. How dare you speak to your elders in such a way? Have you lost your mind?”

Even the youngsters, Keane and Quintus, were infuriated.

They wanted so badly to give him a few tight slaps!

As for Bailey and Pamela, they were livid as well.

“Since when have my daughter’s affairs become your business?” Bailey literally roared out the words.

Robert was glaring daggers at Levi, whereas Meredith couldn’t stand the sight of him.

“Get out of our house this instant! You’re not welcome here!”

“Of all the youngsters I’ve raised since young, none of them ever dared to speak to me that way!” Meredith pointed a finger at Levi as she berated him.

She was right – everyone in the Black family had an extremely strict upbringing.

The youngsters never dared to raise their voices in front of Meredith or Robert.

Hence, Levi outright provoking them was an atrocity through and through!

Levi’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger.

I won’t allow anyone to force Abigail into doing something she doesn’t want to do!

“Why are you looking at me like that? Get out right now!” Meredith yelled.

Abigail was afraid that the matter would blow up into something serious, so she quickly interjected, “Why don’t you go first, Levi? I’ll just check things out tomorrow. It’s not like I have to agree to it anyway!”

With that, Levi finally left under Abigail’s mild urging.

“Grandpa, Grandma, don’t blame Levi. I’ll go tomorrow, okay?” Abigail promised.

“Now that’s more like it!”

Only then did Meredith promise to refrain from taking action against Levi for his disrespectful behavior.

Not long after Levi left, Russell sped back home in his car.

He had recently been promoted to the Deputy Chief of the Special Security Unit.

He was the busiest during this period of time due to the chaos across the entire South City.

Even so, when he heard that Levi was visiting, he immediately put everything down and rushed over.

“Grandpa, Grandma! I heard that Levi and Abigail are back!”

Russell jogged into the villa.

“Yes, they came back. Why?”

Confusion lined Meredith’s features.

“Hey, Abigail. Wow, you’re even prettier than the last time I saw you.”

After Russell gave Abigail a perfunctory greeting, he immediately cast his gaze around. “Where’s Levi?”

“You mean that b, Levi? He was just driven away by Grandma!” Jonathan stated with displeasure.


Russell staggered backwards, almost falling to the ground.

His face was drained of color and as white as a sheet.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard before asking with mortification sprawled across his face, “What? Levi was driven out of the house?”


Russell felt his head spin.

They actually drove away the God of War?

Where in the world did they find the courage to do that?

Why, oh why, didn’t I arrive sooner?

“Yeah! He talked back to Grandpa and Grandma! He was lucky he was only driven out. If it were up to me, I’d give him a good beating and teach him a lesson!” Keane gritted out.


Russell felt his blood pressure shoot up.

He wants to teach who a lesson?

What are his balls made out of? Steel?

“Let me go find Levi…”

Russell bolted out immediately after.

“Huh? What’s up with Russell?”

Jonathan was perplexed, wondering why his son was acting so out of character.

“Yeah, I noticed something off about Russell too. He’s acting all strange when we mention Levi as if Levi is some kind of powerful figure,” Robert added in.

The others were equally baffled as they nodded in agreement.

The Return of God of War Chapter 549

To everyone’s surprise, Meredith laughed. “You’re all too emotionally driven! Russell is the opposite of that, and it’s something none of you have the ability to understand!”

“What do you mean, Grandma?” Keane queried.

“Russell is a humble and polished man. He sets aside his emotions and treats everyone equally. So, even though Levi is a b, he still treats him as his family. His ability to remain rational in every situation is the reason for his success!”

Meredith admired Russell because of that.

“Yeah. We can’t compare to Russell in this aspect! There’s a lot we need to learn from him!”

Everyone showered Russell with praises.

Meanwhile, Abigail’s shoulders slumped helplessly.

It’s because Russell knows Levi’s true identity…

If Russell knew about the situation here right now, he’d definitely laugh and say something along the lines of ‘My ability to remain rational? He’s the damn God of War, for heaven’s sake!’

At the same time, Alfie came to personally pick Levi up from the Black family’s residence.

He always obeyed Levi without a single question or protest.

Alfie was dressed in casual wear and drove an ordinary car.

They were keeping an extremely low profile.

“Sir, the officials in South City are all keeping a low profile as per your command. Tonight, they wish to have you join them for a simple meal, and they promise that it won’t be anything too over the top!” Alfie reported in a low voice.

“Sure. I’ll join them for dinner tonight,” Levi replied.

Then, Alfie drove Levi to the South Warzone first.

Besides Zoey, the only place that felt like home to Levi was the military base.

Meanwhile, Russell was combing through the whole of South City searching for Levi.

Halfway through his search, he got a call from Meredith. “Russell, I just received news that the Caesar family from South Hampton has arrived! Could you please pick them up and arrange for them to stay at our Tropical Villa?”

“Alright, Grandma. Just leave it to me.”

After that, Russell quickly went to meet the Caesar family.

They had three cars in total.

A Rolls-Royce was trailing behind an ordinary car that was charged with clearing the path ahead, while a Toyota Elfa brought up the rear.

An elderly man and a young man were seated in the backseat of the Rolls-Royce.

The elderly man had a head of white hair and was dressed in traditional clothing.

People were often deceived by his age, but a closer glance showed that his eyes had a dangerous glint to them.

The head of the Caesar family, Richard Caesar, was a fierce general in the army during his early years, never showing mercy to those who crossed him.

After stepping down, he remained untouchable in South Hampton.

He leaned on his cane, while beside him sat a fair-skinned young man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

He wasn’t here for a vacation, though.

He was here because he was Abigail’s potential suitor, Timothy Caesar.

Besides being the number one bachelor heir in South Hampton, he was also a member of the South Hampton Prince Gang!

The purpose of his visit wasn’t as simple as everyone thought.

And his marriage proposal to Abigail was just a ruse.

He wanted to take over South City through the Black family and make a huge fortune out of it!

The Caesar family planned to invade South City and expand their power.

All of them had ulterior motives.

Just then, Richard explained to Timothy the matter of his marriage proposal to the Black family.

“Yes, Grandpa. I understand! Women are only tools! I’ll marry Abigail as you wish!”

A cold glint streaked across Timothy’s eyes.

Richard nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, you’re right! After we establish our position in South City, you can deal with Abigail however you please!”

“Yes, Grandpa!”

The corners of Timothy’s mouth lifted.

What he had in mind was simple. He was going to use the marriage as a cover and treat Abigail as his plaything.

Russell arrived soon to guide Richard and his entourage to Tropical Villa, letting them settle down there.

A group of people arrived not long after Russell left.

The Return of God of War Chapter 550

These people were young and rich heirs, all of whom were from the most prominent families in South City.

Melvin Jacobs, Silas Ferguson, Channing Jakeman, as well as Derek Davies were all present.

Their families had all actively participated in the recent battle of territories raging all over South City, reaping an abundance of benefits in the process.

All of them were seeking powerful backers from South Hampton.

As soon as they caught wind that the Caesar family from South Hampton was visiting, they rushed over to curry favor with them.

When Richard saw how eager they were to please, he blandly said to Timothy, “Establishing a good relationship with South City’s local families could be beneficial to us in the long run. Go ahead and see to our guests, Timothy.”

Timothy nodded. “I understand, Grandpa.”

“Mr. Caesar, since this is your first time in South City, welcoming you is the least we could do!” Melvin from the Jacobs family was the first to speak.

No matter how much they flaunted their power in South City, they were nothing compared to South Hampton’s number one heir.

Adding on the fact that he was a member of the South Hampton Prince Gang, the entire southern region of the nation was aware of the amount of power he held.

The Prince Gang was an organization similar to a club formed by South Hampton’s most powerful heirs.

Every member of the organization was either from a quasi-royal clan or a royal family.

The Prince Gang members were an untamed bunch who did as they pleased.

They answered to no one!

Besides frolicking, they created a reputation for themselves.

No one would dare to mess with those who associated themselves with the Prince Gang.

The ultimate goal of the young heirs residing in South City was to replicate the South Hampton Prince Gang, and they did so by establishing a club of their own.

Unfortunately, their club was too far behind the Prince Gang in every aspect.

Hence, they went green with envy upon meeting a member of the South Hampton Prince Gang.

When Derek found out that a member of the Prince Gang was arranged to be Abigail’s betrothed, he almost wet his pants.

Meanwhile, Timothy was busy enjoying being flattered by so many people, basking in their compliments.

Just then, Derek approached Timothy and spoke under his breath, “Mr. Caesar, I have some bad news for you…”

Timothy’s face showed displeasure as he inquired, “What is it?”

“I met Abigail by coincidence yesterday!”


“She was sitting in a car with a man, and they seemed really intimate with each other. They look like a couple!”

Derek was a simple man. Since he couldn’t have Abigail, he thought that he might as well teach Levi a lesson.

Upon hearing this information, Timothy’s expression changed drastically.

They weren’t officially engaged yet, but to him, Abigail was already his.

She was sitting in a car with another man?

F*** that!

“Yeah! That man had some mad driving skills too! Our sports cars couldn’t even catch up with his Audi!” Some of the others piped in.

Timothy almost popped a vein after hearing that.

His woman had been touched by another man.

How could he not be infuriated?

“Who is he?” Timothy asked in a frosty voice.

“I’m still investigating, Mr. Caesar. I’ll let you know the moment I find out!”

Derek shuddered slightly from the insidious look on Timothy’s face.

At the same time, Melvin, Silas, and the rest tried to diffuse the tension. “Let’s put all of these upsetting matters aside for now, Mr. Caesar. We’re here to celebrate your arrival. Plus, we’ve prepared a little something for you that we hope you’ll enjoy!”

The men chuckled meaningfully.

Of course Timothy knew what they had in mind.

Women. What else?

“I’m bored of low-grade women, so I’ll pass,” Timothy coldly rejected.

As a man of his status, all kinds of women threw themselves at him.

“Hear me out first, Mr. Caesar. I hand-picked these girls from North Hampton’s drama academy. But most importantly, they’re all virgins!” Channing said with a chuckle.

The crease between Timothy’s brows slowly loosened.

“Indeed, North Hampton’s drama academy is known for its campus beauties!” Timothy chuckled along.

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