The Return of God of War Chapter 631-640

The Return of the God of War Chapter 631

“It’s true that if my wife didn’t show up that day, I would’ve taught you a lesson, but you almost died protecting my wife. That deserves a reward, so I will ignore the previous incident. Just continue keeping my wife safe,” informed Levi.

It’d save Levi a lot of trouble if someone as capable as Sylas was protecting Zoey.

“Understood. I promise I will protect Zoey with all I’ve got.”

Sylas had already retired from the battlefield, but she still had the heart of a warrior.

From that moment on, she vowed to protect Zoey with her entire being.

After Sylas returned, Zoey asked, “How is it? Did you find out who he is?”

Sylas shook her head and replied, “I was discovered as soon as I left, Ms. Lopez, so let’s not talk about it anymore. Still, you should know that the person protecting you has to be someone who cares deeply about you.”

The first person that Zoey thought of was Levi, but she quickly dismissed that idea because the man seemed too powerful to be Levi.

South City turned quiet after Jacky met his demise.

However, those in the inner circle understood that the silence was just the calm before the storm.

A bloodbath was on the horizon.

The Black family knew nothing about that, of course. They simply thought that their troubles were over.

Meredith even pushed Zoey to go on blind dates.

The former had looked through a lot of profiles, but none caught her eyes.

“I feel like no one in Quebec is good enough for Zoey,” claimed Meredith proudly.

“Indeed. At first, I thought that it would be a piece of cake to find Zoey a suitor. Now that we’ve looked, I see that there are none good enough for her, and if we aren’t satisfied with these men, there is no way that Zoey would be interested in them either,” said Robert who looked troubled as he sighed.

Logan and Jennie entered the room at that moment.

“Grandma, grandpa, we looked into the matter like you asked and found the perfect candidate. He meets all of your requirements, and I am certain that Zoey would love him too!” bragged Jennie.

“Tell us.”

Both Meredith and Robert were excited.

“The guy is incredible. He is of mixed-blood with the perfect genes, and he is a legitimate heir. His mother is royalty from a foreign country,” shared Jennie.

“Huh? A mixed-blood? That’s perfect! They’re tall and handsome, and have good genes,” said the Blacks, who were satisfied so far.

That was a time when mixed-bloods were popular.

“What’s his family like?” asked Meredith.

“Oh, his family is ridiculously powerful. His grandpa is the major shareholder at the place I work in, New Alliance Bank. In other words, his grandpa is the renowned Kurt Gates of South Hampton.”

“What? Kurt Gates?”

Both Meredith and Robert were stunned.

Kurt was a reputable and respectable man in South Hampton and the president of the South Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The fact that South Hampton was the economic district of Erudia would mean that the president of the Chamber of Commerce in that district had to be extremely powerful.

The man was probably so powerful that even an overview of his power would scare most to death.

He was one of the leading men in South Hampton’s economic circles, and his wealth was comparable to that of a country.

He managed over a hundred private banks and had a great reputation in South Hampton.

He also had countless disciples and was regarded as a God among men.

In fact, he was like a mythical dragon roaming in the sky.

His grandson has got to be perfect as well.

“It was a coincidence, but his grandson, Landyn, came to New Alliance Bank to participate in an event, and I bumped into him,” informed Jennie as she grinned.

“But would he agree to the marriage? Zoey’s net worth is fifty billion, but that is not a lot.”

The Blacks’ worries had shifted. Now, they felt like they weren’t good enough for him.

Jennie chuckled and replied, “You guys probably don’t know about this, but Landyn was Zoey’s senior when she studied overseas. He was the one who came to me, and he was delighted when he heard that Zoey got a divorce. I think he will definitely agree to a wedding. Moreover, I heard that Landyn tried to court Zoey back in the days…”

“That is great news!”

The Blacks were all excited and happy to hear it.

They could finally merge with a powerful family!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 632

Oriental Star Group.

In the CEO’s office.

“Ms. Lopez, something bad seems to have happened,” said Sylas all of a sudden.

Zoey was stunned, “Huh? Something happened?”

“Check it out. There are a lot of cars parked on the ground floor,” informed Sylas, who was staring out the window.

Zoey walked over to take a look.

As promised, ten Rolls-Royce were parked at the entrance of Oriental Star Group’s building.

Multiple men in tuxedos got out of the cars and stood at the side.

After that, a tall guy in a white tuxedo got out of one of the cars.

He looked like a mixed-blood, and his mere appearance got the spectators to praise his beauty.

He brought his men and walked right into Oriental Star Group.

When asked, the man’s subordinate showed the receptionist and the security guard his identity card. They were let in immediately after.

“Please take me to Ms. Lopez,” requested the man.

The man was brought to Zoey’s office soon after.

“Huh? Landyn?” blurted Zoey, who recognized the man.

That was the senior who courted her when she was an exchange student in a foreign country.

The guy even gave her an extravagant gift when she got married.

“You remembered me?” asked Landyn as he grinned.

“How could I forget? You helped me out a lot back in the days,” replied Zoey with a smile.

Sylas had her guard up as she stared at Landyn.

She had been paying attention to the men around Zoey ever since she received her orders from Levi.

Sylas didn’t like the guy standing in front of her. Not. One. Bit!

“Aren’t you working overseas, Landyn? What brought you here?” asked Zoey curiously.

Landyn chuckled. “Aww, that proves that you have never paid any attention to me. I am actually a citizen of Erudia.”

“Huh? I know that you’re a mixed-blood, but I never realized that you’re from Erudia,” blurted Zoey in surprise.

“Yeah, my grandpa and dad are from South Hampton while my mom is from a foreign country.”

“Oh, I see.”

Landyn had his eyes on Zoey when he asked, “By the way, Zoey, I heard that you got divorced.”

“I…” said Zoey, who didn’t quite know how to explain the situation.

A piece of paper couldn’t change the love she shared with Levi.

Moreover, Levi planned on throwing another wedding, so…

“Hahaha, yeah, I know all about it,” said Landyn, who then added, “Do I have a shot with you now?”

Zoey was stunned to hear that question all of a sudden.

She couldn’t turn him down even if she wanted to.

After all, she and Levi had signed the papers and were officially divorced.

Hence, Landyn had every right to court her.

“Let’s not joke about that, Landyn. I am focused on my career and have no plan to worry about my personal life for the time being,” replied Zoey politely with a smile.

“You need a man to keep you safe. Hasn’t the past two days taught you anything? Your business is growing exponentially, and the danger you’ll face will only become worse,” reminded Landyn as he grinned.

Given his influence, it was easy for him to learn all about what Zoey had been through.

Zoey was surprised. She turned to him and asked, “Wait, were you the one who rescued me?”

Zoey suddenly recalled how the expert who saved her couldn’t speak the language well and sounded like a foreigner.

Thinking back, that man could be Landyn’s subordinate.

“I just remembered that the guy who rescued me has a heavy accent,” blurted Zoey happily.

Sylas stood nervously at the side.

She wanted to voice up, but she was not in a position to do so.

The one who saved you was Hades, and he was there on Levi’s orders!

Sylas turned to Landyn. She was curious about how he would reply.

Landyn was also stunned when he heard what Zoey said.

“Aww, you guessed it. That takes all the fun and mystery out of it. Yeah, you’re right. I’m the one who sent the guy to keep you safe, and I am the one who personally dealt with the matter,” claimed Landyn with a straight face on.

Upon hearing that, Sylas felt like vomiting blood.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 633

Just how shameless is this guy? How dare you claim all the merit? The God of War was the one responsible for it, and it has nothing to do with you! Besides, what makes you think you can get Hades to work for you? L Nation might be a small country, but he is still a God of War!

“Huh? So it really is you, Landyn? Thank you so much!” replied Zoey with a smile.

“I wasn’t going to tell you anything, but you guessed it all,” said Landyn as he grinned.

Landyn shamelessly admitted to it because he didn’t see any issue arising from his lies.

All he had to do was get someone to contact Hades and get the guy under his payroll.

“Thank you for rescuing me and my family while we were in grave danger,” said Zoey appreciatively.

“I will keep you safe for the rest of your life,” promised Landyn before he added, “Alright, I’ll take my leave now so I don’t disrupt you working.”

Landyn could tell that Zoey felt awkward, so he left immediately.

After all, he was a smart man, and he knew how to take advantage without overstepping.

After leaving Oriental Star Group.

One subordinate asked, “Given your background, you can have any woman you want, so why her? Zoey Lopez seems pretty ordinary.”

“It’s true. There are tons of women just like her out there,” chimed in another subordinate.

Landyn replied with a smile, “To tell you boys the truth, I have had hundreds of women, and no one had ever rejected my advances before. She was the first, and I feel like she is special. There is no reason I can’t conquer that woman.”

The others grinned mischievously. They finally understood what Landyn was aiming for.

“Besides, grandpa is gravely ill, and the fortune teller said that I can repel all bad luck if I marry that woman. Only then would grandpa’s illness be cured. The wedding would also bring good fortune to the Gates family. In short, she is nothing but a tool to bring good luck and cure grandpa. It just so happens that I want to conquer her as well, so there’s that. Why else would I marry a divorcee?” informed Landyn as he smiled.

Everyone instantly understood that marrying Zoey was primarily to bring good fortune.

That night.

Everyone was smiling when Zoey got home, and that got Zoey suspicious.

“Zoey, I found a great suitor for you,” informed Meredith with a smile.

“What?” blurted Zoey, who was stunned.

“Zoey, this suitor is really something else. His grandfather is the president of the South Hampton Chamber of Commerce, his father is the head of the New Alliance Bank in Erudia, and his mother is the president of the Association of Foreign Enterprises.

To top it off, his maternal grandfather is also royalty in a foreign country! His family owns hundreds of banks, and anyone who wanted to do business in South Hampton would need his family’s permission first,” informed Jennie.

It sounded exaggerated, but it was true.

“Given his family background, the actual guy doesn’t seem so important, but Zoey, he is amazing as well! He owns over a dozen racecar clubs and about ten electronic companies. His influence is everywhere! He is also tall, handsome, and is a mixed-blood. He basically doesn’t have any shortcomings.”

Everyone had praised Landyn so much that it sounded like he was an angel from heaven.

Realization dawned on Zoey soon after.

They’re probably talking about Landyn.

“Oh, and you actually know this guy, Zoey,” added Jennie.

That confirmed Zoey’s suspicion.

“Thank you for all the effort you put in, grandma, but I won’t be dealing with my personal life at the moment. I have my eyes set on my career, and this is a crucial moment, so I don’t want anyone to distract me,” replied Zoey politely.


Meredith laughed aloud.

“Zoey, if this is just an ordinary guy like Levi Garrison, I definitely wouldn’t let him get in the way of your career. However, we are talking about the heir of the Gates family! Marrying him would not negatively affect your career. In fact, it would give your career a tremendous boost!”

The others chimed in as well. “It’s true. All it takes is one word from him, and you will be raised to the top.”

“I’ve also looked into the matter and know that he used to court you. He has been in love with you this entire time, Zoey,” said Jennie as she grinned.

Meredith also insisted, “Zoey, this wedding must happen, and I will be planning for it.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 634

The Black family was overjoyed.
Meredith and Robert had already made their decisions.
They were only informing Zoey about it.
“Grandpa, Grandma, I…”
Zoey was about to speak when Robert interrupted, “Zoey, you have no reason not to like him. My decision is final.”
“Dad, Mom, Mr. Gates is here!”
Instantly, Jennie rushed outside to welcome him in.
Landyn Gates had arrived with ten Rolls-Royce.
His subordinates were the ones to carry his many gifts.
They slowly moved them into the Black family’s home.
Robert and the rest were grinning from ear to ear.
It was then Zoey realized that she had been sold by her family.
They had made their decision on this matter a long time ago.
All she needed to do was to marry Landyn.
“Here are some small gifts. I hope you’ll accept it,” Landyn uttered politely.
The “small gifts” he mentioned were expensive and rare supplements.
The smiles on the Blacks widened.
Even Graham and Felix had come.
After all, Kurt Gates was the President of the South Hampton Chamber of Commerce.
He was wealthier than many countries, and he had a certain amount of control over the economy.
His status in the society was much higher than them.
Graham and Felix praised, “This is amazing. He’s reputable yet friendly! God must favor Zoey for her to be able to marry a man like him!”
Meanwhile, Aaron and Caitlyn had returned from North Hampton. When they saw Landyn, they were thrilled.
Someone as great as him is interested in Zoey?
“Zoey, look at how many capable young men you have missed out on because of Levi,” Caitlyn grumbled.
Aaron laughed boisterously. “I like this son-in-law!”
Caitlyn urged, “Dad, Mom, you’ll be the ones to decide. Hurry up and settle their marriage.”
They left no room for Zoey to pitch in her opinion.
In fact, she was even chased out of the conversation.
“Don’t meddle in this. We’ll decide this for you. We’re only doing this for your own good,” Caitlyn fumed.
At the manor.
The Blacks, the Zachses, Landyn, and Zoey’s parents were having a discussion about Zoey’s marriage.
“What we’re hoping for is to let the two of you engage and marry as quickly as possible. What about you? What are your parents’ thoughts?” Meredith asked.
Landyn smiled. “My grandpa and parents told me it’s up to me. How about this? Let’s pick a date for the engagement first.”
Meredith and the others were ecstatic to hear Landyn’s agreement on it.
“I’ve looked at the dates. The day after tomorrow is an auspicious day. Why don’t we set the engagement on that day?” Robert suggested.
“Sure. No problem. My grandpa and parents will be there too,” Landyn laughed.
Everyone in the Gates family knew about it.
Recently, Kurt had fallen ill, and the doctors had said that he might not have long left.
A fortune-teller had told them that Landyn had to marry Zoey to change his fate. That way, Kurt would recover from his illness.
Furthermore, their marriage would bring fortune to Landyn.
Marrying Zoey brought no disadvantages to the Gates family.
In other words, Zoey was but a tool for them.
The Gates family had only chosen her because Landyn liked her and because she was a virgin.
Otherwise, Kurt would never let his grandson marry a divorced woman.
Their marriage was only for the sake of Kurt’s illness.
In different circumstances, the Gates family would have been humiliated by their choice.
“Now that all of you have agreed to it, what about Zoey? I’m afraid that she won’t agree to this marriage,” Landyn said.
The crowd stiffened before they shared a look.
Caitlyn smiled. “Don’t worry, Mr. Gates. Zoey is beyond delighted. Why wouldn’t she agree with it?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 635

Aaron added, “That’s right. If Zoey didn’t agree to it, she’ll already be kicking up a fuss. But look. She’s nowhere to be found, so that means she agrees to it.”
The Black family were lying through their teeth.
Jennie was keeping an eye on Zoey and making sure that the latter could not even get a chance to speak.
“Is that so? I’m relieved then. We’ll have the engagement on the day after tomorrow at Stardust Hotel. My family will come too,” Landyn replied.
“Of course. We’ll meet again on the day after next.”
Meredith and the others could not keep their smiles off their faces.
Soon, the shocking news spread across South City.
The grandson of Kurt, Landyn, was marrying the granddaughter of the Black family.
As Kurt’s grandson, Landyn was instantly placed under the spotlight.
After all, Kurt was a prominent figure in the South Hampton corporate world.
Every neighboring country had heard of his name.
He was the president of the South Hampton Chamber of Commerce.
He was the man who ruled over the economy.
The Gates family were like royals.
They owned hundreds of private banks.
Zoey, too, was in the spotlight.
She was married for six years before she divorced, and her ex-husband had been in jail for six years.
Essentially, it was as if she had never married.
Furthermore, the Blacks had intentionally slandered Levi’s reputation. They told the public that Levi was a horrible man who had left her after receiving ten million from them. Not to mention, Levi had refused to admit that he had taken the bribery from the Blacks.
With that, many were cursing at Levi.
Soon, the entire South City found out about Zoey and Landyn’s engagement.
Even the citizens of South Hampton had found out about it.
A commotion broke out in the upper echelon society in South City.
The reason being Kurt would be attending his grandson’s engagement the day after the next.
For a man like him to come to South City was as though God himself was arriving.
Anyone who managed to build a relationship with Kurt would have a bright future secured.
Many upper-class families began to envy the Black family. They could barely believe their good luck in having a union marriage with the Gates family.
The Black family was destined to be a powerful family in South City. In fact, it was likely that they would rise to become the wealthiest family there.
In the course of just one afternoon, dozens of significant figures came to visit the Black family.
Once upon a time, these people looked down on the Black family.
Both Meredith and Robert were beyond excited.
From now on, the Blacks would have connections with people in the military, corporate, and political world.
They had Russell in the military world, Logan in the political world, and Zoey in the corporate world.
The Black family was about to rise to the top.
Even Caitlyn and Aaron were sighing in disbelief at the consequences of Zoey and Levi’s divorce.
The fact that they were going to be Landyn’s future parents-in-law stunned them.
From now on, they were free to do anything in Quebec and even South Hampton.
They dared not imagine this in the past.
“You’re still too inexperienced. If Zoey had been by my side earlier, this would have happened long ago,” Meredith lamented.
Aaron flashed her an embarrassed smile. “Mom, you’re definitely much better at planning than us.”
“Hahaha! Of course!”
Meredith and Robert were proud of how things had turned out.
Just then, Zoey ran over to them.
She had just found out about her engagement with Landyn; the Black family had never told her about it.
She could not believe that the entire South City had heard about it but her.
“Grandpa, Grandma, why did you arrange a marriage for me without asking for my opinion? Why did everyone find out about the engagement before I did?” Zoey seethed.
“Zoey, your marriage has been decided. This is all for your own good.” Meredith waved her hands dismissively.
“No! I don’t agree with this marriage. I don’t even love him!” Zoey rejected.
“Then who do you love?” Meredith asked in a grave tone.
“The one I love is Levi Garrison!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 636

Her words made everyone present stop in their tracks.
She still loves Levi?
Everyone had thought that Zoey had given up on Levi.
“I’ll be honest with all of you. I won’t marry again. Even if I do, the only husband that I’ll accept is Levi,” Zoey announced with a look of resolve in her eyes.
Meredith jumped to her feet, furious. At that moment, she was tempted to slap Zoey.
“You don’t have a choice. You must marry Landyn, and you must attend the engagement ceremony tomorrow,” Meredith hissed.
“Sylas, keep an eye on her,” Robert ordered.
It was then Sylas argued, “Although it’s not my place to say anything, I still want to say my piece. It’s inappropriate for Ms. Lopez to marry into the Gates family. It’s rumored that the Gates family agreed to Landyn’s marriage with Ms. Lopez because they need her to change Kurt’s fate. If she marries into the Gates family, she won’t be happy. She’s nothing but a tool for them!”
Meredith slammed her hand onto the table.
“Are you telling me that you believe in those baseless rumors?”
Meredith raged, “Furthermore, Mr. Gates truly loves Zoey. He used to court her, and that is a fact. Zoey will only be happier after her marriage. She won’t have a hard time there.”
“Mrs. Black, I’ve done my investigation. Mr. Gates has a chaotic private life. He has been with more than hundreds of women. He’s a black hole, and you’re pushing Ms. Lopez into it!” Sylas argued.
“Stop with your nonsense! You’re slandering Mr. Gates. If you don’t want to do your job, you can quit it!” Meredith roared.
Sylas wanted to do as Meredith said.
However, when she thought about how Levi had tasked her with protecting Zoey, she decided to stay.
“I won’t marry him. Grandma, you’d better give up.”
Zoey was uncompromising.
Meredith scoffed, “Are you still hoping to marry that horrible man, Levi?”
“Your Grandma’s right. After all, he’s someone that took ten million but lied and said he threw it into the trash can,” Robert added.
“Exactly. He refused to admit it despite us exposing him on the spot. That man is nothing but a shameless piece of trash.”
By now, the others were furious too.
Zoey was about to refute them, but she realized she did not have any evidence to back herself up.
Left with no other choices, she silently endured their words.
“Sylas, take her back to her room to rest. She will attend the engagement ceremony tomorrow and that’s final,” Meredith commanded.
Thus, Sylas could only bring Zoey away.
If they stayed, they would only become more infuriated.
“Look at your daughter. Is she blind? Why is she still longing for Levi?” Meredith spat.
Robert was solemn as he muttered, “If things don’t work out, I’ll chase Levi away. If he doesn’t appear in her line of sight, she won’t think about him.”
“That’s a good idea. Let’s just chase Levi away once and for all,” the others gave their approvals.
They were sick of Levi since forever.
Now that Levi was stopping the Black family from becoming one of the wealthiest, they would not stand aside and do nothing.
“Once she’s engaged tomorrow, he wouldn’t dare to harass her anymore. The Gates family will surely destroy him if he dares to pester Zoey again,” Meredith chortled.
Right then, Russell rushed toward them, dragging a servant of the Black family, Zeek along with him.
“What’s going on?”
Everyone turned to look at Russell, curious.
Russell shot a glare at Zeek before he sneered, “He’s the one who picked up the ten million check. We’ve wronged Levi. He really did throw the check into the trash can.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 637

Russell was glad that he could expose the injustice done to Levi.
“From the beginning, I’ve suspected someone had picked up the check. Therefore, I asked my friend who works in an IT department to look into it. Finally, I found out that our servant, Zeek, was the one who had taken it,” Russell explained.
Meredith and Robert gave Zeek a stern look. “Did you take it?”
Zeek collapsed onto the ground as he begged, “Mr. Black, Mrs. Westbrook, indeed, I was the one who had taken it. That day, I saw Levi throw it into the trash can, so I took it without telling anyone about it. Please don’t call the police. I’ve only used a hundred thousand. I’ll return you the rest!”
After realizing what had happened, Meredith and Robert huffed in rage.
They were not angry that Zeek had been the one who had taken the check, rather, they were angry that he had been found out.
After all, Levi was meant to be the one who had taken it.
Everyone had accused Levi of taking the ten million for himself.
They had never thought that someone would investigate the matter.
Now that it was revealed Levi was not the one who took the money, they felt humiliated.
Russell laughed, “Grandpa, Grandma, I was right. Levi wouldn’t do something like that. Let’s tell Zoey about it and clear his name!”
“Hold on.” Meredith stopped him before instructing, “Russell, you don’t need to bother yourself with this matter anymore. Go back and pretend as if you knew nothing.”
She then turned to instruct Zeek, “I can forgive you for this, Zeek, and I can turn a blind eye to the amount you’ve spent. But you’ll need to agree to my terms.”
“I’ll agree to anything!”
“Good. From now on, no matter who asks you about it, you’ll say that Levi didn’t throw the check into the trash can. You’ll tell them that you witness him leaving with the check in his hands!” Meredith ordered.
“I-I understand! I’ll definitely do that,” replied Zeek immediately.
“Good. Now leave. Pretend you’ve never taken the check for yourself. Levi’s the one who had taken the ten million,” Meredith repeated.
Russell stared at Meredith in disbelief. “Grandma, how can you twist the facts? Levi didn’t do it. Why must you pin the blame on him?”
Russell did not approve of the Black family’s methods.
“Russell, you must keep your lips sealed about this. Never tell anyone, especially Zoey!” Meredith snapped.
“Why, Grandma? Give me a reason!” Russell exclaimed.
“Ha. You know full well that the rumors of Levi taking the ten million for himself have spread across the city. The Black family was the one who slandered his reputation. If you tell the public the truth, you’ll be humiliating the Black family. What will happen to our family then?” Meredith questioned.
Russell gave a solemn smile, “Does that mean we can destroy Levi’s life for the Black family’s reputation?”
Robert hissed, “That’s right. Who is he in comparison with the Black family’s reputation?”
Russell breathed out a trembling laugh. “Fine. Very well. Do as you please then. Sooner or later, you’ll understand what the Black family has done wrong. You’ll have missed an opportunity you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”
“Hahaha! It’s just Levi. What will we truly miss?” The crowd disagreed.
With that, Russell left, huffing furiously.
His grandparents who he thought were righteous people, were the ones to orchestrate this.
He was thoroughly disappointed.
He immediately called Levi.
Meanwhile, Levi was at North Hampton designing his new family home when his phone rang.
“What’s wrong, Russell?”
“Bad news, Levi. Zoey is going to be engaged tomorrow!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 638

The news struck Levi like a bolt from the blue.
Zoey is getting engage?
But I’m still at North Hampton. Who is Zoey going to get engaged to?
After Russell walked him through the situation, rage nearly consumed Levi.
He once had a good impression of Meredith and Robert, at the very least, they left a better impression on him than Harry did.
However, now it seemed like no one could stick to their morals when power and money were involved.
“Time and place,” Levi demanded.
“Stardust Hotel at ten,” Russell replied.
“Got it.”
The next day.
At the Black family’s manor.
Meredith and Caitlyn forced Zoey to dress herself up for the ceremony.
Right then, a fleet of cars arrived outside the manor.
Harry, Henry, and the others had arrived.
Even the Lopez family of the South City was here.
When Harry heard Zoey was about to marry a rich man of South Hampton, he had hurried to South City overnight.
As for the Lopez family, they once refused to acknowledge Harry’s family as a part of the Lopez family. However, when they heard Zoey was marrying Landyn, they came instantly.
Now, they were all claiming Zoey as one of the Lopez family.
“One of us is engaging today. Obviously, the Lopez family has to be here,” Harry said.
At the same time, the Lopez family of South City added, “We’re proud that someone like you is in the Lopez family.”
As the Lopez family of South City was reputable, the Black family was more than happy to welcome them despite knowing that the former was only here to butter up the Gates family.
Zoey was exasperated.
Do they think of anyone else but themselves?
Do they feel anything for others?
“Congratulations, Zoey! I told you shouldn’t stick to Levi. He’s but a burden for you. Look at how great you are now. You’re about to marry into a genuine, wealthy family!” Shaun, Melanie, and the others muttered as they laughed.
“Levi is the worst of the worst. He gave up Zoey for ten million!”
“I know, right. I even heard he insisted that he had thrown the check into the trash can despite taking the money for himself.”
Everyone chattered away.
At the side, Russell was displeased to hear their words.
Why does Levi have to endure these slanders silently?
At the same time, Zeek had an ashen face.
It was as though he was afraid someone would ask him about the matter.
Russell could not help but mumble, “No…”
Meredith stopped him immediately. “Russell, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to humiliate the Black family?”
And so, Russell could only swallow his words.
Soon, everyone headed to Stardust Hotel.
Many of them were keeping an eye on Zoey, fearing that she would escape.
A fleet of luxurious cars was parked right outside the Stardust Hotel.
People from the upper-class society were all gathered here today.
Although they were unable to join the engagement banquet without an invitation, they were here in hopes of meeting Kurt.
Meanwhile, the Gates family had long arrived.
Like Landyn, his father, Fred, looked like a capable man, exuding an imposing aura.
After all, he was the man who had control over hundreds of private banks.
He had the nickname of the God of Wealth within the corporate world.
In other words, he was rich.
Beside him was Landyn’s mother, a foreign woman. She exuded a noble aura that attracted the people’s gazes yet kept them at a distance.
She was the president of the Association of Foreign Enterprises; she had a say in every foreign enterprise that entered the local market.
After Fred and his wife gave Zoey a once-over, they nodded in satisfaction.
“This way.”
With that, Meredith and the others entered Stardust Hotel.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 639

Everyone was anxious.
They were about to meet the legendary Kurt Gates.
In the hotel, an old man in his wheelchair was coughing quietly.
When they saw Kurt, the crowd was dumbfounded.
They thought Kurt would be an imposing and healthy man; they had not expected to see a sickly-looking frail man sitting in a wheelchair.
For some reason, the rumors of Zoey marrying into the family to change Kurt’s luck surfaced in their minds.
Zoey was all but a tool.
Caitlyn and Aaron were the ones that suffered the most shock.
They felt as though they had really sent Zoey to hell.
Kurt slowly opened his unfocused eyes and asked, “They’re here?”
“Grandpa, this is Zoey.”
Landyn pointed to the woman.
Kurt straightened his back and started sizing her up.
Beside him was a middle-aged man in a suit. He whispered, “Mr. Gates, she is the one.”
That man was none other than the fortune-teller who told them that Kurt would recover from his illness after Zoey married into the family.
“Very well. It’s her then. Pick a date quickly and get married soon,” Kurt urged.
His impatience was audible to everyone present.
The fortune-teller murmured, “Mr. Gates, five days later will be the perfect date for the wedding.”
After sweeping his gaze across the crowd, Kurt nodded. “All right then. Let’s get the engagement ceremony done as soon as possible. We’ll hold the wedding in five days’ time.”
His words stupefied Meredith and Robert.
That’s hasty!
It’s as though the wedding isn’t of any importance to them.
All Kurt needed was a word from the fortune-teller before the marriage date was set.
By now, Meredith and the others were starting to wonder if the rumors had been true.
That Zoey was but a tool for Kurt’s illness.
And that the Gates family was uninterested in having Zoey as their daughter-in-law.
But that did not matter to them.
Regardless of whether she was a tool or genuine feelings were involved, Zoey was going to become Landyn’s legal wife.
This was something everyone knew—that Zoey Lopez was destined to become the daughter-in-law of the Gates family.
Moreover, Landyn’s love for Zoey was genuine.
Since Kurt was here in South City despite the severity of his illness, that meant this marriage was important to him.
Hence, this marriage had to continue.
Both the Black family and the Lopez family shared the same thought, Zoey must marry into the Gates family.
“I hope you don’t mind that my father is in poor health. Let us begin the engagement ceremony now,” Fred announced.
“Sounds good to me. Let’s start the engagement ceremony. As for the wedding date, the Gates family will be the one to arrange it,” Meredith answered with a smile.
Fred returned the smile. “From now on, we’re a family. The wedding will be something both families shall discuss together.”
Just as the engagement ceremony was about to begin, Zoey abruptly voiced out loud, “I’m sorry, Landyn. I can’t get engage with you, nor can I marry you.”
Zoey’s words struck like lightning to everyone present.
Even Landyn was stunned.
He had thought that Zoey was here because she had agreed to it.
Anxious, Meredith shouted, “Zoey, what are you saying? Shut up now!”
Fred’s expression turned darker than night. He stared at Zoey and queried, “You don’t want to marry my son?”
Zoey shook her head. “That’s right, I don’t want to marry your son.”
Suddenly, Fred burst into laughter.
She’s obviously disrespecting the Gates family.
I have never heard of anyone saying no during the engagement ceremony.
“Zoey, what are you talking about? You have to marry him!” Meredith bellowed.
She was not going to give Zoey any chance to protest.
Fred sneered, “That’s right. We’re already holding the engagement ceremony. Even if you say no, you still have to do it.”
“Zoey, it’s not like you have a choice,” Landyn laughed.
Right then, a roar echoed in the hall. “Let me take a look at who are the ones trying to put my wife in a tough spot. Do you have a death wish?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 640

A group of men rushed in from outside as a man of tall stature emerged.
That man was none other than Levi.
The crowd gasped in shock at the sight of him.
“Darling,” Zoey called out softly.
Despite receiving the divorce certificate, Levi would always be her husband.
“Honey, with me here, no one is going to harm you anymore.”
Levi pulled Zoey into his embrace.
The crowd was stunned and stared at them in disbelief, especially the Gates family whose faces were all red in anger.
For a stranger to gatecrash their engagement banquet and embrace their future daughter-in-law, it was a grievous insult.
Furthermore, Levi rubbed salt in their wounds by claiming Zoey as his wife, utterly humiliating the Gates family.
Landyn closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
For the Gates family, it was just a matter of pride.
But for him, he was being blatantly cheated on.
How was he going to face the world after that?
Meanwhile, the Black and the Lopez families were stupefied.
No one expected Levi and Zoey to put on such a spectacle, which was a direct provocation aimed at the Gates family.
By declaring that the lady Landyn was engaged to was his wife, Levi humiliated Landyn outright.
Meanwhile, Meredith’s heart sank as she knew something disastrous was going to happen.
Fred Gates let out a long sigh.
This is unacceptable. I cannot tolerate any of this!
No matter what, the Gates family’s reputation needs to be safeguarded.
This matter has to be kept a secret even if everyone has to die.
He turned to look at Meredith and the others.
“Did you arrange this?” Fred demanded.
Despite his calm tone, it was obvious that he was suppressing his anger.
“Mr. Gates, you misunderstand. This has nothing to do with us. Furthermore, they are divorced and we even have the documents to prove it,” Meredith explained with a panicked look.
The Black and the Lopez families were frightened of offending the Gates family.
At this point, they might as well prepare themselves to be destroyed.
Aaron and Caitlyn were infuriated as Levi foiled their plans yet again.
Is he out to throw a spanner in our works every time?
“Grandma, we told you long ago that if Levi doesn’t repent, we should have kicked him out. But now, the matter has already escalated,” Jennie roared furiously.
Meredith, Robert, and Harry were all trembling with rage as they couldn’t wait to kill Levi.
He was responsible for causing the Black and Lopez families a lot of grief.
Hence, he deserved to be nailed on the pillar of shame.
“Mr. Gates, this is all Levi’s own doing. It has nothing to do with the Black and Lopez families.”
Everyone at the scene pointed their fingers at Levi.
Fred and Landyn then looked towards him.
“Don’t you know Zoey is getting engaged to my son today?” Fred asked coldly.
Levi replied, “I do.”
“In that case, how dare you come here and even call her your wife. What’s the meaning of this? Are you here to cause trouble on purpose?”
Fred raised his voice into a loud roar, terrifying everyone present.
“I would like to know have you ever asked Zoey for her opinion on the engagement?” Levi asked.
“Of course we asked her. Zoey herself agreed to it,” Landyn replied.
Meredith and Robert quickly added, “That’s right. We’ve asked her. Or else, she wouldn’t be willing to come here.”
Levi sneered.
He turned towards Zoey and asked, “In that case, in front of everyone, let me ask you. Are you willing to marry Landyn? Are you willing to get engaged with him?”
At that moment, everyone waited for her answer with bated breath.

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