The Return of God of War Chapter 661-670

The Return of the God of War Chapter 661

The Lopez family in South City did not expect the Southern Union to come after their blood.

The most important thing was that they had nothing to do with that matter.

And now, the Southern Union’s army was at the Lopez residence, quickly defeating the guards stationed at the Lopez mansion were quickly defeated.

Patriarch Leon Lopez, the eldest brother of Sebastian Lopez, hurriedly brought the entire Lopez family outside.

The outside of the luxurious manor was densely packed with members of the Southern Union, and they were all dressed in red.

Six masked men, who stood in front of the crowd, were carrying a crystal coffin.

The first four brave men standing in front glanced at everyone in the Lopez family with a domineering look. They were preventing the Lopez family members from running away.

Behind the huge crowd, a car was heading towards them. The word “Heimler” was engraved on the car.

The Lopez family fell into a frightened silence.

They were completely bewildered.

Who could these people be?

Since the fall of Sebastian Lopez, the Lopez family had laid low and stayed away from unwanted attention.

They had never encountered any enemies thereafter.

Why then was there such a powerful adversary at their doorstep?

“Who…who are you people?” Leon Lopez asked, trembling with fear.

“Johnny Lawrence, of Southern Union.”

“Jael Ellison, of Southern Union.”

“Yadriel Larson, of Southern Union.”

“Connor Hill, of Southern Union.”

After the four men reported their names, there was a loud thud.


The old patriarch, Leon Lopez, had fallen onto the ground in fright.

Other elderly members of the Lopez family were also frightened, their faces drained of all color.

As for the younger members of the Lopez family, they were stupefied, and they had no idea what was happening.


Leon Lopez was almost foaming at the mouth.

This is too frightening!

The Four Kings of the Southern Union were all here together.

What kind of trouble had we, the Lopez family, gotten ourselves into?

And what had brought the legendary Four Kings to be here as one?


“Who are you people?”

The youngsters of the Lopez family had an incredulous look on their faces.

“These are the Four Kings of the Southern Union!”

When the elderly uttered the truth, the entire Lopez family was absolutely shocked and turned pale in fright.

Everyone had heard much about the legendary Southern Union.

Especially about the head of the Southern Union, the Four Kings, and their god-like existence.

“Everyone get out of the way. Whoever gets in the way will be killed with no mercy.” Johnny Lawrence said coldly.

When the Lopez family heard that, they quickly gave way.

With the Four Kings in the lead, the Six Slaves carried the crystal coffin into the Lopez family manor.

Behind them, the mighty members of Southern Union entered one after another.

And lastly, Grover entered.

When the Lopez family realized that Grover was here in person, they fell to their knees in terror.

Everyone was petrified.

They had no idea what was going on.

“Listen up! Master’s favorite student died because of Zoey Lopez. The entire Lopez family will have to take the blame for the trouble caused by Zoey. You will all be buried together with Jacky.” Johnny said coldly.

Everyone in the Lopez family nearly passed out from shock.

What kind of trouble had Zoey gotten us into?

Why should we take the blame for it?

They wanted to flee, but they were closely watched and heavily surrounded; they were trapped.

Soon afterward, words about Jacky’s funeral spread far and wide.

The head of the Southern Union and the Four Kings would personally conduct the funeral rites.

All of a sudden, the entire South was shocked.

Disciples of the Southern Union from various places came rushing to South City.

Even big bosses of the underworlds of all major cities were also on their way.

They had to come and pay their last respects.

The funeral was to be held three days from now, and it was bound to cause a huge commotion in the South.

Instantly, South City came to know about the earth-shattering news.

Even the head of Southern Union came in person.

Hence, it was impossible for them to not know.

The news of the upcoming funeral in three days reached Levi’s ears.

“What? They want to capture me and bury me alive? Together with Jacky?”

Levi looked surprised.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 662

Hades chuckled, “God of War, you and your wife are on the list. By then, you will all be buried alive.”

“How bold of them to threaten to bury me,” Levi sneered.

Azure Dragon and Kirin laughed. “God of War, the Southern Union is indeed powerful. They are completely different from the Gates family and the Caesar family.”

“That’s right. They are more organized.”

“Grover can gather the disciples of Southern Union from all places, with just a wave of his hand.”

White Tiger smiled insolently. “Very well. The funeral is in three days? Then, I will fight them all the way to the end. Oh, and this time, you can’t transfer your men to do your bidding.” White Tiger pleaded.

“Yes, I won’t. I have a plan in mind. We’ll talk about that later.”

Levi had earlier on mapped out a strategy for a situation such as this.

“Hades, I’m assigning you to protect my wife. She has finally settled down in her work, so I don’t want her to know anything about this or to be disturbed,” Levi ordered.

“Understood. I will risk my life to protect her.”

On the other side, after the Southern Union had taken over the Lopez family, they were about to make their next move.

“Master, how are you going to deal with Morris Group this time around?” Johnny asked curiously. “I’ve heard that many people who were gotten rid of earlier on did not even have the chance to meet the Morris Group’s boss in person.”

Grover thought deeply and said, “Find the boss and drive him out.”


Subsequently, the Southern Union made their move.

One by one, they captured those who were involved in Jacky’s death.

In the end, the only people left to be captured were Levi, Hades, Zoey, and Sylas.

But then, the Southern Union hesitated to make the move.

Except for Levi, the other three were always together.

In order to capture Zoey, they had to get past Hades.

“Hades killed the Two Slaves single-handedly. He’s just too powerful.”

“I’ve personally seen it with my own eyes too. At the very least, he has a fifty percent chance of beating me,” Johnny said.

“Master, I’ve managed to check Hades’ identity. He was once the L Nation’s God of War. After he was being defeated by Erudia’s God of War, he went incognito and appeared in Eastern Deathmatches.”

Among Grover’s hundreds of students, few of them were good at digging up information. Thus, very quickly, Hades’ true identity was revealed.

“So he’s L Nation’s God of War. No wonder he’s so powerful.”

It was only then realization struck everyone.

“If that is the case, then the four of you should go together. Show him how powerful the Southern Union can be. If Euradia’s God of War can defeat him, then so can I,” Grover ordered.


Johnny Lawrence and the three Kings obeyed.

That day, Zoey went to work as usual, and Sylas came to pick her up.

Halfway to work, Hades showed up in front of them.

He handed Sylas a note that read, “Go to the destination written above. Leave immediately.”

Sylas read the note, immediately started the car, and sped off.

Hades, who had been guarding them from a distance, sensed danger in the air all of a sudden.

This time, he actually feared the worst was going to happen.

And he wasn’t sure if he could handle it.

Immediately, he asked Sylas to take Zoey to the Warzone compound to look for Levi for protection.

“Phew!” Hades breathed a sigh of relief when the car left.

He slowly walked to the other side of the road.

Just then, four silhouettes appeared in the dark alley.

Johnny Lawrence and the three Kings appeared together and glared at Hades with their ferocious eyes.

Seeing Hades walking towards them step by step, Johnny said coldly, “You’re a dead man.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 663

In the narrow and dark alley.

Hades and the Southern Union’s Four Kings attacked one another.

Southern Union had always prided themselves to be a homage of strength.

There were three ways to obtain a high position.

First, martial arts.

Second, financial resources.

Third, brains.

To possess one of the criteria was frightening enough. What more if someone possessed all three criteria.

There was a way of saying in the Southern Union about the Four Kings and the Eight Slaves that represented the three most powerful echelons.

The strength of the Four Kings was unmatched, and that was the key to the Southern Union’s expeditions, resulting in countless territories being claimed.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the long and narrow alley, an earth-shaking battle was going on.

Both sides of the alley walls collapsed from the fight. Even the surrounding buildings, one after another, were extensively damaged.

At first, Hades was able to fight off the Four Kings. But gradually, he was at the losing end.

Each of the Four Kings fought him with similar strengths. With the four of them combined, he was certainly of no match against them.


Ten minutes later, Hades was kicked forcefully by Johnny.

Just when Hades was about to get back on his feet, three violent blows slammed on his body.


More than a dozen of his bones shattered, and he lost his mobility.

“Don’t kill him!”

A cold glint flashed across Johnny’s eyes as he took out a small knife. Very swiftly, he severed Hades’ tendons in his arms and legs.

The defeated Hades fainted from the unbearable pain.

At last, Hades was carried away. He was going to be buried together with Jacky Lawson’s body.

“What about those two women?” Yadriel asked.

“Hades has fallen, so where else are they going to run to? Send someone to catch them,” Johnny smiled.

To him, Hades was the biggest obstacle.

As for Zoey and Sylas, he was not in the least worried. Thus, ordering his men to capture them.

At the same time, Sylas sped towards the destination written on the note.

Soon, they arrived at Levi’s base – Warzone compound.

Both women rushed into the basecamp in a panic, colliding with Levi.

“What’s wrong?” Levi asked.

“I don’t know. The man protecting Ms. Lopez handed me a note and asked me to bring Zoey here,” Sylas said anxiously.

Levi was taken aback.

He could only blame his own carelessness by underestimating the Southern Union.

He thought that since the unrivaled L Nation’s God of War was on his side, no one from the Southern Union was good enough to be an opponent.

Right now, it seemed like he was wrong.

Hades must have realized he was not going to be able to hold back the powerful Southern Union. And that’s why he asked Sylas to come here.

Sure enough, the saying was true – all the best warriors originated from the Southern Union.

It appeared that there were a few strong fighters in Southern Union who were able to defeat Hades.

“You can sleep here for tonight.” Levi said.

Zoey was unsure about the place but stayed anyway.

She was filled with curiosity about Levi’s identity.

The bodyguard, who was guarding them from a distance, sensed something was about to go wrong and urged them to come here.

He’s a man of mystery.

Meanwhile, twenty martial arts masters sent by Johnny had actually made their way here.

It was easy to see how highly efficient the Southern Union was.

“Probably it’s around this location. Let’s search around, and I’m sure we’ll find them here,” the martial arts masters coordinated.

When they were about to enter the area, an old man in a green shirt came running out from the pavilion and said, “Leave! You’re not supposed to be here.”

“Ha! Is there such a place that we are not supposed to be?” they remonstrated.

“This is the forbidden area in South City.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 664

The disciples of the Southern Union burst into laughter from what the old man had said.

“Forbidden? For people like us in Southern Union, there is no place where we can’t set foot in.”

“Young men, listen to me. You have no right to enter this area,” the old man persuaded.

The old man was not only a gatekeeper but a veteran as well.

“We are going in. So what are you going to do about it?”

The Southern Union’s martial arts masters stepped further in brazenly.

“This lot has a death wish.” The old man sighed in exasperation as he watched the men’s retreating shadows.

As the men went further in the area, people along the way persuaded them to leave, emphasizing that this was the forbidden area.

This puzzled the Southern Union’s martial arts masters.

Very quickly, they reached the Warzone compound.

“Look, it’s Zoey’s car. They are here.”

After seeing a car that was parked at the entrance, one of the martial arts masters exclaimed.

Just when they were about to rush in, a man suddenly appeared in front of them. He was casually dressed and holding a cigarette between his lips.

White Tiger!

At that moment, Levi and his men were watching from the rooftop. They were all guessing how many seconds it would take White Tiger to get rid of these pieces of trash.

Levi guessed White Tiger only needed a second.

White Tiger glanced at the twenty men and asked, “Who sent you lot to come here? Don’t you know that you guys are not allowed to enter this place?”

The Southern Union’s martial arts masters were taken aback.

Why do we keep hearing that this place was forbidden to us?

What is it about this place?

It seemed ratty and shabby, more like a slum than anything else.

How could such a place be the forbidden area in South City?

“Ha! There is no place we can’t set foot in. Now, get out of the way!” the leader of the martial arts experts shouted.

White Tiger chuckled and said, “Let me take a puff first.”

After White Tiger took a pull at his cigarette, he made his move.

He was like a bolt of lightning passing through those men.

Their visions went black, and all of them lost consciousness.

When they woke up, they found themselves lying in a pile of garbage.

They had been thrown out of the street and were terrified of what had happened to them.

For starters, they didn’t even know how they were attacked in the first place.

This was really a forbidden area and not a place that anyone could break in to.


The group of men quickly fled.

In Lopez Villa.

The Four Kings had personally captured Hades, and everyone was in a hurrah.

“Master, don’t worry. Soon, we’ll be able to capture that woman,” Johnny said.

He had sent a few men to capture Levi, Zoey, and Sylas. It was going to be an easy job.

At that moment, the twenty martial arts masters came running back, looking disconcerted.

“Master, Four Kings… Something really bad has happened…”

The men were badly battered, clearly injured.

“What happened?” Johnny’s expression turned sour and asked angrily.

“Zoey and Sylas are hiding in a compound in South City. That place is so weird. Whoever we came across kept telling us it’s a forbidden area, asking us to leave. We also met a strange man, and he knocked us out before we even saw it coming.”

When the martial arts experts recounted the event, Johnny and the others were taken aback.

These twenty men were all martial arts experts, so how were they overpowered by a man?

And they didn’t even get to take a good look at the man’s face?

He must be really powerful.

“What? Is there such a place in South City?”

“Why didn’t I know about this? Scott and Brock are the strongest men in South City, am I right?”

A tremor went through them.

He questioned Leon Lopez and the rest, but no one knew that there was such a forbidden area.

Although Grover’s students went digging for information, nobody was able to explain why it was so.

Because that place was a restricted military area, it was highly confidential.

Hence, it wasn’t possible for them to find any information regarding that.

“No way. Bring them back to me.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 665

Grover was fuming mad. “I don’t care if it’s a forbidden area. Bring them back to me!”

The Southern Union was known to be arrogant and self-confident about themselves.

Thus, it wouldn’t make sense for them not to enter a small city like South City.

To them, this was all just a joke.

With that, the Four Kings said, “Master, we promise to bring them back here.”

Immediately, Johnny and Yadriel of the Four Kings led hundreds of martial arts experts to that particular block.


Johnny’s eyes flashed, and with a wave of his hand, he sent hundreds of martial arts experts into that block.

The men approached closer to the Warzone compound swiftly, preparing to infiltrate.

It was a spectacular sight.

Soon, the men came to a crossroad.

“Left, left, left, right, left…”

But at that moment, they heard loud commands being shouted out.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was accompanied by the sound of a uniformed pace.


Johnny waved his hand, and all the men stopped at the crossroad.

They quietly observed the surroundings for any movements.

The footsteps were getting closer, and the commands being shouted out were getting louder.

They saw army officers marching at the left, right, and front of the crossroad intersection. The army officers were undergoing field training by marching.

There were at least a few hundred army officers with the size of two or three battalions.

“Stand still!”

Upon seeing Johnny, the commander of the army officers shouted out the command. They halted their steps and stared at Johnny and his troops.

At that time, Johnny and his men were dumbfounded.

Everyone exchanged glances and didn’t know what to do.

Why were there army officers having their drill in this place?

Johnny was astonished.

He supposed these army officers were also astonished.

Why were these people gathered at the restricted military area?

Were these people here to cause trouble?

The army officers knew they could not let Johnny and his men infiltrate the compound.

A sharp glint flashed across the commander’s eyes, and he commanded, “Move forward!”

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Army officers from all three directions continued to advance and pressed towards Johnny and his men.

The footsteps of the army officers were loud like beating drums, and the bass of it vibrated in everyone’s chest. At that moment, Johnny and his men felt like their hearts would explode.

Tap tap tap…

Everyone instinctively went backwards.

As the army officers marched forward, they stepped backward.

Johnny and his men broke out in cold sweat.

No matter how powerful they were, they still felt afraid and apprehensive in facing the army officers.


At the orders of the Four Kings, the men fled and quickly disappeared.

Once they were out of the block, Johnny heaved a sigh of relief and said, “We almost got into trouble just now.”


Yadriel Larson and the rest also shared the same expression.

If they had taken a step further, it would have been a disaster.

The Southern Union may be strong, but could they possibly be stronger than these people?

Alas, no matter how skilled one was in martial arts, it was useless against military arms.

Just then, Connor, one of the Four Kings, exclaimed, “So that’s what forbidden area meant. That place is the restricted military area.”

“Phew! I have to say, Zoey found a good place to hide,” Jael replied.

Yadriel sighed and asked, “So what should we do now? Do you want to ask Master for advice?”

“It’s useless to ask Master. It’s not like we can send someone here to abduct her,” Johnny said helplessly.

“What should we do then? Are we just going to let this woman go?”

Yadriel and others were obviously heavy-hearted.

Johnny thought for a while and said, “I have an idea.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 666

“What idea? Spit it out.”

The other three Kings immediately turned to look at him and asked anxiously.

“I don’t believe she will hide here forever. We’ll just wait here until she comes out,” Johnny said.

“Sounds like a plan. That’s all we can do for now then.”

Yadriel ordered his men, “All of you stay undercover here, and keep an eye at all times. Notify me immediately once she comes out from hiding.”

Soon after that, the Four Kings returned to the Lopez residence and updated Grover on what happened.

Grover was furious. “What? Hiding in the Warzone compound? That’s outrageous! You ordered your men to be undercover near the Warzone compound without consulting me. Did you think that I couldn’t think of any other way?”

“Master, if we were to fight with them, we’re as good as dead,” his students immediately consoled him.

They were actually afraid that Grover would charge over without thinking.

“Master, we can’t be too impulsive.”

“The only option now is to wait. Sooner or later, she’s bound to come out from hiding,” Johnny said.

Grover sighed heavily, his face contorted in anger.

The next morning.

The Four Kings received news that Zoey had come out from hiding.

Hearing that, they headed towards the hideout as soon as they could.

But they fell into a deathly silence when they saw the scene before them.

Zoey had indeed come out from hiding. However, she was escorted by four military cars.

The average person wouldn’t be able to tell.

But to Johnny and his men, they knew that these four military cars were in an escort formation.

At that moment, Johnny was in despair as Zoey was well-protected.

As powerful as the Southern Union was, they did not dare to confront the army.

Meanwhile, Zoey had no idea what was going on and went to work as usual.

Everything was as arranged by Levi, and no one was to disrupt Zoey’s normal life.

Just when Johnny was in deep thoughts on what to do, a little boy walked up to him and said, “Mr., someone asked me to pass you this note.”

Johnny took the note and read it. The note read: I will be at the funeral – Levi

So, Levi knew about the funeral.

This man who killed Jacky alongside with Hades.

“Very well. How daring of you to decide to show up.”

A sneer appeared on Johnny’s lips.

After returning to the Lopez residence, he filled in Grover on the whole situation.

“What? The military is protecting that woman?” Grover gritted his teeth and roared.

However, he was helpless.

“But her husband, Levi, said he would come to the funeral. He’s probably trying to appease us,” Johnny said.

“After all, we are hiding in the dark. This is our chance to kill them,” Yadriel Larson said.

“Good. Then I’ll wait for him to show up. He must be buried together with my disciple,” Grover said angrily.

On the second day, Jacky’s funeral was officially held.

Everyone who was anyone in Southern Union came to attend the funeral.

It was safe to say that these men who were gathered here were the foundation of Southern Union.

In fact, these people were very angry.

At the day of the funeral procession.

Thousands of Southern Union disciples came to pay their respects, and they were all dressed in black, with white flowers pinned on their chests.

Everyone looked solemn.

The coffin was placed in the middle of the mourning hall.

At the side of the coffin, Hades and others were bound and gagged, unable to cry for help.

Later on, they would be buried alive together with Jacky.

“The first batch of the Southern Union is here to see Master Jacky off.”

“The ninth batch of the Southern Union is here to see Master Jacky off.”

“The twenty-third batch of the Southern Union is here to see Master Jacky off.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 667

The Southern Union had a total of thirty-nine branches scattered around the southern region of the country.

On that very day, all members of the union gathered to attend Jacky Lawson’s funeral.

“I’m Walter Holton from Bellwater, and I’m here to see Mr. Lawson off! Mr. Cooke, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’m Frank Carson from Faircrest, here to see Mr. Lawson off! Mr. Cooke, please accept my sincere condolences!”

“I’m Tommy Johnson from Dawnfrost, and I’m here to see Mr. Lawson off! Mr. Cooke, please don’t be too sad and take care!”

Not only the members of the Southern Union were there, but even all the big shots from the southern region of the country were also there to attend the funeral too.

In comparison to them, the families from Quebec did not even have the right to be there.

This showed how huge and respectable an organization the Southern Union was.

But if the funeral were held in South Hampton, the event would be several times more crowded.

Meanwhile, Grover had been looking ominous throughout the whole process.

He had been much bothered by his failure to capture Levi, Zoey, and Sylas here himself.

“Grover, all the guests are here,” Johnny whispered next to his ear.


After giving all the guests a scan, Grover started his speech by saying, “First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for everyone to be here to attend my disciple’s funeral.”

In an instant, the entire mourning hall plunged into silence as all eyes were on him.

“To be honest, Jacky had always been the one I preferred the most out of my eight hundred disciples. In fact, I was intending to make him my successor, the next leader of Southern Union, and announce my decision during the Union Conference this year. But unfortunately…”

When he reached that part, his voice became slightly croaky. “It was totally out of my expectation that he would be killed so mercilessly in South City!”

“Revenge! Revenge! Revenge…”

“Whoever did that must be killed for his sin!”

“Whoever did that must be killed for his sin!”

At that moment, all the members of both Southern Union and Northern Union were chanting vehemently as they demanded to avenge Jacky’s death.

Their roaring voices was so thundering that it could be heard from afar.

The moment Grover lifted his hand in the air, they immediately stopped chanting, and the place fell silent in an instant.

“Now, I’ve captured everyone who was involved in Jacky’s death and broken all tendons in the limbs of Hades, who mercilessly took Jacky’s life! They are all kept at one place waiting to be buried together with Jacky in his tomb!”

Immediately, he changed the topic by adding, “Yet, we still have three culprits who are on the loose right now! I can’t do anything to them at the moment because they are being protected by some powerful figure. I’m so frustrated at myself for not being able to kill them on Jacky’s behalf!”

His voice was croaky as tears started streaming down his face.

“Kill them!”

“Kill them no matter who’s protecting them!”

“We have to pursue them no matter where they’re hiding, and we have to kill them!”

“They have to die!”

All the members of the union were shouting in unison.

Their faces were laden with fury.

By hook or by crook, they vowed to track them down and butcher them for having done something so humiliating to Southern Union.

Having taken a deep breath, Grover announced, “As the leader of the Southern Union, I hereby issue an order for all members to hunt them down and kill them! All branches of the union have to carry out the mission at all costs!”

Looking furious, Grover issued the order.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Up to a thousand members of the unions shouted their response with a burning desire to kill in their eyes.

That was how efficient things got done in Southern Union!

The members were all ready to get their hands dirty as soon as they received his instruction.

It was only then did Grover feel better.

After all, he believed it was only a matter of time before Levi and the other two were killed.

“By the way, is the guy named Levi Garrison here?” he asked.

“I suppose he must be too scared to be here because he knows he’s gonna get killed as soon as he arrives!” Johnny replied.

“Who told you that I’m too scared to be here?”

At that moment, a voice was heard.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 668

The voice was loud and clear enough to be heard by everyone.

In an instant, it caught the attention of all members present there.

Right then, two figures emerged at the door of Lopez Villa.

It was Levi and White Tiger.

Even Grover appeared genuinely surprised to see them there because he didn’t expect Levi would actually be here.

“They’ve got some guts! Johnny sneered.

“I suppose he’s trying to bear the responsibility himself so that his wife won’t get implicated,” Yadriel opined.

“That seems to be the case because I can’t see any other reason for him to be here.”

Under the watchful gazes of nearly two thousand people, Levi and White Tiger made their way into the mourning hall one step at a time.

At last, they stopped around ten meters away from Grover.

Levi questioned, “Are you Grover Cooke, the leader of Southern Union?”

“Yes, I am!” Grover nodded at him before he bellowed, “Don’t you think you should get on your knees now?”

“Why should I do that?” Levi countered.

“You killed my disciple as well as my other subordinates! Now, you must kneel in front of him to repent your mistakes. He shouldn’t have died!” Grover yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Kneel down and repent your mistake!”

“Do that now!”

Up to two thousand members of Southern Union shouted at the same time; their booming voices sounded powerful and magnificent.

Upon hearing them, Levi sneered, “Shouldn’t have died? Haha, I think he deserved it more than anyone else!”

Levi made a shocking remark that silenced the entire mourning hall.

Everyone was glaring at him resentfully.

How dare he say something like that in front of all the members of the Southern Union?

It was an outright provocation!

“You’re risking your neck!”

The Four Kings and the Six Slaves were enraged.

A look of utter disbelief appeared on Grover’s face.

“W-What did you just say? Did you say Jacky deserves to be killed?”

“That’s right! Jacky deserves to die for killing other people recklessly!” Levi said firmly.

“How dare you say things like that after killing one of us! It seems like you don’t take us seriously at all!”

Instead of looking furious, Grover laughed out loud.

It had been years since he came across someone as arrogant as Levi.

To his utter surprise, Levi nodded his head and replied, “Yes, Southern Union is indeed too small for me to take it seriously.”


His remark sent the people in the mourning hall uproarious at once.

A babble of voices soon broke out among them as they all freaked out.

He was not allowed to say something like that!

There was no way he was allowed to make such a rude comment about them!

In fact, they could deal with Jacky’s death albeit begrudgingly, but humiliating Southern Union was a total taboo.

They had to do their best to salvage the dignity of their organization even if they had to risk their lives!

Therefore, when Levi showed how he looked down upon Southern Union, all hell broke loose.

“Kill him!”

“Bury him together with Jacky!”

“Bury him now!”

“Bury him alive!”

With their eyes reddened with fury, the members of the Southern Union yelled.

If it weren’t because Grover had yet to instruct them to do anything, they would not hesitate to slaughter Levi on the spot.

“Hahaha… throughout the fifty years I’ve been with Southern Union, I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t take it seriously. You’re the first!”

“What gives you the confidence to harbor that kind of opinion?” Grover queried.

Levi chuckled as he slowly lifted both fists in the air. “It’s because I have these!”

Everyone was stunned by his cocky attitude.

How arrogant was he to have the guts to do something as provocative as that in front of all the martial arts masters of Southern Union!

Indeed, he was trying to challenge the entire Southern Union, and he was clearly asking for trouble.

“Do you think you can fight all of us here with only your fists?” Grover chortled.

At that moment, White Tiger spoke, “You guys aren’t worth getting his hands dirty. Let me clean up the mess!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 669

Everyone gasped in shock when they heard him.

Most of the martial arts masters of Southern Union were a bunch of cocky men themselves, but even they had not come across someone as arrogant as the two.

Did White Tiger just threaten to kill them all on his own?

How prominent his martial arts skill must be to be so full of confidence?

“Today, I’ll leave my buddy here to handle you guys. His failure will be deemed as mine!” Levi declared with a smile.

“Very well. I must say your attitude is admirable, young man!”

Shortly later, Grover waved his hands at his men and shouted, “Guys, kill him!”

“Joshua, the Iron Fist, from the thirty-sixth branch of Southern Union volunteering for this mission!”

“Gregory, the Golden Sword, from the seventeenth branch of Southern Union reporting for duty!”

“Finnley, the Crippled Man, from the twenty-eighth branch of Southern Union volunteering for this mission!”

Immediately all the martial arts masters of the union were fervently asking to be assigned the mission.

Meanwhile, White Tiger beckoned them over and barked, “You guys may fight me together!”

“He’s clearly tired of living!”

Soon, around ten martial arts masters of the union charged toward him.

They were the top martial arts masters of the union who were considered better fighters than Scott Yates’s Four Mighty Generals.

Therefore, their joined force would be an invincible one!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Yet, it only took White Tiger a short time to send those prominent martial arts masters flying away.

Everyone gaped at the scene in utter disbelief.

“He’s indeed something! Let’s go and take him!”

The rest of the martial arts masters of the union immediately advanced upon White Tiger, but none of them was his match.

One after another, they were flung some distance away by him.

Hundreds of them were soon defeated.

This time, the entire Southern Union was left flabbergasted.

Their eyes were filled with astonishment seeing how incredibly powerful White Tiger was.

None of them in the union was his match.

How scary is that?

“Six Slaves, go on and teach him a lesson!”

Looking ominous, Grover waved his hand and commanded.

The Six Slaves then complied with his instruction by attacking White Tiger at the same time.

At last, it turned out that they were only slightly better than the last batch because they lasted just a bit longer. However, they were, too, sent flying away.

“Let’s deal with him together!”

Icy glint shone in the eyes of the Four Kings.

Every single one of them was strong enough to take on the God of War independently.

Therefore, it meant White Tiger was going to fight four equivalents of the God of War at the same time.

The five of them soon embroiled in an intense fight.

Explosions occurred in the air continuously, and the tiles on the floor started cracking because of the intensity of the battle.

Every single attack they executed was powerful enough to blast anything into halves.





In the end, White Tiger successfully tamed the four of them.

Slumping on the floor, the four of them appeared nonplussed.

Needless to say, they were great martial arts masters as they had started training since they were little.

But since White Tiger was someone who had defeated the God of War of L Nation before, they had failed to handle the he who was standing in front of them.

Who is he?

Why is he so incredibly strong?

Thus far, he was the strongest fighter they had ever encountered.

All the members of Southern Union, both onstage and offstage, were staring at White Tiger alarmingly.

Surprisingly, they were scared!

They actually feared the presence of White Tiger!

Just like what he had said earlier, he really managed to handle all of them on his own.

The people of Southern Union were curious about where this person was from as they had never seen anyone as strong as him before.

At that moment, White Tiger let out a howl in relish.

Ever since he retired from the frontline, he had never had such a great time sparring with other people.

Levi, too, broke into a grin.

Being the most combative among the Five Great Wars Regiment, Levi knew the peaceful days lately must have bored him badly.

Therefore, this came as the best opportunity for him to get a kick out of it.

At that moment, Grover looked stupefied as he eyed both White Tiger and Levi with disbelief.

White Tiger lay his eyes upon him and shouted, “I was told that you’re the best fighter of Southern Union. Now, come and battle me!”

Yet, Grover remained motionless.

After staring at the two of them dazedly for a moment, he asked, “Are you guys from the army?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 670

Being the leader of the Southern Union, Grover managed to detect some issues after observing the battle the whole time.
In fact, martial arts skills were learned to kill instead of to perform.
Therefore, all the martial arts masters of Southern Union were taught only moves that were lethal enough to kill.
Yet, he found that White Tiger’s moves were simpler yet more efficient.
None of his moves were redundant, and every movement of his was capable to kill.
Anyone who was attacked by him would end up either getting injured or dying.
Also, he noticed that White Tiger’s movements were more inclined to practicality.
Anyone who knew enough about martial arts could discern that White Tiger’s moves were honed to be both efficient and practical through countless battles.
In short, only someone from the army could have such a straightforward combat style.
Immediately, Grover realized that Levi and White Tiger must be two prominent fighters from the army.
At first, he only assumed Levi and Zoey were protected by the army, but little did he know, Levi turned out to be from the military himself.
The rest of the members of Southern Union took a sharp intake of breath when the truth struck them.
“You’re really observant!” White Tiger complimented in astonishment.
Although his speculation was verified, Grover suddenly became edgy.
What kind of status could they have in the army having such powerful combative skills?
“A-Are… A-Are you guys working for the God of War?” Grover asked them in a trembling voice.
It went without saying that he knew that the God of War had gone into seclusion in North Hampton at the moment.
At this moment, he could only associate White Tiger and Levi to the God of War judging from how great they were in martial arts.
White Tiger commented with a smile, “Levi, he’s spot-on!”
“Your guess’s right! I’m White Tiger, one of the Five Great Wars Regiment, who works for the God of War!”
“Say what?”
“Goodness gracious, he’s White Tiger – the King of War!”
Everyone within the Southern Union went wild when they heard that.
White Tiger was well-known for his mercilessness on the battlefield.
He was famous worldwide for his effort in wiping out the entire L Nation together with the Cavalry Regiment.
Many of them in the Southern Union worshiped him like a deity because he achieved greatness in wars.
Tap, tap, tap…
When White Tiger’s identity came to light, Grover stumbled a few steps backward and almost collapsed onto the floor.
At that moment, he was seized by an urge to kill himself on the spot knowing that he was dealing with White Tiger.
How about this guy over here?
When a horrendous thought popped up in his mind, he slumped to the floor immediately.
He dreaded to even look up at Levi.
“I guess all of you here must be able to see who my boss really is. Yes, he’s indeed the God of War – Levi Garrison!”
The moment White Tiger made that announcement, it was as though the world just stopped spinning.
Time halted, and everything went still.
Everyone thought the scene looked too surreal as though they were in a dream.
“Now I realize why the Gates family and the Caesar family collapsed…”
At the moment, Grover’s eyes looked hollow and blank.
Also, it dawned upon him that the woman Jacky had tried to invite over here before this was actually the God of War’s wife…
Upon that, he realized he would not be able to redeem himself for offending the God of War so terribly.
“It’s my honor to meet you, God of War!”
“It’s my honor to meet you, God of War!”
Grover, who finally figured everything out, cued the entire Southern Union to kneel in front of Levi and greeted him respectfully.
“We were wrong! We made a grave mistake, and we are willing to receive any punishment for that! Also, I’ll bear the responsibility for what Jacky had done!” Grover pleaded.
As powerful as Southern Union was, it was nothing in the presence of the God of War.
On top of that, White Tiger had made everyone well aware of his capability just now.
He was able to finish them off on his own!
Therefore, Grover was certain that all of them would be doomed if they refused to show Levi the white flag.
At a steady pace, Levi made his way toward Grover and said, “In fact, I already thought of the punishment for y’all several days ago!”

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