The Return of God of War Chapter 551-560

The Return of God of War Chapter 551

The mood took a sharp turn as a somber expression appeared on Timothy’s face. ”But this must be kept a secret! I’m meeting Abigail tomorrow, so a prickly matter such as this must never be disclosed to anyone.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Caesar. The place we arranged is very discreet!”

Timothy shook his head. “That’s not enough! It must be completely hidden. I want to make sure that nothing will go wrong!”

Derek immediately chimed in, “I have an idea, Mr. Caesar. I think I know just the place. It’s a club called The Abyss. That club can be said to be the most hidden place in the whole of South City, and we can only gain entry through special connections! Not just anybody can enter!”

Seeing Timothy’s interest perked, Derek continued, “Many big figures in Quebec choose to discuss matters there because everything stays within those walls! No one outside will ever hear a whisper of what goes on inside.”

“Then, The Abyss it is!” Timothy nodded in approval.

“No problem, Mr. Caesar. We all have connections in The Abyss! Let’s book the entire club tonight, shall we?” Melvin and the others were all smiles.

In the South Warzone.

“Sir, it’s time to leave,” Alfie said as he opened the car door for Levi to get in. “All the arrangements in South City have been made.”

There were several people standing behind Levi.

The Captain, Mortimer Lambert, was of course among those people.

The rest comprised of Mike Pence – the commander-in-chief of the South Warzone, two deputy commanders-in-chief – Hank Damon and William Stewart, as well as several chiefs of staff.

Everyone was dressed in casual wear, obeying Levi’s order to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, the sight of a group of men in military uniform eating in public would scare the living lights out of people.

“Has the meeting point been set?” Levi asked.

“Yes, it’s at a club called The Abyss, sir! This club is known for its secrecy. Because it’s located in a remote area in the suburbs, many people choose to have their secret meetings there, so we won’t have to worry about anyone spying on us.”

“South City’s authorities realized the sensitivity of this matter, so they chose The Abyss. But the food will be self-prepared, and nothing too extravagant! Besides, everyone will go Dutch, so there won’t be any unwanted problems,” Alfie clarified.

“Mm, good. I see that they were quite thorough in their planning!” Levi nodded, impressed.

Meanwhile, the leaders of South City were all gathered in The Abyss located on the outskirts of the city.

However, everyone was dressed in a very low-key manner. In fact, their attire was so casual that it made them stick out like a sore thumb in the club.

Tim Cronan, the leader of Quebec, asked, “Has the God of War, I mean, Mr. Garrison, arrived?”

The mayor of South City, Stephen McKay, nodded in response. “Yes, sir. Alfie just called and said that they’re on their way. They should be here soon!”

“That’s good!”

Tim wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Why do I feel nervous?” he mused.

“We’re all nervous too, sir! We’ve been sweating way before we even arrived!”

All of South City’s officials took in deep breaths, fretting over the God of War’s imminent arrival.

They had gone to Jesse Nielsen for advice earlier due to his experience with the God of War.

Yet, Jesse had only given them two words – Stay calm.

However, it was easier said than done.

They were literally drenched in cold sweat due to the level of anxiety they were feeling!

Before long, Levi and his party of people arrived at the entrance of The Abyss.

Vroom, vroom, vroom.

Just then, the sounds of engines revving disrupted the silence.

More than ten sports cars sped towards their direction, all coming to a sudden stop in front of The Abyss.

It was Timothy and the other young heirs.

“Mr. Caesar, welcome to The Abyss!”

After alighting their respective cars, everyone crowded around Timothy and ushered him towards The Abyss.

“Hey! It’s that guy, Mr. Caesar!” Derek exclaimed the moment he spotted Levi.

The Return of God of War Chapter 552

Immediately, everyone fixed their gazes on Levi.

“Is that really him?” Timothy asked, frowning.

“That’s him, Mr. Caesar. That’s the guy with really good driving skills!” A few of Derek’s followers said hastily.

In a split second, Timothy’s expression changed abruptly. “I don’t give a damn who he is, but as long as he has any kind of contact with Abigail, get him out of my sight!”

As a member of the Prince Gang, this was how Timothy normally handled things – in the most arrogantly self-assured way possible.

Derek exchanged a look with his followers before immediately saying, “As you wish, Mr. Caesar!”

Striding forward quickly, Derek caught up with Levi and his group to intercept them.

“Hey, where are you going? Stop right there!”

However, Levi and his group just ignored Derek’s shouts.

“Hey, hey! Are you all deaf? Didn’t you hear what I just said? Hold it right there!”

Derek suddenly raised his voice loudly, throwing his hands open to block Levi and his group from moving further.

Displeased expressions appeared on Alfie and Mike’s faces, as well as the other military officials present.

South City was their territory. Thus, they could not believe that there were people here who still dared to block their path, especially when the God of War was traveling with them.

How embarrassing!

Mike and the others were visibly annoyed.

If the fool were lucky, he would only embarrass himself in front of the God of War.

But in the worst-case scenario, this same fool might end up losing his job over charges of negligence.

Mike and the others were raring to reveal their actual identity to this hapless fool, but Alfie stilled their protests with a wave of his hand.

“What’s your business?” Alfie asked in his deep voice.

Derek ignored Alfie, looking directly at Levi instead. He pointed his finger at him. “You, come over. I have something to tell you.”

His tone of voice was an unmistakable order.

Completely thunderstruck, Mike and the other eight personnel in charge of the South Warzone could only stare dumbly. More than a little fear filled their hearts.

Does this fool have a death wish?

He’s literally hollering at the God of War!

Not only was Derek shouting and ordering the God of War around, but he was doing that in front of all the highest-ranked commanders of the South Warzone.

Right then, Mike could not hold himself back any longer. His voice burst out in an angry shout. “Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t care who he is! The only important thing is that Mr. Caesar of the Caesar family wants to see him right now, and he’s going to do just that,” Derek said while smiling coldly.

While it was true that Derek did not know who Levi was, but he still had Timothy Caesar to back him up.

Hence, Derek was confident that no matter how prestigious Levi’s societal standing was, there was no way he could be more powerful than Mr. Caesar

Mike, Alfie, and the other officers just exchanged disbelieving glances.

The entire situation was ludicrously embarrassing to the point of being hilarious.

They would not have any dignity left after allowing something unthinkable like this to happen in front of the God of War.

But the jarringly comical side of the entire affair was that these rich heirs had somehow managed to offend the God of War himself.

“And why should I listen to you?” Levi’s smile was equally as cold as Derek’s.

“Y-you… this is Mr. Caesar we’re talking about! The Caesar family practically controls South Hampton, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll come with me!” Derek found his embarrassment turn into sputtering anger.

Suddenly, Timothy spoke from somewhere behind Derek. “What’s happening, Derek? Can’t you handle even something as minor as this?”

Timothy’s taunting jabs just made Derek angrier. “You have three seconds to come with me! One, two – I said stop! Don’t leave!”

Before Derek could make it to three, Levi and his group just shoved past him to enter The Abyss directly.

“Hey, are you all deaf? Hold it right there!”

Derek could shout himself hoarse, but Levi and his group did not have any intention to acknowledge him.

Seething angrily, Derek looked like he was going to charge into the club after Levi.

“Wait!” Timothy walked over slowly, followed by his people.

“Ah, Derek, aren’t you supposed to be quite influential in South City?” Timothy’s face was a mask of disappointment when he looked at Derek.

At that moment, Derek just felt his anger spike to new heights.

He clenched his fists tightly, vowing that he would make Levi regret the day he was born.

After they entered The Abyss, the anxiously waiting leaders of South City immediately stepped up to welcome Levi and his group.

But upon actually seeing Levi, everyone looked at each other in disbelief.

They did not expect the mighty God of War, who made the world tremble with his very existence, to be a young man.

However, that disbelief quickly turned into respect.

The Return of God of War Chapter 553

Levi was both agreeable and approachable, setting all of them at ease.

It was no wonder that Jesse Nielsen, the leader of North Hampton, just told them to treat the God of War as they would any other normal young man.

Even the boss of The Abyss, Orion Sinclair, followed behind them in awe.

He was genuinely both excited and on edge at the same time. These were definitely the biggest shots his club had welcomed ever since he started operating it.

These people arrived in a group of more than twenty. Even the God of War was here, a fact that still made Orion rub his eyes in disbelief.

Outside The Abyss, Derek faced a dilemma.

“So, they entered the club. Aren’t you and your men supposed to be the heavy hitters of South City? Just surround this place and force them out, now!” Timothy said coldly, lighting up a cigarette.

“At once, Mr. Caesar,” Derek said hastily. “Watch this!”

At this moment, Channing, Melvin, and the other rich heirs just laughed unkindly.

Then, they approached the entrance of The Abyss.

“Mr. Jacobs!” The manager of The Abyss came out to welcome them personally, immediately greeting them respectfully. He recognized these rich heirs as regulars at The Abyss.

Melvin took a look into the interior of the club. “I need you to do two things. First, get your boss out here. We’re reserving the entire place tonight, and I don’t want anyone else coming in. Two, kick out all those who went in just now!”

In addition to that, Silas did not even bother to pretend to be respectful as he roared, “Get going, now!”

Usually, if the rich heirs visited the club, the staff of The Abyss would scramble to comply with their orders immediately.

However, the manager actually hesitated today.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jacobs, but we’re unable to arrange that for you and your friends tonight,” the manager said carefully, feeling backed into a tight spot.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Melvin demanded as his expression changed abruptly.

If he did not get his way, it was akin to being humiliated in front of Mr. Caesar.

“Someone else already booked The Abyss today, Mr. Jacobs. I’m sorry, but you didn’t notify us earlier, so our hands are tied. The only thing we can offer you now is a waive on you and your friends’ bill the next time you come to our club,” the manager apologized in a low voice because he did not want to offend the various rich heirs.

But when Melvin heard that the club was fully booked by someone else, he immediately flew into a temper.

He kicked the door of the club forcefully, making a loud crash. “Do I look like I’m broke and need you to waive my bill?”

“Yeah, get out of here! We don’t need your charity!” The other rich heirs shouted angrily.

“I’m telling you – we don’t care who reserved the place tonight. Kick him out and tell him to get lost! We’re booking The Abyss today. You better do it now, or don’t blame us if things get unpleasant,” Melvin snarled.

“I’m sorry, sirs, but we really can’t do that! The other party already booked the club in advance. We have to follow procedure,” the manager said helplessly, looking miserable.

Right then, a ringing slap resounded through the air. In a flash, the manager held his face in shock as Melvin slapped him.

“Useless scum! In South City, you play by our rules. Now get your boss out here and kick them out!”

To add insult to injury, Silas sent the manager crashing onto the ground with a single kick.

“Do you know who that is? That’s Mr. Caesar, the oldest son of the Caesar family, the quasi-royal clan of South Hampton! I’m interested to see how you’re going to continue operating your club if you’re planning on offending him,” Channing said while pointing at Timothy, who was standing nearby.

Still holding his face, the manager gritted his teeth tightly. “With all due respect, sirs, no matter what you do, we still won’t allow you to do that.”

“I’ve been too effing nice, apparently. Beat him up!”

With that said, Melvin and the others proceeded to thrash the manager, giving him a vicious beating. Not even the few security guards present were spared. All of them were beaten black and blue by the rich heirs.

the resulting commotion was loud enough to the point where even the patrons inside the club could hear it.

At the same time, Levi and the others had just taken their seats.

Listening to the praise of the various big shots about his club, Orion was in a good mood.

“Boss, there’s trouble at the door! Big trouble!” One of his staff shouted breathlessly as he ran up to him.

“What’s wrong?” Orion demanded immediately.

“A few of the rich heirs are beating up our people outside,” the staff member clarified quickly.

As soon as the words left the staff member’s mouth, Tim suddenly stood up.

The leader of Quebec slammed his palms onto the table loudly and growled. “I can’t believe something like this is happening under our noses! I’m going to take a look.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 554

“What do they want?” Orion hurriedly asked the staff member.

“They seem to have something against this gentleman here, boss.” The staff member shot a trembling glance at Levi.


Orion’s shocked exclamation perfectly encapsulated the unbelievable bombshell that was just dropped on all of them.

Hearing the staff member’s words, the crowd descended into a furor. Everyone had a look of disbelief on their faces.

Who in South City has the guts to do something like this?

Who dares to pick on the God of War?

This is madness!

Challenging the God of War?

“It’s true! Just now, when we were outside they already came for the General – erm, Mr. Garrison,” Mortimer said quietly.

“Yeah, that’s right! They challenged Mr. Garrison without any reason.” The other people from the South Warzone all started to pipe up.

Levi remained silent, but anyone who knew him knew that he was slightly angry.

“How dare they!” Tim was beyond furious.

The other leaders of South City, such as Stephen, were infuriated as well. Their eyeballs fairly bulged from their sockets in outraged surprise when they heard that.

It was just outrageous – an unscrupulous case of bullying like this happened right under their noses as soon as the God of War arrived.

How would the God of War regard us after this incident?

How are we going to live down this embarrassment?

It was infuriating, and the thought alone made their anger skyrocket.

“Uh, boss, it’s not only that. They also want you to… kick everyone out of here,” the staff member added, cringing slightly.

The gathered crowd was now thunderstruck in addition to their shock. Their tempers flared even further.

“Come on, let’s go have a look at this! We’ll handle this matter seriously,” Tim barked.

Stephen and the other leaders followed behind Tim with dark expressions clouding their faces. Their anger was palpable.

It was their first meeting with the God of War. Hence, they were determined to make a good impression, and yet something like this happened.

Their reputation was going to be shot to pieces – it was utterly humiliating.

Outside The Abyss, the brutal beatdown was still in full swing. Melvin and the others already drew blood from the managers and the security guards they were beating up, but they showed no signs of stopping.

At this rate, the manager and the others were going to be beaten to death soon.

Flanked by the crowd of rich heirs, Timothy watched the sickening violence without a single change in his expression.

He said coldly, “Let me be clear that this situation doesn’t exist in South Hampton. I’ll destroy anyone who dares to challenge me back there.”

It was obvious that Timothy was reprimanding the various rich heirs of South City for doing a poor job.


Without warning, Melvin’s fist sank into the manager’s face, causing bright red blood to splatter everywhere. “Get Orion Sinclair out here right now!”

“Mr. Jacobs! Why are you doing this? Let’s have a reasonable discussion, shall we? It’s no good for anyone if we continue like this,” Orion said hurriedly as he ran out to mediate the situation.

Only when Orion came out, Melvin stopped whatever ruckus he was causing, then he looked at Orion coolly and said, “I said – we’re booking the entire club today! So get rid of the people inside now, or I’ll tear your club down.”

Nevertheless, Orion remained calm. “Sirs, as my manager already explained earlier, someone had booked the club before you, so please come back another day! I promise you that everything’s on the house on your next visit. Let’s not antagonize each other now, eh?”

“Piss off!” Melvin roared. “We’ll be reserving this club today, one way or another! Mr. Caesar came here personally today. Are you going to disrespect him just like that?”

“The Caesar family?” Orion took a step back in surprise, expression changing abruptly.

He never expected the leader of South Hampton’s Prince Gang to come in person. On a normal day, The Abyss would have rolled out the red carpet to welcome him.

But today was no ordinary day.

The patrons currently inside his club were in an entire league entirely. As a matter of fact, they were so powerful that he shuddered just thinking about them.

Channing patted Orion’s face mockingly with an icy smile on his face. “I’m asking you this one last time. Are you going to disrespect Mr. Caesar?”

Everyone turned expectant eyes on Orion. If the man remained silent, they were dead set on tearing down his club tonight.

“I’m sorry, but not today,” Orion said firmly, schooling his expression back into an implacably calm mask.

“Fine! You’ve said it yourself!” Melvin bellowed furiously. “Then the Abyss doesn’t need to exist any longer!”

Grinning twistedly, Channing made a call immediately. “Hello, I’m Channing Jakeman. I want you to bring more men to demolish The Abyss now. Do you hear me? Right now!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 555

Orion retorted immediately, “Hah! I’d like to see which one of you has the balls to tear down my club! Who gave you the right to do this?”

However, Melvin, Silas, and the other rich heirs just laughed uproariously. “Listen up, old man, we’re the kings in South City! We call the shots!”

“Well, that’s some spine you’ve got. Since when are any of you the highest authority in South City?” A cold voice rang out from the interior of the club.

“Look, someone’s got a death wish!” Melvin sneered coldly. “You’ve got the guts to stand against us?”

I’d really like to see which idiot is still challenging us.

Seeing the sudden situation, Orion immediately said, “Sirs, please just leave! None of you can afford to cross the people inside the club.”

“Forget Mr. Caesar of South Hampton; I’m pretty sure nobody else can afford to provoke them,” one of Orion’s staff members added helpfully.

Naturally, the staff of The Abyss hoped that the situation could be resolved peacefully without any conflict.

But the more they tried to defuse the situation, the more Melvin and the others grew furious.

“You’re kidding us, right? What do you mean by we can’t cross them? I couldn’t care less about who is inside that club! We’re kicking them out today.”

Evidently, Melvin and the others had made up their minds.

The sudden sound of fast-moving footsteps filled the air.

Following the chorus of footsteps, a crowd of people appeared at the entrance of the crowd.

“Who’s making trouble here?” Tim’s expression was a thunderously dark cloud.

“We are! You got a problem with that?” Melvin and the others challenged insolently.

Seeing how rude and arrogant the rich heirs were, Tim and the other leaders were practically shaking with anger.

“Since when did South City allow bullying riffraff like this to exist?” Tim growled at Stephen.

Stephen hung his head. “It was my fault.”

“There’s only one thing to do about tumors like this. Remove them immediately!” Tim bellowed loudly.

“Such bravado. Who are you, anyway?” Timothy smiled coldly and slowly walked forward.

He turned that frosty smile on Melvin and the other rich heirs. “All of you are rather useless as well, aren’t you? None of you can even handle ordinary people like these?”

Feeling their faces burning at Timothy’s accusations, Melvin and the others wished fervently just to vanish on the spot.

“Who are you?” Stephen asked icily.

“You might get a heart attack if you know his identity, old man. Listen carefully – this is Timothy Caesar, the heir of the Caesar family, the quasi-royal clan of South Hampton!” Derek said loudly.

“Scared now?” Derek added nastily as an afterthought.

However, a moment later, Timothy belatedly realized that the people facing him did not even bother to react to Derek’s statement.

And that made his blood boil.

How can they still ignore me after they know who I am?

“Alright, but do you know who we are?” Stephen asked suddenly.

Caught off guard, Derek and the others could only frown. “You? You do look a little familiar…”

The big shots of South City made appearances on the big screen or in the news regularly enough. However, Tim and the others were dressed casually today, like any other normal civilian.

Although they could not put a name to them, Derek and the others still found them annoyingly familiar.

Timothy’s frosty smile did not change. “Very well, then. Do tell us who you are, gentlemen. Let’s see if you can shock me with your identity.”

“Yeah! I’d like to see just who you are. Tell us your names if you have the guts to!” Melvin and the other rich heirs urged tauntingly.

Is there anyone in South City that can still scare Timothy Caesar?

Of course not!

A few years ago, perhaps Scott Yates and the Triple Group could still put up some form of resistance.

But anyone else aside from them could not be even considered an annoyance, much less an actual threat.

“Listen up, then. My name is Tim Cronan!” Tim said angrily, taking care to articulate each word clearly.

“Tim Cronan? Who the hell is he? I’ve never heard of him.”

“You’re right. What nonsense is Tim Cronan anyway?”

Melvin and the others exchanged confused glances. They truly did not have any idea of Tim’s identity.

“Tim Cronan is the leader of Quebec,” Orion supplied. He was fighting the urge to cover his face with his hand.

It was at that moment, all of Melvin’s thoughts were interrupted abruptly.

Orion’s words left them all thunderstruck, shocking everyone present.

The Return of God of War Chapter 556

Melvin gaped soundlessly.

Derek was stunned.

And Silas, well, he was staring in shock.

Everyone was rendered speechless with their eyes bulging out of their socket while frozen in place.

Even Timothy found himself struck dumb. The cigar he was smoking dropped to the ground from his limply gaping mouth.

Tim Cronan?

This is The Tim Cronan – the Leader of Quebec?

“I’m the Deputy Leader of Quebec, Woodie Emil!”

“And I’m the head of the Police Department, Wright Hector!”

“I’m Stephen McKay, the mayor of South City.”

“I’m the Deputy Leader of the South City, Korey Madisen.”

“My name is Thorn Keene, and I’m the Captain of City Patrol Unit for South City.”

One by one, the gathered crowd stepped forward to proclaim their identities loudly.


When Timothy and his group heard them announce their various titles, they almost lost their minds. Derek and his cronies were even more terrified, shaking like a leaf in the wind as cold sweat beaded on their forehead.

Just then, another crowd appeared at the entrance of the club.

Timothy and his group recognized them as the entourage that accompanied Levi earlier when they entered the club.

“Hey, we couldn’t let you all have all the fun when there’s a commotion out here. We’re here to join in.”

“Guess what? I’m Mike Pence, commander-in-chief of the three hundred thousand troops stationed in South Warzone!”

The sound of people choking in horror grew louder.

“I’m his deputy commander-in-chief, Rex Hanson!”

“I’m the military strategist of the South Warzone, Hector Christensen.”

“I’m Mortimer Lambert, captain of the South Warzone regiment!”

“And I’m Alfie Steele, commanding officer of the Iron Brigade Dragon Legion!”

What the…

Silence descended over the crowd of people.

Suddenly, a few loud crashes were heard.

After Alfie and the other military officers had made their identities and titles known, Timothy and his friends just sat weakly onto the ground in their shock.

Their legs trembled as their bodies went limp, making them fall onto the ground in a very undignified way.

Humiliatingly, most of them even wet their pants.

Dark stains spread across the front of their pants and felt warm in the cold air. The rank stench of urine started to assault the noses of everyone present.

N-no… T-this can’t be happening.

Never in their wildest dreams did Timothy and the other rich heirs ever expect that they were crossing paths with the top leaders of Quebec. Not one, not two, but more than ten of those leaders.

All of those leaders were gathered here, with not a single person missing from their ranks.

It was definitely a huge taboo that Timothy and his friends just broke. They were in serious trouble now.

A high, thin sound was coming from Derek’s throat. He was out of his mind with fear, frothing at the mouth and convulsing periodically.

It’s too goddamned scary!

Faced with such powerful opposition, no one sane would choose to take their opponents head-on.

But we met them and did just that!

How could we be so stupid?

The rich heirs here did not just stand their ground stupidly, but they arrogantly challenged those big shots as well. Every one of their cocky words just became a death warrant that they signed willingly.

Too late to do anything now, the sudden realization dawned on them as to why Orion and the manager would rather risk offending them than bow to their demands.

It turned out that they really could not afford to cross the people reserving the club today.

Simply put, they were in deep sh*t now.

Right then, someone started bawling their eyes out in a very undignified manner.

Even on a good day, the rich heirs here were not exactly strong-willed men. Now, faced with this situation, most of them were terrified out of their wits.

Melvin and the others just burst into tears, sobbing grossly.

If they had pissed off anyone else, they could probably still salvage the situation. But now that they crossed these high-level VIPs, even their families could be in danger.

If the elders at home ever got wind of this incident, they would probably beat them to death to teach them a lesson.

Timothy was fairly petrified as well.

He was so scared that his entire body was clammy with cold sweat.

If he was involved in an incident like this just as soon as he arrived at South City, his standing in the Caesar family back in South Hampton was also in danger.

At that moment, Timothy could already imagine how his grandfather, Richard, was going to tear him to pieces.

Nobody would reasonably expect the rich heirs of South City to be lying on the ground wetting their pants.

If the people of South City were around to witness the sight, they would need to pick up their jaws from the ground. It wasn’t every day in which one could see the rich heirs of South City have the living daylights terrified out of them, after all.

But unfortunately for these rich heirs, they had the misfortune of meeting people even more powerful than them.

“Do you have any idea who the people inside the club are?” Tim continued bellowing at the terrified heirs. “The man inside is-”

Alfie interrupted Tim smoothly before he could reveal anything. “Someone you really can’t afford to offend.”

“Yes! None of you should offend him, one way or another,” Tim said calmly after realizing his slip.

Hearing Alfie’s cryptic statement, Timothy and the other rich heirs quickly concluded that the man inside the club was on the same level as Tim and the rest.

In short, it was yet another man who could make their lives a living hell if they offended him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 557

None of them expected the mysterious man inside the club to be the God of War himself!

This was the man who intimidated the rest of the world into toeing the line with his presence alone.

If only they knew the man they just insulted was the God of War.

Some people would literally be scared to death just knowing that.

“A peaceful resolution, Mr. Cronan,” Alfie reminded him.

Despite everything else, Levi wanted to stay incognito.

With that, Tim acknowledged the statement with a nod.

He turned to face Timothy and the rest again with a warning look. “All of you can leave now, but rest assured if I ever see any one of you acting out of line again, I’ll deal with it personally!”

However, the Warzone commander-in-chief snorted disapprovingly. “No, I don’t think so. We can’t let them off so easily. Get their parents to come and pick them up!”

Stephen agreed, “That’s a good idea. It’s normal for the parents to apologize on behalf of their children’s wrongdoings.”

“What?” Once again, Derek and his gang were scared out of their wits.

If our family knows the trouble we just landed ourselves in, we’re gonna be dead meat.

Right then, Stephen’s secretary promptly started contacting their parents.

“No one leaves without my permission!” Tim warned before going back into the club.

Sprawled on the ground, Timothy and the other rich heirs could only stare blankly, waiting for tears that refused to come.

Nobody expected things to take such a turn for the worse. It was beyond horrifying.

Soon, a few luxury cars arrived on the scene.

These respective cars were from the Jacobs family, the Jakeman family, the Ferguson family, and the Davies family. The heads of all the rich families had arrived, and all of them were angry at the trouble their unruly children had unwittingly brought on them.

Stephen’s secretary had already explained the process of the entire incident to them, sparing no detail.

Aside from being thunderously angry at their progeny, the heads of the families were terrified out of their wits as well.

“Of all the people to offend, these rascals offended these people?”

“They could ruin our families with just one word!”

As soon as they got down from their cars, the heads of the families made a beeline for Derek and his gang.


Mr. Davies sent Derek flying a few meters backward with one kick.


Yelps pierced the air as the other rich heirs were promptly taught a lesson by their respective parents.

Soon, they were shrieking in agony as their parents beat them mercilessly. The anguished shrieks almost sounded like pigs being sent to the slaughter.

All the heads of the families present were aiming for the kill. Once they got their hands on any of their sons, nothing else mattered except for a vicious beating. They did not show any mercy at all.

When Timothy saw blood splattering across the ground as the rich heirs of South City got their behinds kicked thoroughly by their parents, he felt fear squeezing his heart tight.

If his grandfather, Richard, ever found out about this incident, Timothy would be spending at least a month in bed after being on the receiving end of that volatile temper.

“Let’s get out of here,” Timothy said quickly, slinking away discreetly with his followers.

In the end, the rich heirs of South City left the scene being pulled away in ambulances.

The humiliating incident made waves in the social circles of South City. Everybody and their mother were wildly guessing about what could cause all of the rich heirs to be sent to the hospital after a vicious ass-kicking.

When Timothy slunk back to the Tropical Villa, Richard was waiting for him with a suspicious look on his face. “Back so soon?”

“The others were too high profile, Grandpa, so I thought it was better if I returned home first. I still have to meet Abigail for the engagement ceremony tomorrow. Thus, it would be bad if someone got an angle on me now.” Timothy rubbed his nose uneasily.

Hearing that, Richard’s frown eased into a satisfied smile. “That’s my boy, the future of the Caesar family! Fooling around is okay, so long you can grasp the timing.”

“I’m going to go rest now, Grandpa. I promise I’ll be in my best condition for tomorrow.” Timothy hurriedly spun an excuse.

He was still scared out of his mind, feeling every fiber of his body being strung tightly. There was no way he could admit to his grandfather that he was in huge trouble.

Hence, Timothy already decided that the best course of action was to keep concealing the truth from his grandfather as long as he could. The alternative was too terrifying to think about.

Panicking, he quickly made his escape.

As soon as Timothy left, the butler spoke up, “Mr. Caesar, don’t you think there’s something wrong with Timothy? He usually never looks that pale unless there’s some trouble.”

Richard shook his head vehemently. “No, there can’t be. Who could give our family trouble in South City?”

“Ah, that’s true. Who can dare to offend the mighty Caesar family anyway?” The butler laughed.

The Return of God of War Chapter 558

Richard stroked his beard thoughtfully before breaking into a smile. “You know, seeing Timothy growing into a sensible young man does make me feel rather proud. By the way, tell the Black family to prepare for our visit properly. I’ll personally bring Timothy to ask for Abigail’s hand tomorrow.”

“Will do, Mr. Caesar!”

Back in his room, an anxious Timothy paced about uncontrollably.

Now that the higher-ups of Quebec recognize me already, there’s no way the Caesar family can still expand into Quebec. If we still try, I just know we’re going to die painfully.

Cold sweat beaded on Timothy’s forehead again. He stroked his chin, unconsciously mirroring his grandfather’s pose as he racked his brain. I need to find a way to make Grandpa give up the fight to control Quebec.

Back inside The Abyss, Levi was talking to Tim and the others.

After exchanging the customary pleasantries, Levi went straight to the point. “I had indirectly caused most of the problems that the Triple Group and Scott Yates stirred up, so I’m planning on cleaning up this mess once and for all.”

“Ah? It’ll be more than enough if you help us tidy up the loose ends, Mr. Garrison. How can we ask for more than that?” Tim and the others were genuinely fearful.

“Don’t be too kind. I caused the problem in the first place, so it’s only natural if I solve it!” Levi said determinedly.

He continued speaking, “Besides, I’m planning on a large-scale development in Quebec with Morris Group as a starting point. You’ve seen our achievements in North Hampton. I’m confident my company can do the same good for the people of Quebec as well!”

“I understand now, Mr. Garrison! Please, if you have anything at all that you need, we’ll provide it to you immediately,” Tim said emotionally.

When he and the other leaders heard about Levi’s plans of developing Quebec, they were all excited beyond belief.

At the same time, their respect for him increased enormously as well.

Levi was a hero who swore to fight on the battlefield, killing their enemies and protecting Erudia.

And yet, this war-weary man could still think about the people of Erudia, doing his best to develop and modernize his country.

This God of War was truly one in a million.

That night, Levi graciously refused any special treatment and went to the South Warzone to room with the soldiers there instead.

Early in the next morning, he received a call from Abigail.

“Levi, I’m getting matchmade today. Can you please come over later? I don’t really feel secure if you aren’t here,” Abigail pleaded sincerely.

“Relax, Abigail. With me around, no one is going to force you to do anything you don’t want to,” Levi said calmly.

“You’re literally the best brother-in-law I could’ve asked for. I bet you’re reluctant to see me get married off too, huh?” Abigail teased, sounding far happier now.

“Of course! You’re Zoey’s little sister. There’s no way I’m going to let anyone bully you,” Levi said seriously.

“Oh, so it’s all because of Zoey?” Abigail sounded slightly disappointed, but she was still cheerful for the most part. “That’s okay, Levi. I’m happy so long you’re willing to take care of me.”

By eleven o’clock, the Caesar family were finished with all their preparations in Tropical Villa.

Two luxury sedans were lined up by the gate. The security car that followed behind the sedan was filled with numerous chests of valuable treasures like gold, silver, and even a vaunted Legendary Pearl.

“As the Caesar family, we can’t hold back when we go to ask for someone’s hand,” Richard said as he stroked his beard.

He turned around to face Timothy, a sudden look of astoundment crossing his face. “Timothy, what happened to you? Didn’t you sleep well last night? The dark circles under your eyes are darker than the abyss. You look like a car ran you over, boy.”

Timothy smiled awkwardly. “Yes, I couldn’t get used to the bed, so I didn’t sleep well.”

That was a lie. In reality, Timothy had been too terrified of his grandfather to rest, much less sleep.

For the entire month, he lay awake the entire night in fear.

“Oh, that’s all? Don’t worry, my boy, after the Caesar family has a reliable base in South City, you’ll have plenty of time to get used to your room here.”

Richard stroked his beard and smiled, a grand blueprint of the Caesar family’s planned expansion flashing across his mind.

In his view, the Caesar family was just a few days away from completely conquering South City.

On the other hand, Timothy tried not to let his utter terror bleed into his expression.

He wants me to stay in South City long-term?

Ever since that incident, Timothy was petrified of even going out of the house.

“Grandpa, can I discuss something with you?” Timothy rubbed his head ruefully.

“What is it, my boy?” Richard asked.

“Let’s just pull out of South City, Grandpa! Forget the proposal. It’s meaningless!” Timothy blurted, unable to contain his words any longer. They fell out in a tangled rush.

Listening to Timothy’s desperate exclamation, Richard’s eyes narrowed into slits.

The Return of God of War Chapter 559

“What’s the matter? Explain it to me right now!” Richard demanded with fury.

“Grandpa, I think that Quebec is pretty much a red ocean, and the developments there are not worthy of the Caesar family’s resources. Moreover, there’s nothing impressive about Abigail’s background, so I don’t think she’s a good match for me!” Timothy explained.

“What the hell do you know?” Richard bellowed. “After the fall of Scott Yates and the Triple Group, the turf there is now wide open!” The Caesar family could only take up about half of the resources, and yet you’re telling me that it’s not worth your time and effort?

In order to keep our foothold in the South City, we need to cultivate a puppet. Who better than the Blacks? It has to be Abigail!

“Grandpa, are you aware that the South City is basically in chaos at the moment? We’re only going to burn more than half the resources that we invest into it if we set foot in South City right now!”

Timothy was terrified at the notion, because he did not wish to stay a second longer in South City.

“Bullsh*t! Why don’t you have any confidence in yourself? What are we afraid of in the South City? Who could have threatened us?” Richard was incensed at this point.

“Grandpa, I…”

“That’s enough!”

Richard’s roar made Timothy shudder.

After a moment, they arrived at the Black family manor.

Robert, Meredith, and all the Blacks were out at the entrance to greet them.

“Greetings, Chief! It’s been a long time…”

Meredith and her husband were excited at the sight of the Caesars.

Bailey and Pamela were all smiles at the sight of Timothy too.

They were very satisfied with their future son-in-law.

Abigail, however, snorted at the sight of Timothy, “He’s so lacking compared to Levi! Look at those dark eye circles. I bet he must’ve been doing illegal businesses at night!”

Initially, Timothy was indifferent toward this marriage proposal today.

However, his eyes glinted at the sight of Abigail.

She’s so pretty!

There are a lot of pretty girls at South Hampton, but wow! I don’t think anyone could compare to her!

Besides, I heard that she still goes to college.

At the sight of her, Timothy changed his mind right then and there.

I’m going to win over Abigail first.

Whether I’m staying in South City or not, that’s a problem for another day.

The Black family was quite content with the marriage arrangement this time.

Especially after seeing their future son-in-law in person.

“Abigail, you’re so lucky. He looks like a decent man.”

The Blacks could not help but praise Timothy.

After that, Richard and Meredith exchanged pleasantries at the entrance of the Black family manor.

“Even though we’re very close, we still have to observe the necessary formalities! Here are my wedding gifts,” Richard ordered his bodyguards to present his wedding gifts to the Blacks.

The Caesar family’s bodyguards carried boxes of wedding gifts into the Black family manor.

Abigail wanted to interject but was stopped by Pamela.

Meredith and Robert were both grinning from ear to ear.

The Caesar family is only taking the formalities seriously because they have immense respect for us, Blacks, and Abigail.


Richard and his people were welcomed warmly into the Black family manor, where the two families engaged in jovial exchanges.

All of a sudden, Richard signaled for everyone to keep quiet.

“Now, I would like to listen to how the two betrothed really think. Timothy, how’s your impression toward Abigail?”

Richard cast a glance toward Timothy.

Timothy grinned, “Grandpa, very good. I’m willing to marry Abigail!”

“Wow!” The Blacks were excited to hear him.

That’s great!

Abigail is going to marry into the Caesar family.

The Black family is going up the social status totem pole.

Richard glanced at Abigail next, “What do you think, Abigail?”

All eyes were on Abigail, anticipating her answer.

“Well, sucks for you, cause I’m not!”

She made herself loud and clear.

Murmurs and whispers filled the air, astonished at her blatant rejection.

The Return of God of War Chapter 560

All of them cast looks of disbelief at Abigail.

They thought the marriage proposal was going to be moot since it was near impossible for Abigail to reject a man as perfect as Timothy.

In spite of it all, things did not take an expectant turn.

Nobody would have imagined that Abigail would slap the Caesars with an outright refusal.

The more shocking point was that the quasi-royal clan of South Hampton, the Caesar family, was brutally rejected. It was even humiliating when the head of household, Richard, was the one who led the marriage proposal on behalf of Timothy!

This piece of news would bring great dishonor to the Caesar family.

The dynamic of the relationship between the Blacks and the Caesars changed drastically the moment Abigail rejected the marriage proposal.

She was not merely saying no to her marriage with Timothy. Instead, she was essentially putting the relationships between the Blacks and the Caesars at stake.

The Black family would pay a great price for her audacity.

Richard and Timothy widened their eyes in disbelief at Abigail as her rejection was beyond their expectations.

“What did you just say?” Richard demanded.

“I said, I don’t want to marry him!”

Abigail repeated with a resolute tone.

“What? How dare you, Abigail! What the hell are you saying?” Meredith and Robert were taken aback by their daughter’s rebellion and bellowed at her.

They hurriedly added, “Abigail! What are you doing? You should just agree to it!”

Leonard and Jonathan chimed in, “Exactly! Abigail, how could you have possibly rejected this offer? We can’t afford it!”

“Abigail, you have to agree to this! Don’t be rash!”

The Blacks all pressured her into agreeing to the marriage.

Because they knew they would be done for if they had indeed caused embarrassment to the Caesars.

Hence, Abigail must agree to it – at all cost!

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the others. “Don’t I get to choose who I’m marrying? It’s already the 21st century, so why are you people still practicing the archaic arranged marriage culture? Are you all fossils, for crying out loud…”

Richard’s face sank at her remarks.

Is she calling me a fossil?

It was apparent to everyone that Richard was displeased.

We’re really finished this time.

In the meantime, Meredith was incensed at Abigail’s remarks as well. She reprimanded her granddaughter openly, “Abigail, I could have accommodated to your usual whims, but I will not tolerate it today! You know what? You’re right – you don’t get a say in your own marriage!”

Robert sighed and chimed in, “Abigail, you have to agree to this today. You have to put yourself in our shoes!”

Baily and Pamela hurriedly added, “Mr. Caesar, we agree to his marriage proposal on behalf of our daughter! We’re sure she will agree to it eventually.”

However, Richard waved his hand to dismiss them, “No, I want to hear her saying it!”

Timothy was enraged as well, “That’s right, we have to hear it from her!”

No woman has ever rejected me.

After the both of them said that, all eyes were on Abigail again.

“What are you waiting for? Say yes!”

All of them egged her on.

In her entire life, Abigail had never been so torn in making a decision before.

Just then, a silhouette flashed across Russell’s mind.

“Wait a minute, grandma and grandpa. Why do we have to force Abigail when she’s reluctant to marry? We are quite an established family as well. There’s no need to stoop so low as to beg at others.” Rusell spoke up all of a sudden.

He knew about Levi. Hence, it was only natural for him to stand by Abigail and be the only one in the Black family to support Abigail’s decision.

Moreover, he knew that everyone would come buttering up to the Black family if they had Levi.

There wouldn’t be a chance for the Caesar family to even make a sound.

“Ah… It seems like the Blacks don’t think much of my family. Tsk tsk…” Richard mocked after that.

Feeling displeased, Timothy chimed in as well, “It seems like the Blacks are not satisfied with you, grandpa.”

“Chief, that’s not what we meant! Nobody dares to disrespect you and the Caesar family!” Meredith and Robert hurriedly explained.

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