The Return of God of War Chapter 801-810

The Return of the God of War Chapter 801

Even Clark and the rest of them were confused.

Weren’t they supposed to come and apologize?

Why did they all look so ferocious, as if they were here to eat someone up?

Clark had a conflicted look on his face as he hid all the way at the back.

When he first stepped out, he had instantly recognized all of them.

They were all the top-notch leaders of South Hampton.

Especially Xabian, who was the most important person from South Hampton.

How could he not know him?

Of all people, who would have thought that they had offended Levi?


Xabian burst out laughing when he heard Levi.

He was overjoyed.

It’s been too long since he had met such an arrogant young man.

He had met arrogant young men before, but he killed all of them.

He believed that Levi would be one of them as well.

“Kiddo, you really don’t know who I am, do you?”

Xabian asked.

“I don’t, and I don’t need to know either, because I know that you are not my match.”




However, Levi had a certain calmness about him that controlled the entire atmosphere.

This made Xabian panic a little.

He recalled how Grover had attempted to stop him.

Was this kiddo really an heir from Oakland City?

“Are you from Oakland City?”

Xabian asked him tentatively.

“No, I was born and bred in North Hampton.”

Levi said.

“Good then!”

Xabian smiled.

“Kiddo, let me tell you, there are some people in this world that you cannot afford to offend! One example would be my grandson. I, Xabian Goel, have said before that I will destroy the families of whoever that dares to even touch my grandson! It’s been twenty-four years, and no one has dared to even touch my grandson. You are the very first one, and you chopped off his hand!”

Xabian spoke calmly as if he were just narrating a story.

However, everyone caught the chills and began perspiring as they heard him speak.

“What do you think I should do with you?”

Suddenly, Xabian lowered his tone and growled at him.

“Kill me?”

Levi chuckled.

“Yes, and to slice you into thousands of pieces! None of your family members will live to see the day either! Every single one of you will be chopped up into pieces to feed the dogs!”

Xabian hated Levi to his very core.

“You like dogs, don’t you? I’ll chop off both your hands and have the wild dogs eat them bit by bit! I want you to watch it with your very own eyes!!!”

No one had ever seen such a frightening Xabian before.

It has been fifty years, and only Levi has been able to push him to the edge like this.

“Excellent speech! However, you can’t do anything to me!”

Levi was applauding him.

“Why? Let me tell you, I don’t care who you are, I am definitely taking you down today!”

Xabian roared savagely.

“Haha, when it comes to who I am, you may not be able to afford to offend me!”

Levi suddenly laughed.

He looked at Clark and the rest of the group as he smiled, “Or rather, you can’t afford to offend anyone of us here.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 802

“Oh? Then who are you?”

Xabian asked.

Levi smiled, “Guys, introduce yourselves!”

All of them stood up and began introducing themselves.

“Xayden Fairfield, commander-in-chief of the Haven Warzone!”

“Weston Zink, commander-in-chief of the Chillshire Warzone!”

“Stanley Hodge, commander-in-chief of the Southlake Warzone!”

“Darren Mackson, commander-in-chief of the Northlake Warzone!”

“Zayden Ziggler, commander-in-chief of the Westview Warzone!”

“Percy Covington, commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone!”

“Mike Pence, commander-in-chief of the South City Warzone!”

Xabian and his group were all dumbfounded when that group introduced themselves one by one.

Every single one of them gaped as if they had just been struck by lightning.

In fact, one might even be able to stuff eggs into their gaping mouths.

At this juncture, Clark stood up as well and shouted, “Clark Pond, commander-in-chief of the South Hampton warzone!”


When they saw Clark, Xabian and the other South Hampton leaders were completely shocked beyond words.

It was too shocking for them to see Clark Pond!

They did not completely believe in the self-reported identities of the seven people before him.

However, every single one of them knew who Clark Pond was.

He was the real deal, which meant that the others were real too!

The commanders-in-chief from all eight warzones were gathered here!

What kind of background does he have?

Xabian was so powerful, he was not afraid of the Southern Union nor the prominent families from Oakland City. However, no matter how strong he was, he could not help but bow to this group of people.

Who is he then?

Three hundred over eyes all fell on Levi, as they were all curious about who he really was.

“Go on, continue!”

Levi urged them.

“Azure Dragon, serving the Western Region as the King of War!”

“Phoenix, serving the Southern Region as the King of War!”

“White Tiger, serving the Eastern Region as the King of War!”

“Black Tortoise, serving the North Region as the King of War!”

“Kirin, serving the Central Region as the King of War!”


The five Kings of War stood up together to introduce themselves.


Extremely shocking!





Each of the prominent leaders from South Hampton knelt down on the ground one by one.

Their knees had become so weak they could not support their bodies any longer.


It was absolutely horrifying!

Not only were the eight commanders-in-chief there, but even the five Kings of War were also there!

What else was left to do?

No background?

He was his own strongest background!

Jaron stared at White Tiger and suddenly understood why he had lost.

The White Tiger was the renowned unstoppable killer on the battlefield.

It was just natural for him to be defeated!

In total, there were more than ten of them, and each of them was top army leader!

What could they do now?

Next, every single person looked at the same person in complete unison — Levi.

The five Kings of War were there, and the eight commanders-in-chief were all there.

Could he be….

The Return of the God of War Chapter 803

That thought alone made everyone go numb and their blood curdle, as a stream of chilly air raced through their bodies.

In front of everyone, Xabian’s face fell.

C-c-could he be…

Could he be that legendary figure?

The only Five-Star God of War in the entire history of Erudia!

The God of War himself!

That explained why he was so nonchalant about everything.

No wonder he dared to touch the Prince Gang…

Turns out he was the God of War!

Xabian had heard that the Gates and Caesar families were wiped out because they came to South City.

Also, it seemed that the Master of the Southern Union had come to South City for the sake of his disciple, only to lose all contact after that.


Now it was all clear. They were all defeated by this colossal god.

With his presence, so what if all the prominent families in South Hampton banded together?


Utter regret!

Grover had come to him personally to advise him to leave.

He paid no heed to that advice as he was too anxious.

Come to think of it now, it was a close shave!

For Grover to come and advise him, it showed that he was really not Levi’s match.

“I am Xabian Goel of South Hampton, here to pay my respects to the God of War!”

Bang! He fell on his knees in front of Levi.

“All of us are here to pay our respects to the God of War!”

Everyone followed suit as they knelt down and shouted together.

Jaron and the other younger ones were all too stunned by what they saw and could not react at all.

When they saw their grandfathers and fathers kneeling down on the floor one by one, they were completely dumbfounded.

“Kneel down! Why are you still stunned?”

They were forced to get down onto the floor and to all kneel before Levi.

“We did not know who we were dealing with and we offended you, Sir. Please punish us! All I ask of you is to protect the Goel family lineage!”

Xabian’s head was stuck to the ground as he begged fervently.

Having offended the God of War, all he hoped for was to be able to keep his family lineage.

It was the same for everyone else.

They could handle any punishment, as long as Levi allowed them to save one descendent in order to keep their lineage.

Levi looked at Clark and the rest of them, “It’s all your fault! I was about to just kill a few of them. Because of you, my identity is exposed!”

“It’s our fault, Chief!”

Clark and the other leaders all looked down like guilty children.

“Let’s do this. You can all escape death but there will still be punishment! From now on, all of you will have to yield to me! Every year, you have to provide for the military expenses, do charity work, and contribute to South Hampton’s development!”

Levi said.

“We are willing!”

They were simply overjoyed that Levi was willing to let them off.

At least they could protect their families.

Clark and the others shook their heads with bitter smiles.

Before Levi had even reached South Hampton, he had united all the twenty-nine prominent families from South Hampton.

Xabian said, “Sir, twenty nine out of the top thirty prominent families of South Hampton are here, except for the Jones family. What do you think?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 804

Levi was delighted when he heard that question.

He did not expect to gather all thirty families, except for the Joneses.

What a coincidence!

The Joneses did not see this coming at all.

All of the thirty prominent families were now under Levi, except for the Jones family.

“There is no need to do anything to the Joneses yet.”

Levi smiled.

“Yes, sir!”

Xabian had a harsh look in his eyes. With just one look from Levi, he immediately understood that there was bad blood between the Joneses and Levi.

From then onwards, the twenty-nine prominent South Hampton families completely ostracized the Jones family.

Even the other families’ followed suit as they were all controlled by Xabian and the other prominent families.

With that, the entire South Hampton had effectively ostracized the Jones family…

Just that they had no idea at all.

The South Hampton prominent families immediately left.

They had never expected that after this trip, they would lose control over their own families, and would be controlled by one person from now onwards.

Tyler rushed there as he felt that things were going terribly wrong.

From the various clues, he guessed that Lucas was in trouble.

This group of people did not say anything about it, which meant that it was a huge problem.

On the way, Tyler ran into Xabian and group.

“What? Elder Goel is really at South City?”

Tyler was completely shocked and immediately got down from the car to greet him.

“Hmm? The Joneses?”

Because of Levi, everyone suppressed themselves when they saw Tyler.

He felt that they had grown a lot more distant.

The Joneses were at least in the top six of the royal and prominent families, so they were extremely familiar with them.

Why are they behaving this way?

“What are you doing here?”

Xabian asked impatiently.

If not for Levi’s instructions, he would have destroyed the Jones family.

“I was worried about Lucas, so I came here to take a look.”

Tyler said.

“That’s right, he is in trouble. Big trouble, in fact.”

Xabian said coldly.

“Oh, big trouble?”

Tyler was taken aback.

Indeed, for Elder Goel himself to come and settle this, it must be a serious matter.

Indeed, something big had erupted.

Something massive.

“Mmm, Lucas was castrated, while the other members of the Prince Gang had their legs chopped off! Even I have lost an arm!”

Jaron said as he walked to the front.

When Tyler saw that Jaron had lost one arm, he was so startled he nearly fainted.

The heir of the Prince Gang actually had his hand chopped off.

This was unimaginable!

If it was in Southern region of Erudia, who would dare to even touch Jaron?

It would an understatement to say that the Goel family’s power and influence were second to none in the South.

However, someone actually chopped off one of his hands?

And castrated Lucas too?

What courage is this?

Both of Tyler’s legs trembled as he stammered, “Wh-who did this?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 805

Jaron gasped in shock, “It’s God of War!”



Tyler staggered backwards and almost fell to the ground.

Of all the people, they offended God of War.

No wonder so many people got incapacitated.

“So you all didn’t manage to take revenge?” Tyler asked.

“Are you kidding? Do you think I can defeat the God of War?” The Goel patriarch took a step forward and gave him a killer stare.

“No, this is not what I meant. I’m just impressed by the fact that you managed to escape from God of War!” Tyler immediately sucked up to him.

“Get lost!” Xabian exclaimed.

“What has become of the Joneses? What a shame!”

Other family heads started laughing at Tyler.


Tyler got more and more confused.

What’s going on?

Why is everyone making fun of the Joneses?

Tyler had no clue what was happening, but he could feel they were boycotting him.

It was as if the Jones family had lost its footing among the South Hampton’s elite class.

Everyone left since they did not bother to entertain Tyler anymore.

After knowing the problem, Tyler returned to South Hampton at once.

At the Joneses’ manor, Tyler exclaimed, “Grandpa, bad news!”

“What happened?”

Michael and the rest cast him a curious glance.

Tyler reported everything to his family members.

“Say that again? Lucas offended the God of War? All members of the Prince Gang were crippled?” Michael was stunned.

“Hold on. Isn’t it Levi we were talking about? What has he got to do with the legend?” Wales wondered.

Tyler shot daggers at him, “Are you stupid? God of War knows everything since he’s in South City! He must have known Lucas’ whereabouts the moment he stepped into the city.”

“I guess you’re right.” The brother rubbed his head in embarrassment.

“But why would God of War deal with all these insignificant people? Is it even worth his time and effort?” Michael asked in suspicion.

Tyler let out a sigh, “I’ve been thinking about this too, grandpa. I suspect God of War has found out Levi’s identity.”

The grandfather was dumbstruck, “You mean… God of War took care of Levi because he knows Levi is my grandson?”

“Yes! I can’t think of any other logical explanations. He must have learned that Levi is a member of the Joneses and went to his aid.” Tyler was very sure about it.

“Levi should be ashamed of himself for dragging the God of War into this!” Michael was infuriated.

“We nearly got Lucas to get rid of him, yet this happened. How can he be so fortunate?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 806

Michael was exasperated.

Instead of eliminating Levi, this incident brought him even closer to the Jones family.

Why is it so hard to get rid of him?

What should we do next?

“Grandpa, Levi will be the death of the Joneses. We have to kill him before he destroys the family.” A fierce glint flashed through Wales’ eyes.

Michael nodded, “He’s a threat to us. We’ll be in deep trouble if his identity is exposed!”

“If that happens, we have no choice but to accept him into the family. The Joneses will then turn into a laughing stock!” Wales sighed.

Tyler gave it a thought and proposed, “Grandpa, what if I get someone to wipe out his identity?”

“That sounds like a good idea. As long as his records are all wiped out from the system, no one could associate him with our family anymore.” Michael responded in excitement.

By hook or by crook, the Jones family just wanted to distance themselves away from Levi as quickly as possible.

But after finding out about Levi’s true identity, the Joneses went begging for him to return and acknowledge his relationship with the family.

Of course, this turn of events would only happen later on.

“Alright! Wales, do it as soon as possible. He’ll then have to flee South City or even be forced to leave Erudia! We’ll be able to live in peace after this!” Michael instructed.

Once Wales left, Tyler frowned and said, “There’s something else I wish to tell you, grandpa. I was talking to the Goel patriarch and the rest but they seem hostile, as if they wanted to beat me up. I’m not sure what was going on.”

It was as if all of these prominent families ganged up on the Joneses.

Tyler felt something was amiss, but he could not quite put his finger on it.

“Don’t overthink! I think it’s all because you went to South City with the group and came back in one piece, whereas the others were all incapacitated. They must be mad about it.” Michael analyzed.

“That’s true! The entire Prince Gang was crippled, and only Wales and I were spared. I guess I can understand why they’re mad at me.” Tyler was enlightened.

That, however, was not why they were boycotted.

At that moment, Wales had arrived at the said department. He pulled some strings and was ready to get them to remove Levi’s records from the system.

The officer immediately complied with his order as soon as Wales revealed his identity.

In a short while, the department officer, who was sweating bullets, walked out of the office.

He looked panicked as if he had encountered a big problem.

“Did something go wrong?” Wales asked.

“Yes, we can’t erase Levi Garrison’s record from the system!”

The officer wiped the cold sweat of his forehead.

“What? How come?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 807

Wales was surprised. How difficult can it be to remove a person’s identity from the database?

“So? What’s the problem? You’re authorized to remove a person’s records, aren’t you?” Wales questioned.

“Sir, I don’t even have the authority to access his file, let alone remove his record from the database!”

The officer took a deep breath.

“What do you mean you’re not authorized? Are you kidding me? He’s just an orphan. Why would someone limit the access to his file?” Wales uttered in disbelief.

“Not only we have limited access to Levi Garrison’s file, but it’s also classified as the SSSSS-class! That is equivalent to the nation’s top official secrets! No one in South Hampton has the power to retrieve his file!”

“Deleting his records from the system is just like wringing water from a stone!”

Even the officer got a shock handling such a highly confidential document for the first time. His face turned pale and the man broke out in a cold sweat.

How can he asks me to clear his records? Is he trying to get me into trouble?

He gasped and tried to regained his composure.

“Are you sure?” Wales gritted his teeth and asked. He still found it hard to believe the younger man’s words.

“100% positive. I’ve checked over and over again.” The officer exclaimed.

“Alright then. Thank you.” Wales had no choice but to leave in disappointment. He had to tell the Joneses what happened here.

After Wales left, the officer collapsed onto a chair near him.

One of his colleagues once tried retrieving an S-class file and alarmed the entire department.

And today, he almost opened a Pandora’s box by attempting to access an SSSSS-class file!

The shock was just too much for him.

Suddenly, the control room in the department received a mysterious call.

Soon, the department head gathered everyone.

The officer turned ashen-faced, and his forehead was soaked in sweat.

Everyone wondered what was going on.

“The head of National Security Agency and commander-in-chief of South Hampton’s army called to find out if we’re investigating Levi Garrison!” He shot an angry glance at everyone.

“That person’s information is Erudia’s top secret! The head of the NSA warned us that the act of retrieving his file is a crime, and he’ll come personally to look into this matter.”


The officer who helped Wales to check on Levi’s status passed out and collapsed onto the ground all of a sudden.

He did not expect this to happen.

Who is this Levi Garrison? What is his identity?

Are all Joneses as idiotic as Wales? Where on the earth did they find the courage to wipe out his records?

Many people were aware of what happened earlier, but no one dared to say anything about it.

They too, broke out in a cold sweat.

They couldn’t imagine what was like to have an identity like Levi’s.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 808

Meanwhile, Wales arrived home after leaving the department.

“Everything settled? That’s fast.” Both Michael and Tyler asked as they were surprised to see him back so soon.

“Nope, grandpa. They can’t delete his records from the database!” Wales had an unpleasant look on his face.

“How come? They can’t even remove the records of someone as insignificant as Levi?”

Both of them refused to believe Wales.

The latter nodded, “Not only that. They are not authorized to access his file at all!”

“What?” The grandfather stood up right away.

Tyler was also dumbfounded.

“Not authorized to access his file?”

They widened their eyes in disbelief.

“That’s right! His file was classified as SSSSS, which is equivalent to the country’s top secret! Even the officers there got the shock of their lives! Unbelievable!”

The color drained out of Wales’ face as he recounted the incident.

“How is this possible? Levi’s file is classified under the SSSSS class? Levi Garrison? But he’s a nobody!”

Michael and Tyler were completely stunned.

Wales said in a helpless tone, “I even double confirmed with the officer to make sure the name was correct, and all I got was the same answer!”

“But how?” They could not accept this.

Tyler’s eyes glistened and gently patted the back of his head, “I think I know why.”


Michael and Wales turned their attention to Tyler.

“We all know Levi’s background, right?” Tyler asked.

“Of course. He’s from the Garrison family from the capital city. To them, even the Goels are just nobody.” Wales said.

Tyler nodded, “See, that’s it! Since the Garrison family had deserted Levi, of course they would think of ways to erase all his connections with them.”

Michael’s eyes flickered with hope, “So you’re saying, the Garrisons did this?”

“That’s right! This is the only logical explanation I can think of. Only the Garrisons have to power to classify people’s personal records under the SSSSS class!” Tyler nodded steadily.

“You’re right. The Garrisons do have the power to do so!” Michael responded with a smile.

Wales shot out a vicious stare and said, “Levi Garrison is a bast*rd. He doesn’t even know who his parents are, yet he still tries to cling onto the Jones family!”

Michael did not show any changes to his expression when Wales was bashing Levi.

He was not even bothered by how Wales indirectly attacked his daughter.

This clearly showed how much he hated Emma!

“I’ll never allow such a bast*rd to enter the Jones family. Over my dead body!” Michael roared.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 809

“Grandpa, though we don’t want to admit our relationship with Levi, we cannot deny the fact that the God of War has rescued him. One day, we’ll still have to repay his kindness!” Tyler said.

“What should we do then?” Michael asked.

“Perhaps we should give the legend a gift?” Tyler suggested.

“What should we give?” Michael stroke his chin as he pondered.

“Paintings and jewelry might be exquisite, but I don’t think he’s into these things. As a warrior, he must be fond of weapons. Grandpa, we do have an ancient bronze sword, don’t we? Shall we give it to him?” Tyler proposed.

Upon hearing the suggestion, Michael burst out laughing, “You’re indeed the man the Jones family can rely on! Brilliant!”

“With this gift, not only can we repay his kindness, but we might also gain his favor as well!”

“Come on, let’s send the gift over!” Without hesitation, Tyler immediately had the gift delivered to South City Warzone.

Mike looked at the gift and did not know what to do with it. He contacted Levi and told him about the gift from the Joneses.

“Keep it.” Levi ordered.

In just a short while, Seth delivered the gift to Morris Group.

Unwrapping the gift box, a bronze sword that was covered in rust showed itself. It carried a musty metallic odor.

The sword was an antique the Jones family bid during an auction for three hundred million.

“How generous of them.” Levi smirked.

“I wonder how would they react if they find out the sword is with me?”

Levi then instructed Mike to inform the Joneses that he was pleased with the gift and had accepted it.

Upon receiving an update from the God of War, the Joneses were exhilarated, especially Michael. He was so excited that he could not sleep the whole night.

After all, it was the first time the God of War communicated with them directly.

The Jones family were utterly pleasantly surprised.

Imagine how Michael would react if he found out the man he regarded so highly for was none other than Levi?

Though the Joneses viewed the bronze sword as their family’s priced possession, Levi treated it as a toy.

“You bought a fake sword from Amazon? It looks like someone is very free today!”

Iris could not help to grumble when she noticed Levi was playing with a sword.

A sudden frown warped her face. Clearly, she was not in a good mood after attending a meeting.

She became even more frustrated after seeing Levi wielding his sword like he did not have a care in the world.

“Since you’re so free, why don’t you focus on your work? Do you still remember about the one billion deal with the Black family?” Iris reprimanded him.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you so mad?” Levi felt something was amiss with her.

“That five billion project! One of the vendors has yet to clear its payment. We don’t know what to do with them anymore!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 810

Morris Group had recently won an electronic product-related project from a foreign company that was based in South Hampton.

The project was worth five billion. But this company, which was headquartered in Raysonia, still had not settled 70% of the payment.

Iris had deployed her team to chase the payment from them but to no avail. The company even sent people to bash them up.

At this point, Iris did not have any tricks up her sleeves anymore.

That was the agenda for the meeting she attended earlier.

Yet, they still could not figure out the best solution to end this nightmare.

All they could do was to wait.

But the more they dragged, the greater the financial losses Morris Group had to bear.

Levi was shocked, “What? Who has the guts to owe Morris Group money?”

Levi had no respect for people like this.

How could he tolerate this kind of people now that they had stepped on his toes?

“Yes! The boss is simply a hooligan. He even ordered his man to beat our people up. I really have no idea what to do now.”

Iris sighed and massaged her forehead.

“Leave it to me! I’ll take care of it!” Levi said.

“You?” Iris thought she heard wrongly.

“Don’t you trust me? Since you can’t handle him, why don’t you let me give it a shot?”

Iris thought what Levi said made sense.

Oh well, I guess we can give it a try.

She then passed the file to Levi and said, “Alright, here you go. Try your best but don’t push it, okay? They’re not easy to deal with.”

Iris did not have high hopes for him to solve the problem, anyway.

In her mind, she was already thinking of getting help from Neil and the mysterious boss.

Though it was not a small sum, Iris felt embarrassed to trouble the two men.

This was why she insisted of handling this matter on her own.

Levi then left the office for South Hampton with the file.

If you play with fire, you get burned!

“Come with me, Seth!” Levi called Seth and get him to drive him there.

South Hampton was about one and a half hours away from South City.

Very soon, the two arrived at their destination – Vision Group.

It was a foreign company that was headquartered in Raysonia.

Its owner, Kameda Ichiro, was a capable businessman and had close ties with many prominent families in South Hampton.

The fact that Vision Group was able to sustain its business in the highly competitive South Hampton clearly showed they were a force to be reckoned with.

Since Vision Group was already an influential business entity in South Hampton, Morris Group, to them, was an insignificant business partner.

They kept delaying the payment just because they had the leverage to do so.

Levi and Seth were stopped from entering the company when they arrived at the front desk.

“Who are you?” The security guards could not speak the language well. It was clear that they were Raysonians.

“We’re from Morris Group, and we hope your boss can settle the payment as soon as possible!”

Upon hearing what Levi said, everyone at the foyer burst out laughing.

It was as if they were watching two clowns making a fool of themselves there.

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