The Return of God of War Chapter 791-800

The Return of the God of War Chapter 791

The twenty men raised their swords up high, charging toward Levi and his men.


Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind roared to life and there was a silhouette flickered passed them like a bolt of lightning.

It was White Tiger.

Among the Five Kings of War, Black Tortoise was the best at defense while White Tiger was the best at offence.

Wham! Wham!

White Tiger weaved through the crowd of men, his punches snapping out so quickly they were a blur.

Within moments, he stopped in his tracks.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

All twenty of his opponents crumpled to the ground like puppets that had their strings cut.

A dead silence descended upon the scene.

Jaron’s face paled dramatically.

How is he so powerful?

These men were supposed to be the best of the best, the elites of his family’s men. They had all been trained since young to be the perfect fighters.

He had once conquered the Southern Union using only these twenty men. No one had been able to stop them back then!

Yet now, they could not even defeat one person.

That was a testament to how powerful White Tiger was.

Seemingly satisfied by their prowess, White Tiger praised, “Not bad! You guys are stronger than those people from the Southern Union!”

Crooking a finger at Jaron, he continued, “Your turn!”

He could tell that Jaron was even more powerful than the twenty men he had just downed.

“Die!” Jaron bellowed as he leaped at White Tiger.

The two men clashed together violently and a ferocious battle broke out.

The destruction they left was terrifying, with the walls of the yard crumbling to pieces and the wooden gates splintered.

Even the ground was cracked badly, with the brick turned to dust in some places.

The Prince Gang was gaping at the scene with wide eyes while Levi and his men were also rather impressed.

Jaron was definitely the strongest opponent White Tiger had ever fought so far.

Erudia really was a country with plenty of hidden talents!

It was likely they would run into more in the future.

Even watching the fierce battle had the blood in their veins boiling with adrenaline and excitement.


After exchanging more than a hundred blows, White Tiger sent Jaron flying with a well-placed kick.


Slamming to the ground, Jaron coughed up a mouthful of blood. He stared at White Tiger in disbelief.

How can someone who looks around the same age as I be so much more powerful?

His Master once told him that he was the most talented fighter he had ever seen and estimated that there was nobody else like him in the entire Erudia.

The proof of how wrong his Master had been standing right in front of him.

“W-who are you people?” Jaron asked in a trembling voice.

The members of the Prince Gang were absolutely stunned at the turn of events.

It was only now did they begin to wonder about Levi and his men’s identities.

At first, they thought Levi was a weakling they could play with as they pleased. Never did they consider there might be more than meets the eyes with him and his men.

Azure Dragon sneered and replied, “You brats are not worthy of knowing our true identities!”

To Levi and the rest, the members of the Prince Gang were no different than children.

Lucas, who was still kneeling in the yard, broke into a cold sweat as he recalled how hundreds of men from the Southern Union got down on their knees before Levi.

We pissed off someone we shouldn’t have.

Jaron struggled to his feet, wiping the blood trickling from the corner of his lips before stating, “Gentlemen, how about we brush this aside as a misunderstanding and put it all behind us? We’ll apologize to you and be done with it!”

“Who gave you the right to call this a misunderstanding?” Levi answered in a cold tone.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 792

Jaron and the other members of the Prince Gang were frozen to the spot at Levi’s words.

It was finally sinking in that they were in deep trouble this time.

At the rate things were going, they might just end up dying here in South City.

This was why they had to resolve this matter as peacefully as possible.

Jaron lowered his head slightly in submission, representing the Prince Gang’s defeat.

This was the first time since the founding of the Prince Gang that they had actually lost to someone.

Every time before, they were always the ones pushing others around and stepping on their defeated enemies.

Unfortunately, they had run into someone even more difficult than them this time.

Today was a day of utter humiliation for the Prince Gang, the very first time they had suffered such a shame!

Not only were they disgraced as a group, but it was also a major blow to their individual egos as well.

As the head of the Prince Gang, Jaron was not a person unwilling to compromise.

He planned on appeasing Levi now and then return to South Hampton another time to rise up again.

Chuckling bitterly, he uttered, “Sir, we were wrong to have provoked you first. We should not have insulted your woman either. But all things can be worked out peacefully! Having a friend is better than making a new enemy!” However, the other man’s reply was like a brutal slap to the face.

Levi scoffed, “Sorry. I’m pretty sure my enemies are numbering in the thousands already. A few more really doesn’t make much of a difference.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a little unreasonable? I’m already putting my pride aside here! Besides, each and every one of us come from an influential family in South Hampton. All of us will one day be the heads of our families. Going against us would be going up against all of the prominent families in South Hampton!” Jaron said arrogantly.

His words had the other members of the Prince Gang straightening their backs proudly.

That was right! They were from the most illustrious families in South Hampton! Who dared to offend them?

No matter how powerful Levi and his men were, there was no way they would have the courage to go up against the Prince Gang.

If not out of respect for the members of the gang themselves then at the very least for the various families they came from.

Levi looked amused. “So?”

“So, you have to accord us the right amount of respect! This matter is to be settled pleasantly without any more fuss!” Jaron stated with a smile.

Despite the calm tone, there was a commanding undercurrent to it with no room for argument.

One way or another, the Prince Gang would get the respect they thought they deserved.

Seeing that Levi did not say anything more, Jaron added, “You’re a formidable person in your own right. Isn’t it better to have more friends, especially if they’re from the wealthiest families in South Hampton? You would only benefit from such a relationship!”

At last, Levi responded, “So I’m just supposed to forget that that guy over there insulted my wife and tried to kill me several times? I’m also supposed to disregard the fact that you killed my beloved dog and threatened to massacre a whole block of civilians? Is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s right! It’s all just a huge misunderstanding; no big deal!” Jaron smirked. “Don’t you think you’re being rather petty? Aren’t they just dogs? What does it matter?”

“And if I insist on pursuing this matter?” Levi questioned lowly.

“Then you make enemies out of all the prominent families in South Hampton!”

A wicked gleam appeared in Jaron’s eyes.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 793


Levi’s hand darted out and he landed a ringing slap on Jaron’s face.

“Then so be it! It might just be a dog to you but to us, it was a living, breathing creature! It was a precious life! It was our friend, our comrade-in-arm!” Levi roared in rage.

He was well and truly mad this time.

One of the dogs had been his constant companion when he was still in the military. Playing with it always served to brighten up his day and helped with the stress of fighting a war.

They had been on the frontlines together and fought plenty of battles.

After they retired from the military, he brought it back here with him.

Now, Jaron killed his precious dog and had the audacity to say it was “just dogs”.

“To me, its life is infinitely more valuable than you scum!”

His commanding aura exploded around him, exerting immense pressure on everyone present.

Being so close to him, Jaron swore the surrounding temperature dropped several degrees, making him shivered.

“That guy killed so many people ever since he came to South City! Look at the doctor! He was someone who worked hard to save lives! That man saved that jerk but how did the lunatic repay his kindness? Were all these no big deals to you? What about your intention to slaughter everyone on this street then? Was that a small matter to you too? If we were just some feeble men, we could have been dead by now!”

Levi’s questions slammed into Jaron like bullets, rooting him to the spot.

The rest of the Prince Gang were pale in their fear. None of them dared to breathe too loudly in case that would focus Levi’s ire upon them.

A hard glint entered Jaron’s eyes and he queried, “Does this mean you won’t let us go then? Not even on behalf of the South Hampton families?”

“Did you seriously think I would? All of you, kneel!” Levi ordered.

White Tiger and the others leaped into action.

Within minutes, not a single person was standing before Levi.

“You can speak on your knees!” Levi looked down at the kneeling Jaron as he said this.

How very insulting!

This was probably the most humiliating moment Jaron had ever felt in his life!

He was the leader of the Prince Gang! A prince among princes!

Yet here he was kneeling before someone else.

This is unacceptable!

He bit out through clenched teeth, “You have some guts to do this to us! You’re a dead man! Just you wait and see!”

A cruel smirk curled Levi’s lips. “Now, it’s time to settle the score with each of you!”

He headed for Lucas and stopped before the other man. “Since you were lusting after my wife, castrate him!”


Agonized screams ripped from Lucas’ throat and with a gush of blood, he became a eunuch.

Next, Levi focused his attention on the members of Prince Gang. “You guys were thinking of killing me, weren’t you?”

“N-no! W-we weren’t…” They cried out in protest.

“Break their legs! Since their parents won’t discipline them properly, I’ll do it for them!”

Another chorus of pained screams rang out while the legs of the members of Prince Gang were systematically broken.

It was absolutely terrifying!

When Levi fixed his gaze on Jaron, the latter began to panic. “W-what are you going to do to me!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 794

Levi’s eyes flashed and he uttered coldly, “Breaking an arm for killing my dog isn’t excessive, is it?”

The threat had Jaron’s face flushing red in alarm and he struggled to escape.

He was a prince! If one of his arms were snapped just like that, his reputation would be ruined forever! He would never be able to look anyone in the eyes again!

“No, please. Let’s talk about this, okay? I’ll give you anything you want!” He babbled anxiously.

At that moment, his disheveled appearance made him look just like any other normal person. Gone were his arrogance and princely demeanor.

“I want my dog!”

Eyes wintry with his rage, Levi glared at him.

Jaron was stumped at his words.

His dog is already dead. How am I supposed to give it back to him?

In the next second, there was the metallic glint of a blade swishing down.

Jaron’s right arm flopped to the ground uselessly.

Immediately, blood sprayed forth like a crimson fountain.


His howls of pain mixed with those of Lucas and the rest, echoing in the vast courtyard.

Thus, Levi had every single member of the South Hampton Prince Gang crippled.

The only exceptions were the Jones brothers, who had left earlier and were not involved in this incident.

This was a stain that could never be erased from the reputation of the prestigious Prince Gang.

In the blink of an eye, they had fallen from grace.

Nobody had expected this.

Jaron shrieked, “I can promise you that we’ll be back for revenge! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all your family and friends! I won’t stop until every single one of them is dead!”

Levi smiled grimly and replied, “None of you were ever properly disciplined when you were young.

All you know how to do is bully the weak and throw your weight around.

No crime is too evil for you. All I’m doing is teaching you a lesson on your parents’ behalf. But I don’t think that’s enough…”

Checking his watch, he continued, “Before the stroke of midnight tonight, your families are to kneel before me and apologize for your actions. Otherwise, there will be consequences!”

“You… That’s just preposterous! How dare you demand that! You really are outrageous!”

“Toss them out of here!” Levi dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

His men were quick to do as he said.

In their current states, the members of the South Hampton Prince Gang really were a sorry sight.

Jaron’s face was dark as he snarled, “Let’s get back to South Hampton! We have to tell our families about what happened. Whoever was involved in what happened just now needs to die! I’m going to strip his skin from his flesh and drink his blood like it’s the most exquisite wine out there! I’ll carve his meat from his very bones! When I’m done with him, he’ll be begging to die!”

“Get revenge! We must be avenged!” The others yelled out in agreement.

There were no words to describe the extent of their hatred toward Levi.

Meanwhile, back in South Hampton, Tyler and Wales were chatting idly.

“Have you heard from Lucas in the past two days? I wonder if he managed to get Zoey and Helena?”

They had not received any news from the others ever since they returned to South Hampton.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 795

Wales chuckled and answered, “This is Lucas we’re talking about. Getting a woman for himself is child’s play for him!”

Tyler thought over that and had to agree.

Lucas was a domineering person who always did as he pleased in South Hampton. Nobody had ever dared to stop him here, so who would have the courage to do so at South City?

“But then why isn’t he back yet? And there’s been no news from him either! I tried calling him but strangely enough, his phone is turned off!”

Being a little more meticulous than his brother, Tyler got the vague feeling that something was about to happen.

“He’s probably having too much fun! I wouldn’t mind sleeping with those two beauties either!” Wales commented with a lecherous grin.

Furrowing his brows, Tyler mulled over everything that had happened so far.

He abruptly suggested, “Do you think he ran into some trouble?”

“Why would you say that?”

“I heard Jaron and the rest of the Prince Gang left South Hampton as well but nobody has any idea where they went. I’m starting to suspect something happened to Lucas and they went to aid him.” Tyler mused.

His brother patted his shoulder. “Oh, c’mon. You’re overthinking things! Just think about who is by Zoey’s side. It’s just Levi! Do you honestly think he can do anything to Lucas? It’s not like he’ll be able to cripple Lucas of all people.”

“That’s true! Levi is just a useless piece of trash!”

“What are you two talking about?” Michael’s voice suddenly rang out from behind them.

“Grandpa, we’re discussing about Levi.” Wales answered.

Instantly, Michael’s expression darkened. He snapped, “Didn’t I say to not mention Levi Garrison again! He’s not worthy of our attention!”

“Grandpa, it’s like this…”

Tyler swiftly informed Michael about the incident with Lucas.

When he was done, a smile broke out on the older man’s face. “So that’s what happened. Levi is doomed now that Lucas has his eyes set on him! In truth, Levi is a loose end of the Jones family that might come back to bite us in the ass in the future. Unfortunately, we can’t just get rid of him! This is a wonderful opportunity that we must thank Lucas for!”

Wales grinned maniacally at his grandfather’s words. “That’s so true! There’s no way Levi will survive a confrontation with Lucas. We won’t need to worry about him anymore!”

Tyler frowned and expressed his concerns, to which his grandfather responded with, “Tyler, you’re really overthinking things! Be it another person, Lucas might be in danger. But this is just Levi! I don’t think he’s even capable of stirring up any trouble, let alone being a threat to Lucas!”

Michael gave a disdainful snort.

Comparing Lucas and Levi was like comparing a kitten to a tiger.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 796

At one of South Hampton’s downtown areas.

Despite being a downtown area, this particular neighborhood was empty. Not a single soul could be seen within a ten-kilometer radius of it.

This strange phenomenon could be attributed to the guards patrolling every single road that led to it as this area was listed as private property.

As for who the property belonged to, it was none other than the most prominent family in South Hampton – the royal family of Goel.

The Goel family was said to have existed here for nearly a thousand years, a testament to their prowess.

At that moment, there were several people lying on the ground before the gates of the manor.

Every single one of them either had their arms or legs broken.

One poor soul had obviously been castrated as blood kept spurting from between his legs.

The only thing they had in common was that all of them looked extremely pitiful.

Within moments, the doors to the mansion swung open and a large group of people poured out.

Among them was an elderly man with snowy white hair holding on to a dragon-headed cane.

The old man seemed to be close to a hundred years old. While he was not as agile as he used to be, his eyes still shone bright and sharp.

The elderly was none other than Xabian Goel, the patriarch of the Goel family.

In South Hampton, he was respectfully referred to as Elder Goel by everyone else as he had the final say in most matters.

His words were ultimate, deciding the future of the city or the fate of someone.

Everyone was both in awe of and fearful of him, thus treating him with the utmost respect.

Jaron was his favorite grandson and also the one he was most proud of.

He had spent the last twenty years of his life nurturing and grooming his grandson to be his successor.

Hence, when he saw that his precious grandson was missing an arm, he exploded!


He slammed his cane down on the floor and the stick of wood instantly splintered.


He tossed his head back as he bellowed his fury to the heavens.

The rest of the Goel family also cried out in outrage at the mistreatment of one of their own.

In South Hampton, they were practically gods for all the respect people gave them. Everyone was always bending over backward to serve or please them. In fact, oftentimes whoever spoke to them did so on their knees.

They were the most powerful and prominent family in South Hampton!

The fear everyone felt toward them was so ingrained that many would suffer from insomnia at the mere mention of their names. Some would even instinctively feel the urge to get down on their knees.

This led to nobody daring to offend Jaron and his friends, who were the other various young heirs to the prominent families.

What nobody had expected was that someone would be so bold as to chop off the Prince’s arm.

Despite losing an arm, amusement danced on Jaron’s face. “Unfortunately, we met an incredibly powerful opponent this time. I killed his dog and he cut off my arm in revenge! He also crippled every single one of us from the Prince Gang. Not only that, but he’s also saying that our parents have to go to him before midnight today and kneel as you apologize!”

“Who did this?!” Xabian roared.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 797

Silence followed the patriarch’s question.

None of the other family members had ever seen the old man so enraged.

Oh no, Elder Goel is utterly infuriated this time!

“A man from South City called Levi Garrison. He has several expert fighters with him. I wasn’t a match for his strongest.” Jaron explained.

“By the way, Elder Goel, they seem to be related to the Southern Union. We personally witnessed as the members of the Southern Union kneeled before him!” One of the Prince Gang members chimed in.

“So what if they’re connected to the Southern Union? As if I’m afraid of them! I don’t care who he is; I’ll kill him even if he’s from Oakland City!”

Xabian’s eyes gleamed menacingly as he ordered, “Contact all the other families involved in this incident. Tell them to gather here right away. Tonight, I shall personally lead them to South City! I would like to see who in that damn city dares to accept an apology from me!”

Everybody present was astounded at his words.

They had not thought a day would come where Xabian would go to such a small city as South city himself.

In no time at all, the patriarch of the second royal family of South Hampton, Mario Hunt, arrived. He was incensed when he found out his grandson, Jackson had been crippled.

The patriarch of the Quinn family, Hayden Quinn, was even more furious. His dear grandson had been castrated like some animal!

That was just unacceptable!

A short while later, the various heads of families were all present.

Of the top thirty prestigious families in South Hampton, the only family not here was the Joneses.

“Remember, this matter involves our reputations! We must keep a low profile for now! Whatever else can wait till after we deal with these barbarians at South City!” Xabian ordered firmly.

As expected, everyone immediately agreed with his plan.

With that, the twenty-nine families headed for South City together.

Since they had to keep a low profile, they did not bring many men with them. However, those they brought were the best fighters they had.

This group of top fighters in South Hampton was more than enough to destroy the Southern Union several times over!

At the Guardian Mansion of South City.

Levi was watching as Azure Dragon and the others repaired the walls.

His face was twisted in an annoyed expression as he muttered angrily, “This is the second time these walls have been destroyed! Next time, I’ll shove a cannon up the ass of whoever wrecks them!”

Kirin piped up cheerfully, “Sir, that might happen a lot sooner than you think, maybe even tonight! I’m pretty sure those brats have gone back to call for reinforcements!”

“I’ll be waiting!” was the bored reply from Levi as he put the matter out of his mind.

Right then, several people appeared in the courtyard.

He recognized Mike, the commander-in-chief of the South City Warzone, and Percy, the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone.

However, the other six were unknown to him.

The eight men came to a stop before Levi and saluted him. “Good day, Chief!”

Smiling, Percy spoke up, “Sir, the eight Warzones are considering a joint exercise sometime soon. These men are the commanders-in-chief of the other six Warzones.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 798

“This is the Commander-in-chief of the South Hampton Warzone, Clark Pond!”

“Hello Chief! It is such an honor to meet you!”

Clark said excitedly.

The South Hampton Warzone was a very important area. From the military viewpoint, it was more important than both the North Hampton and South City Warzones.

Correspondingly, Clark’s position was more important than Mike’s and Percy’s.

Levi smiled, “I’ve heard of you!”

Clark was surprised that the God of War actually remembered him.

This was an honor of a lifetime for him.

Percy began introducing the others.

“This is the commander-in-chief of Haven Warzone, Xayden Fairfield.”

“Chillshire Warzone, Weston Zink!”

“Southlake Warzone, Stanley Hodge!”

“Here, Darren Mackson from the Northlake Warzone!”

“And lastly, Zayden Ziggler from the Westview Warzone!”


Levi shook hands with the other five. This made them so excited and emotional, as if they had just met their idol.

They were completely caught by surprise!

Little did they expect that the legendary God of War himself would be so approachable and down-to-earth!

“Chief, what happened to these walls and floors here?”

Clark asked curiously.

“Nothing much, someone pummeled them!” Levi said.

“What? Someone fought in here?”

Clark and the other leaders had to take a deep breath.

Firstly, they were surprised that there were people who dared to fight in there.

Secondly, to create such damage, the person must be a master.

“No big deal, they are just a bunch of kids. Their parents are coming tonight to apologize!” Levi smiled.

In his eyes, the Prince Gang was really but a bunch of kids.

His experience in the past six years was more than what many people had experienced in sixty years.

The man was way too mature, much like an old bogeyman.

“It’s good to know that they are coming here to apologize. Silly of me to think that someone have the audacity to offend you, Chief.”

Clark and the rest laughed as they followed Levi into the house.

Very soon, the eight warzones were about to launch their joint exercise. They wanted Levi to give some suggestions, as their main objective was to pay tribute to him.

Edburg Manor, South Hampton.

Michael called for Tyler and Wales.

“Something might happen soon.”

Michael said.

“Oh? What’s going on?”

Both of them looked at their grandfather curiously.

“I have just received the news that Elder Goel has left South Hampton. No one knows where he has gone to.”

Michael said.

“What? How is that possible?”

“The man has not left South Hampton for the past fifty years, hasn’t he?”

Tyler was extremely shocked.

For Xabian Goel to leave South Hampton meant that something colossal was about to happen!

He had not gone anywhere for decades.

Tyler said, “Could Lucas’ matter have to do with it?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 799

“That’s impossible! After all, it’s just two women. What could have happened from there? Moreover, who else in the South City would dare to do something to Lucas? Let alone make Elder Goel to leave this city for him?”

Michael and Wales exchanged glances.

They were still very certain that Lucas was fine, and that Levi was unable to cause any ripples.

“Tyler, you are overthinking this. Think about it, what waves could Levi possibly cause?”

Michael could not help but say.

“Grandpa, why don’t I make a trip to South City to see what’s going on?” Tyler suggested.

“Alright, go and take a look so that we can all be more at ease. In case anything happens, we can get the first-hand information.” The older man nodded in agreement.

As he helmed the large family, he was full of strategies.

At the other side.

Yadriel Larson reported the incident to Grover.

“What? I guess Xabian Goel will definitely be coming to South City to seek trouble then!”

The master was surprised.

“That’s right, he might have arrived by now!” Yadriel said anxiously.

“That won’t do. I’ll go and stop him!”

Xabian’s troops had already surreptitiously infiltrated South City.

However, they were stopped the moment they entered the city.

Just when they were about to bristle with rage, they recognized Grover.

“What are you doing here, Grover?” Xabian asked coldly.

“Go back now! You’re going to get into deep trouble!”

Grover advised him.

“Hah! I know you are related to that person. However, no matter what background he has, I will get him!”

Xabian could not listen to anything at all.

“Say no more. The decision was made that moment I stepped out of South Hampton.”

His attitude was more determined than ever before.

Grover could not persuade him at all and had no choice but to return.

Very quickly, Xabian brought his group to a mysterious neighborhood.

This particular lane was very quiet and sparsely populated.

It was easy to do things in quiet places like this.

No one would know even if something big happened.

“Woof woof woof…”

The dog barking in the Guardian Mansion alerted Levi and his group.

“Our guests have arrived!”

Levi smiled.

“Chief, do you mind if we go and see who this person is? He sure has the guts to beard the lion in his den.”

Clark and the rest were very curious. Who could actually behave so atrociously before Levi and made the Guardian Mansion such a horrific state?

“Not at all. Who knows he could be someone you know.” Levi smiled.

Clark and the rest followed behind him.

Going out the door, they saw that the entrance was full with people and each of them had great temperament.

Clearly, they were the masters of the masters!

They were definitely stronger than those from the Prince Gang!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 800

“Grandpa, it’s them! They are strong. The one standing in the middle leads them!”

Jaron pointed Levi out.

However, he did not expect to see another eight strangers to turn up out of nowhere.

But he did not care.

With his grandpa here, even another eight hundred people would have been useless.

Upon seeing Levi and his men, the leaders of the twenty nine top families in South Hampton fixated their gaze on their enemies.

They could barely wait to swallow them alive.

How dare somebody crippled their precious child!

Xabian suppressed his anger forcefully and asked coldly, “Was it you who chopped off my grandson’s arm?”

“Indeed, it was me. He killed my dog and all I did was breaking one of his hands. That was already very merciful of me.” Levi said calmly.

“Are you telling me you could have killed my grandson just because of a dog?”

Xabian could not be more infuriated.

Jaron, the most noble young talent of South Hampton, was being compared to a dog?

How could he take this lying down?

The key was that his grandson’s arm was chopped off because of a dog!

“That’s right, an eye for an eye, which is very fair. However, I spared your grandson’s life. Perhaps the entire Goel family should be thanking me instead!”

That line started everyone.

All of them fell silent and stared at him in complete disbelief.

“H…how can he say something like that?”

“The Goel family has to thank him?”


This was unthinkable for each of the prominent families from South Hampton.

The man on the other side were clearly declaring war to the first family of South Hampton, the Goel family!

“Great. You are very courageous! No wonder my grandson lost to you!”

Instead of angry, Xabian laughed out loud instead.

“Did you castrate Lucas Quinn as well?” The patriarch continued asking.

“Yep. Since he had no control over the lower part of his body, I took over the control!” Indifferently, Levi replied.

“So, you crippled the entire Prince Gang?”

Xabian narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, I did! Since their parents did not teach them properly, I did all of you a favor and taught them a lesson.”

Levi’s eyes stared directly at Xabian as well.

“Excellent, we all heard it. He has admitted to all the crimes!”

Xabian told the other people.

Everyone shouted out loud. “An eye for an eye! Revenge! Revenge!”

Levi’s voice popped up. “Eh, aren’t you here to apologize?”


Xabian was taken aback.

“Before I released them, I told them to get their parents here to kneel and apologize!”

Levi retorted sharply, “Parents should bear the burden for their children’s sins! Don’t you agree?”

All the leaders were taken aback.

He was actually provoking them now.

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