The Return of God of War Chapter 61-70

The Return of God of War Chapter 61
Even Chloe, who was slightly aware of Levi’s capabilities, thought he was mad. You are rich and packed with connections. But Stephan’s father is the Chief of the district council! Are you out of your mind to ask him to apologize to you? Are you seeking death?

Chloe did not expect Levi to be so full of himself.

Stephan nearly exploded with rage when he heard Levi’s words.

He stretched out his hand to slap Levi’s face. But Levi grabbed Stephan’s hand in a split second and twisted his wrist. Then he kicked at Stephan’s knee.


Stephan wailed in pain and fell heavily in front of Levi on his knees.


Levi swiftly dragged Crystal and slapped her forcefully, causing her to fall onto the floor.

The couple knelt before Levi in just a few seconds.

“What are you doing, Levi? How dare you hurt Stephan? Did you get tired of living?”

“You’re out of your mind, Levi!”

Jed and Wayne yelled and rushed forward at the same time as Levi slapped Stephan across his face.



Both men screamed blue murder.

“Stop right there!” Levi commanded.

Everyone stayed still and looked at Levi in disbelief.

Chloe was already shivering fearfully.

Levi patted Stephan’s cheek. “You better contact your father immediately and ask him to apologize to me.”

Stephan hurriedly fished out his phone and made the call. “Father, come save me. Hurry up!”

Levi snatched the phone from Stephan and said with a smile before the other party could speak. “You’re Draco Simmons, right? You better come here and apologize to me swiftly. Oh, by the way, my name is Levi Garrison!”

He’s mad! He must be nuts! Levi has now become a lunatic in everyone’s mind. He’s blatantly provoking Stephan’s father.

Malicious intent glinted in Stephan’s eyes as he smiled wickedly at Levi after the latter hung up the phone call. “You’re doomed, Levi Garrison! I will let you suffer along with Zoey and her entire family. I will never let you off the hook!”

Levi did not say a word and instead grabbed a fork and stabbed Stephan’s thigh.

“Arrghh…” A horrible and hysterical scream rang inside the private room.

Stephan wanted to threaten Levi further. But he shut his mouth obediently upon meeting with Levi’s eyes.

Everyone shared a similar thought at that moment. Levi’s as good as a piece of dead meat now.

Chloe was shocked to her core. I did not expect Levi to destroy his own life like this. No one can save him now.

She leaned closer and whispered beside Levi’s ear. “You should escape now. Run as far as you can from this place.”

Levi smiled. “Why should I? I am still waiting for my apology.”

Chloe was rendered speechless.

About twenty minutes later, rows of cars were parked outside the Royal Hotel as a horde of people rushed into the building.

Stephan was invigorated when he heard the thundering footsteps in the hallway.

Jed, Wayne, and the others were excited as well.

A group of men clad in suits and ties dashed into the room. An extraordinary air and overwhelming presence enveloped the body of the middle-aged man leading the group.

The man in lead was none other than Draco Simmons!

They hastened their footsteps after seeing Stephan and Crystal kneeling before Levi.

“Save me, father! He beat me up!” Stephan begged for his father’s assistance.

But Draco took large strides and came to a halt in front of Levi and asked him with concern, all the while ignoring his son. “Are you alright?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 62
Draco’s subordinates did not have the courage to look at Stephan and Crystal. They focused all their attention on Levi.

“Are you alright? We were so worried when we received the news.” They said in a hurry.

Everyone else inside the room was flabbergasted.

Stephan was in utter disbelief. “I’m your son, father! I’m the one who’s injured.”

But Draco fixated his gaze on Levi despite Stephan’s effort to express his grievances.

“I’m fine. But my clothes are soiled.” Levi answered.

Everyone saw the visible wet stain on Levi’s clothes.

Draco was infuriated. He scanned the room and asked angrily. “Who did this? Who’s the one that poured water all over him?”

The other subordinates raised their voices as well. “Who’s the daredevil?”

Those in the know gazed at Crystal simultaneously.

Crystal lowered her head as her body trembled visibly.

Draco grabbed Stephan by his collar and slapped him mercilessly. “You’re a wastrel! Why do I have a son like you? You will be the cause for my downfall!”



Draco beat up his son furiously. He finally stopped when he was out of breath.

Stephan was confounded. What’s going on? Why is my father hitting me? I am the victim of this incident. Why does he concern about Levi Garrison instead?

The other classmates were also bewildered as they looked at Levi differently.

What’s happening? Chloe was relatively calm. Don’t tell me Levi’s status is even higher than the Simmons family? Is that the reason behind his brazen attitude?

At that moment, a man dressed in a suit entered the room holding a briefcase.

“Isn’t that the Head Secretary of North Hampton, Cedric Jones?”

“You’re right! That’s him! The Head Secretary of North Hampton City. He’s the secretary of the most influential figure in the city. His appearance carries the same weight as the great Mr. Jesse himself!”

Everyone recognized Cedric as soon as he entered the room.

But Cedric behaved similarly to the others before him. He walked up to Levi hastily and asked him with concern. “Are you alright, Mr. Garrison? I am worried sick about you! Mr. Jesse left over ten missed calls on my phone because he thought something terrible happened to you. He’s currently attending a meeting overseas, so he cannot come here in person. That’s why he asked me to come in his stead.”

Huh? Levi’s ex-classmates were astounded to their limits. Who is Levi Garrison? Why is Mr. Jesse so attentive towards him? Oh my God! This is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me his identity already?

“I’m fine. Jesse got worried over nothing. I’ll treat him to a meal someday.” Levi said with a smile.

“Yes. Sure. I will convey your message to him. Mr. Jesse will be pleased to hear this!”

The Head Secretary of North Hampton is so excited because of Levi’s offer to treat Mr. Jesse to a meal?

Cedric turned to look at Draco sternly. “What’s happening here, Mr. Simmons? My boss wanted me to clarify the situation with you!”

“This is all my fault! I failed my duties as a father in educating my child. This is the gravest mistake of my life for my son to offend you, Mr. Garrison!” Draco Simmons bowed deeply in front of Levi and continued. “I am deeply sorry, Mr. Garrison. This is all my fault. Please punish me!”

Everyone gasped after witnessing that scene.

No one expected that the district council’s chief, Draco Simmons, to bow so lowly in front of Levi.

Stephan was dumbfounded.

Crystal fell into a daze.

Chloe was astonished.

Everyone inside the room was stupefied.

This is unbelievable. Levi Garrison’s status is frighteningly overwhelming.

The Return of God of War Chapter 63
Tap tap tap…

Footsteps rang in the hallway again.

A man dressed in police uniform and another man dressed in a soldier’s uniform entered.

Jed voiced out unwittingly after noticing the badges on their shoulders. “The Captain of Patrol Squad and a colonel from the army!”

“I know him. He’s Steven Shaw, the Colonel of North Hampton’s First Metallic Regiment.”

“And that’s Xavier Fields, the Captain of Patrol Squad!”

Everyone’s scalps tingled with unease at that moment. I can’t believe Steven Shaw and Xavier Field is here!

Both men were having a meeting nearby. They rushed over as soon as they were made aware of the situation.

The two fearsome men came to a halt in front of Levi and saluted him.

The crowd could not be more amazed. Who is Levi Garrison, actually? Why are all these remarkable men in society showing such great respect towards him? Even Mr. Jesse nearly rush back to the country from abroad for him. Levi’s authority is beyond our comprehension.

A hint of terror glinted in everyone’s eyes as they looked at Levi. The lowly criminal has become a powerful figure in just a few minutes.

Chloe’s body shivered as she stood beside Levi. Her legs felt heavy as lead, rooting her to her spot. She finally understood the hidden meaning behind Levi’s explanation earlier. He said he’s dealing with firearms. If I think further from that perspective, Levi may be a high-ranking officer in the military.

She did not dare to imagine further.

“Bring them away and never let me see them again.” Levi commanded nonchalantly.

Draco complied without a moment to waste. “I will discipline this useless son of mine. He will not cause any trouble from now on!”

Everyone glanced at Crystal simultaneously.

Crystal knew she was doomed. I made a terrible decision in offending this man.

Draco and the others left swiftly after. But Levi asked for Steven Shaw to stay.

Steven stood politely beside Levi, admiring his idol. “Please give your orders, Sir!” Steven Shaw said.

Levi scratched his nose before he said, “I need one hundred thousand men next week. Convey my request to the regiment.”

Levi was preparing his secret weapon to defeat the Garrison family.

Steven Shaw was shocked. But he nodded in agreement anyway. “I will accomplish this mission!”

The private room was already cleaned up by the time Steven Shaw left. The restaurant staff even changed the tablecloth for Levi’s table.

Everyone tensed up as they eyed Levi nervously.

They knew Levi had the ability to destroy their future and career with a single word.

“Let’s relax ourselves. This is a gathering, am I right? Let’s enjoy the reunion then.” Levi smiled.

Chloe immediately took the initiative to smooth things over. “Let’s take our seats and pretend as if that incident earlier never happened.”

Everyone’s movements were stiff as they returned to their seats.

Jed, Wayne, and the others who sided with Stephan earlier were trying their best to diminish their presence.

Earlier, all of them felt the urge to bootlick Stephan to win over his favor, but none of them had the courage to do the same to Levi.

“They should be serving the dishes by now. I’m getting hungry already.” Levi raised his tone.

Levi helped himself to the food after the dishes were served on the table.

He ate without a care for his image or any dining etiquettes, but no one had the guts to laugh at him.

Levi soon realized he was the only person eating inside the room. Everyone else was tensed and quiet.

He got up from his seat after he was done. “I’m full now. I’ll take my leave first.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 64
Chloe wanted to send him back, but Levi rejected her offer.

Noises erupted inside the private room after Levi’s departure.

“Oh my God! What just happened? Levi Garrison is so scary.”

“The Head Secretary of North Hampton, the Captain of Patrol Squad, they were all here. You guys must be so ashamed now, attempting to hook him up with a job.”

Jed, Wayne, and the others were beyond embarrassed by that comment.

“Oh? Is this the cigarette Levi was puffing on? I’ve never seen this brand before.” Someone picked up the empty box and asked curiously.

“You’re an idiot. This is a cigarette available only for military personnel. Moreover, this must be a rare edition limited only to the high-ranking officers based on the label.”

“What’s his current status, I wonder? He’s so intimidating.”

“He’s truly an impressive man. He was a successful person six years ago. Now, his achievements are even greater than before!”

Chloe did not join in the discussion. Mixed emotions churned in her chest as she felt grateful and regretful at the same time.

Her phone rang all of a sudden. It was a call from Levi.

“Morris Atkinson did not attend the gathering today?” He asked.

Morris Atkinson was Levi’s classmate as well as his best friend. He stayed by Levi’s side throughout high school and their university years.

Morris contributed to the establishment and success of Levi Group in the past. But after Levi was tricked by the Garrison family, Matthew Green and the others betrayed him. So Levi assumed Morris to have betrayed him as well since he was the vice president.

Levi attended the reunion with the sole intention of meeting with Morris Atkinson. But he did not expect him to be missing.

“Huh? It’s only natural that Morris Atkinson won’t be able to attend.” Chloe replied, surprised by Levi’s question.

“Why not?” Levi frowned.

“He passed away, didn’t he?” Chloe reverted the question back to Levi. I even suggested everyone not to mention Morris’ name at the gathering in advance because I did not want to dampen the mood.

“Passed away?” Levi was caught in utter astonishment.

“Ah. You really don’t know? Not long after your imprisonment, the Garrison family and Levi Group confronted each other. The news of Morris jumping off a building was made aware to the public shortly after. It was said he committed suicide because he was afraid of facing the punishment for his crime.” Chloe explained.

“What? Something like that happened?” Levi asked astoundingly. I did not investigate this matter because I knew the Garrison family orchestrated everything. So I was oblivious to Morris’ death. But if that’s the case, perhaps Morris did not betray me after all. Someone must have driven him to his death. It is impossible for Morris to commit suicide out of fear of punishments!

“Alright. I understand now.” Levi hung up the phone. Then he contacted Azure Dragon to investigate the matter immediately.

Azure Dragon reported back to him after a few seconds: Morris Atkinson swore to protect Levi Group with his life. But the Garrison family set him up and forced him to jump off a building. The media falsified the news of Morris Atkinson’s embezzlement of company funds to engage in secret affairs. News reported him to have committed suicide out of fear of facing punishment.

“The Garrison family!” Levi punched a hole through the wall in anger. “I’ve misunderstood you, my brother!” Levi muttered to himself guiltily.

Zoey sensed Levi’s abnormal demeanor when he arrived home that night. She asked. “What happened to you?”

“Do you know about Morris’ death?”

Zoey was stunned. “I thought you knew all along.”

Levi elaborated. “I was only made aware of it earlier tonight.”

“Please do not act impulsively. Just let go of the past!” Zoey was afraid Levi would seek revenge against the Garrison family.

“He was my best friend! He’s dead because of me. How can you expect me to let go of this so easily? I will never forgive the Garrison family!” Levi said menacingly.

Zoey consoled him right away. “You need to calm down. Our business is still developing. We do not have the power to confront the Garrison family at the moment.”

Levi responded in an tone. “The one-month period I gave them will be up in another week. I will have them pay the price for what they did to Morris at his grave by that time!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 65
The next day.

Azure Dragon accompanied Levi to Morris Atkinson’s grave.

Morris was not buried in a proper cemetery because of the Garrison family’s interference. He was simply buried in a secluded spot in the wild. Weeds had since covered his long-unattended grave.

Perhaps this grave will no longer be distinguishable after a few more years. ”I am here to see you, my brother!” Levi said loudly. You were my first comrade-in-arms to weather the battlefield-like business world. No one will ever comprehend the bond we shared.

Levi cleared the weeds on Morris’ grave with his own hands and fixed his gravestone.

Levi took a limited-edition bottle of wine available only in the army and sat in front of his grave.

“Let’s share this quality wine today, my brother.” Levi gulped the content after he spoke.

“Azure Dragon, inform everyone in the Garrison family to pay the price for their terrible deeds here after six days.” Levi commanded.

“Understood, Sir.” Azure Dragon nodded.

“Kirin, ask Nueve to bring a few men here to fix up this grave. I cannot allow my brother’s grave to be in such a shabby condition!” Levi told Kirin.

Then he continued to drink the bottle of wine while taking a stroll down memory lane. I made a promise to Morris that I would provide him with the most luxurious Rolls-Royce during his wedding.

Levi stayed at Morris’ grave for almost an entire day.

“Let’s go and visit Morris’ parents.” Levi straightened himself.

“I’ve located his parents, Sir. They are staying in a village not far away from the city.” Azure Dragon reported.

Levi grimaced. “What? Morris’ parents worked as governmental staff in the past. They own a house in the city. So why are they staying in a village now?”

Azure Dragon hesitated briefly before he continued. “The Garrison family is behind this. They revoked his parents’ ownership of the house and their pension. So they had no other choice but to move to the village and are now barely surviving.”

Levi’s expression darkened. The Garrison family drove Morris’ parents to the brink of desperation! They would’ve been dead if not for their old age. I must destroy that wretched family!

“Let’s go! I want to visit them. I think of them as my own parents now. Anyone who dares to lay a finger on them will face certain death!” Azure Dragon and Kirin trembled fearfully as they listened to Levi’s unforgiving words. It’s been a very long time since he was so mad. I remember the last time was when he single-handedly faced the strongest battalion from those eighteen countries.

Nueve led a group of men to the spot and refurbished the grave shortly after the trio left.

Trey and all the other mafia bosses from different gangs followed Nueve. They brought no lesser than three hundred men with them. After all, it is our obligation to fulfil the task Mr. Levi gave us.

The village was not far away from North Hampton but was significantly more rural compared to the city.

The people staying in that lawless area all came from complicated backgrounds.

Homeless people and provocatively-dressed women filled the dirty alleyways.

Levi felt a heart-wrenching pain as he took in the surroundings. How can Morris’ parents live in such a place?

He finally found Morris’ parents abode in a small building with a total of thirty square meters located deep in an alleyway.

“Cough up the money now, you old fools! You’re the only family left who haven’t pay the fee!” Levi and the others heard the commotion from afar.

They realized what was happening after they entered the courtyard.

A few thugs with blonde hair were collecting protection fees from Morris’ parents.

The two of them had visibly aged from when Levi last saw them six years ago. It was obvious they had suffered greatly.

“Please give us a little more time. We will receive our subsistence allowance soon. I will make sure to pay you first by that time!” Morris’ father, Rowen Atkinson, was begging for mercy.

“Damn you! You told me the same thing last time.” The leader of the gang raised his hand to slap Mr. Atkinson.

The Return of God of War Chapter 66
His hand was stopped in mid-air as Levi caught his wrist firmly.

“Who the hell are you? Let go of me right away!” The leader of the gang threatened.


Levi punched his face forcefully. His head snapped back and blood spurted everywhere.

The thug yelped in pain.

Kirin and Azure Dragon handled the rest of the thugs.

All of them scrambled away from the scene on all fours.

The leader of the gang yelled before he fled. “Damn you, old man! How dare you call for backup. I will summon Tiger here. Just you wait!”

They then left instantly.

Mr. Atkinson and his wife closed their eyes hopelessly.

Tiger was the boss in charge of the village. He had no lesser than fifty thugs working for him. And he had the guts to do as he pleased around the area.

Tiger and his subordinates maintained a living by collecting protection fees from the villagers. Anyone who did not submit the fees or was late to hand in the money would get beaten up or even crippled at times.

Tiger was a cruel man who had his share of living behind bars. His name would invoke fear in all of the villagers.

“Thank you, young man. You should leave while you can.” Rowen said.

“Uncle, Aunt, it’s me! Levi Garrison!” Levi introduced himself passionately.

“Levi? Is it really you? This is great. It’s so good to see you after so long!” Rowen and his wife were on the verge of tears. Our dearest son, our only hope in this world, is gone. Seeing Levi now reminds us of Morris. Oh, Morris!

“Uncle, Aunt, please do not worry from now on. I will take care of you for the rest of your life in Morris’ stead. No one will ever dare to lay a finger on both of you!”

Anger surged within Levi when he noticed the bruises on the old couple’s necks. Bastards! They did not show any mercy to these elderlies!

Rowen glanced at the ground floor and said in a hurry. “Levi, you should leave immediately. They must have informed Tiger. He will be here soon.”

“He’s right. Your lives will be in danger once Tiger is here. That man is ruthless. You might even get crippled by him. Leave now while you can, my child!”

Morris’ mother nudged Levi for him to run away.

“Uncle, Aunt, what will the both of you do if I leave?” Levi asked.

“Do not worry about us. We will at most suffer a beating. Moreover, our lives aren’t valuable anymore. You should survive and return to clear Morris’ name. Avenge him!” Rowen was tear-stricken as he talked.

Levi comforted them. “Fret not. I am now strong enough to protect the both of you and avenge Morris at the same time.”

“That’s not going to work. You’ve never seen Tiger in action. He even has the courage to murder someone!”

I see. This Tiger has instilled fear in everyone’s mind upon hearing his name. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson are trembling at the mention of Tiger. That means he must have bullied them frequently. Levi thought to himself.

“Please leave now. We do not want to trouble you with this matter!” Morris’ mother was anxious. She urged them to leave while glancing at the ground floor from time to time.

“Uncle, Aunt. Please calm down. Nothing will happen now that I’m here. I want to meet this Tiger in person as well.” Levi turned to look at Kirin. “Ask Nueve and his men to come here.”

Kirin nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Go. Go now! It’s dangerous for you to stay.”

“No, wait. It’s too late now. They’re already here!” Rowen said frightfully.

Over ten men, wielding batons and all kinds of weapons, entered their vision. The scary man leading the group was wearing a singlet. The tattoo of a tiger was clearly visible on his torso. “Who the hell punched my brother? Show yourself this instance!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 67
Tiger roared at the top of his lungs some distance away.

The other residents hurriedly shut their windows in fear. They wanted nothing to do with the mess.

The two elderlies grasped Levi’s arms as they heard Tiger’s voice.

Levi patted them. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Tiger and his men reached the staircase swiftly, where Kirin and Azure Dragon were standing guard.

Tiger’s face turned sour when he saw Kirin and Azure Dragon’s imposing manner.

He sensed danger from the menacing aura exuding from their bodies.

“Who hit my brother?” He asked.

Tiger was furious because no one had ever dared to defy him in the village. He had always gotten his way each and every time. So it was an unprecedented scenario for his subordinate to be hit by another person. That’s the reason why he came to seek revenge in person.

Levi said with a smile. “It was me.”

“Aren’t you the daredevil? Are you Rowen’s relative? How dare you call for help to beat up my subordinate, Rowen Atkinson? I will torture you and your wife to my heart’s content!” Tiger threatened the old couple blatantly in front of Levi.

Rowen and his wife were scared out of their wits. They begged for mercy right away. “Please forgive my nephew, Mr. Tiger. I beg of you. I promise there will be no next time.”

“I can forgive him if you pay me five hundred thousand for the medical fee. I will call it even if each of them breaks one of their arms.” Tiger sneered.

“What? Five hundred thousand?” The couple of elderlies were dumbstruck with terror. “You can’t do that! They are still young. So please don’t break their arms. Please break our arms instead!” Tears streamed down Rowen’s cheeks as he begged Tiger.

“That’s not going to work! Your arms are not as worthy as theirs. Hey! Are the three of you deaf? Don’t force me to break your arms myself!” Tiger’s lips curled upward maliciously.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The sound of tires screeching reverberated in the alleyway as multiple cars closed in on the area.

The sound attracted Tiger and his men’s attention. They turned around to look at the source of the noise.

More than ten vans skidded to a stop.

Countless men rushed out from the vans and dashed into the courtyard.

Click. Click. Click…

The men assembled themselves around the narrow space and surrounded Tiger and his subordinates. The newcomers glared at the thugs with a baton in each of their hands.

“Mr… Mr. Tiger… I’ve counted their numbers. They have around two hundred people here, not counting the other one hundred standing outside.” A thug reported shakily.

“What? three hundred people?” Tiger and the other thugs were astounded.

They scanned the surroundings and discovered a problem. Every one of these men is huge and muscular. I can tell that they are skilled fighters because of the sinister aura they are giving off. These people are on a completely different level compared to us. Each of them can defeat five of us effortlessly.

“What’s going on here?” Tiger was trembling in fear as well.

At that moment, a smaller group of people appeared. Nueve walked in front with three other mafia bosses following closely behind him.

“Lord Nueve? And that’s Trey and two other Mafia bosses from North Hampton?” Tiger recognized the powerful men because he was an experienced thug. I am at most qualified to be Trey’s subordinate, while Nueve is certainly a figure far beyond my reach.

“What brings you here, Lord Nueve?” Tiger greeted him politely with a bow.

But Nueve completely disregarded Tiger. He walked towards the staircase and addressed Levi courteously. “Please give us your orders, Mr. Levi.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 68
“What?” Tiger and his men were caught in disbelief as they witnessed the scene unfolded in front of their eyes. Lord Nueve is so polite towards him. Who is that young man?

Everyone was dumbfounded, including the Atkinsons. They stared at Levi incredulously. I can tell these people are far more capable than Tiger based on his reaction. But even they had to pay respect to Levi.

Levi merely waved his hand. “They bullied my godfather and godmother. I’ll let you handle the rest.”

He led the old couple into the house after he spoke.

Nueve turned around slowly and smiled at Tiger and his men ominously after he received the instruction. “Beat them up. Show no mercy!”

Tiger and his subordinates almost passed out from hearing Nueve’s words.

“Rush them!”

Tiger and his gang members were helpless facing the crowd. The fighters barely warmed up themselves, but Tiger’s party was already lying on the ground.

Nueve’s men hit their opponents with batons mercilessly.

Tiger received the worst beating. Soon, he was lying in a pool of blood as his body twitched continuously.

His men received a similar fate.

Levi could not care less about the things happening outside the house because he had faith in Nueve’s competency in dealing with the men and cleaning up the mess. I am quite sure I will not see a drop of blood on the floor by the time I walk through the door.

“You are so impressive, Levi.” Rowen looked at Levi in amazement.

Levi smiled. “Be rest assured, Uncle. I have the capabilities now. I will make the entire Garrison family kneel before Morris’ grave six days later to pay the price for their terrible deeds!”

“Huh?” Rowen thought the idea was unthinkable. But he felt a tiny bit of hope after what happened earlier.

“Uncle, Aunt, I hope I can have the honor of referring the both of you as my godparents from now on. We will move out of this place tonight!”

Levi brought the Atkinsons away shortly after.

The courtyard was spotless as Levi expected. Moreover, there wasn’t a single trace of the crowd left behind in the courtyard.

Levi arranged for Rowen and his wife to stay in a five star hotel that night. He planned to purchase a new villa for them the next day.

Meanwhile, the Garrison family received Levi’s invitation.

Bryan Garrison said mockingly, “Levi has the guts to summon all of us to kneel before Morris Atkinson’s grave. He must be dreaming!”

Joseph responded nonchalantly. “Levi does not have a clue about the Garrison family’s influence, after all.”

“Haha, I can’t wait to see the desperate expression on Levi’s face six days later!” Ben and Jaycob laughed out loud.

Rick was a meticulous man so he couldn’t help but asked. “Bryan, are you absolutely sure Nueve is the man who is supporting Levi?”

Bryan reassured him. “I am certain about that, Uncle. Nueve went to clean up Morris Atkinson’s grave today and even visited his parents’ house in the village. I also heard Nueve beat up the gang leader, Tiger, who’s in charge of that area. So I’m sure Nueve is the person! There’s no mistake about this.”

Rick nodded. “That’s a weight off my chest in that case. But we should proceed with caution nonetheless.”

“Don’t worry, Rick. I’ve contacted Jack Smith earlier. He promised to come in person and bring along all his men to support us.” Joseph put on a wicked smile. “Levi Garrison, we had our ways of ruining your life six years ago. Now, we will force you to realize how easily we can muck up your life again.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 69
The next day.

Levi contacted Chloe, but all he could hear was her mumbling through the speaker as if she was occupied.

“Tell me your location. I’ll come find you.” Levi said impatiently.

“I’m at North Hampton city center’s Sue’s Western Cuisine Restaurant.” Chloe informed Levi of her whereabouts.

Levi drove his car towards the aforementioned restaurant immediately.

Meanwhile, in Sue’s Western Cuisine Restaurant.

Chloe sat at a table awkwardly.

A middle-aged couple sat beside her. They were her parents, Theodore Macy and Suzy Shorts.

A young man and another middle-aged couple sat opposite them.

Chloe’s parents had forced her to attend a blind date. She was closing in on her 30s, after all. So it was understandable why her parents are starting to get anxious. The young man seated opposite her was Vernon Tate. He has a net worth of over ten million, and owned five properties across North Hampton.

Vernon Tate was determined to get what he wanted for the blind date today.

Although Chloe was an excellent woman, Vernon was certain that he was still better than her. His parents shared the same sentiment, which explained their relatively arrogant attitude during the meeting.

Theodore Macy and Suzy Shorts were satisfied with Vernon Tate as their potential son-in-law.

“If you do not have any objection, Theodore, let’s allow the young ones to get together.” Vernon’s father, Larry Tate, said.

“Ah? That’s great! Vernon is an outstanding young man. He’s the right man for our daughter.” Chloe’s parents were delighted.

Chloe knew Vernon was a good fit for her in every aspect. But the thought of someone flashed across her mind all of a sudden. She immediately rejected the idea. “No way. I think we still need more time to understand one another.”

“What? How much further do you need to understand one another? You’re sufficiently familiar with each other by now.” Chloe’s rejection did not amuse Larry and Vernon Tate.

“This is moving too fast. We’ve only known each other for less than a month!” Chloe steeled her resolution.

Vernon looked at Chloe surprisingly. “We can always get to know each other better after we start dating. Moreover, I think we are already familiar with one another. We are not getting younger, after all. I believe our relationship is heading towards marriage.”

Theodore, Larry and their wives nodded in agreement. “He’s right.”

At that moment, a figure arrived at the scene.

The man was none other than Levi Garrison.

He grabbed Chloe’s arm and ordered assertively. “Follow me. I need to talk to you about something.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Chloe.

She did not expect Levi to be in such a rush to the extent of grabbing her by force.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Let go of her!” Larry Tate was the first to regain his senses.

Theodore and Suzy eyed Levi curiously. “Who is he, Chloe? He looks a little familiar.”

Chloe answered helplessly. “He’s Levi Garrison.”

Chloe’s parents were taken aback. “What? Levi Garrison? No wonder he looks familiar. What is he doing here? Why are you still keeping contact with him?”

“We… we used to be in the same class. It’s only natural we kept in touch.” Chloe explained.

Larry Tate questioned immediately. “What is the meaning of this, Theodore? Did you arrange for Chloe to undergo two blind dates at the same time?”

Levi finally grasped the situation.

Theodore quickly clarified. “That’s not it. He’s her ex-classmate. Moreover, he’s nothing compared to Vernon. Levi is just a poor loser who’s fresh out of prison. He doesn’t even have a job.”

Larry Tate’s expression softened significantly upon hearing that. They could not help the exaggerated reaction because they sensed the odd emotions glinted in Chloe’s eyes upon Levi’s arrival.

The Return of God of War Chapter 70

Vernon Tate breathed a sigh of relief. He sized up Levi mockingly. “So, your friend is jobless, Chloe? I do have a security guard position available in my company. I’ll offer him six thousand a month because he’s your friend. His physique is perfect for the job. What do you say?”

Levi ignored him. He apologized to Chloe. “I’m sorry to have interrupted your blind date.”

Chloe shook her head. “That’s alright. Did something happen?”

“I am buying a house for an uncle and aunt of mine. So I came to you.” Levi said.

“Oh. I see. I didn’t know you have an uncle and aunt looking for a house? Hehe…”

Vernon and Larry sneered. A house? I guess Levi can at most afford the tiniest apartment in this city. Any place over two million will be impossible in his case.

From Theodore and Suzy’s perspective, they thought Levi was looking for Chloe because he wanted a special offer. Chloe is a manager, so she has the authority to give out special discounts. There has been plenty of people looking for her to buy a house in the last few years because of this reason alone. Those people can save up to a few hundred thousand at times because of Chloe. Levi must be here for the special offer.

“I understand now. You’re not satisfied with just Bayview Garden, I suppose?” Chloe was an experienced sales agent. She figured out Levi’s intention after listening to him. He’s looking for a villa. Otherwise, he could’ve directly purchased a house at the Bayview Garden Real Estate Agency.

“Yes.” Levi nodded.

“I do have a few properties that might interest you. I’ll bring you to our company now.” Chloe then turned to look at the people seated around the table. “Uncle Larry, aunt, I’ll be back soon. I have to handle this matter now.”

Larry got up from his seat and suggested with a smile. “Why don’t we accompany you? We can take a look at your workplace as well. What do you say?”

“Let us join you, Chloe.” Vernon sounded excited. Then he glanced at Levi tauntingly.

Chloe did not agree to their request immediately. Instead, she turned to look at Levi as a gesture to seek his opinion.

Levi nodded. “Sure. Let’s go together.”

“Alright. We’ll go together then.”

Vernon paid for the bill before exiting the restaurant.

He said nonchalantly with the receipt in his hand. “A meal for six people that costs less than five thousand. This is cheap.”

Theodore added cheerfully. “You must have luxurious meals even on normal days to consider this as a cheap meal, Vernon.”

Vernon glanced at Levi before he replied. “Indeed. I spend at least two thousand for every meal because of my work.”

Chloe’s parents could not be fonder of Vernon.

Chloe said to Levi when they arrived at the underground parking lot. “I’ll fetch you there.”

“Okay. No problem. You are more familiar with the destination anyway.”

In the end, Chloe fetched her parents and Levi, while Vernon brought his parents as they headed towards their destination.

They were almost at the suburbs after driving continuously for over an hour.

Vernon and his father scoffed. “We’re almost at the suburbs now. I’m afraid he’s going to buy a house in the village.”

Vernon’s mother added. “He should consider himself lucky to be able to afford a house.”

But half an hour later, Chloe’s car came to a halt in front of a villa area.

“Why are we here, Chloe? I thought your friend is going to buy a house?” Vernon asked curiously after getting out of his car.

Chloe looked at him in astonishment. “We are here to buy a villa!”

Silence filled the air following Chloe’s explanation.

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