The Return of God of War Chapter 761-770

The Return of the God of War Chapter 761

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the next moment, the ground started to tremble, as if there was a giant army rushing in their direction.

Everyone glanced around in fear, only to see a huge troop of soldiers surrounding them.

The soldiers’ expression changed as they realized that this troop was the Dragon Legion from the Iron Brigade.

“I want to know who dares to touch the God of War?” bellowed Alfie as he strode over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Dragon Legion arrived simultaneously, blocking all possible paths of escape.

Sarah and the other influencers were shocked to their core by this intimidating scene.

After all, they had never seen anything like that before.

Pierre and Jenson exchanged a bewildered gaze as their expressions drastically changed.

These men seem to be coming for Levi!

Leading the Iron Brigade, Alfie stopped in front of Levi.

The entire troop surrounded Levi as they glared at Pierre and the rest menacingly.

“Who gave out the instruction to throw the God of War out?”

Alfie’s ruthless glare swept across Pierre’s and Jenson’s faces.

“This… This is a misunderstanding, right? The God of War isn’t here,” blurted Jenson.

“There’s no misunderstanding! You’re the one who gave the command, right?” asked Alfie aggressively.

Jenson was so scared that his resolve wavered.

As he quivered, he glanced at Levi with suspicion in his eyes.

Could it be that he has a special identity?

Is he telling the truth when he said that no one can bear the consequences of his apology?

He even dared to call Mike Pence by his full name!

What kind of identity does he hold that he can do all that?

Firstly, Mortimer, the Captain, came.

Then, even the Iron Brigade arrived to protect him.

Who exactly is he?

Jenson knew very well that the Iron Brigade was ranked so high in the Warzone that not even Mike had the authority to deploy them at will.

Yet, they were actually mobilized to protect a young man.

This seems to imply something…

At that thought, Jenson’s forehead was already dotted with sweat, his body quivering.

I might have just gotten myself into huge trouble.

At that moment, Pierre saw the flag fluttering in the air. He asked, “Are you from the Iron Brigade?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Alfie nodded. “What about it?”

“Then, you should probably know Anson Jones, right?”

An arrogant expression crossed Pierre’s face.


Alfie was shocked to hear that name.

The head of the Jones family just asked him about two days ago.

“Yes,” replied Alfie honestly.

However, Pierre interpreted his reply as an affirmation that Anson was an important personnel of the Iron Brigade.

After all, he was so significant that anyone would know him.

The Jones family has such strong connections, huh?

Now, Pierre was confident that Alfie would kowtow to the Jones family.

“Good that you know. Anson is the God of War’s most trusted aide, and the pride of the Joneses,” declared Pierre with a smile.

Levi interrupted him, “Wait a moment. The God of War’s trusted aide? Why don’t I know that?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 762

“Huh? Who are you to know Anson? What a joke!”

Pierre shot a disdainful glance at Levi.

Anson is the right-hand man to the God of War. Naturally, an insignificant person like you won’t know him.

“He’s the God of War you’re referring to!” announced Alfie.


A look of astonishment appeared on Pierre’s and Jenson’s face. The color had been completely drained from their faces.

“How is that possible? How can he be the God of War? I don’t believe you.”

Naturally, Pierre was unwilling to face the reality.

“He’s really the God of War. Sir, Captain Mortimer reports!”

Mortimer saluted him.

Witnessing this scene, Pierre and Jenson felt like a bombshell had been dropped on them.

They were utterly dumbfounded.

If one person’s account were unreliable, the second person would do the trick.

“Sir, Commander Pence reports!”

At that moment, a group of people rushed over.

The person at the front was Mike Pence, the Commander-in-chief of the South City Warzone, who saluted Levi.

The deputy commanders and military officers behind him saluted Levi as well.


Pierre and Jenson gasped in disbelief. They felt like their blood had frozen in their veins as shivers ran down their spines.

If the verdict of two people was still unreliable, what about that of three, four or five people?

What if a dozen of them said that he was the God of War?

In that case, he’s indeed the God of War!

The God of War?

How can it be that he’s the God of War?

He’s such a young man and so low-profile.

We have actually messed around with the God of War?

This is the unluckiest thing to happen to them.

They could’ve offended anyone else but the God of War!

Not only were the two of them terrified, but Sarah and the rest, who were kneeling on the ground, also started sweating in fear.

Their eyes widened in disbelief.

The God of War?

The stinky soldier we were referring to is actually the supreme God of War!

“Oh no…”

Sarah’s manager moaned in shock and fainted right away.

Staring at Mike, Levi asked, “Mike Pence, what’s going on? Why is the military base in such a mess, with a bunch of clowns filming here?”

Jenson’s heart was pounding so frantically that it was almost leaping out of his throat. Indeed, he dared to call Mike Pence by his full name.

“Sir, it’s my mistake. I’m completely oblivious to this.”

He whirled around to glare at Jenson. “Is this your doing, Jenson Grant?”

“No… No. I… I…” stuttered Jenson, not knowing how to explain himself.

“That’s enough! The shoot ends right now. Everyone from Star Entertainment just gets lost! The military base is not a place for you to unleash your madness!” bellowed Mike furiously.

Pierre was terrified.

Now, his connections were completely useless in this situation, not even the Jones family.

When he was up against the God of War, even the Joneses could offer no help at all.

Levi’s gaze suddenly landed on Sarah and the rest. “Do you still need me to apologize?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 763

Levi’s question came like a bolt from the blue, causing Sarah and the rest to be struck by lightning.

Their bodies were already drenched in cold sweat.

He still remembers this?

Initially, when Sarah insisted on demanding an apology from Levi, he claimed that no one could bear the consequences of his apology.

He even had the audacity to say that everyone must kneel when listening to his apology.

Back then, everyone scoffed disdainfully at his presumptuousness.

Now, they all understood finally.

Indeed, no one could bear the consequences of his apology!

After all, he was the mighty God of War!

Who would dare to force an apology out of him?

Furthermore, he was not even in the wrong!

Instead, he stood on the side of justice.

“You’re the influencer, Sarah, right? Who do you think you are? How dare you insult me to be a stinky soldier?” asked Levi coldly.

Pierre and the rest were at an utter loss for what to do for their minds were in a complete mess.


She actually dared to say something such absurd as calling the God of War a stinky soldier?

She really must have a death wish.

“I’m a very fair person. I will neither accuse an innocent man, nor will I ever spare a sinner. Your evil deeds have been recorded in the cameras! Alfie, bring them to me,” commanded Levi.

Soon, Alfie confiscated all the equipment.

After playing the footage, they discovered that the footage exposed all of the activities in the military base, including the secrets involving the battle tanks.

If such footage were leaked, these people could be sentenced to death!

Reviewing the pieces of evidence, Levi scoffed coldly, “What else do you have to say for yourselves? Do you still want me to apologize?”

“We’re sorry! We’re terribly sorry!”

Sobbing, Sarah and the other celebrities started to beg and cry.

Even Pierre was so terrified that he burst into tears.

“You, apologize! Start live-streaming now and apologize!” instructed Levi as he pointed at Sarah.

Sarah followed his instructions. She started a live-stream and apologized to the few soldiers she insulted as “stinky soldiers”.

When Sarah was about to apologize to Levi, Alfie stopped her. “Get lost! You’re not worthy to apologize to the God of War!”

“Here’s your punishment. Star Entertainment will cease all operations for three months. All employees must undergo a mandatory etiquette program, and they can only continue working after they’ve passed it. As for all these people, round them up and teach them a proper lesson. Also, apologize to Zoey Lopez from the Oriental Star Group.”

No one dared to disobey Levi’s commands.

However, if Star Entertainment put all activities on hold for three months, they would lose a third of their current profit.

However, Pierre dare not disobey Levi’s order.

In the end, all these celebrities and production teams were chased out of the military base.

After the shareholders of Star Entertainment caught wind of this incident, they all called to ask about it.

The Joneses were one of them.

In fact, Michael personally called to ask, “Pierre, what’s going on? Why did you suddenly terminate such a heavily invested project? If we incur a loss, are you going to compensate?”

The Joneses actually invested in this show.

“Mr. Jones, you may not know this, but we’ve been kicked out of the military base,” lamented Pierre helplessly.

“Didn’t you mention my name?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 764

“I did. Not only did I mention your name, but I also even brought up Anson’s name. Then, I got chased out…”

Pierre was overcome with worry.

Having offended the God of War, I’m doomed.

What’ll happen to me in the future?

“What? It didn’t work even after you mentioned mine and Anson’s name? Were you mistaken? How dare Mike disrespect the Jones family!” Exclaimed Michael furiously.

“Mr. Jones, you don’t know this, but the God of War came today! This man is Erudia’s legend. Mentioning anyone’s name would still prove futile.” Replied Pierre agitatedly.

“What? In that case, there’s no way around it. But the Jones family is acquainted with the God of War. Didn’t you mention Anson’s name to him? Anson is his right man! I don’t think he’ll make things difficult for you as a favor to Anson.” Said Michael, feeling puzzled.

“Don’t even mention it. The God of War said he doesn’t even know Anson. I was almost shot dead! Mr. Jones, you’re so unreliable.”

Michael was confused.

Something’s wrong.

How is it possible for him to not recognize Anson?

He must be saying that out of fury!

That must be it.

Pierre must have angered the man to the extent that no one could change his mind.

“You probably provoked him, didn’t you? Useless! You almost sabotaged the Jones family!”

Michael hung up the call quickly.

Afraid that the Jones family would be ruined as well, he no longer wanted to speak with Pierre.

When Levi returned to the office, Zoey asked in surprise, “Where did you go?”

“I went to teach Star Entertainment a lesson!” Replied Levi.

“Hah! Stop boasting. I don’t buy that!”

Zoey did not pay much attention to what he said.

However, her secretary and Helena rushed in soon after.

“Ms. Lopez, something bad happened! Pierre brought a bunch of people to the office. Looks like they’re up to something bad!” Exclaimed the secretary in worry.

The other company directors were extremely worried too.

After all, Star Entertainment was one of the incumbents in the industry.

It was not a good thing to be targeted by them.

Yet, it was obvious that Pierre brought people here to take revenge.

“Let’s go and take a look!” Commanded Zoey with a cold expression, not afraid of Pierre.

Soon, she arrived at the lobby.

Even Seth came along, wanting to protect Zoey.

They strode into the lobby aggressively and confronted the group of men.

“Let me warn you! Don’t do anything rash. I won’t be courteous to anyone who dares to create trouble here.”

Seth stood at the front with the security guards, glaring daggers at Pierre and his men.

Zoey too, eyed Pierre coldly, waiting to see what tricks they were up to.


To their utter surprise, Pierre and the rest fell onto their knees.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 765

All of them knelt in front of Zoey.

That included Star Entertainment’s boss and eighteen of its most popular celebrities!

What’s going on with them?

This sudden scene caught everyone off guard.

Why are they kneeling?

Zoey and the others had no clue of what was happening.

Aren’t they supposed to come for revenge?

Zoey, the secretary and Seth exchanged incredulous glances with one another.

The first person who simultaneously appeared in their minds was Levi.

Does this really have something to do with him?

Kneeling on the floor, Pierre groveled at her feet, “Ms. Lopez, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have sabotaged you, or threatened to acquire your company.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Pierre kowtowed so forcefully that his forehead bled.

As Levi had specifically asked him to apologize to Zoey, he did not dare to take it lightly.

Other than him, all the celebrities and influencers joined him too.

They should not have pretended to be arrogant big-shots.

Sarah even begged for Seth’s forgiveness for the words she had said to him.

On the other hand, everyone on Zoey’s side was stunned, unable to comprehend what was happening.

What are these?

“Ms. Lopez, Star Entertainment will suspend all activities for three months, and you can use our resources whenever and however you want!”

Pierre even offered to activate all their connections to help Zoey develop her company’s entertainment projects for three months.

“Ms. Lopez, please accept our favors!”

Speaking, Pierre sprawled on the ground.

“Okay, I’ll accept it. But can you tell me what happened?” Asked Zoey confusedly.

This was everyone’s query too.

What made Pierre and these arrogant people change their attitudes so drastically?

“Ms. Lopez, we broke some rules and received a harsh lesson. We’ve realized our mistake now.” Explained Pierre helplessly.

“Ms. Lopez, we’ll take our leave first! With regards to Star Entertainment’s resources, I’ll send someone over immediately.”

With that, Pierre and his men left.

They were going to roll out an orientation on proper etiquette for all their celebrities.

When Pierre left, the secretary received an update.

“Ms. Lopez, they probably committed a mistake at the military camp and was chased out!” Reported the secretary.

“But this is a good thing for us. We can use all of Star Entertainment’s resources for three months!”

Zoey nodded in approval.

“It’d be a waste for us not to use them. Coincidentally, Helena’s new movie is going to be released soon. Let’s tap on their resources for that!” Suggested Zoey with a smile.

At that moment, Levi pushed the door open and entered.

“What happened? Did those guys come and apologize?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 766

When Levi said that, everyone glanced at him with bated breath.

Zoey and the other two had the same idea.

Could it be that this is all Levi’s doing?

The timing is just right.

Previously, Levi said that he’ll settle this incident.

When he returned, Pierre and the others came.

It must be him!

But how did he do that?

Star Entertainment is one of the top three entertainment companies in the nation.

How is it possible for Pierre to cave in to him and even stop business for three months?

These questions circled around their minds.

They were exceedingly confused.

“Yeah. They left after apologizing, and even begged us to use Star Entertainment’s resources to our heart’s content.” Replied Zoey.

Levi nodded and said, “Good then.”

Zoey felt too embarrassed to ask Levi how he did it.

However, she thought of a possibility.

After Levi left, Zoey instructed her secretary, “Check how Star Entertainment’s stocks are doing.”

The staff checked it quickly. “Other than Pierre, the Jones family in South Hampton owns the highest share of 20%!”


Zoey heaved a sigh of relief.

Earlier, she guessed that Levi managed to achieve it through tapping on his connections with the Jones family in South Hampton.

Now, she was certain.

The Jones family was Star Entertainment’s biggest shareholder.

Making Pierre do all that was merely a piece of cake for them.

“Darling, thanks for your help!”

Zoey was extremely touched.

She knew Levi hated the Jones family and would not even deign to acknowledge them.

However, this was the second time he asked the Jones family for a favor on her behalf.

This was equivalent to him throwing his pride aside.

Furthermore, Levi was one of the most prideful people she knew.

Darling, I’m very touched…

However, unknown to Zoey, that was not what happened at all.

The Jones family had nothing to do with this.

As everything was too coincidental, she misunderstood.

However, Zoey decided to keep everything a secret and did not ask Levi about it.

Then, with the help of Star Entertainment, the new movie released by Oriental Star Group skyrocketed to unprecedented popularity.

Helena, the female lead, rose to stardom and became one of the nation’s most popular A-listers.

The movie star never imagined all these to happen.

Half a year ago, she was still an unknown celebrity, worrying about her meagre monthly income of three thousand.

Six months later, she became a popular celebrity in the country.

Everything was all because of Levi and Zoey, hence Helena was extremely grateful to them.

Not only that, but she also even donated some money in secret to help those in need.

“Helena, if all of the celebrities are as kind as you, I wouldn’t be so angry.” Said Levi with a laugh.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 767

Zoey was very pleased with Helena’s results and character.

“Helena, your popularity skyrockets recently. A lot of people might be seeking you out now. Please resist the temptation and not fall into any traps.” Advised Zoey.

“I understand, Ms. Lopez.”

Helena was too popular now.

Numerous advertisers sought to hire her as their spokesperson, while many agencies tried to steal her away by offering high salaries.

However, Helena was not tempted at all. Instead, she followed all Zoey’s arrangements.

When the billionaires from overseas offered high amounts of money to invite Helena to drink with them, she refused.

Yet, what she did not expect was that she caught the eyes of the South Hampton Prince Gang.

At that moment, a group of youngsters were smoking and drinking together in a luxurious club at South Hampton.

Tyler and Wales Jones were amongst them.

They were the notorious Prince Gang of South Hampton.

How impressive was the gang?

Timothy, the eldest son of the Caesar family, was merely one of the most insignificant members in the gang.

Even Tyler was only in the middle of the hierarchy.

In other words, the wealthy youngsters, who were predicted to be the most powerful people of South Hampton in the future, were all there.

They represented the entire nation.

Those men at the top of the hierarchy were even more impressive.

They belonged to the most powerful families of South Hampton. Even a royal family like the Jones would have to look up to them.

“Did you guys hear? There’s a new female celebrity called Helena!” Exclaimed Bentley Brooks with a grin.

“Of course! She’s such a chaste woman. Some wealthy businessmen offered her hundreds of millions just to drink with them, but she’s not tempted at all!”

“That’s expected. After all, she had never been in a relationship! Hence, she can still stick to her principles after becoming popular.”

Everyone were discussing enthusiastically.

Even Tyler and Wales were interested.

“I like this woman!”

A voice suddenly rang out.

Everyone, who was initially discussing excitedly, fell silent and looked at the person respectfully.

It was Lucas Quinn!

He was the future heir of the Quinn family, which was one of the top three royal families in South Hampton.

He was considered the true big-shot.

Even Tyler was nothing compared to him!

The Quinn family’s influence was four times bigger than the Jones family.

This was, quite precisely, the difference between the both of them.

As the eldest son of the Quinn family, Lucas was considered a genius.

Not only was his academic outstanding, but he was also skilled in combat.

He was one of the top three members of the Prince Gang, only second after the ‘Prince’.

When he spoke, everyone paused mid-action.

Twirling a cigar between his fingers, an unreadable expression crossed Lucas’ handsome face.

“Wow, it’s so rare for a woman to catch your eyes, Lucas.” Flattered Tyler.

From what they recall, Lucas’ girlfriend were all top beauties. It was very uncommon for him to fancy anyone.

Taking a puff of his cigar, Lucas said, “I’ve investigated this woman. She suits my taste. But what delighted me more is her boss, Zoey. She’s a greater beauty! I want both of them.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 768

Everyone gasped in shock.

Lucas certainly pulled no punches this time.

Exchanging glances with each other, Tyler and Wales subconsciously said, “We know Zoey. She’s indeed one of the best! Although she’s married, she’s still a virgin.”

Lucas glanced at them suspiciously. “How do you guys know her so well?”

Wales explained, “Because the Jones family…”

At that moment, Tyler interrupted him, “It’s because we saw Zoey personally during our trip to South City. I think she’s a much better choice.”

As he spoke, he fiercely glared at Wales, reprimanding him for almost mentioning Levi’s name.

The Jones family refused to acknowledge Levi’s identity and existence.

Revealing his identity was a humiliation for them.

Especially in social circles like the Prince Gang, it was better if no one else knew about Levi.

After all, it was a disgrace to the family.

It’s very likely they would hear mocking like “So there’s such a homeless hobo in the Jones family, huh?”

By then, they would be deemed as outcasts by everyone else.

Not finding anything suspicious, Lucas grinned. “That’s great! They’ll definitely be mine.”

“Lucas, let’s go to South City, shall we?” Suggested the others.

“Okay. We’ll set off tomorrow.”

Finished speaking, Lucas took a puff of his cigar again.

Naturally, Zoey and Helena were completely oblivious to their impending danger, and were still preparing for the fan meeting.

That day, Meredith and Robert went to Zoey’s office personally.

Under the facade of visiting Zoey, they were actually trying to check on the progress of the fifty-billion project.

The pair met Levi at the corridors coincidentally.

Seeing how lively and vigorous he was, they became consumed with anger.

Logan was still lying in the hospital, yet Levi looked completely unscathed.

How could they not be infuriated?

“Don’t be too delighted yet, youngster. The Black family will never spare you.” Meredith warned, whispering softly beside Levi’s ears.

“Bring it on then.” Replied Levi with a cold smile.

How can I even be bothered by the Black family?

If it were not for Zoey, it’d be a piece of cake for me to destroy the Black family.

The old couple then went to Zoey’s office and checked the progress.

“Are you sure you want to marry Levi?” Out of the blue, Meredith asked.

Zoey nodded. “Yes. Regardless of how the both of you try to stop me, I’ll still marry him!”

Her attitude was firm.

With a smile, the grandmother said, “Zoey, of course you can marry Levi! However, he must make changes until we’re satisfied with him. Only then will we not stop your marriage. We met him earlier! He’s still a listless and unambitious man. How can you marry such a man!”

Zoey asked directly, “Tell me your conditions, grandma.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 769

“It’s simple! There’s still some time before your marriage. Before that, Levi must earn one billion, depending on his own capabilities.” Meredith declared.

Zoey’s eyebrows knitted together.

It’s a short time before the wedding day.

How can he earn one billion by then?

Oh, right.

The Jones family!

Zoey agreed instantly. “Sure! One billion it is then.”

“Remember, no one else can help him.” Reiterated Robert.

“Yeah, that’s right! Six years ago, he gained a net worth of billions within a single year. Now, he has to depend on himself to earn a billion. We want him to recreate what he was capable of back then!”

After listening to their points, Zoey knew she had fallen for their trick.

It was simply too difficult for Levi to earn one billion without any resources.

Meredith and Robert probably dared to suggest that because they knew Levi wouldn’t be able to achieve so.

“Zoey, since you’ve agreed, you must not go back on your words!”

A delighted smile appeared on the grandparents’ faces.

After they left, Zoey slumped onto the chair, blaming herself for agreeing too quickly.

How can Levi earn one billion in such a short amount of time?

However, as she had already agreed, she had no choice but to look for Levi.

When he heard what she said, he burst out into laughter. “Just one billion? I thought it’d be ten trillion.”

When Zoey saw Levi’s confident expression, she was taken aback.

How could he be so confident?

Is one billion really a piece of cake for him?

“You probably didn’t hear the conditions right. No one is allowed to help you. You can only depend on yourself!” Reminded Zoey.

“Okay, no problem!”

Levi chuckled.

His black credit card held much more than a billion.

Meredith and Robert would be utterly dumbfounded if they knew how much money he had.

“Okay, then do your best. I’ll pay attention to you, but I won’t offer any assistance at all.” Said Zoey.

However, for the subsequent period of time, Levi disappointed her.

He did not take any actions at all, still resuming his listless days of doing nothing.

Zoey ignored him and went on with handling Helena’s fan meeting.

On that day, Zoey and Helena went together.

The fans erupted into cheers.

They were already happy enough to see Helena, but they did not expect her boss to be even more attractive.

This trip is definitely worth it!

From afar, a few men stared at the two women on stage.

“Lucas, did you see her? I’m right when I said that Zoey’s a beauty, huh?” Asked Tyler as he chuckled.

“Not bad. If I get them, you will get your reward!”

Taking off his sunglasses, Lucas’ gaze never left Zoey and Helena.

No preys which he had his eyes on could ever escape.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 770

Lucas commanded, “After the fan meeting, invite them to our party.”

“Understood, Lucas. Consider it done.” Chorused everyone simultaneously.

The man left afterwards, waiting for the two women’s arrival at a French restaurant.

He loved formalities, always ensuring that everything was romantic.

Otherwise, it would be such a waste to just sleep with these women.

As the atmosphere must be perfect, he instructed the others to invite the ladies over instead of forcing them to come.

In the evening, Helena and Zoey were about to leave after the fan meeting ended.

However, there was an Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance.

A few servants, all wearing suits, stood at the side of the car.

The butler at the front bowed in a gentlemanly manner. “Hello, Ms. Lopez and Ms. Engler. On behalf of Mr. Lucas Quinn from South Hampton, I extend his invitation to dinner to both of you.”

Right that moment, Levi drove to the front and blocked the Rolls-Royce’s path.

“Hop in. I’ll treat you to a meal.” Said Levi.

Hence, Helena and Zoey refused the butler’s request. They entered Levi’s car directly and sped off.

The servants stood there in a daze before returning to their senses.

“What happened? Who took them away?”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Not only did they fail to invite them, but a man also fetched them away!

“Quick! Chase after them!”

But Levi’s car was nowhere to be spotted.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

How were them going to explain it to Mr. Quinn?

In the French restaurant, Lucas looked at the servants in front of him and laughed.

“Someone fetched those women away right in front of your eyes?” Asked Lucas as he ate his steak, holding a knife in his left hand and a fork in his right.

The middle-aged butler lowered his head. Trembling, he replied, “Yes, Mr. Quinn. We didn’t manage to catch up with them. However, I’ve already sent people to look for them.”

Lucas beckoned him with his finger. “Come!”

Confused, the butler walked toward him.

“Sir, what can I do for you?”

Suddenly, a cold glint appeared in Lucas’ eyes.


He stabbed the fork in his hands into the butler’s body.




Lucas repeated his actions forcefully.

Blood splattered everywhere.

After a dozen stabs, the butler had already stopped breathing.

His body toppled straight onto the floor with a loud thud.

“You useless pieces of shit!” Bellowed Lucas.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Quinn…”

The other servants were so scared that they fell onto their knees, begging for mercy.

Lucas walked to them with the cutleries in his hands.



He stabbed frantically at the rest of the servants, causing blood to spew everywhere.

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