The Return of God of War Chapter 851-860

The Return of the God of War Chapter 851


Michael was livid with rage when he heard Westley’s comment.

“Michael, I’m afraid you really made a grave mistake by handling the matter this way. Yes, Emma was wrong to give birth to him back then but still, he is your grandson! How can you let him live on his own outside and be labelled as a bastard by everyone else?”

Michael was left stumped in the face of Westley who was glib-tongued.

At the same time, he knew the Joneses in Chillshire had gained an upper hand by discovering Levi’s existence.

“I reckon you will let the kid attend the coming anniversary dinner? Alternatively, you can kill him before that and I will pretend I know nothing about him.”

Westley deliberately said so to provoke him.

Michael had no other choice but acknowledge Levi’s identity. “As he’s my grandson, of course he will attend the anniversary dinner. In fact, I wanted him to live on his own outside so that he could become tougher and more independent.”

He understood that if he refused to admit to the fact that Levi was his grandson, Westley would immediately reveal it to the public through the media.

By the time it happened, his family would suffer great embarrassment.

“Very well, I will look forward to see the kid there.”

Westley ended the phone call feeling satisfied.



Immediately after the phone call, Michael smashed his phone on the floor and broke it into pieces.

“Levi, oh Levi. What a troublemaker you are! You’re going to destroy my family!” Michael cursed angrily.

The rest of his family were incensed to learn about Westley’s phone call.

“Levi has always been a ticking time bomb for our family. Now, he’s about to blow up any minute and bring us down with him!”

“I’m sure the other branches will seize the chance to humiliate us at the anniversary dinner because of him. Are we able to bear with such a degrading moment at that time?”

“Exactly! Our family is going to be ruined for good just because of him. Now, not even the God of War can come to our rescue and he might even give us a piece of his mind because of the scandal!”

The face of all of them flushed with anger as an overwhelming desire to slaughter Levi immediately grew in their minds.

They could already picture what would take place during the anniversary dinner.

Everything was going to be destroyed by the bastard and the Jones Family in South Hampton would be turned into a laughing stock.

Michael fumed, “I really can’t figure out how those in Chillshire found out about Levi’s identity.”

“Grandpa, I was told by one of my men that Levi had a secret meeting with Travis from Chillshire earlier today! I bet they’ve been in touch all along!” Tyler said.

He added, “Things are becoming very clear to me now. I’m sure Levi must have contacted those in Chillshire to ask for their help so that his identity as your grandson could be properly acknowledged! How cunning he is!”

Every one of the family looked enraged because of Levi.

“I told y’all not to underestimate Levi long before this! In this way, not only will he be properly recognized as the heir of our family, but he can also make sure we treat him nicely instead of bullying him with the protection of those from Chillshire.”

Michael got breathless with anger after pointing that out.

“Grandpa, what should we do now then?”

A deep crease emerged on Wales’ forehead.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 852

“What else can we do? Of course we have to bring him back! Otherwise, do we want the media to tell everyone in Erudia that I have an illegitimate grandson?!” Michael bellowed fiercely.

“Grandpa, we won’t go and invite him back because he’s just a piece of crap who isn’t worth our effort.”

Wales and Tyler expressed their reluctance to bring Levi back.

“We won’t do that either!”

The rest of the family rejected to take the task too.

“Just let Mia and her family do that!”

Everyone pointed their fingers at Mia and her family who had the weakest say in the family.

“Sounds good to me.”

Before long, Mia and her family traveled to South City to visit Levi.

“Levi, are you finally happy now?” Mia’s father, Calvin Jones confronted him with a note of sarcasm in his voice.

Because of Levi, they were shunned by the rest of the Jones family in South Hampton.

Things just got worse because Levi was going to put the entire family in embarrassment.

As one of the Jones family, hatred was the only sentiment they had for Levi!

“Eh? What do you mean by that?” Levi questioned him in puzzlement.

“Hmph! You deliberately revealed your identity to the those in Chillshire to compel my father into acknowledging you as his grandson, didn’t you?”

Calvin’s anger only intensified by the confused look on Levi’s face because he assumed Levi was feigning innocence.

“You should be pleased because you’ve successfully achieved your purpose now! My father is willing to acknowledge you as his grandson and he sent us here to tell you about that,” Calvin snapped angrily.

“Haha…” Levi chuckled.

Michael might want to acknowledge him but the intention was not mutual!

What the hell was this all about?

“Come back home with us now if you want or you must show up at the anniversary dinner five days later!” Calvin barked.

“Okay. Tell Michael I’ll be there!” Levi responded with a smile.

He would attend the event as the bastard of the family as well as the God of War.

“Haha…” Calvin gave him a scornful laugh.

At first, he thought Levi would have enough backbone to give up the identity as one of the Joneses and refuse to attend the anniversary dinner.

To his surprise, he agreed to be there so readily.

Because of that, Calvin despised him a great deal.

“Levi, please don’t take what my father said too seriously. He just cares too much about the image of the family but he means no harm.” Mia walked over to console Levi.

“I’m not bothered by it.”

Levi liked his younger sister Mia fairly well.

“Mia, what are you telling him? Get back here now! You’d better stay away from him in the future! Even when he becomes one of us in the future, you should refrain from getting too close to him because the blood that runs in him isn’t as noble as ours. You will put yourself in embarrassment if you are seen hanging out with him!” Calvin warned her sternly.

As pious believers that people were divided into different classes, everyone in the Jones family deemed Levi as one who belonged to the lower class while all of them belonged to the higher class.

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about? Levi is one of us too!”

Mia then spun around to shout at Levi, “Levi, I’ll wait for you at the anniversary dinner!”

“Great, I’ll be there!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 853

The anniversary meeting of the Jones family was advertised so well that even Zoey was aware of it.

“Are you going to be there?” She looked for Levi and asked him about it.

In fact, she was mainly curious to see how he thought about the event.

As far as she knew about him in the past, he would not want to waste his time attending the event nor would he want to accept the identity as one of the members of the Jones family.

Staring at him with anticipation palpable in her eyes, she fervently hoped to hear the answer she preferred from him.

“I’m going to be there because they invited me,” Levi replied nonchalantly.


At that moment, Zoey’s eyes were filled with much disappointment because Levi was no longer the lofty guy who thought he was superior to everyone else in the world.

What took its place was a soul that was willing to compromise for some worldly gains.

This wasn’t the version of him she would like to see…

Levi then asked her with a smile, “Would you like to go with me?”

He wanted to bring her there to see how he was going to shine and leave the Jones family in stupor because of his glory.

To his dismay, Zoey turned him down decisively. “I’m not going. You may attend the event on your own!”

In her opinion, it was utterly humiliating for Levi to accept the identity as one of the Joneses.

On top of that, she was really taken aback by his sudden change of attitude because he had told her that he would ignore them for the rest of his life some time ago.

Iris, who happened to come by, noticed the exasperated look on Zoey’s face. Out of curiosity, she queried, “Zoey, what’s the matter?”

“Levi just said he’s going to attend the anniversary meeting of the Jones family!” Zoey grumbled resentfully.

“Huh? Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Iris, by attending their anniversary it shows that he’s going to yield to them. The moment he accepts the identity as one of them, he will lose his backbone and embarrass himself. Didn’t you hate him for doing things like that too before this?” Zoey asked in befuddlement.

“I…” Iris trailed off hesitatingly as she had no idea how to answer Zoey.

Back then, she indeed loathed the fact that Levi got things done by using his connection with the Joneses because she had no idea who he really was at that time.

But now, she knew Levi was the owner of Morris Group who clearly did not need help from the Joneses.

“Zoey, things aren’t how you may imagine them to be at all. Perhaps Levi is going to be there to show off his might,” Iris suggested with a grin.

Zoey shot her a supercilious glare and retorted, “Show off his might? Who is he to show off in front of the Joneses? They are one of the royal families in South Hampton!”


“Iris, that’s enough. It’s so obvious that Levi has lost his backbone by deciding to yield to the Joneses! I can’t believe he’s still going to attend their anniversary after how badly they bullied him!”

Zoey went on to lament, “Perhaps it’s because my career has been thriving so well lately that he wants to become better so that he is good enough to be my partner. Yes, he’s right! He will become good enough or even too good for me once he accepts the identity as one of the Joneses! However, I can’t help but look down on him when he gives up his spine like that! I would rather he fight for his career with his own effort. Even though his achievement might not turn out too great, it will still be the fruit of his effort!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 854

Seeing how Zoey misunderstood Levi so badly, Iris was so anxious that she felt a burning desire to tell her that Levi was in fact the owner of Morris Group and even everything she owned was given by him!

He wasn’t losing his spine but instead, he had become even stronger and more powerful than six years ago!

However, she managed to hold back the urge when she recalled what Levi had told her before.

While Zoey was complaining, tears started trickling down her face.

“Does he see me as a vain girl? It doesn’t make any difference to me whether he is one of the Jones family members or not!”

Iris consoled, “Zoey, I think you really should believe in him. Since he was already so talented six years ago, I believe he won’t be too bad now too! I have a feeling that he’s become stronger after going through the challenging times in the past six years.”

Zoey shook her head and insisted, “I can’t see that, Iris. I can’t see any hope in him especially after he started interacting with the Joneses! He’s been using his connection with them to settle things very frequently and he will slowly lose the will to fight hard because he’s too used to getting things done through the easy way!”

Iris hurriedly said, “Zoey, please give him more time and I’m sure he will be able to prove his talent to everyone soon! For example, I think he will prove it to you at the wedding ceremony by making sure everyone knows that you’re the most respectable lady of the entire world!”

She could only reveal the time when a change would come so that Zoey could be hopeful about things.

“Haha.” Zoey flashed her a faint smile.

It was probable that she only saw what she said as a joke.

Immediately, Zoey changed the subject of their conversation by asking Iris, “By the way, you have yet to tell me who’s the boss of Morris Group. Every time I tried to ask you, you would always give me a vague answer.”

Iris’ expression turned stiff when she heard her question.

It was all Levi’s fault that she was put in such a quandary!

Did he really have to go this far just to reveal his identity to Zoey?

“Oh, there’s no point telling you that because you don’t know him anyway.”

Iris had no choice but to answer that way.

“Seems like he’s not a good-looking man so that’s why you aren’t interested in him!”

Much to Iris’ relief, Zoey decided to laugh it off instead of pressing on.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the Jones family’s anniversary had arrived.

As the venue of the event, the old manor of the Joneses in South Hampton was decorated extensively so that the event was a vibrant and merry one.

Two sides of the road leading to the manor were adorned with big red lanterns and family flags which fluttered along with the wind.

In fact, it was said that the Joneses had splurged a staggering amount of two billion during the preparation of the event!

It was easy to see how grand and magnificent the event would be.

On the day prior to the event, Mia drove to fetch Levi to South Hampton.

Soon, she returned to Edburg Manor together with him.

A board on which two large words ‘Jones Family’ were written was attached to the wall above the main door; it gave the place an imperial and domineering aura.

That was the manor which was resided by the royal family!

A large troop of security officers stood outside the manor in a line to maintain the safety of the place.

“Levi, this way please!”

Mia showed him the way inside.

However, just as Levi was about to enter the manor, a voice came, “It’s not that easy to step into Edburg Manor!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 855

Shortly after the voice, Wallace, Calvin, Tyler and Wales emerged.

Escorted by a large entourage, Michael too appeared holding a walking stick decorated with a sculpture in the shape of a dragon head.

Almost all direct descendants of the family were there.

Looking intimidating, they stood in front of Levi, who stared at them with a faint smile.

“Wait a minute. Levi, I can see that you’ve been trying very desperately to be here for quite some time already. Do you really want this so badly?” Wales taunted.

“Finally you’re able to realize your dream after working hard for such a long time. Congratulations for officially becoming one of us!” Tyler said sarcastically.

Every one of them assumed that Levi had single-handedly plotted against Michael to force him into acknowledging his identity.

“But, I have to warn you that it won’t be so easy to become one of us!” Michael growled all of a sudden.

“That’s right! You have to abide by our family rules if you want to become one of the family!” Wallace chimed in.

“Oh? What are the rules?” Levi was amused to hear that.

“There are three conditions that you must fulfill before you are approved to be one of us.” Michael stuck out three of his fingers as he explained.

“Tell me all about it!” Levi was curious to know about the rules.

“First of all, you have to kneel down in front of the memorial tablets of our ancestors as well as the seniors of the family!”

“Secondly, you have to change your surname! In the future, you will go by the name of ‘Levi Jones’ instead of ‘Levi Garrison’!”

“Last but not least, you must train yourself to become resilient so that you are tough enough to endure all challenges that come your way in the future. Therefore, you have to be slapped by all the direct descendants of the family!”

Looking cold and detached, Michael added, “You’ll only be allowed to enter the place and be recognized as my grandson after fulfilling all three conditions!”


Mia was flustered the moment she heard about the three conditions.

She had never expected that her family would make such a rude demand which was clearly aimed at giving Levi a hard time.

The family had at least two to three hundreds direct descendants. If Levi were to be slapped by each and every one of them, would he be able to survive after going through that?

Also, it was very humiliating for him to kneel down to the seniors in the family in front of so many people.

Lastly, demanding him to change his surname was the most degrading condition of all!

All eyes were on Levi at that moment. “What do you think? Are you scared or are the conditions too demanding for you?”

“You have to be very clear that we have to follow our family rules because we are a huge and distinguished family! Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can be accepted as one of us!”

“If you would like to become one of us, you have to follow the rules!” said Wallace as well as some of the Joneses.

Noticing Levi’s hesitation, Michael fumed, “Answer me now! Either you complete the three conditions or you get out of here now!”

It was agreed beforehand that they would accept Levi as one of them but he needed to go through some torture before that.

They would never let him in too easily!

Tyler sneered, “Levi, you have to know that nothing is free in this world. You have to complete the three conditions if you want to become one of us!”

“Hahaha…” Levi let loose a round of guffaw all of a sudden.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 856

His laughter left every single one of them flummoxed.

What was he laughing about?

He seemed to be mocking them!

Wallace questioned him puzzledly, “Lad, what’re you laughing about? Is our family a joke to you?

“Don’t think you can bypass it through any other ways! There’s nothing you can do to avoid completing the three conditions!” Michael stared at Levi sternly.

“Yes, that’s right! You have no other way out! Now, do you want to kneel down first or do you want to be slapped first?” One of the Joneses asked.

“Do I have to kneel down to every one of you here? Who do you think you are?”

“Do I have to change my surname? Who do you think you are?”

“Do I have to be slapped by every single one of you here? Who do you think you are?”

Levi bombarded them with three continuous questions and left them all dumbfounded.

The words ‘who do you think you are?’ kept on resounding in their minds.

“How dare you guys treat me this way? You guys don’t deserve any of that!”

Michael chuckled, “We don’t deserve any of that? We’ve been one of the royal families and a powerful presence in South Hampton for centuries! We own several hundred billion worth of assets and we have properties around the globe! Not only that, but we also have an abundance of talent in the army, the government as well as the business world!”

“Our family has so many merits and achievements that I simply don’t have the time to list them all down for you. How dare you say that we don’t deserve your respect?”

Staring right into Michael’s eyes, Levi sneered, “Do you think you guys deserve it? I can destroy every one of you right away just by giving out an order. Do you believe me?”

His imposing and presumptuous confrontation sent each and every one of them in raging fury.

“Y-You are looking for trouble, aren’t you? There’s no way you can step foot into the manor now!” Wallace as well as some other of the Joneses seethed.

“Then I, Levi Garrison, am going to do just that tonight and no one will be able to stop me from doing so!”

With that, Levi strode off toward the main gate of the manor.

“You aren’t allowed to go in there!” Wales immediately stepped forward to block his way.


Levi landed a slap on his face.

“How dare you?”


Tyler was slapped too.

Everyone was dumbstruck at the moment as none of them expected such aggressiveness from him.

Whoever tried to stop him would be slapped by him!

Most importantly, no one dared to retaliate knowing that he was physically trained.

“Levi, you’re getting out of control! I dare you to take one step further now!”


To no one’s surprise, the person who said that ended up being slapped too.



Wallace, Calvin as well as the others were slapped and sent flying away by Levi after trying to stop him.

As none of them was able to contain him, they could only watch on as he made his way toward the main door of the manor.

The moment he was only inches away from reaching the gate, Michael suddenly yelled, “Stop him now!”

The security officers standing outside the manor encircled Levi in an instant in an attempt to get him under control.

However, it only took Levi a short time to get rid of them as they were flung away by him. Slumping on the ground, all of them groaned in pain.

Despite being such a huge family with so many family members, no one was able to stop him.

At that time, Levi spun around and shot everyone a contemptuous glance. “You Joneses are such a disappointment,” he commented with a smirk.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 857


Levi walked past the gate and then strode off toward the manor.

His firm pace made him look unstoppable like a divine figure who had just descended onto the mortal world.

At the same time, he treated the three conditions laid down by Michael as if they were non-existent.

To the Joneses, Levi being allowed to step foot in the premise was a great humiliation.

Watching Levi’s back, Mia squinted to avoid the glare because his body seemed to be glowing with a powerful aura at the time.

All by himself, he managed to deter all of the Jones family members from laying a finger on him.

That was so cool and domineering!

The mockery he made about the family just now hurt all of them immensely like a dagger that was stabbed through their hearts.

Just a single comment from him was enough to ignite blazes of fury deep down inside them.

Infuriated, Michael thundered, “Shadow, throw him out of the manor now!”

Shadow, who was standing next to Michael, stood motionless despite the order.

There was no way he dared to do as Michael ordered.

Since Levi was the God of War, Shadow knew he was no match for him.

He broke out in cold sweat when he thought of the day Levi found out that he had been secretly tracking Ezra down.

Apart from that, he was also well aware Levi could kill him as easily as killing an ant.

Therefore, he was not dumb enough to attack him.

“Hey! What are you waiting for? Go on and get rid of him now!” Michael shouted anxiously when he noticed Shadow wasn’t moving as told.

“Master, I…”

Shadow lowered his head to conceal his fear.

“What are you trying to do, Shadow? Are you defying my order or are you afraid of Levi?” Michael confronted him.

His question soon drew everyone’s attention. Was Shadow afraid of Levi?

How was that even possible?

At that moment, Levi had already walked past the gate and was about to reach the inside of the manor.

Shadow opined, “Master, I think we should not make too big a fuss out of it because it will look bad on us with so many people around.”

Michael couldn’t help but let out a sigh of frustration.

“Grandpa, please just let him go for now. If we really throw him out, those from Chillshire as well as other branches will surely taunt us because of that! I think we should put up with it for the time being and only deal with him after tonight!” Tyler suggested.

“Sounds like that’s the only way to go then.”

In the end, the Joneses decided to make a compromise by allowing Levi in.

No one mentioned the three conditions again because whoever did that would become a laughing stock.

In order to make sure the event went smoothly, they had no choice but to treat Levi well.

After dinner, Michael approached him and warned, “Don’t assume you’re one of us just because you are invited to be here! Although I recognize you as one of my family members on the outside, it’s not my genuine intention to do so because I don’t think you’re good enough to be my grandson at all! You’re a bastard just like your mother! None of us will admit being related to you in any way!”

Levi narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “What did you just say? Say it again!”

“You are a bastard just like your mother!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 858

After Michael spoke, the atmosphere became tense.

Everyone held their breath in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Mia and the rest of the Joneses stared at Michael in disbelief.

Michael is too much!

As expected, Levi furiously glared at Michael, with lasers shooting out of his eyes. At that moment, everyone could sense the murderous aura that he emitted.

A chill ran down their spines.

It’s terrifying to see this side of Levi!

Nonetheless, these people were not the only ones who noticed the change in mood.

Michael was horrified. His pupils constricted, and his Adam’s Apple bobbed around as he swallowed nervously, feeling breathless.

He is too scary!

Levi seemed like a wild animal on the loose, and his gaze alone could kill.

With Levi’s eyes fixated on him, Michael was covered in sweat, and he felt like puking.


Unable to take it any longer, his knees gave way. He collapsed onto the ground.

The glare scared and pushed Michael to the edge.

This man is crazy!

“Apologize,” Levi ordered.

Everyone was shocked by his words.

Who knew a bastard child would not only have the guts to step foot into the Jones Residence while everyone was there but also demand Michael’s apology?

He is being ridiculous!

Ironically, Levi managed to threaten the entire Jones family even before revealing his identity.

To him, the Joneses were as insignificant as ants.

“I won’t.” Michael scowled at Levi.

“There is no way I will apologize to a bastard like you!”

Michael would rather die.

“Haha. Michael, you called your own grandson a bastard. You should apologize for your mistake now,” a voice chided as a group of people streamed into the venue.

It came from Westley, the leader of the Joneses in Chillshire.



Michael was fuming with anger.

Oh no, Westley saw the scandal!

Funny. The more I dread something, the more likely it happens.

This is all Levi’s fault.

“Exactly. Michael, you are at fault this time. You should apologize to the bastard… I mean the child!” Westley mocked.

This group of people came to watch Michael’s family make a fool of themselves.

They were more than willing to see the head of the Joneses in South Hampton apologizing to Levi.

They didn’t feel bad for Levi, a bastard child. However, they were looking forward to seeing Michael become a laughingstock.

Meanwhile, Levi could read their intentions from their expressions, and he swiftly yelled, “He is not the only one who needs to apologize. You should, too!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 859

His words hit everyone like a ton of bricks. All the Joneses were stupefied.

Westley and the rest of his family did not expect Levi to direct his anger toward them, too.

“Do you think I can’t tell what all of you are thinking? In your eyes, I am nothing but a bastard child, similar to a wild animal brought up in the wild,” Levi snorted.

To Westley, it was unthinkable that a junior would speak to him this rudely.

“That’s not wrong. You don’t even know who your father is. Aren’t you an illegitimate child, then? We are indeed just interested in witnessing Michael apologizing to a bastard child.”

Michael was insulted, but he was helpless.

This is all because of my illegitimate grandson!

Westley and the rest of his family started to laugh.

In contrast, the Joneses from South Hampton hung their heads low in shame.

It was humiliating, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Everything is Levi’s fault.

Without him, the Joneses from South Hampton would be superior and formidable.

Regardless, we have the backing of the God of War, so these people pose no threat to us.

On the other hand, Levi could not stand being labeled as a ‘bastard child’.

Although he was indifferent and uninterested in his parents, they still gave birth to him and brought him into this world.

That was still a sacred action that should be honored.

These people were insulting his existence and dishonoring that action.

They deserve to die!

Levi slowly stood up and turned his deadly gaze to Westley and a few others.

“What… what do you want?” they stuttered, terrified and threatened by him.

He looks like he wants to kill us.

They could feel the heat from Levi’s murderous glare, and it felt like they would die in the next moment.

“Please, Levi… no…” Mia, who was in front of them, stopped him.

She was afraid that something bad would happen if the situation persists.

Immediately, she dragged Levi out.


Levi let out a sigh of relief when he stepped out.

I almost reverted to my heartless self-earlier, as though I was back on the battlefield.

If Mia did not stop me in time, I would have killed everyone there.

It doesn’t matter. I’ll deal with them at the anniversary meeting tomorrow.

After Levi left, Westley grinned and mocked, “Michael, now I understand your position. If I had a bastard grandson like this, there is no way in hell I would acknowledge him either. How is it possible for a child brought up in the streets to be associated with our superior bloodline?”

“Exactly! He even wanted to act all righteous and cut ties with us. How can your family in South Hampton produce such a grandson?”

Michael gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as they humiliated him.

He wanted to kill Levi there and then.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 860

If he returns to the Jones Residence, he will only bring disgrace to our family!

Besides, with that unsophisticated mother of his, they will only make us look worse.

These two disgraceful individuals have brought so much shame to our family.

Furthermore, this is just the start.

At tomorrow’s meeting, hundreds of Joneses from Erudia would be attending, and we will probably face the most humiliation then.

We might even drown in the spit of those who have something to say about it.

That will definitely be the most embarrassing situation in the history of the Joneses from South Hampton.

Nonetheless, we can only think of ways to salvage what we have lost right now.

“Oh yes, have we confirmed the attendance of all our guests?” Michael asked Wallace.

“Yes, we have,” Wallace replied promptly.

“How about Anson? What time will he come?”

“Father, Anson will be arriving at nine tomorrow morning. That is the earliest he can come,” Wallace responded.

“Tyler, how about the God of War?” Michael turned to Tyler.

“I have made inquiries, and Mike, the commander-in-chief, replied that God of War has reached South Hampton.”

This was a surprise to the Jones family.

If the God of War came here a day in advance, he must take their anniversary meeting seriously.

The Joneses could finally smile.

“We have to keep his attendance a secret. We will only reveal it tomorrow so that Westley and rest get a taste of how powerful we are,” Michael exclaimed with pride. “With that said, where is he then? Did we arrange anything for him?”

Tyler happily replied, “He said that it was alright and will be there tomorrow.”

“Then it’s settled! Everyone, make preparations to welcome him. Our family’s reputation will rely on the God of War’s presence.”

Michael could already picture the shocked faces on the other Jones’ faces.

Meanwhile, Levi was whining to Mia, “Mia, please bring me around. It’s too suffocating for me to stay here.”

He was afraid that his intention to kill someone would flare up if he stayed here any longer.

It would not do him any good if he killed someone.

“Well, coincidentally, I have a gathering with a few other friends. Levi, you can come along!”

“Sure! Let’s go.”

Not long after, they arrived at a lavish restaurant with live music.

There were a few foreigners playing jazz, setting a rather sentimental mood.

“Mia, look over here!” someone suddenly shouted.

In the distance, they saw a group of formally dressed youths that consisted of three males and two females.

From their appearance, anyone could tell that they were rich kids.

Mia led Levi over to their table.

“Mia, I thought you didn’t have the time to come. Don’t you have to prepare for the anniversary meeting tomorrow?” one woman asked curiously.

At the same time, she scanned Levi from head to toe before asking, “Who is he?”

Mia smiled and replied, “Let me introduce everyone to my cousin brother, Levi.”

Instantly, one of the men laughed, “Are you the rumored bastard child of South Hampton?”

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