The Return of God of War Chapter 641-650

The Return of the God of War Chapter 641

All of them stared at Zoey intently as suspense filled the air.

Just when Meredith was about to comment, Fred cut her off. “Let her speak for herself.”

When she saw that everyone’s attention was focused on her, Zoey took a deep breath and exclaimed, “No! I’m unwilling to do so.”

Turning to Landyn, Zoey apologized. “Landyn, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. But Levi is the one I love.”

“If you were unwilling, why did you come?” someone yelled.

“The Black family forced Ms. Lopez to do so,” Sylas explained.


Meredith and Robert closed their eyes in despair.

It’s over! It’s truly over.

The Gates family was a lot more powerful than the Caesar family.

Just a word from Kurt alone could close all doors on the Black family, destroying them as a result.

The atmosphere became silent as everyone awaited the incoming storm.

Finally, Fred exclaimed, “You’re unwilling? Just like that?”

Immediately, he changed the subject. Lowering his voice, he growled, “Tell me then, what should the Gates family do now?”

“We have publicized the engagement banquet throughout South City and South Hampton. Even now, there are tons of people outside. Tell me, how is the Gates family going to walk away from this without being humiliated?”

The other members of the Gates family joined in and yelled, “Tell us! Give us an answer!”

“I…” Zoey was stupefied by the amount of pressure being piled onto her.

She did consider the possibility of the current scenario occurring but didn’t have a solution for it.

Landyn sneered, “Zoey, what a shame that I wasted my feelings on you. This is how you repay me?”

“If you disagree, why didn’t you say so earlier? Why must you wait until now to regret your decision?”

“Your ex-husband barged in on my engagement banquet, embraced you, and called you his wife. If this gets out, how am I to face the world? Do you know how humiliated I’ll be? And what about the disgrace this will bring to the Gates family?”

“You owe me an explanation. Or else, don’t blame me for being cruel. Despite my good nature, I’m willing to do anything to protect my family’s honor.”

Amidst Landyn’s barrage of questions, Meredith’s heart sank to its lowest depths when she saw how furious the Gates family were.

In the face of the Gates family’s questions, Zoey was at a loss.

“You want an answer? Hahaha.” Levi burst out in sudden laughter.

“What are you laughing at?”

Landyn felt insulted by Levi’s response.

“What am I laughing at? The reason you wanted to marry Zoey is just to complete your charade. Your Grandpa, Kurt, is dying. The only reason you’re marrying Zoey is because a fortune-teller said so,” Levi replied coldly.

“Nonsense! There’s no such thing,” Landyn bellowed as Levi exposed his hypocrisy.

“I really love Zoey. Therefore, I never married because I was waiting for her. When I heard she got divorced, I went to see her immediately. Can you tell me how many men can do what I did?” Landyn roared.

“That’s right, Landyn is very loyal when it comes to love. It’s surprising someone of his status is willing to marry a divorcee.”

“Mr. Gates is such a good man!”

The crowd began to praise him.

However, Levi sneered, “Landyn, all these years, you have philandered with at least seven to eight hundred women if not in the thousands. Putting that aside, just on the third of last month, you even slept with a high school girl. While on the seventh, you forced yourself onto a married woman…”

“You b*stard! Kill him!” Landyn roared furiously.

It was obvious Levi had found Landyn’s weakness.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 642

Levi smiled. “What’s the hurry? I haven’t even finished.”

“You’re slandering me! I have been celibate for many years,” Landyn retorted angrily.

However, everyone stared at Landyn suspiciously.

The more agitated he was, the more guilty he made himself out to be.

Even his men hesitated as to whether they should take action.

Despite being filled with rage as he glared angrily at Levi, Landyn was at a loss as to what to do.

Just then, Fred stepped forward and pushed Landyn aside. He shouted at Levi, “Who do you think you are? Since when does my son’s personal life need to be scrutinized by you?”

He continued, “Based on the Gates family rules, you have committed four crimes and will be punished accordingly.”

“Firstly, you’ve trespassed on and disrupted my son’s engagement banquet. Secondly, you claimed my son’s fiancée as your wife. Thirdly, you slandered my son. And lastly, you disrespected the Gates family!”

“The punishment for breaking the four rules is to have your four limbs broken on the spot.”

The moment Fred passed the sentence, the elite warriors of the Gates family guarded the exits to prevent Levi from fleeing.

Fred then looked towards the Lopez and Black families. “The Gates family is not one to be messed with. Anyone from South City that challenged us will also be punished.”

Both the Lopez and Black families trembled when they heard his words as they knew it was directed at them.

Landyn’s mother was even more furious. She glared at Levi and barked, “Kneel before me!”

She was royalty from a foreign country and had always looked down upon commoners.

In her eyes, Levi and Zoey were just society’s scum.

How dare they disrupt my son’s engagement banquet?

They’re asking to be killed!

Two foreign bodyguards approached to try and take Levi down.

Meanwhile, Levi clapped his hands and let out a sarcastic smile. “These are serious crimes. I’m impressed.”

However, he changed his tone immediately. “Does the Gates family not respect the country’s laws? Since when do you have the authority to pass judgment on others?” Levi smiled smugly.

When Fred listed out the four crimes, it was obvious that the Gates family was used to throwing their weight around all the time.

They had indirectly declared hegemony over their territory.

Within their sphere of influence, the Gates family was the law. They exercised their authority over all who lived there.

Therefore, they were the ones to decide the fate of others, including life and death.

Levi was furious.

He had been fighting hard outside against the nation’s enemies, to protect the country’s sovereignty and its people.

And yet, prominent families such as the Gates acted with such impunity within the nation itself.

Hence, he felt disillusioned.

Fred scoffed, “Today is my son’s engagement banquet, hence I only charged you with four crimes. If it were any other time, going against the Gates family is punishable by death. I would have sentenced you to death on the spot.”

Such shocking dominance!

The Black and Lopez families were astounded at how powerful the Gates family was.

No wonder they were considered South Hampton’s topmost prominent family.

Meanwhile, all the other members of the Gates family looked cold when they heard Fred’s words as if they were accustomed to it.

It was clear that that the Gates family did as they please and killed as they willed.

Meanwhile, Zoey was unnerved by the Gates family’s show of strength.

She was especially worried when she heard about the four crimes which required Levi’s limbs to be broken.

“In the eyes of the Gates family, does Erudia still matter? Do the laws of the country still apply?” Levi asked.

“Let me make it clear to you. Wherever the Gates family is, that’s where we are the law and everything we say, counts. Do you understand?” Fred replied in an assertive tone.

He wasn’t stupid. It was just that their family was simply too powerful.

All these years, he had always dealt with everything the same way.

Hence, in the eyes of the Gates family, they were the law.

That was all there was to it.

Suddenly, Levi burst into laughter, to the extent that everyone became curious.

His laughter also caused the Gates family to feel offended.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 643

“You… what are you laughing about?” Fred demanded coldly.

The way everyone saw it, Levi’s laughter was extremely annoying.

“I’m laughing because the Gates family is about to be destroyed. No matter how powerful a person or family is, they cannot override the sovereignty of the country.” Levi smiled.

How dare they claim to be the law in front of the God of War.

Are they not afraid of death? As that is the equivalent of challenging Erudia’s sovereignty.

Without a doubt, they need to be taken down.

“Hahaha, the Gates family is finished? What a joke! Who can touch us? Who even dares to touch us? You?” Fred broke into a haughty laugh, followed by the rest of the Gates family.

With our family’s influence, we are untouchable, let alone within South City itself where we are second to none.

“That’s right, me!” Levi grinned.

“I don’t want to see him still standing. He needs to kneel, now!” Landyn’s mother bellowed.

In response, Fred glowered. “Men, punish him for the four crimes now. Break his limbs so that he can feel the wrath of the Gates family.”

Upon his orders, four elite warriors emerged and headed towards Levi.

Zoey was terrified as she knew that they were helpless in front of the powerful Gates family.

Even if Russell and Logan went to get reinforcements it would still be too late.

Furthermore, the reinforcements might not even be enough as the Gates family was just too strong.

At the crucial moment, Zoey stepped in front of Levi and declared, “Whoever wants to hurt him will have to get through me first.”

When he saw the petite figure in front protecting him, Levi chuckled.

My honey is so adorable.

But this is no longer six years ago. Now, I am the God of War, a Five-star God of War in fact.

With me here, no one can harm you.

“Break both their limbs!” Fred ordered.

The Black and Lopez families wanted to stop them but were restrained by the Gates family elite warriors.

By then, Zoey closed her eyes and resigned herself to fate. Even if her limbs were broken, she was at least together with Levi.

However, Levi was calm.

If the Gates family laid a finger on them, they would immediately be destroyed.

“Wait!” At that moment, an old gravelly voice was heard.

Kurt was pushed towards the front on his wheelchair as he coughed continuously.

“Don’t touch the girl! She must be married into the Gates family,” Kurt declared.

He desperately wanted to survive.

The fortune-teller told him that she could cure him if she was married into the Gates family. Therefore, he couldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

Landyn must marry Zoey.

By hook or by crook, Zoey had to be married to a member of the Gates family even if they needed to kidnap her.

In response, Fred offered, “Zoey, as long as you agree to marry my son, I will guarantee that I won’t hurt Levi. Or else, he will definitely end up a cripple.”

Hearing that, Meredith and Robert finally realized that Landyn wasn’t really serious about marrying Zoey.

The Gates family’s main objective was to cure Kurt based on what the fortune-teller said.

Therefore, it wasn’t what Meredith and Robert wanted for Zoey, and they realized now that it was a trap.

However, they had already pushed Zoey into it and there seemed to be no way to escape.

It was impossible to renegade on the wedding now.

Meanwhile, Fred turned towards Meredith. “As long as Zoey is married to my son, I will guarantee the Black and Lopez families will become the topmost families in South City.”

Tempted by Fred’s offer of power, Meredith and the others second-guessed themselves.

Even Zoey considered it. To her, Levi’s safety was her top priority.

“Honey, let’s go. I’m curious to see who is going to stop me.”

At that moment, Levi grabbed Zoey’s hand and wanted to leave.

“Stop them!” Landyn yelled immediately.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 644

Fred grew desperate too. If they let Levi go, the reputation of the Gates family would be in tatters.

Their family would no longer be able to face the world and they would also lose all authority.

Therefore, Levi must not be allowed to leave.

At that moment, a group of elite warriors of the Gates family approached Levi and Zoey to seize them.

“How dare you leave after all the trouble you have caused?”

Fred ordered, “I want him dead! And she must marry my son!”

The Gates family’s desperation and intimidation caused the Black and Lopez families’ hearts to sink.

Levi would die today while Zoey would be forced into marriage.

In fact, the whole matter had doomed both the Lopez and Black families as well.

As everyone trembled in fear, no one dared to say a word.

In the face of the elite warriors, Levi sneered, “Are you sure you want to challenge me?”

“Why? Do you think I don’t dare to touch you?” Fred laughed deviously.

“Why don’t you take a look outside first?” Levi laughed in response.

“What’s going on outside?” Fred was curious and so was everyone else.

Meredith and the others stared at Levi in disbelief.

Does he have some powerful backup? Or else how would he have dared to come alone to rescue Zoey?

“Oh no! Mr. Gates, there’s trouble!”

At that moment, the Gates family’s bodyguards rushed in.

However, Fred was furious at them for panicking in public as it wasn’t good for their reputation.

Wouldn’t this made us a joke to outsiders?

“Hasn’t there always been a lot of people outside? All of South City’s socialites have gathered here,” Fred retorted.

“Mr. Gates, it’s not them. There are others. You have to see for yourself,” The bodyguard replied anxiously.

With that, Fred could no longer remain seated.

He got up and went to the hotel entrance to take a look.

When he saw what was outside, he was shocked.

A large group of men had filled the plaza outside Stardust Hotel and they were all dressed in black suits.

They numbered two to three thousand men and every single one of them looked intimidating.

There was a man standing right in front. He exuded a terrifying vibe as if he had just walked out of hell itself.

The man was Hades.

Behind him were three thousand men. They were all former members of the underworld and Brock Green’s former followers.

Now, they were all under Hades’ command.

When everyone saw the magnificent formation of men, they were all shell shocked.

The Gates family especially was caught by surprise.

Since when did so many men gather outside?

The Black family, Lopez family, and other guests gaped in disbelief as they wondered the same thing.

“See that? Do you still dare to stop me now?” Levi smiled.

With one word, Levi brought Fred back to reality.

“What do you plan to do? Do you think you can challenge the Gates family with this rabble? If so, you’re being too naive!” Fred sneered.

In the face of the great Gates family, these men were considered nothing.

“That’s right! Anyone who dares to go against us will die,” Landyn threatened.

Levi’s lips curled into a smirk. “In that case, I’ll leave with my wife now. You can try and stop me.”

With that, Levi walked to the hotel’s main door with Zoey in tow.

“Stop them!”

The moment Fred gave the order, a roar was heard outside.

It was so loud that it caused the ground to tremble.

“The three thousand men of South City are here to escort the men of Morris Group home!”

“Whoever gets in the way will be killed!”

Hades yelled together with the three thousand men and it sounded like a thundering roar.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 645

At that moment, the elite warriors of the Gates family were stunned.

No matter how strong they were, they were still no match for three thousand men.

What are we going to do?

Fear flashed across Fred and Landyn’s eyes as there were simply too many men outside.

In fact, every single one of them looked like a formidable fighter, and they were definitely not a bunch of rabbles.

Despite that, the Gates family’s honor was at stake.

If Levi stepped out of the door, their reputation would be destroyed.

Therefore, they had to defend their honor to the death.

“Stop them!” Fred insisted.

On his cue, more than ten elite warriors charged at Levi to kill him.

However, Levi and Zoey walked on and ignored everything around them, as if nothing happened.

Their enemies suddenly appeared behind them.

At the same moment, Hades made his move and his figure turned into a blur. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Levi and Zoey.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Hades dished out his attacks with the speed of light, leaving afterimages wherever he struck.




One by one, the Gates family’s warriors were thrown back.


All of them crashed at Fred’s feet.

After struggling a moment, they either lost consciousness or died on the spot.

It was a magnificent sight.

“If you’re not afraid to die, you can try coming at me,” Hades declared coldly.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The three thousand men moved forward a few steps and were about to enter the hotel.

Their movements caused the ground to tremble and struck fear into every member of the Gates family.

At that moment, Fred was overwhelmed by terror.

Although the Gates family was powerful, their base was still in South Hampton.

However, they were now in South City.

If anything untoward happened, reinforcements would definitely not arrived in time.

That being said, their pride still had to be defended.

“Have you thought it through properly? Do you really want to make enemies of the Gates family of South Hampton?” Fred asked again.

He swore to himself that once he gathered his men back at South Hampton, he would definitely destroy everyone in front of him now.

Hades replied with a sneer, “I don’t care if you are from the Gates family or not. But these two are under my protection.”

“That’s right. On the orders of the Morris Group’s head, we are here to escort Mr. Garrison and Ms. Lopez. Anyone who stands in our way will die!” the three thousand men outside yelled.

Hades looked at the Gates family again and warned, “Whoever wants a quick death can try and stop us!”

At that moment, the Gates family including Fred fell silent.

All of them could only watched as Levi led Zoey away.

This was the most humiliating event ever to happen to them in their family’s history.

Someone had stolen their future daughter-in-law and they were powerless to stop them.

However, Kurt who was behind them didn’t give up. “Cough, cough… stop them. They cannot leave… the Gates family’s reputation…”

As for Fred, he was almost in tears.

“Dad, let’s just bear with it. These men are fanatics. If we fight them, we might all die here.”

Meanwhile, tears of humiliation were already flowing down Landyn’s cheeks.

Ever since he was young, he had never been insulted to this extent.

With that, Levi left with Zoey together with the three thousand men.

The Gates family of South Hampton was utterly disgraced in South City.

Fred ordered immediately. “Once we return to South Hampton, we must gather all our forces. I will make sure there is a bloodbath in South City. Every one of the three thousand men just now must die!”

“I agree! We must wash away the shame that we experienced today. Or else I swear I will die!” Landyn bellowed in anger as he too was infuriated.

Furious at what just happened, Kurt roared, “Send out the order in my name!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 646

Even after they left, Zoey couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all a dream.

What had just unfolded was simply too shocking.

She did not expect that Levi would be able to rescue her from the clutches of the Gates family.

“By the way, Darling, did they say they were acting on the orders of Morris Group boss just now?” Zoey asked in curiosity.

“Yep, that’s right. Other than him, I don’t think anyone else can mobilize so many people,” Levi replied.

“Both of us are considered members of the Morris Group. For him to rescue us does make sense. I wonder what’s the boss like?” Zoey was very curious.

“He’s probably like me!” Levi laughed.

“Stop blowing your own trumpet.”

Back at the hotel, the Gates family quickly left South City while the Lopez and Black families went home disappointed.

When they returned to the Black family manor, they were surprised to find Levi there.

They moment they saw Levi, they were all enraged.

“Levi, you are the death of us. I’m going to kill you!” Meredith bellowed.

The other members of the Black family shared the same sentiment.

Ever since Levi came to South City, he caused a lot of trouble.

Before this, he offended the Caesar family, and now, he insulted the more powerful Gates family.

As a result, the danger they were facing now was more serious than ever before.

As Levi had utterly humiliated the Gates family, they were definitely going to gather their strength and seek out revenge.

To wash the shame off, the Gates family would likely attack with all their might.

“Levi is just a troublemaker. Look at the devastation he wrecked when he was in North Hampton,” Harry mocked.

“That’s right. He has been an orphan since he was little. That itself is a sign that he is cursed. Look at how the mighty Garrison family has fallen because of him. And now, he is here to curse your family!” Henry added.

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi and questioned, “Alright, explain to us what is going on? You have divorced Zoey, what else do you want?”

“Levi smiled, “Divorced? Did you even ask us for our opinion? You abused your authority to have a divorce certificate issued, how is that considered a real divorce?”

“Haha, Levi, aren’t you being shameless? Didn’t you agree in the end? We gave you ten million to divorce Zoey.”

“Yeah! You accepted the ten million, so that means you agreed. Are you denying that now?”

“Are you still a f***ing man?”

The Black family berated Levi and had the urge to violently beat him up.

Robert bellowed, “How can you say we didn’t ask for your opinion? Didn’t you accept the check for ten million?”

Pamela sneered, “That’s right! I handed the check to you myself!”

Levi replied with resignation, “I told you I threw the check into the trash can.”



“I looked through all the garbage bins at home and never found the check. You’re such a liar!” Logan yelled back.

“Then someone else must have taken it. I did throw it away,” Levi insisted.

“Who could have taken it? We’ve asked everyone in the Black family and no one saw it. Why do you insist on lying?” Logan retorted angrily.

At that moment, one of the servants outside, Zeek, suddenly turned pale when he heard their argument.

“Stop lying! Just admit that you’ve taken the check,” Meredith demanded unabashedly despite knowing the truth.

Just then, Russell suddenly spoke up, “I can vouch for Levi. He did throw the check in the dustbin, however, one of the servants, Zeek, picked it up.”

His words shocked everyone.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 647


Zoey’s eyes suddenly sparkled as she always wanted to clear Levi’s name.

As expected, it was picked up by someone else.

Meredith and Robert looked at Russell in disbelief as they didn’t expect him to expose the truth.

“Russell, what are you babbling about? What’s this about Zeek taking the check?”

Logan desperately winked at Russell for him to keep quiet.

“I have proof! Zeek even spent tens of thousands from the check.” Russell ignored all the signals the members of the Black family gave him.

“I don’t believe it. All of the Black family’s servants are of the highest integrity,” Bailey insisted.

“If you don’t believe it, you can get Zeek here to ask him yourself,” Russell suggested.

Pamela and the others protested, but Meredith agreed. “Alright, bring Zeek in for questioning.”

In a brief moment, Zeek arrived, trembling.

He was terrified and didn’t dare to look Levi in the eye.

“Very well, Zeek, l have a question for you and you have to answer truthfully,” Russell instructed.

“A-alright, Mr. Black… please go ahead and ask,” Zeek replied with his head lowered.

“Did you see Levi throw the check into the dustbin the other day?” Russell asked.

Both the Lopez and Black families waited with bated breath for his answer.

Even Levi and Zoey’s gaze were fixated on him.

Trembling violently, Zeek was extremely nervous. He lifted his gaze to give Meredith a glance and answered, “Mr. Black, I didn’t see Levi throw the check in the dustbin.”


The moment he replied, Russell and Zoey were stunned.

As for Meredith and the others, they smiled triumphantly.

“Zeek, you’re lying! You’re the one who pick up the check and now you’re denying it in front of everyone,” Russell bellowed in desperation.

“Mr. Black, I’m innocent! I really didn’t pick up the check. On that day itself, I saw Levi leave the manor with the check. Everyone else saw the same thing,” Zeek continued his lie without even batting an eyelid.

“That’s right, we saw him leaving with the check, it was never in the rubbish bin,” the rest added.

Russell almost burst a blood vessel hearing that.

Why do such people even exist?

He looked towards Meredith in disbelief.

She must have planned everything.

Nevertheless, I must prove that Levi is innocent!

“Russell, you’d better keep quiet and not throw unfounded accusations around,” Meredith yelled.

“I…” Russell stopped himself mid-sentence.

But how can I win against the whole Black family?

Meredith looked towards Levi, “What else do you have to say?”

Levi smiled, “There’s nothing more to say. I just feel that all of you are scum.”

Levi had already investigated the check’s record and was disappointed at how manipulative the Black family was.

“You b*stard, who are you calling scum?” Everyone was infuriated.

Levi’s words were obviously directed at everyone present.

“You don’t deserve to enjoy the cigarettes and wine!” Levi remarked coldly.

“Sheesh! Those cigarettes and wine were brought in by Russell, what have they got to do with you?” Robert retorted while the others piled on the insults.

Suddenly, Meredith stopped them.

Looking towards Levi, she asked, “Let me ask you, what do you want to do?”

Levi glanced at Zoey and said, “Six years ago, I was framed. The wedding wasn’t perfect and caused too many regrets for Zoey and me. Therefore, I want a fresh start with Zoey, to propose to her again and have another wedding to make up for the regrets we have.”

Zoey replied with a choking voice, “I will marry you!”

“Impossible! Zoey must be married to the Gates family,” Meredith quipped.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 648

Previously, they wanted to marry Zoey out to improve the family’s future prospects.

But now, it was simply to placate the Gates family.

Since Kurt needed Zoey to fulfill the fortune teller’s prophecy, they hoped the Gates family would not seek revenge on them.

Therefore, after some discussions within the family, Meredith decided to marry Zoey off to the Gates to mollify their anger.

Levi wants to marry Zoey?

No f****ing way!

Besides, he will be a dead man soon enough for offending the Gates family.

“It’s not up to you. As long as Zoey is willing, I will marry her!” Levi exclaimed.

“Haha, you plan to marry Zoey? You will be better off worrying about how to protect yourself. The Gates family’s army will soon be here to kill you,” Logan burst into demented laughter.

“If the Gates does come, I will destroy them.” Levi’s eyes gleamed with menace.

This family has long acted with impunity and challenged the sovereignty of the nation. There’s no way I’m letting them off easy.

“You’re being ridiculous. I hope when the Gates are here, your words can still be as sharp!” Everyone sneered at Levi.

“Russell, Sylas, protect Zoey. I’m going to deal with the Gates family,” Levi ordered.


Both Russell and Sylas were about to acknowledge his instructions instinctively but decided otherwise when they saw everyone looking at them with strange expressions.

With that, Levi left.

He was confident that Zoey was in safe hands. Even if the two of them failed to protect her, Hades would be watching over her from the shadows.

“Hahaha, isn’t this just Levi trying to flee?” Logan laughed smugly.

“Of course he’s trying to flee, or else why wouldn’t he bring Zoey along?”

All of them scoffed at Levi’s behavior.

From what Zoey could see, Levi must have gone to gather reinforcements and request help from the Morris group’s boss.

It seemed their debt to that man kept increasing.

However, she began to grow suspicious as to why the leader of the Morris Group treated her and Iris so well.

He helped her buy the Oriental Star Group at the auction and gave her full authority to run the business at the electronics mall.

Furthermore, he had saved her and Levi on many occasions.

Who is he?

After leaving Russell, Levi arrived at a large mansion, which was Azure Dragon’s residence in South City.

The mansion was known as Guardian Mansion but was abandoned long ago.

Ever since Azure Dragon and the others arrived, they had been staying there.

That day at the Mansion, Levi noticed that it was crowded. There were even military dogs guarding the entrance.

Once they saw Levi, everyone gathered outside.

There were about sixty of them which gave Levi a shock.

Why are there so many people here?

“Good day, Chief!” All sixty of them saluted Levi.

“Good day, comrades!” Levi returned the salute.

“God of War, let me introduce you. These are the captains of the reconnaissance troops from the South Warzone. They have come to practice their skills,” Azure Dragon explained with a smile.

Ever since he arrived at Guardian Mansion, he had guests visiting every day.

Most of them were there to learn and improve their technique.

As of now, half of them were drenched in sweat in their tank tops. They had obviously been sparring with Kirin.

“Chief, some of our comrades had the illusion that they could take on White Tiger just now. However, they got their asses handed to them instead,” someone reported.

When Levi saw a group of men who were badly bruised and beaten sitting in a corner, he laughed.

Go toe to toe with White Tiger? That’s just suicide.

Given that they were all comrades, White Tiger let them off easily.

“Sir, is something wrong?”

Azure Dragon could sense that something was amiss.

“I expect someone to come for me soon,” Levi explained with a smug grin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 649

Just as Levi spoke, the sixty odd officers were incensed.

Who dares come for the God of War? Do they have a death wish?

How is this even possible?

The God of War is the military paragon of all the soldiers from the Nine Warzones of Erudia.

Whoever dares to even disrespect the God of War cannot be forgiven!

All of us will defend the symbol of the army with our lives.

“Who dares to come for the Chief? Are they nuts? I, Macfay, will be the first to strike them down!”

“I, Macdonald, will never allow it!”

“I, Mackenzie, forbid it!”

One by one, the captains of the reconnaissance troops roared angrily with a ferocious look on their faces.

“Very well, we will stay. I want to see with my own eyes who dares to challenge the Chief’s authority.”

“That’s right. Don’t worry, Chief. Let us deal with this for you.”

“Damn it, it’s time to teach this bunch of rabble a lesson.”

Everyone was outraged.

Levi smiled in response. “Very well, I won’t fight over them with you. You can be my guest!”

He had a different plan to deal with the matter but didn’t expect the mansion to be filled with so many people.

It was just a wonderful coincidence that they could help resolve it.

As a result, his mind was also put at ease.

Once they received Levi’s permission, everyone was filled with anticipation.

They wished that the enemy would arrive sooner so that they could demonstrate their capabilities to the God of War.

“Come, let’s continue with our practice. So that we can thrash them straight later.”

All the men were wild with excitement.

Meanwhile, at the Gates family residence.

The plaza in front of their villa was filled with men.

All of them were tall and strong. Standing at attention, they exuded a terrifying vibe.

They were men of different races but they all had one common trait – they were insanely powerful.

“Dad, I have gathered the Five Hundred Dragon Guards of the Gates family,” Landyn reported.

The Gates family was as wealthy as a nation and no one was their equal in terms of financial power.

All these years, Kurt had spent a lot of money amassing and maintaining a private army that would later be known as the Dragon Guards.

Every one of them was an elite warrior in their own right.

They were either famous mercenaries from overseas, top-ranked assassins, and retired members of black ops from major countries. Furthermore, there were also martial artists skilled in the ancient arts of Qi, Thai boxers, and etcetera.

Every year, the Gates family spent two billion maintaining the Dragon Guards.

This was something unattainable by any other prominent family.

Although there were only five hundred of them, their fighting strength was more important than their numbers.

These were extremely powerful men and would strike fear in anyone who came across them.

Even the Caesar family’s eight hundred White Robes were no match for them.

The Dragon Guards were fearsome warriors and wherever they went, blood would flow like rivers.

In their minds, Levi’s three thousand men from South City were nothing but a bunch of rabbles.

They would not last more than ten minutes in front of the Dragon Guards.

They were confident that no one would be able to protect Levi. With Levi out of the way, Zoey would then be captured and brought back to marry Landyn.

“Alright, let’s head out!” Fred ordered.

Aside from the Dragon Guards, they had also recruited a hundred additional warriors using Kurt’s name.

As a result, the army of around six hundred men headed towards South City in high spirits.

One by one, their cars formed a long snake-like convoy which was a magnificent sight to behold.

By evening, the convoy arrived in South City.

The whole city trembled upon their arrival, especially the Lopez and Black families who prayed hard that they would escape the Gates family’s wrath.

“Father, where shall we go first? I have the address of the place where Levi is holed up in,” Landyn inquired.

“We will look for Levi first and then clean out the South City’s underworld. Finally, we will seize Zoey so that both of you can get married,” Fred barked his orders.

“Understood, Father. Let’s roll out!”

With that, the Gates family army headed towards Guardian Mansion.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 650

Half an hour later, the large convoy arrived outside of Guardian Mansion.



One by one, the men got out of the cars.

In a blink of an eye, the five hundred Dragon Guards and one hundred warriors assembled.

“Surround the place and don’t let anyone escape!” Landyn barked.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The six hundred men spread out and sealed off all escape routes from the mansion.

The encirclement was six man thick. Even a bird couldn’t escape, let alone a man.

The Dragon Guards alone were stronger than the force of five thousand men combined.

After that, Fred and Kurt got out of the car.

“Let’s enter from the front,” Fred ordered.

A group of men arrived at the front door.

Bark! Bark! Bark!

A group of military dogs barked ferociously at them.


Landyn pushed the metal gate forcefully and bellowed, “Levi, come out this instant!”

After waiting for half a day, the captains of the reconnaissance troops finally got their wish.

They were all filled with excitement.

However, they didn’t go out until after Landyn shook the gate for a few minutes.

Finally, Macfay, Macdonald, and Mackenzie emerged.

The three of them were wearing green tank tops, showcasing their rippling muscles.

“Why are you causing a ruckus? Who are you looking for?” Macfay questioned as the three of them walked towards the gate.

When Landyn saw how intimidating the three men were, he couldn’t help but feel a shiver of fear run down his spine.

Realization dawned on him that these were not ordinary men.

Nevertheless, with five hundred Dragon Guards behind him, he was afraid of no one.

“Is Levi Garrison inside?” Landyn demanded arrogantly.

“So what if he is? Who are you people?” Macfay inquired.

“Listen well, we are the Gates family of South Hampton and are here to seek revenge on Levi. He must die today!”

“Behind me are five hundred Dragon Guards. I’m warning you, even if you have three thousand men, you won’t be able to protect Levi,” Landyn sneered.

Everyone on the Gates family’s side assumed that Macfay and his men were in the same group of underworld members that escorted Levi away in South City.

They had no idea that these were military veterans.

Hearing Landyn’s answer, Macfay and the others furrowed their eyebrows.

Did our ears deceive us?

These men want to kill the Chief?

How dare they!

“Insolence! What gave you the gall to do such a thing? Do the nation’s laws mean nothing to you?” Macfay barked.

“Haha, I have always said that the Gates family is the law! Wherever we go, our word is final!” Fred declared arrogantly.

His words gave Macfay and his companions a shock as it was rare to encounter anyone who acted with such impunity nowadays.

Setting aside their blatant disregard for the nation’s laws, they even wanted to kill the God of War!

What sort of madness is this?

“Get Levi out now to kneel and accept his execution. Don’t force us to drag him out ourselves,” Fred threatened.

“You are asking for the impossible as it is our duty to protect him.”

Macfay and the other two captains were resolute in their stand.

“Hahaha, with just the three of you? Don’t you think you’re overestimating yourselves?”

In the eyes of the Gates family, the trio were already dead men.

“What if you include us?”

The moment the voice was heard, a group of men in army green tank tops emerged.

There were sixty of them in total who assembled in a neat formation, giving off a strong and magnificent vibe.


Fred and his men were perplexed when they noticed the group in front of them came off differently from what they expected.

They didn’t look like men of the underworld, but Fred couldn’t put his finger on who they were yet.

Macfay scanned his gaze around and sneered, “You are forbidden to enter. Whoever tries to trespass will only meet with death!”

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