The Return of God of War Chapter 781-790

The Return of the God of War Chapter 781


All the members of the Southern Union kneeled on the ground abruptly and shouted uniformly, “Good evening, Mr. Garrison!”

Their roaring voices were deafening to the ear, vibrated the chest of everyone at the scene.

Helena, Zoey, Lucas and the rest of the people were left in shock.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as they stared at Levi in surprise.

They were in utter disbelief. Everyone thought their eyes were playing tricks on them.

What’s going on? Who is he that these people have to kneel before him? Can someone please explain what’s actually happening now?

They couldn’t get their head around the scene in front of their eyes.

Lucas and his men were flabbergasted the most among all.

What the hell is this?!

The members of the Southern Union weren’t out of their mind. They were sane and sober.

Grover was a smart man. He had secretly shown the picture of Levi to all the members of the Southern Union and warned them about his capability. If they encountered him, the first thing to do was to kneel and avoid any conflict at all costs. On top of that, they couldn’t reveal his identity to anyone.

For that reason, all of them recognized Levi at the first glance, and they were horrified to know that their target was the latter. So, they kneeled right away in order to save their own lives.

“Hey, why are you lots kneeling? He is the man I want to kill! Get on your feet!” Lucas roared anxiously.

But no one paid him any heed, and they remained in the same posture.

It was likely that they’ll not move a muscle if Levi didn’t give them further instructions.

“What are you doing?” Lucas yelled as his edginess grew.

His expression gradually became tense due to the increasing agitation. As a result, the wound on his face almost tore open, and he gritted his teeth in pain.

Still, they remained on the ground and didn’t budge an inch.

An epiphany occurred when Zoey saw the happening, and she assumed that those people were on their knees because Levi was one of the Joneses.

Otherwise, it would be unthinkable that they’d do such a thing.

The only reason behind their bizarre action would be his identity as a royalty.

Moreover, the way they addressed him furthered reinforced her assumption.

So he had been using the influence of his family to settle issues lately. It seems like he’s doing the same again, but at least the problem is solved.

“What are you waiting for?” Levi queried in a cold tone.

“We’re sorry about this, Mr. Garrison!” They apologized in unison.

Right after that, they rose to their feet and disappeared into the shadows.

Leaving Lucas and the bunch behind, who were calling out for them.

That left the gang in an awkward situation. The fighters they hired bailed on them. We’re just a group of defeated foes. There’s no way we can exact revenge on Levi anymore. We should retreat now.

“Hold on. Did I give you permission to leave?” Levi stopped them.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 782

His voice immediately brought them to a standstill as they recalled the pain and horror of being beaten up by Levi in the evening.

Then, they began to tremble.

We’ll lose all our faces if we’re beaten to a pulp again. In the case, death would be a salvation.

“You’re coming and going as you like in my territory! Am I invisible to you?” Levi snapped in an icy tone, sending chills down everyone’s spine.

The crowd gasped in shock.

Whoever upsets him is running out of luck!

“Let’s forget about it, Levi. You’ve already beaten them up, and the problem is solved anyway. To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Zoey didn’t want things to get out of control, so she took the initiative to intervene.

“Alright then. Consider yourself lucky today. Get lost!” Levi bellowed.

The Prince Gang ran for their lives immediately after they were released.

“Okay. Let’s all go back now. Do not say a word about what happened tonight.” Zoey ordered.

Thereafter, Levi thought she would inquire about the reason those people got on their knees.

However, she didn’t do so. It was like she already had an answer, which was rather puzzling to him.

Zoey has been acting weird lately. She’s not even curious about all the unusual things I’ve done recently. It’s like she is used to it.

But little did he know that Zoey had been assuming him to utilize his identity as a member of the Jones family to settle things.

Meanwhile, Yadriel, who came rushing, bumped into the hundred fighters who were retreating.

“Mr. Garrison had us released.” The person leading the group noted.

Yadriel clapped his hands as his suspicion had proven to be right.

I knew it! It’s really Mr. Garrison!

“This is bad! They’re so screwed!”

Following that, the man picked up his pace at once. Nevertheless, he stumbled upon Lucas’ group shortly after he dashed with all his might.

“Hmm? Did he not give you a hard time?” Yadriel gazed at them in bafflement.

Judging from Mr. Garrison’s personality, it’s unlikely he’ll let them go. What happened?

“Levi didn’t want to release us at first. He only did it after his woman talked him into it.” One of them explained.

At this, Yadriel heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness… Oh yeah. I’ve made some arrangements to escort you out of this city. You should head back to South Hampton at once. Staying here will spell doom for all of you.” He urged.

These people can’t stay here! They’ll most likely push Mr. Garrison’s button again, and they’ll be dead meat for sure! I have to send them away now. Anyhow, I’m acquainted with the Quinn family; seeing one of theirs playing with fire certainly doesn’t sit well with me!

“Stop right there!” Lucas beckoned at him.

Once he came to a halt, Lucas stared into his eyes and asked, “What in the world is going on? Why did your people kneel and call him Mr. Garrison the moment they saw that guy?”

“They seemed to be afraid of the one called Levi.”

“Who is he that even the Southern Union members are terrified at the sight of him?” The Prince Gang wondered.

“Yeah, who on earth is he?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 783

This question put Yadriel in a difficult spot.

Should I tell them? What if the higher-ups put the blame on me? I’ll be in deep trouble then!

Just as he was contemplating, a voice could be heard saying, “You’re not worthy to know who I am!”

Soon after the voice, a figure slowly emerged.

Yadriel’s eyes almost popped out from their sockets after he got a good look at that person.

Did he tail them here? I knew he wasn’t planning to let the Prince Gang go! At the end of the day, this is who Mr. Garrison truly is!

Right before he was about to kneel, Levi gestured him to stand aside.

Lucas and the rest on the other hand, were thrown into a panic state after seeing him.

What is he doing here? Didn’t he let us go?

“Yadriel, I want you to get rid of him for me today! Whatever the cost!” Lucas bawled, his voice implying he wanted Levi killed.

“I’ll pay you ten billion!” Lucas named a hefty sum of money after seeing that he remained unfazed.

Considering the amount he was willing to pay, one could roughly gauge the level of his madness and the intensity of his loathe for Levi.

Everyone drew a sharp breath after hearing his words.

He’s insane! Ten billion for Levi’s head! What an amount to squander!

To his surprise, Yadriel remained uninterested and moved to the sidelines.

“Handle your own mess! I won’t interfere!” Yadriel replied indifferently.

Ten billion surely is alluring. But if I take the job, I’ll be dead before I even get to spend a single cent.

The turn of events had caught Lucas off guard.

What do I do now? Our men are all in South Hampton. We’re basically sitting ducks here.

“D-didn’t you give your word to let us go?” Lucas asked with a trembling voice.

The egoistic Prince Gang was docile as a lamb in the face of Levi. They began to fear for their lives and dreaded the individual called Levi Garrison.

“It was my woman who promised to let you go, not me!”

Everyone was rendered speechless by the words of Levi while his lips curled up into a sneer.

“W-What do you want?” Everyone was shuddering.

After all, they had a phobia after being beaten up by him.

Even a madman like Lucas was frightened by his absurdity.

I need to be more ruthless to go against someone like him!

“I dare you to let me go back!” Lucas challenged in a cold tone.

Once I’m back to South Hampton, I swear I’ll amass a large group of men enough to wipe out the entire South City! It doesn’t matter if I lose my face or honor; I will cut you into pieces! Just you wait!

“What do you say? I see that you’re also a ruthless man like myself! Let’s arrange a showdown! Dispatch every man you have!” He continued after seeing a ray of hope.

“Yeah! Do you have the balls? If you’re a man, then let us go! We’ll have a face-off with real swords!” The others seized the opportunity to provoke Levi.

Having said that, Yadriel who was on the sidelines was dumbstruck.

The Prince Gang wants to fight with Levi! Will he accept it?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 784

Needless to say, Levi understood the intention of these people. It was so that they could gather enough forces to pay back for what he did.

“You stay back. The rest of you, scram!” Levi pointed at Lucas while commanding.

“Huh? Why are you detaining me?” Lucas was baffled.

Levi nodded, “I don’t take innocent lives anymore, so I’m not gonna kill you. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll escape being punished. You must kneel for three whole days to repent for your ill behaviors. Only after you’ve done that will I release you.”

With a wave of his hand, Azure Dragon, who was on standby, instantly restrained Lucas.

The rest of his friends could only stare helplessly as the scene unfolded.

“You must come to my rescue! Send people to save me!” Lucas cried out at the top of his lungs.

Kneel for three whole days? That’s not happening! Do you think that I, one of the three ringleaders of the Prince Gang, will bow my knees before anyone? How very insulting! But I can only place my hope on the reinforcements now!

It went without saying that the news of Lucas being detained must not reach the ear of Zoey.

For this reason, he was transferred to Guardian Mansion.

By this time, the walls and doors in the compound had been fixed.

“Kneel!” A commanding voice could be heard.

However, Lucas wouldn’t give in to the order.


Azure Dragon kicked the back of his knees, and he immediately fell onto the ground.

Shortly, his hands and feet were bounded.

At the same time, there were many large dogs keeping watch over him.

The pain and humiliation had almost caused even a man like Lucas to weep.

He became increasingly infuriated when the thought of having to go through this odious experience for another three days crossed his mind.

Yet, things surely didn’t go well for him as a piece of rag was stuffed in his mouth.

This was the most tormenting moment of his life.

Even if I managed to survive this ordeal, I’d be the laughingstock of all.

Levi had none but one single rule: as long as his prisoner didn’t die from starvation, anything would be fine.

Therefore, his subordinates paid little attention to the one who was on his knees.

With the situation getting out of hand, the escaped members of the Prince Gang returned to South Hampton as quickly as they could.

Naturally, none of them dared to inform their own families after getting themselves into such a big trouble, let alone the Quinn family.

Thus, they hurriedly reached out to the remaining two ringleaders of the Prince Gang early the next morning.

One of them was the leader of the Prince Gang, Jaron Goel, who was awarded the epithet “Prince”.

He was the most outstanding man among the younger generations in South Hampton and happened to be the heir to the biggest royal family in the city – the Goel family.

Be it strength, capabilities, background, or the other aspects, he excelled in all of them.

Not to mention his unchallenged mastery in the Ancient Arts of Qi.

Rumor had it that he could go toe to toe with Grover.

Surely, no one dared to challenge his position as the leader of the Prince Gang.

Thus, all the young heirs of the prominent families in South Hampton would regard him as the “Prince”.

At the present moment, Jaron was wearing a bathrobe while gazing at the men in front of him.

There was a worried expression on his handsome face as he declared, “Since this matter is pertaining to the Prince Gang, I shall deal with it personally!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 785

“Give the order to everyone! Gather all our forces and we shall head to South City at once!” Jaron commanded.

Once the instruction was given, the other ringleader, who was regarded as an equal to Lucas, Jackson hastened to gather his men right away.

With that, all the Prince Gang’s top fighters were assembled and left for South City together.

It was considered the biggest incident that had ever happened to the Prince Gang over the past decade.

Not only did one of their ringleaders take a beating, but he was also detained.

It was beyond an insult to them.

To them, preserving their honor was more important than their own lives.

If they lost it, they would use every means to get it back.

The Prince Gang was utterly enraged this time that even their notorious Prince had come in person.

Yadriel was stunned when he heard this.

“Even the Prince himself is coming?” He was clearly surprised by the fact.

“It seems like Jaron has brought all his top fighters with him this time. He must be really pissed.”

“Jaron is an arrogant person. He answers to no one other than that man. This time however, he’s gonna get hurt as his target is you-know-who.” Yadriel sighed.

“Sir, should we give them a heads up?” One of his subordinates queried.

“Do you have a death wish? The purpose of detaining Lucas is so that he could get rid of the Prince Gang once and for all. Why are you trying to get us involved in their battle?” Yadriel glared at his man.

Lucas was totally exhausted after kneeling all night, and for that reason, his body quivered uncontrollably.

If it wasn’t for the binding ropes, he would’ve fallen to the ground.

He had fainted around seven or eight times throughout the entire night.

Lucas was someone with great stamina from his routine martial art practice. If even he couldn’t stand it, it proved just how unbearably torturing it’d be like for an average joe.

Any normal person would’ve met their demise after kneeling for such a long period with untreated injuries and inflammation.

Even Lucas himself knew that he could only hold on for another full day at most.

He could be in grave danger if this were to go on.

“Why are they not here yet?” Lucas was on the verge of total breakdown.

He cried so much last night that even his tears had dried off.

Being treated like a house dog was the part that infuriated him the most.

The food he was given looked exactly like kibble.

Yet, in order to gain energy, he had no choice but to eat them.

This was definitely the darkest and most humiliating moment in his entire life!

His honor and dignity had been utterly trampled by Levi, so he could never get over it unless Levi was killed by his own hands.


Just as he was about to fall into despair, the sound of car engines could be heard from afar.

Lucas forced his drooping eyes to open and peered toward the sound. His eyes gleamed the moment he identified its source.

Y’all are finally here!

Joyful tears spilled out from his eyes. Had it not been for the rag in his mouth, he would like to let out a few shouts.

A while later, dozens of cars came to a stop in front of the Guardian Mansion, and hundreds of men got out of their vehicles.

Among them stood their leaders, Jaron and Jackson.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 786

The second Lucas saw the Prince, he knew this issue was as good as resolved.

He was not afraid of Levi’s connection with the Southern Union anymore because Jaron was greater than them.

Jaron wouldn’t compromise especially when it came to dealing with the issues of the Prince Gang.

Hahahaha… Lucas laughed inwardly.

You screwed up big time, Levi! You’re finished!

Thereafter, he was scheming on how to torment Levi, Zoey and Helena.

His mind was filled with scenes of Levi being chopped into pieces and his remains boiled in a pot.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

In no time, units of bodyguards marched toward the Guardian Mansion and got into their formation.

Everyone was equipped with weapons.

Having said that, some of them were bare-handed, yet they were undoubtedly elite fighters judging by the air around them.

After the Prince made his appearance, he was followed by two rows of men.

Each of them was carrying an ancient dagger.

These men were the Prince’s personal bodyguards. All of them were highly-skilled fighters.

Together they could take down the Four Kings of Southern Union.

It just showed how powerful these people were.

Including the bodyguards of the other members, there were a total of two hundred top fighters at the scene.

The Prince Gang’s members were burning in anger after seeing Lucas’s miserable appearance.

This is public shaming! Our honors have been trampled! This is totally unbearable!

In a heartbeat, someone came to the front of the compound but was stopped by Jaron before he could cause a ruckus.

In a split second, Jaron raised his gun and pulled the trigger.


The gunshot caused a spark from the muzzle.


In an instant, one of military dogs tasked to watch over Lucas were headshot.

The noise caught the attention of the people inside.

In the blink of an eye, Levi, Azure Dragon, and the others dashed out to examine the situation.

“What happened?”

Everyone became furious the instant they saw their military-trained dog lying in a pool of blood.

This dog has been with us for a long time… This is too much!

A sharp glint flashed across Levi’s eyes as he put on a calm expression.

It was as clear as daylight that he was angry!

For these dogs were no different than any human to him.

To kill them in front of him was equivalent to ask for death.

The sound of the gun had alarmed the surrounding people, and they gathered around after hearing that.

Over a hundred people showed up in a blink of an eye, and they were glaring at the Prince Gang angrily.

“Identify yourself!” Azure Dragon fumed.

“Jaron of the Goel family in South Hampton. My friends usually call me ‘Prince’.” The leader remained dignified.

Scanning the crowd at the scene with his sharp gaze, he said in a cold tone, “I was entrusted by the patriarch of the Quinn family to pick Lucas Quinn home.”

“Yes. We’re here to pick Lucas home!” The Prince Gang members shouted.

Simultaneously, a unit of bodyguards formed a line in front, got on their knees and apologized, “We’re sorry for coming late. Please forgive us, sir!”

At this, Jackson narrowed his eyes and chided, “You’re in deep trouble now! Release our friend this instance, or else you’re gonna get it!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 787

Jaron exhorted coldly, “You’d better let my man go now. I’m running out of patience.”

Seeing that the other side didn’t respond, he added, “I’ll count to three.”

Right then, he started the countdown.




The Prince Gang became enraged at the fact that Levi and his men were unmoved even after Jaron finished counting.

The next moment, Jaron signaled to his men and ordered ferociously, “Charge! Bring Lucas out!”

In the nick of time, Lucas spat the rag out of his mouth and cried out, “Prince, halt the charge!”

“Hmm?” Everyone was frozen in place while staring at Lucas in bewilderment.

After a light-bulb moment came to him, Jaron instructed, “Stop!”

Following closely, he glanced at Levi’s group and continued, “I’ve changed my mind. I’ll not charge in. Instead, I want you to bring him out yourself.”

Lucas nodded in acknowledgement. He gets me.

Lucas yelled at Levi’s group, “I’ll make you regret for messing with me!”

His intention was simple—he stopped Jaron from rescuing him so that he could get Levi to bring him out willingly.

The Prince Gang had put together such a grand spectacle just to rescue him.

Even Levi and his subordinates must be shivering in fear by now. At least, that was what he assumed.

Out of terror, Levi will bring me out politely. Not only will I feel satisfied, but we’ll also regain our lost honor.

“I want the six of you to bring Lucas out with your knees on the ground! The time limit is by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I’ll purge this place! It’ll be a bloodbath. You’re acquainted with these onlookers, right? I’ll wipe out everyone in this place, including you!”

After Jaron had set the deadline, Lucas let out a laugh and said, “Well, I for one hope that you won’t release me. With that, I’ll get to see everyone in this area killed.”

“Hey, buddy! We will wait at the entrance of the street! Hang in there!”

Finished speaking, Jaron led his men out of the compound and waited at where he said.

“Don’t you worry, Prince! I can hold on much longer! But I’m afraid that they might bring me out! It’d be boring that way! I wanna see all of them die!” Lucas cackled hysterically, like a loony.

Next off, Azure Dragon asked, “What should we do next, Sir?”

“Okay. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning and see how he plans to kill the people here!”

Levi was truly exasperated this time as those dogs were his favorites.

“Bury them.” Levi commanded.

Later on, Lucas glanced at Levi arrogantly and sneered, “That’s right, keep it that way! Don’t bring me out and wait until the next daybreak! Mmm! You know my taste very well! I’m fond of killing! I love to see people die!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 788

If he dares to keep me here, Prince will slaughter everyone in this street. I’d love to see that happen; If he brings me out, I’ll get to burn the scene of Levi carrying me out on his knees like a dog into my memories. I’m more than happy to see that, and we get to regain our honor as well.

Levi smirked at his words and patted his cheek, “I will never let you go. You should worry about yourself first. See if you could survive tonight.”

“Hahaha! Of course I will! This time round, the city streets would surely be bathed in blood!” Lucas proceeded to laugh like a lunatic.

Dozens of cars were blocking the entrance of the street.

The Prince Gang was waiting over there until the appointed time.

“Prince, it seems like they don’t plan to bring Lucas out!”

A gleam of epiphany flashed across Jaron’s eyes, and he commented, “Looks like we aren’t as famous as we thought.”

“Well, it’d be unlikely for the people from a rural city like this to hear about us, let alone be afraid of us.”

“That’s right. They wouldn’t even try to detain Lucas if they knew about us.”

As everyone was analyzing the situation, the two ringleaders stared at each other and declared, “We shall decimate the citizens of this street tomorrow! There shall be bloodshed in every corner. We won’t stop until the entire South City is terrorized at the thought of our name. In the future, they’ll wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare each time they recalled of this incident.”

Jaron might seem polite on the outside, but he was a resolute and obstinate person.

He leaned toward solving problems with extreme measures and always resorted to violence.

“Listen! We will station here tonight! Then, we will eradicate everyone in this street tomorrow!” Jaron ordered.

“Yes, Prince!” Everyone responded in unity.

Jackson remarked with a smirk, “I think they might bring Lucas out. Given the duration, they should’ve found out about us by now.”

“You’re right, Jackson.” Everyone agreed.

After a considerable time, Lucas remained on his knees while Levi showed no means to let him go.

Although he was exhausted, and his body was at the edge of collapsing, he had an excited look on his face.

After a long night waiting, there was no sign of Lucas getting out at all.

“These people have decided to oppose us until the end!”

At the crack of dawn, Jaron puffed on a cigarette, then threw the butt on the ground.

“Let’s go!” Jaron gave the instruction.

There were about two hundred fighters following the Prince Gang as they marched toward the Guardian Mansion.

Everyone had a murderous look on their faces.

The tension in the atmosphere was so thick that one could cut it with a knife.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 789

Soon, they arrived at the Guardian Mansion.

“Send a few units to keep all the alleys of this area off limits! Kill anyone who tries to escape!”

Jaron’s gaze became cold, and he exuded a murderous aura that sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

Dozens of men immediately guarded the exits of every passageway to stop anyone from passing through.

At this very moment, Lucas was nearly worn out after mustering every single ounce of strength he could find in his body. He was persevering with sheer willpower alone currently.

Nonetheless, he was elated when he saw Jaron charging in with his men.

In the meantime, Levi and the others also emerged from his room.

“Hahahaha…” Lucas burst into laughter right when he saw them.

“Don’t fret, punk! Once you’re dead, I’ll take care of your women! I’ll be sure to torture them with all my might! Hahaha…” Lucas said in a psychopathic tone.

Throughout the entire time being on his knees, the man thought of nothing except the ways to torment Levi and the likes. His twisted mind had already come up with more than a hundred ways to gratify his sadistic pleasure.

“Prince, take out everyone except this one! Leave him to me!” Lucas bawled.


After saying that, Jaron turned to focus on Levi and proclaimed, “Now, you will pay the painful price for your foolish behaviors! I will kill everyone here!”

“Kill them!”

At Jaron’s gesture, all the fighters began their undiscriminating killing spree on the people in this area.

Apart from the ones who were guarding the alleys, there were still a hundred and fifty men.

As bodyguards of the Prince Gang members, all of them were elite fighters in their own right.

They could hurl threats at the Southern Union with forces like this.


Twenty fighters sprinted to the frontline promptly.


Those men drew the swords from their backs. The sharpness of the weapons was unmatched, and the reflections on their edges were dazzling to the eyes. With that, the top fighters charged toward their targets.

Seeing that, Levi and his men simply chortled.

Unbeknownst to their opponents, the God of War and the Five Great Wars Regiment were invincible and unstoppable on the battlefield. They were the nightmare of those who make enemies of them.

If the rest of the world came to know these ignorant warriors were trying to kill the God of War and his company of five, everyone’s jaw would drop to the floor.

The following would be their first response. Who gave them the courage to do this? Are they out of their mind?

However, before the fighters could even reach Levi, there was a two-meter muscular man blocking their way.




The fighters tried to strike the man. Yet, as if their swords were slashing on a hard surface, they created a series of resonant metallic sounds.

That almost caused a spark.

I could feel the strike. It definitely reached his skin… but it feels like striking on a steel.

“Kill them!”

They started another wave of attack and struck again.




They were taken aback at the sight of their broken swords.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 790

There was a dead silence after that.

Everyone was flabbergasted.


Is he the Iron Man?

His skin is impenetrable!

Even the high quality sword is broken?

How terrifying!


As the muscular man roared, his tank top was ripped into pieces.

The man had a shredded look, with well-developed muscles covering every inch of his skin, and they were hard as steel.

The Black Tortoise!

He was overly eye-catching due to his bulky physique. Hence, Levi had always reminded him to keep a low profile and avoided sending him on missions.

But he was summoned today as there were people who came for a showdown.

The Black Tortoise was a martial art practitioner. His skills made his body impenetrable, like a layer of steel covering his skin.

Levi found him on the battlefield four years ago. During that time, he was a fearless and undefeatable warrior.

The man had blocked countless gunfire for Levi in the past. With his steel-like body, none of the bullets were able to pierce his skin, let alone some swords.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Like a bulldozer, the Black Tortoise crushed the fighters of the Prince Gang.

Within a short while, hundreds of fighters were left sprawling on the floor and screaming in agony.

It was a gruesome sight.

The Prince Gang was left in shock.

Hundreds of our top fighters couldn’t stand a chance. What is this…? We know the strength of our men, yet they were utterly defeated! Is that guy a human?

Lucas, who was still on his knees in the compound, gazed at the happenings blankly.

After this, the smugness of the Prince Gang disappeared into thin air almost in an instant.

Everyone was petrified beyond belief.

Right then, Jackson squinted his eyes while Jaron furrowed his brows and glared at Levi’s group.

Things are getting tricky!

The turn of events had Jaron felt a little stumped.

“Take his head!” The leader of the gang demanded coldly.

Those twenty fighters who had been following him drew their swords and darted forward.

These men were his trump card.

The swords they used weren’t ordinary ones; they were ancient dagger with extremely sharp edges.


The cold edges of the ancient daggers struck hard on Black Tortoise’s body.


He moved a few steps backward after many slashes, and white marks began to appear on his body.

If the attacks were to continue, even the likes of the Black Tortoise would be injured.

The ancient dagger is really something else!

The Prince Gang members put on a smile on their faces after witnessing the scene.

Meanwhile, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief.

Prince is as amazing as always! Who would still dare to challenge him?

“Back off, Black Tortoise. These are ancient daggers. You can’t handle their sharpness.” Levi ordered.

After hearing the command, he stepped aside with his body full of white marks.

Jaron peered at Levi and scoffed, “Looks like I’ve underestimated you. However, you still can’t escape your eventual death. Kill him!”

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