The Return of God of War Chapter 611-620

The Return of the God of War Chapter 611

The Davies family and the other family members were dumbfounded.

What kind of identity does he hold that can make Leslie so afraid?

What exactly is his background?

The Davies were all trembling with fear.

Leslie wasn’t as afraid even when the two masked men pulled the earlier godlike tricks, but he got so scared after the man’s identity is revealed.

Why is that?

Jacky must be someone very powerful!

At this moment, Leslie had no more doubt about Jacky‘s desire to take over South City.

He did not think there was any sort of exaggeration as Jacky could totally achieve it his capacity!

Jacky smiled and said, “As long as you obey me and do what I ask, I promise that the Davies family will prosper. In the future, you can replace whoever you want in South City!”

“Thank you, Jacky! The Davies family will do anything you ask of come hell or high water!”

Leslie was overjoyed.

Despite the earlier fright, the Davies family could see a complete change in its fate and prosper by following Jacky.

Leslie immediately patted Derek on the shoulder, and said, ”Make a dinner reservation for tonight at the best restaurant in South City to welcome Jacky!”

“Okay! I promise it won’t be a let-down!”

Derek sprang into action right away.

Meanwhile, Jacky readily accepted their arrangement, and stayed at the Davies family’s residence.

Afterward, Leslie went to Jacky’s bedroom with a few beautiful women.

“You may go in, but these women need to get lost!“ the two masked men said coldly at the door of the bedroom.

Shocked, Leslie simpered and said, “You‘ve misunderstood. I’ve pot them here for Jacky!”

“Master isn’t a promiscuous man. He particularly dislikes this type of ordinary woman!” replied the masked man in white indifferently.

“That’s right. If you want to pledge your allegiance, it must at least be the most beautiful woman in South City, so that it may interest him!” the other man echoed.

“Oh, I see.”

Leslie was floored.
Every single man from the prominent families and major forces he met was lecherous.

So it was the test time he met one so chaste and virtuous like Jacky!

Those who had such a strong ability to resist a temptation were the ones who really did great things.

On second thought, he came 1’rom that particular force, so of course, he could resist temptations.

Training from an early age allowed Jacky to turn it into a habit.

Therefore, he would never waste his time on alcohol and women!

After a short while, Derek returned and went to Leslie.

”Dad, who exactly is Jacky?”

He was not the only curious one, as the other members of the Davies family were curious as well after having seen how frightened Leslie was following the revelation of Jacky’s identity.

Leslie took a deep breath and said, ”Listen up, then…”


Upon hearing it, everyone’s eyes were popping out of their heads.


Derek even fell to the ground with fear.

“Let me warn all of you, we must ensure that nothing goes wrong while helping Jacky out, lest we’ll be doomed!”


Everyone in the Davies family nodded their heads in unison.

In the evening, the Davies host a welcome dinner for Jacky at the most luxurious restaurant in South City.

After the dinner, Jacky announced with a grin, “Let‘s go find Stone Buddha!”

Both Leslie and Derek froze for a moment!”

Is he going to lake it ou1 on Stone Buddha so soon?

This is way too fast, isn’t it?

“Let’s go. Are you afraid?” Jacky’s lips curled into a smile. “No, Jacky. This way, please!”
Leslie bit the bullet and showed him the way.

Soon, they came to Jagged Club.

“Tonight’s the time to change the owner here!” declared Jacky as he looked at the plaque of Jagged Club and laughed arrogantly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 612

As soon as Jacky finished speaking, a bodyguard behind him suddenly rushed forward.


He halved the plaque of Jagged Club with a single kick!

The sight sent few coursing through the Davies.

How impudent!

No one in South City had ever dared to challenge Brock like this!

Jacky was seemingly set to create havoc in South City!

However, as someone in his capacity, he absolutely had the right to do so!

The loud noise from damaging the plaque of Jagged Club attracted a lot of attention.


Hundreds of people rushed out of the underground boxing arena and surrounded Jacky and his party.

The man leading the group asked coldly, “Did you damage the plaque?”

“Yes, I did!” Jacky grinned.

“Insolent fool! How dare you! Do you know what this place is?”

The group lashed out at them.

They did not understand why someone actually had the nerve to cause a scene here.

With the prayer beads in his hand, Jacky replied with a smile, “Yes, I do! I just wanted to give this place a new owner!”


His words baffled everyone. Give this place a new owner?
Doesn’t that mean he wants to drive Brock away?

Who does he think he is?

How dare he even think of doing so!

“Guys, take down this group of shameless brats!”

Under the command of the leader, hundreds of people rushed over.

Derek and Leslie were so scared that they hid behind Jacky’s party.

Considering that Jacky had only brought twelve men over, they could not help but wonder if he and his men could handle the group of hundreds.

Not to mention that Brock also had hundreds of top fighters.
Seeing hundreds of people charging at him, Jacky remained calm without even batting an eyelash.

Other than the two masked experts behind him, the other ten bodyguards stepped forward to fight.

What happened next left Leslie and the others in shock.

These ten men are actually so strong that they are on the winning side, even though there are hundreds of opponents.

Very soon, the hundreds of people were defeated and hid in the underground boxing arena.

“Let’s go in!”

Jacky led everyone into the underground boxing arena.

At this moment, there was a boxing match going on with a large audience.

But everyone’s attention was attracted by the ruckus in the arena.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The security guards of the underground boxing arena were seen flying through the air from outside.

Then a group of people emerged. Everyone looked over.
“What happened?”

“Oh no, someone’s here to cause a scene! Inform Stone Buddha now!”

Before long, Stand Buddha was made aware of the situation, and went to the arena with all his experts.

“How dare you come to make trouble at my place, Leslie Davies!” shouted Brock coldly after he recognized Leslie at a glance.


Terrified, Leslie Was stumped.

He could not have a conversation with Brock.

Meanwhile, Jacky spoke, “I made him come here! Look over here!”


Brock was stunned.

Everyone started to scrutinize Jacky.

No one had expected that he was the head.

Besides, he did not look like he was from South City as he did not look familiar.

“Stone Buddha, they’ve damaged the plaque and claimed that they want to give this place a new owner!” a subordinate immediately told Brock what happened.

Brock took a look at Jacky.

“That’s right, I did it. You’re Brock Green, right? You‘ve occupied this place for a long time. It‘s time for this place to get a new owner!” he said calmly, but his words were domineering.

There were really no young people in South City who had the nerve to provoke Brock.

He was taken aback.

This is the first time I meet such an arrogant young man.

Other than the God of War, of course.

He‘s a God, and not a man!

Brock asked, feeling curious, ”Forgive me, but may I know who you are?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 613

Jacky suddenly stopped turning the prayer beads as he sneered, ‘You’re not worthy of knowing it!”

Such arrogance!

He’s pure arrogance!

Brock chuckled. “Young man, don’t be too arrogant. More than ten young pf3ople have died by my hands over the years!”

Jacky‘s eyes suddenly turned bright with a glen of menace. “You have two options now, Brock Green. The first one being you kneel before me and call me ’Master‘; the second, your death!”


Everyone gasped after listening to his words.

Isn’t he afraid of death by challenging Brock like this?

Brock laughed.

A man next to him immediately shouted in angler, “Who do you think you are? How dare you be so arrogant in front of Master?”

Right after he finished speaking, the masked master in white next to Jacky suddenly glared at him.

In an instant, he turned into a blur of motion and appeared in front of that man, raising and swinging his knife.

By the time he put away his knife, he had already returned to Jacky’s side.

His movement was too fast to be captured by the naked eye.

Everyone thought he had been standing at the same spot and never moved at all while merely glaring at the man.


A severed head fell to the ground, while blood spewed all over the place, splattering the faces of everyone around the man.

Such a gruesome sight scared them out of their wits.

How can he kill someone with just one look?

Having seen it for the second time, Leslie and Derek were still thunderstruck.

The expression on Brock turned solemn as he said, “What lightning speed he has!”

He was one of the few people at the scene to have really seen what happened.

“Kneel or death?” prompted Jacky.

“Humph! Over our dead bodies!”

The Beast of Death and the Wolf King showed up at that moment.

Although Hades had become Levi’s subordinate, Brock was still the strongest having these two experts by his side.

“Kill them!”

As soon as Jacky gave the order, the two masked experts rushed over.

Wolf King and the Beast of Death also made their moves.

The masked expert in white was much faster than the Wolf King.

After they passed each other on the path, there was a slit on the latter’s neck.


The Wolf King collapsed to the ground and died.

Meanwhile, the masked expert in black was going head-to-head with the Beast of Death.

He got punched in the chest while he landed a punch on the Beast of Death.

He was fine, but the latter was not as his chest suddenly exploded.

Brock’s two strongest experts died in an instant.

The two experts who had never suffered any loss in the Eastern Death matches were as fragile as glass.


At this moment, everyone was struck dumb, including the hundreds of experts behind Brock.

Since the two of them can’t defeat them, it’s even more impossible for us to defeat them!

Brock was shocked to the core.

I can’t afford to cross this man!

“May I know why do you come to South City?” Brock asked calmly.

A devilish smile appeared on Jacky’s face. ”I want to be the boss of South City! I heard that you’re the strongest here, so I came to you first!“


Brock’s breathing turned heavy.

Although this man is arrogant, he has the ability to do so!

”I admit that I’m no match for you! But it’s impossible that I’ll allow you to swallow the entire South City up!“


Jacky was intrigued.

“Because South City isn’t a place where you can simply cause troubles! I advise you to leave as soon as possible, or you will die!” urged Brock.


Jacky burst into laughter. His men followed suit.
“What I said is true! There’s a very powerful man here in South City. Regardless of who you are, you‘re no match for him!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 614

Brock knew about Levi.

No matter what powerful background Jacky had, he would be doomed after crossing Levi!

Moreover, Jacky was targeting the territory in South City, which was a behavior that the God of War hated most.

They would definitely meet, and Jacky would die!

“Alright. Who’s that man? Tell me, so that I can go to him!” Jacky asked with a smile.

He believed no one in South City could stop him.

“It’s better you not know! Take my advice, leave South City now!” Brock urged again.

“Kill him!”

As a man of action, Jacky gave the order to his man, and the masked expert in white instantly turned into a blur of motion.


With a flash of the blade, Brock slowly slumped to the ground.

Before he died, he pointed at Jacky and uttered, “So you’re…”

Thud. Brock’s body fell stiffly on the ground.

Apparently, he recognized who Jacky was the moment before he died.

The entire underground boxing arena was in chaos.

“Calm down, everyone! From now on, I’ll take over here! Those who join me won’t be mistreated!” Jacky shouted.

“At your service, Sir!” hundreds of people shouted at the top of their lungs as they got down on their knees.

After taking over Jagged Club, Jacky looked at Leslie and asked, “Who‘s that man Brock Green said?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of such a person in South City! I think he made it up to scare you away!” replied Leslie.

One of Jacky’s men also said, “We’ve checked before coming, Sir. There’s no such a person!”

“Alright, then. Let’s go to our next stop—the Grandmaster!”

Jacky’s eyes were glinting with cold malice.

It was definitely a night where South City was left to twist in the wind!

A force that suddenly appeared first killed the Stone Buddha and then beheaded the Grandmaster in a whirlwind!

More than a dozen forces were instantly destroyed in a row!

Twenty-seven underground boxing arenas and hundreds of territories were all taken over by Jacky.

What happened this time was far more damaging than the fall of Scott‘s faction and Triple Group.

At least, the two previous events did not affect anyone else.

This lime, not only were many affected, but Jacky and his party were also extremely cruel!

Anyone who did not submit would be killed mercilessly!

Within a short period of time, everyone was consumed by panic and fear.

All the powerful families grew anxious as they were worried that troubles would come to them, and they might be the next one to die.

The fact that both the big shots, Brock and the Grandmaster, were killed showed just how terrifyingly strong Jacky was.

Most importantly, they did not know the real identity of this force as they could not find out anything about them!

Leslie and Derek were more in shock than anyone else because they followed Jacky the entire time he quelled more than a dozen forces.

They even witnessed how Jacky killed Brock and the Grandmaster,

He’s so strong!

Unbelievably strong!

They grew pleasantly surprised.

It’s such a stroke of luck that our family actually gets selected randomly by Jacky.

Jacky asked the Davies to take care of the territories he had taken over, which was a huge leap forward for them in every aspect.

Jacky Was satisfied with his accomplishments tonight, but he was not proud, as if he had done something commonplace.

Upon return, Jacky made a phone call, and respectfully said, “Master, I’ve wiped out the underworld of South City according to your instructions! Please give me your further instructions!”

”Very well. You have free rein to do whatever you want next. Just wait for me to go to South City myself!“ an old voice was heard saying from the other end of the line.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 615

“Understood, Master! I’ll definitely not let you down!”

Jacky was thrilled.

Meanwhile, Leslie and Derek lowered their heads as if they had done something wrong, feeling horrified deep down.

Someone else’s coming, and it’s even Jacky’s master?

Considering that Jacky is so strong himself, his master must be ready powerful!

News about what happened quickly spread the next day.

Russell deliberately went to the Black family and reminded them, “Recently, a group of mysterious force has come to South City. Even Brock Green and the Grandmaster have been killed. Be extra careful, everyone!”

While shocked, they made a mental note of what Russell had said.

Thinking of something, Meredith could not help but say, “I have to get Zoey a bodyguard! It’s so dangerous recently! I must make sure nothing happens to her!“

After a short pause, she added, “Moreover, having a bodyguard can also keep Levi away from Zoey!”

Robert smiled. ’That would be killing two birds with one stone!”

Hesitating, Meredith sad, “We can’t take this matter lightly. The bodyguard must be the best in all aspects, and preferably a woman. Jennie, Logan, since the two of you know a lot of people, can you look for a suitable candidate?”

Jennie flashed her a smile. “You’re in good hands, Grandma. There just happened to be a good fit in our social circle recently!”

“Oh, really?”

Meredith was taken aback.

”Recently, I met a woman, who used to be a soldier and has just retired from the front line of the West! She‘s nicknamed Female Hades, and is said to defeat a hundred opponents alone!” said Jennie.

“She’s the one then! Hurry up and get her here!”

It came as a pleasant surprise for Meredith.

Jennie hesitated before she replied, “The price may be a little too high, Grandma. It’s a ten million annual salary, a car, and a house. Is that alright?”

Meredith cared about Zoey a lot, so she was wiring to pay my price.

“No problem!”

Shortly after, Jennie brought the female soldier over.

Standing at a height of 1.8 meters, she gave off a strong murderous vibe.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Black, Mdm. Westbrook. My name is Sylas Whitfield! I used ID serve in the Special Force of Tiger Squad of the West Warzone! I’ve killed 277 opponents on the battlefield! Being a bodyguard is not much of a problem for me!”

With a sharp look on her face, Sylas exuded an intimidating presence.

The Blacks instantly took a fancy to her.

“Alright, Sylas, you’re hired! We have two requirements—first, keep my granddaughter safe, and second, don’t let Levi Garrison get near her. Here’s a photo of his!” Meredith said.

Sylas took the photo and glanced at it before replying, “Okay, no problem. This is an easy task. I’ll definitely get the job done!”

A look of Confidence and relaxation was apparent on Sylas’ face.

Compared to killing enemies on the battlefield, this was almost like she was taking a vacation.

Although Zoey did not want to have a bodyguard, she could not do anything as Meredith had made the arrangement.

The worst part was that Sylas had to be with her round-the-clock.

In other words, she would not have the chance to meet Levi.

As usual, when Levi came to Zoey’s office and was about to open the door to enter, he noticed a tall person who was a few centimeters shy of his height standing outside the door.

The surprising bit was that it was a woman.

”You’re not allowed to enter!” Sylas stopped him with a cold voice.

“Who are you?“ Levi asked in surprise. He had never seen this woman.
“I’m Ms. Lopez’s bodyguard!” replied Sylas.

Levi was stunned.

Since when did Zoey get a bodyguard?

”I’m her husband! You may move aside now!”

Then Levi proceeded to walk inside.

“No! I have another duty, which is to keep you away from Ms. Lopez!“

Sylas stopped him right in his tracks.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 616

Levi instantly understood what was going on.

This was a bodyguard that the Black family had hired to keep him from interacting with Zoey.

“Are you sure you can stop me?“ He chuckled.

Sylas simply glared coldly. “I‘m not even scared of fighting to the death on the battlefield, much less someone like you.”

She had already thought of 34 ways to get Levi under control.

To her, a commoner like him had no chance against her.

It was kind of a waste of her talent to send her after someone as plain as this.

Levi was taken aback for a second before grinning as he asked, “oh, you served in the army before?”

“Yes.” Sylas nodded. “In which warzone?”
He looked at Sylas a little more closely and noticed the soldier-like rage that seemed to surround her like an aura.

It was almost murderous.

She had definitely killed enemies on the battlefield before.

She must be a pro!

Sylas would normally not pay attention to someone like Levi.

However, Meredith had commanded for her to keep him away from Zoey at ally costs.

Sylas decided to get rid of him once and for all so she could worry about one less thing.

“Well, I just defeated the Tiger Squad of the West warzone about a month ago! In my three years as a soldier, I’ve killed 277 people.”

As Sylas bragged about her body count, her eyes gIinled murderously.

She wanted to scare the wits out of Levi.

She hadn’t expected for him to be completely undeterred.

Levi asked, “Oh, you’re one of that little punk Ezra’s soldiers?”

When Sylas heard him say Chief Williamson’s name, she was surprised.

He knows Chief Williamson?

Chief Williamson was the commander-in-chief of the West warzone!

He was an idol to many soldiers of the West, second only to the God of War.

But most commoners wouldn’t even know of Chief Williamson’s power.

The West warzone was on the frontlines, after all.

How could someone in South City know about him?

Wait, what did he just call Chief Williamson? Little punk?

Once she finally came to her senses, Sylas was practically radiating anger.

She was pissed.

How could he call Chief Williamson a ‘little punk’ so casually?

How rude!

Sylas glared at Levi as if she wanted to wring the life from him. ”What did you just call Chief Williamson?”

“A little punk. Why?” Levi answered nonchalantly.

He had been the one to personally train Ezra and send the latter to the West after all.

Is it wrong for me to call him a little punk?

To Sylas, however, it became extremely disrespectful.

How dare Levi insult the invincible war pod of the west?

He had to die!

“How dare you treat him with such disrespect! Apologize immediately!“ Sylas roared.

Levi frowned. ”What did I do? Why should I apologize?”

“You insulted Chief Williamson! You have no right to call someone like him a little punk!
Apologize now!“ Sylas pressed on.

Levi scoffed coldly. “Even if Ezra were right in front of me, l’d still call him a little punk! In fact, he’d be perfectly happy about it, so who are you to stop me?“

Levi was practically Ezra’s master and role model.

With just one word, Ezra would destroy entire villages and burn down forests far Levi.

If he called Ezra a little punk to his face, the latter would be happy for the rest of the week, probably.
Sylas was just getting angrier and angrier.

”I’ve already left the army and no longer wish to have any blood on my hands, so don’t push me. Are you going to apologize?” Sylas asked in a low voice.

Levi was already dead in her eyes.

Levi just chuckled. “I did nothing wrong, so no. I wo’t.”

He was feeling speechless.

Ezra was pretty good if he could create such an amazing female soldier.

She’d have been even more amazing if she could use her brain properly, though.

Since he dared to call Ezra a ’little punk’, shouldn’t she have figured out his relationship with Ezra?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 617

”Okay. You’ve brought this upon yourself,” Sylas said coldly.

She wasn’t going to hold back anymore.

Despite the small space they were in, Sylas suddenly raised her slender right leg swiftly.

At a speed like lightning and with the force of thunder, she aimed at Levi’s face.

Everything Sylas had trained for in the army was to kill.

If she acted, then it was to kill.

With this one kick, Levi would probably suffer at least a broken nose, if not a completely ruined face.

He’d definitely have to lie in the hospital for a couple months.

“You’re asking for it!“ Levi roared.

He was angry too.

Right as the kick was about to land, Zoey’s voice suddenly cried out, “No!”

Zoey had opened the door.

Sylas‘ foot stopped in midair, barely a centimeter away from the tip of Levi‘s nose.

Levi looked unruffled.

“Sylas, he’s my husband! I forbid you from hurting him!”

Zoey was trembling in fear.

Sylas put her leg down and looked at Levi, her expression icy. “I II forgive you just this once. If this happens again, I won’t hold back.”

Levi grinned. “Zoey! You saved her!”

Levi was really about to fight back just now. Sadly, Zoey had appeared in the nick of time. “You…” Sylas was furious.
You were the one in danger just now! How dare you say she saved me?

I hate you!
No wonder everyone in the Black family hated him and wanted to keep him away from Zoey.

“You’re not allowed to meet Ms. Lopez anymore. If you do, I’ll kill you on sight,” Sylas warned.

Zoey gestured for Levi to leave, indicating that she’d take care of Sylas.

After Levi left, Sylas finally calmed down. She suddenly thought of something.

How did he know about Chief Williamson? Why did he have the guts to call Chief Williamson a ’little punk‘?

He didn’t seem like he was doing it spitefully either.

In fact, it seemed like he was simply doing it out of habit.

Could he be someone important?

That’s impossible!

Why would someone with the power to call Chief Williamson a ’little punk’ be working In a plain old company?

As a guard, no less.

That was truly impossible!

He was probably just some military nerd.

It wasn‘t hard for someone like that to know so much about the military.

“Levi, was it? I won’t forget you. One day, I’ll readily teach you a lesson!”

Sylas was as short-tempered as they come, and she really couldn’t stand Levi.

Of course, Levi couldn’t care less about someone like Sylas.

She was strong, but she wouIdn’t have expected for Levi to plant a bodyguard by Zoey’s side.

He had let Hades go at first so that he could use the man to protest Zoey.

Hades was practically the perfect candidate for it.

After all, he was almost a god of war himself.

Sylas had never guessed that there was a pair of eyes in the shadows, watching her every move.

She didn’t feel a single thing.

Levi was just logistics support, so he didn’t have much to do.

He went to Kirin and Azure Dragon’s residence.

“Did you hear about what happened yesterday?“ Azure Dragon asked.

”What?” Levi asked, genuinely confused.

”Brock Green and the Grandmaster are dead! Some crazy powerful group just arrived in South City and killed the Beast of Death and the Wolf King in mere seconds! They’ve already

taken care of most o1′ the underworld and the underground boxing rings, who have been lying low since then,” Azure Dragon answered.


Levi’s eyes flashed coldly at the news. “Who dares act so brashly on my territory?”

“Whoever they are, they’re probably after South City. They might be after Oriental Star Group next. Do you think Ms. Lopez needs guards to protect her?” Azure Dragon asked.

”I’d like to see who dares to even touch a hair on her head!” Levi bellowed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 618

Azure Dragon automatically offered, “Should I go and protect Ms. Lopez?”

“There’s no need to worry about her safety,“ Levi answered.

With Hades protecting her, she was as safe as she could be.

Even though L Nation was destroyed, Hades was still! as powerful.

He wasn’t someone to mess with.

“Who could it be? Wasn’t what happened to the Caesar family bad enough? Who would dare to come after that?” Levi asked.

Azure Dragon shrugged. ”I’ve already sent someone to investigate. They’re unidentified as of now, but we know for sure that they’re the strongest people that have ever challenged us. The fact that they could destroy South City’s underground in 0ne night is enough proof.”

“I don’t care who they are. As long as they’re a threat to this city, I won’t let them go,“ Levi announced coldly.

Since Levi was there, Tim and the others didn’t care too much about this new group of threats.

They knew no one could cause any trouble with him around.

While the other well known families of South City investigated Jacky Lawson’s identity, the Davies family was having a field day.

Naturally, they’d be in charge of all the businesses that had been affected.

They could earn a pretty penny from all that.

This left a smile on Leslie’s face for the rest of the week.

He had sworn allegiance to Jacky till death.

Jacky asked, “The Oriental Star Group is doing pretty well these days, huh?”

“I‘ve done some research on them. Their boss‘s name is Zoey Lopez. Apart from having the Black family behind her, there’s nothing else to her name. Why does the whoIe of south City just watch her gobble up the market like it S DD big deal?“ Leslie wondered.

“It’s all thanks to Morris Group. The families of South City are mostly terrified of Morris Group, who have her back at all times.” Jacky chuckled.

Even though they weren’t from Quebec, he knew more than Leslie did.

Through their research, it was highly likely Morris Group destroyed Scott Yates and Triple Group.

“Is Morris Croup really that powerful?” Leslie asked.

”Of course! Not only is their boss completely mysterious, but there are also a bunch of hidden talents in there! They have a super powerful professional among their guards who defeated Scott Yates’ Four Mighty Generals’’ Jacky said.

“You know my master came to South City just to get rid of Morris Group, right? Quebec is simply too irresistible!“ Jacky said, his face full of greed.

Leslie inhaled sharply at that.

Wasn’t that a bit too greedy?

Jacky wanted South City, but his Master wanted the whole of Quebec!

Leslie asked, “What do we need to do to help? The Davies will definitely give their all to help!”

“I won’t touch Morris Group for now. As for Oriental Star Group and the other big families of South City, I want them all!”
A cold glint flashed across Jacky‘s eyes. Leslie asked in a shaky voice, “A-Are we also
gonna kill our way to the top like we did last night?”

Jacky suddenly laughed. “Nope! These are a completely different breed of people we’re talking about here. We could defeat the likes of Brock Green and the underworld clubs through brute force, but these are all high-class wolves in suits. If we kill even just one or two of them, there‘ll be an uproar. South City will really go after me then.”

“Then what should be our course of action?” Leslie asked,

Jacky smiled sinisterly. “We fight fire with fire. I’d love to meet the boss of Oriental Star Group. Let’s invite her over! In fact, let’s do it tonight.”

Leslie could not help but ask, “What if she doesn’t want to come?”

Right as the words left his mouth, Leslie regretted speaking.

He felt a cold glare sweep across him, freezing him to the spot.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 619

As expected, Jacky was already staring at him with icy eyes. “That’s your problem! I want to see her tonight, that’ll be my problem.”

”Understood! I’m sorry, I promise I‘m do exactly as you asked!” Leslie said, hurriedly pressing his forehead to the floor in a deep bow.

Jacky’s meaning was clear enough. No matter how, he wanted to meet Zoey that very night.

“If you can’t even get this done, then you’d better start thinking of your last words,” Jacky send mildly.

The moment he left, Leslie wiped off his cold sweat with the back of his hand.

He nearly died in there.

He couldn‘t risk making that mistake again.

“You, get this done.”

Leslie passed the baton to Derek.

To him, it was way too embarrassing for him to personally invite someone over.

”Of course! Don’t worry, Father, I’ll be sure to prove myself to Jacky.” Derek smiled.

The Triple Group’s building had been renamed under Oriental Star Group.

In Zoey’s office, the secretary reported, “Ms. Lopez, someone who claims to be Derek Davies is asking to see you.”

“Bring him in.” Zoey nodded.

Recently, a number of South City‘s family business representatives visited her. She hadn’t turned anyone down yet.

Soon enough, Derek and the others reached the reception area.

“You’re Ms. Zoey Lopez?” Derek asked snidely.

To Derek, there was no one in South City who he couldn’t afford to mess with.

He had always been straightforward and cocky.

“Yes. May I know what you’re here for?” Zoey already didn’t like his tone very much.
“My master wants you to join us for dinner tonight! I’m just here to pass on the message. I’ll send someone over to pick you up later tonight.”

Derek clearly didn’t care about whether Zoey agreed or disagreed.

“Get ready. I’ll be back to pick you up in a while.” After that, he turned to leave.

“Hold it right there,” Zoey said in a crisp voice.


”Who is this master you’re speaking of?” Zoey asked.

”You’ll know tonight. Either way, he’s way more respectable than you can even imagine. Just listen to whatever he says.”

Derek had just finished speaking when Zoey called out, ”Send him off.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked in disbelief.

“Sorry. I don’t accept invitations from strangers,” Zoey declined.

Derek laughed. “ZoRy Lopez, I’ll have you know that you may turn down everyone else in South City, but this wit be the one person you aren’t aIIowed to decline! In fact, there’s no reason for you to do so.”

Jacky had already killed Brock Green. Who would dare to turn him down? ”Then why don’t you tell me who he is?”
Zoey was already clearly furious.

”His identity is to be kept secret, so you’ll only know when you see him! If you turn him down, you’ll really regret it. Do you know how Brock Green and the Grandmaster died last night? My master killed both of them!” Derek announced proudly.

“That’s not a reason. Send him away!” Zoey commanded.

The guards forced Derek out of Oriental Star Group.

“I wasn’t done!” Derek screeched urgently.

“What do we do now? That woman clearly isn’t willing to do this the nice way!” one of his subordinates asked.

“If she won’t play nice, we won’t either! Once she gets off work, we’ll bring her back by force.” Derek chuckled. “Jacky already told us he wanted to see her no matter what!”

“Understood. We’ll keep watch right here,” his subordinates replied.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 620

Zoey got off work right at 7 p.m..

She dragged her exhausted body out of the building.

She was supposed to work overtime, but the Black family was worried about her safety and demanded that she work at home.

Not far off, two of Derek’s subordinates were preparing to attack after spotting her walking out of the building.

“SIow down! It’s not a good idea to attack her here. We’ll wait until she’s almost home!” Derek said.

They had no idea that their every move was under someone else’s control right now.

Levi knew everything that was going on. Despite that, he wasn’t the least bit worried. Very soon, the chauffeur drove out.

Sylas foIIowed Zoey into the car.

Derek instantly followed them.

The Black family manor was in a rather secluded area, so there weren’t many cars on the way to the manor.

Suddenly, the driver stepped on the brakes. The road before them was blocked by a few

A few people stepped out of the cars.

Derek knocked on the window with a wide grin. “Ms. Lopez, would you so kindly 1ollow me? I’d like if you could follow me willingly. If not, I’ll have to use force.”

There were over ten people behind him.

With just one command, they would kick the door down and drag her away.

Zoey simply frowned stubbornly. “No. I don’t accept invitations from strangers!”

“Okay, I see how it is! Do you really think you FR some big shot now? Jacky asked me to invite you because he respects you! Don’t let that get to your head, you b*tch! I’ll ask you one last time, are you going or not?” Derek roared.

“No. I won’t go.” Zoey turned him down firmly once again.

“Okay, you asked for it!”

Derek was just about to bark a command.


The other door suddenly swung open.

A six-foot-tall woman got off the car, surrounded by a strong aura.


Sylas‘s face remained emotionless as she swung a kick toward Derek’s head.

He immediately got thrown backward, slamming into one of their cars.

“Kill that b°tch!” Derek roared.

All of his subordinates rushed toward them, roaring.

Slam! Slap! Bang!

In less than a minute, everyone was lying on the floor and moaning in pain.

All of his subordinates were skilled fighters, but they had unfortunately met a soldier who had just left the squad.

They couldn‘t even compete with her.

“Screw off! If anyone else comes to mess with Ms. Lopez again, I’ll kill them!” Sylas warned coldly.

Derek was on the verge of tears.

How is this woman so good at fighting?

At the other side of town, in the Davies family’s restaurant, Jacky sat down at a prepared table as the family members crowded around him.

He lazily asked, “It’s already 8 p.m.. Is she here yet?”

Leslie started to panic.

Where is Derek? He’d been gone for half the day now!

Is he unable to do even such a simple thing?
“What are you doing here? I asked you to bring her over, didn’t I?“ Jacky asked coldly at the sight of Leslie, who practically wet himself after being called out.

“I-I sent my son to do it! I had t-to stay behind and make… sure all your demands were met, right? In case anything happened…” Leslie stammered.

“I std 8 p.m., didn’t I? She‘s three minutes late. What’s up with that? Do you just not give a sh“t about whatever I told you?” Jacky started raising his voice, causing Leslie to fall to his knees.

“I’ll immediately ask for their whereabouts!” Leslie instantly placed the call.

“You piece of trash, where are you? Where is Zoey Lopez?” Leslie bellowed.

“Things aren’t looking good! Zoey has a super strong female bodyguard that beat all of us!”

“What? She beat all of you?” Leslie said in shock.

“What’s the problem?” Jacky asked coldly.

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